Toning hair. Photo, manual painting at home for light brown, brunettes, red, blondes

Many people choose hair tinting with dyes, mousses to give the hair a uniform natural color and shine. The modern procedure allows to achieve high results with minimal harm to the structure of the hair, which can be seen in the photo before and after staining.

Benefits of Hair Toning

This is an unstable temporary coloring of hair with non-ammonia products.

The technology allows you to experiment with different colors and shades of hair without damaging their structure.

Toning is relevant to carry out in the following cases:

  • shade change (darkening, lightening).
  • giving hair freshness and shine.
  • color adjustment for 2-3 shades.
  • get rid of gray hair.
  • to restore the naturalness of hair after highlighting and coloring.

Toning differs from staining in that the color when applied is fixed on the surface of the hair and does not penetrate inside. But, after 3-4 rinses, the shade fades and is washed off.

Hair tinting (photos before and after dyeing can be seen later in the article) is divided into 3 main types:

  1. Easy – used to select the main hair color, the selection of shade.
  2. Gentle – for tinting use sprays, tonics, shampoos, the complex of which includes vitamin groups. The result lasts no more than 30 days.
  3. Intensive – performed mainly after staining, provides a complete color change, adjust the shade. The resulting effect lasts at least 2-3 months.

Benefits of Toning

Of the obvious advantages of the procedure, the following characteristics can be distinguished:

  1. After toning, the border between the natural and the painted color is invisible.
    Toning hair. Photo, manual painting at home for light brown, brunettes, red, blondes
    After toning, the hair becomes bright, shiny, which is noticeable in the photo.
  2. The gentle and safe attitude to hair.
  3. Enriching hair with vitamin complexes, strengthening the structure.
  4. An opportunity to remove not liked shade of painting.
  5. Creating a natural shine on the hair, brightness.


Undoubtedly, the procedure has its disadvantages:

  1. It is impossible to radically change the hair style and color by 5-6 tones.
  2. The fragility of the painting, the need for frequent repetition of the procedure.

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Types of tinting agents

For easy and gentle toning technology, 2 main types of products are used: cosmetic and natural (natural).

Among the cosmetic distinguish:

  1. Hue shampoos that allow you to adjust the tone, paint over yellowness. To do this, use the products of “Tonic”, as well as “RoKolor” with the effect of shine and hair lamination. Toning hair. Photo, manual painting at home for light brown, brunettes, red, blondes
  2. Mousses , for example, “Igora” provides not only an even shade, but also professional care. Mousse allows you to achieve a more lasting effect, often used for painting gray hair, painting the roots.

From natural colorants emit:

  1. Henna – allows you to give shine, remove the redhead, evenly distribute the shade on the hair.
  2. Basma is suitable for brunettes and brown-haired women, enriched with vitamins, often used as a firming and vitamin hair mask.

Toning hair (before and after photos can be seen later in the article) for lightening or dimming 1-2 tones based on natural components allows you to use natural products.

These include:

  • chamomile;
  • Oak bark;
  • Black tea;
  • onion peel;
  • sage;
  • saffron.

You can change the shade using a decoction of the desired collection and the addition of citric acid.

Intensive tinting agents

For intensive tinting, colors are used with the addition of a slight “%” ammonia, so that the effect lasts for a long time. The result lasts for 2-3 months, without changing the shine and shade. Toning hair. Photo, manual painting at home for light brown, brunettes, red, blondes

To do this, use paint from “Londa Professional” with a unique technology and the addition of reflective particles. The color palette offers customers 42 basic tones. Casting Creme Gloss by L’Oreal is also effective, with a range of 28 shades.

Shampoos with tinting effect

Such shampoos are not used to radically change the image, they allow you to make an adjustment for 1-2 tones.

Shampoos with a tinting effect do not stain, but give natural or dyed hair depth, saturation. Means with special pigments in the composition allow you to remove gray hair, get rid of yellowness after staining. If you use shampoos after highlighting, the color will become 1 tone brighter, however, after 2-3 times washing the head, the shade passes.

To do this, use the following tools:

  1. “Life Color” from the company “Kapus” provides 5 basic shades (purple, brown, red garnet, copper, sand). The result is enough for 4-8 head wash procedures. Toning hair. Photo, manual painting at home for light brown, brunettes, red, blondes
  2. Shampoo “Irida M” provides a choice of many different shades from dark chestnut to pearl.

Balms for tinting

Tinted balms provide a more lasting and vibrant effect. They are designed not only for color adjustment, but as hair care products (moisturize and give shine).

Balms can be concentrated (must be diluted) or ready-made solutions for use:

  1. “Estel” produces 2 main tinting series of products: “LOVE NUANCE” based on the keratin complex, “SOLO TON” is included in the composition of mango extract.
  2. “Concept” from “Fresh up” has developed a separate tinting series of products for light brown, dark, red hair. The composition also includes flax oil, natural beeswax and much more to nourish the hair.

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Tinting with foam or mousse

Unstable sprays are used for tinting the roots at home, highlighting individual strands, tips. This helps during the experiments to find the perfect image and s

Means are washed off after 1-3 procedures of washing the head, mousse and foam hold up to 8 procedures.

They are convenient for independent use, as equipped with convenient dispensers:

  1. Mousse “Igora Expert” offers a choice of more than 16 natural natural colors. Toning hair. Photo, manual painting at home for light brown, brunettes, red, blondes
  2. BlondMe spray – only 4 interesting shades: steel blue, jade, ice, strawberries. The composition contains vitamins and keratids that enrich, nourish and strengthen hair.


Toning hair (before and after photos for comparison is easy to find on the Internet) based on natural dyes without ammonia does not harm the hair, does not dry the scalp.

Such funds include:

  1. Estel Company offers 2 series of tinting products De Luxe Sense and Estel Celebrity. The advantages include a wide range of shades, as well as a nourishing firming composition (avocado extract and olive oil).
  2. A series of bio dyes “Igora ColorWorx” includes a bright, rich gamut of tones, including turquoise, lemon, lilac, etc.
  3. Tint masks for painting individual “Cutrin” curls.
  4. Joyous or StarGazer tinting mascara.
  5. Crayons “Hot Huez” or “Hair Chalk” for short-term tinting of individual strands, highlighting.

Gentle toning

A similar tinting technique involves the use of cosmetic products that do not contain ammonia and other harmful substances. But the result will not last more than a month. Toning hair. Photo, manual painting at home for light brown, brunettes, red, blondes

The most common gentle is Color Matrix from Matrix. The effect after toning lasts more than 20 procedures for washing the hair. Matrix’s Watercolors has a good reputation – it is a concentrated solution that can be diluted.

Persistent Remedies

Toning with persistent products is the most effective, because the effect will please more than 2-3 months.

In this case, permanent permanent paints are used, which allow you to change not only the depth of the shade, but also the color radically. Such funds include ammonia or ethanolamine, which have an adverse effect on the hair and scalp.

What are the criteria for choosing a means (composition, color, hair length, etc.)

In order for the result from tinting to meet expectations as much as possible, it is necessary to tint in the framework of the color scheme of natural hair color. Otherwise, due to the intensity of the pigment, it can radically change the color of the hair and give them an undesirable artificial effect.

Each cosmetic company that produces products for tinting hair indicates a tone or subton on the packaging of paint, foam, mousse.

The darker the natural or colored color, the more difficult it is to choose a color, so it’s worth listening to the recommendations of specialists:

  1. To emphasize the dark color of the hair, shades of mahogany or ruby, pomegranate are used. Toning hair. Photo, manual painting at home for light brown, brunettes, red, blondes
  2. If it is irrational to use too dark shades of toner with dark hair, an unwanted green tint may appear.
  3. To blondes emphasize red hair overflows use warm golden shades.
  4. Blondes with dark and reddish hair should use copper tones that are close to bright red.
  5. Platinum and silver toners will effectively fill the gray hair, add color to the color of natural hair, and are often used for ashy hair.
  6. Blondes should never use cosmetic products designed for brunettes, this will give the face a gloom.
  7. To create an additional volume to the hair, you can mix 3 adjacent shades close to the natural color.
  8. If the curls were previously clarified, you need to choose a shade 1-2 tones lighter than the one indicated on the palette.

Features of tinting natural and colored hair

Toning hair (before and after photos on dyed and natural hair is shown below) is not difficult to perform.

It is important to evenly distribute the coloring pigment, so that there are no unpainted areas, the area of yellowness.

To do this, it is important to follow the algorithm of actions:

  1. An effective solution is to first discolor the curls, after re-tinting with a color that is close in gamma. But there is a high risk of damage to the hair structure.
  2. To remove the yellowness from dyed hair, it is better to choose a tint shampoo or a balm of purple toner or a tonic with a sandy, pearl shade.
  3. To remove the border between the natural (regrowth) color and the painted, it is necessary to repeat the tinting of individual zones, choosing a paint of a darker color (1 tone darker).

Rules for hair tinting and paint dilution

To get the desired shade of hair, it is better to contact the salon to experienced professionals. Carrying out such procedures yourself, you must follow the recommendations for the preparation of paint, purchase the necessary tools.

What tools to prepare in advance:

  • tinting paint, shampoo, mousse;
  • oxidizing agent (if paint is selected);
  • protective gloves (hands will not be painted, there will be no damage);
  • plastic bowl for paint dilution; Toning hair. Photo, manual painting at home for light brown, brunettes, red, blondes
  • brush;
  • hair clips (for fixing part of the hair);
  • parting comb.

Important! When working with dyeing or when tinting hair, you can not choose metal tools, bowls – when they come into contact with the paint, they will oxidize.

How to prepare a coloring mixture:

  1. If mousses, ready-made toners are chosen for toning, you will not need to cook anything. The finished composition is simply applied to the area that you want to paint.
  2. When choosing two-component paints consisting of a pigment and an oxidizing agent, they must be mixed in a plastic container before application and carefully transferred.

It is recommended that in order to strengthen the hair, give it a healthy shine before the toning procedure, it is necessary to make a vitamin mask . After staining, use a special balm to wash your hair.

Toning blondes

Hair tinting (before and after photos can be viewed further) for blondes and fair-haired girls is performed according to a strict sequence of actions:

  1. Wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo.
  2. Lightly blow dry the curls.
  3. Divide the entire hair into 4 equal parts, 2 parts from the frontal zone in the dimple on the neck and horizontally 2 parts from ear to ear.
  4. Working with one part, remove the rest and pin with hairpins so that they do not interfere. It’s better to start working from the top.
  5. Evenly distribute part of the composition over the hair. Initially appl
    y toner to the back of the head and gradually move to the face.
  6. Overgrown roots to paint over last.
  7. Do not wash off the paint for 20-25 minutes.
  8. Rinse hair thoroughly with warm but not hot water.
  9. Rinse head with shampoo, apply a firming balm. Wash off after 10-25 minutes.
  10. Blot hair with a towel, allow to dry naturally. Toning hair. Photo, manual painting at home for light brown, brunettes, red, blondes

Toning hair. Photo, manual painting at home for light brown, brunettes, red, blondes

To prevent painting of the skin on the neck and behind the ears, on the forehead, and temples, it is necessary to pre-treat these areas with a fat cream.

Toning Brown Hair

Girls with light, blond and wheat hair are recommended to opt for warm, light shades of color.

The shade is better to choose close in gamma with the natural color of the hair, avoid excessively bright, acid tones.

Toning hair. Photo, manual painting at home for light brown, brunettes, red, blondesStrongly not recommended for blondes to use toners for brunettes and brown-haired women.
Otherwise, the hair will become gray, and even dirty.

Tinting red hair

Unfortunately, using tinting paint, red hair does not lighten, but it is quite realistic to highlight the brightness and emphasize the naturalness of the color.

To create brightness and juiciness of a red tint, it is necessary to use colorless toner, applying it evenly over the entire length.

Toning hair. Photo, manual painting at home for light brown, brunettes, red, blondesDue to this, the effect of lamination is achieved. You can not use natural pigments first, and then paint tinted paints, shampoos. This may lead to unexpected, adverse results.

For red-haired girls, the following shades are better suited:

  • amber;
  • copper;
  • bronze;
  • ripe cherry;
  • Burgundy wine
  • salmon;
  • chestnut.

Choosing too dark tinting agents, you need to know that they will age a little. If a girl has problem skin (acne, rash, acne), do not choose rich red tones. In this case, problem areas on the face will be additionally highlighted with hair color.

Toning brunettes

For dark hair, it is better to opt for light brown, copper shades, chestnut curls can be emphasized with red and eggplant toners.

Toning hair to add volume, the color gradient of the photo before and after on dark hair is easy to view online, for independent use. In this case, some strands are better to pre-lighten.

Black hair toning

On black hair, after lightening several strands beforehand, you can create a warm shade, especially if the appearance is related to the color type – winter (pale skin). Toning hair. Photo, manual painting at home for light brown, brunettes, red, blondes

In this case, it is better to give preference to toners:

  • cognac;
  • caramel;
  • gold;
  • amber.

To emphasize the dark color, it is recommended to choose a coffee and chocolate shade, chestnut, mahogany shade.

For dark hair and white skin, it is good to use a silver tint, ashy tone.

Toning gray hair

For painting gray hair, giving the color depth to gray hair, the intensity of the pigment of the toner is selected depending on the desired color of natural curls.

The use of the following colors is strongly not recommended in this case:

  • lilac;
  • Violet;
  • blue;
  • blue.

They will only emphasize the woman’s age, aggravate facial flaws, and will look ridiculous.

Toning for gray hair before and after photos will show which color is better to choose:

  • ashen;
  • pearl;
  • pastel.

This color scheme will hide the gray hair that has appeared and help emphasize the overall tone of the hairstyle. Be sure to make sure that the tool paints the gray hair by reading the instructions for it.

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Hair tinting after highlighting

Using the technology of tinting after highlighting the strands will give them color depth, emphasize the colored strands. It is also a good solution to eliminate the yellowness of hair after dyeing. Many manufacturers provide toners with a vitamin complex, this will help strengthen curls, give them strength after highlighting, discoloration.

Toning at the roots

For tinting the roots, it is recommended to use mousses or sprays. To do this, they offer an effective product “Magic Retouch” from “LOreal”, designed specifically for tinting overgrown roots. It is better to tint the roots in between persistent staining.

Hair Tinting

Tip tinting is used in techniques:

  • “Hut”;
  • “Sombre”;
  • Ombre, etc.

Toning hair. Photo, manual painting at home for light brown, brunettes, red, blondesLightening the ends of the hair can be performed using a special toner or supra:

  1. For previously colored hair, if their shade is dark, it is necessary to apply supra.
  2. To slightly brighten the ends, 3-6% coloring pigment oxide can be used.
  3. For intensive toning of the ends, 9% oxide is used.

How long does the tinting result last and what does color fastness depend on

Toner paint will stay on your hair for 2-3 months, sprays and shampoos for no more than 2 weeks, sparing solutions for up to 4 weeks.

To save the result for a longer period, the following recommendations must be observed:

  1. To wash your hair, use sulfate-free shampoos.
  2. Do not use oils for masks and nourishment; they wash pigment.
  3. Rinse hair after each wash with acidified water (1 teaspoon 2 teaspoons vinegar).

Common Beginner Mistakes

akes made by self-painting a house can lead to short duration of staining, an ugly result:

  1. The color of the paint does not match exactly what is on the package, so you should carefully study the shade table on the back wall of the package. To get the desired color, you need to choose a shade 1-2 tones lighter than the natural tone.
  2. It is imperative to conduct a preliminary allergy test, apply diluted paint to the bend of the elbow 1-2 days before the main staining.
  3. Before toning all hair, conduct a test on 1-2 strands to verify the result.
  4. When tinting, be sure to use protective gloves, put a towel on your shoulders, carefully treat the eyes and skin of the face, neck.
  5. Before dyeing, do not use any additional hair cosmetics, just a simple shampoo, no conditioners, etc.
  6. 2 days before toning, it is better not to wash or soak your hair at all, so the paint will lie better and more evenly.
  7. But the hair should be clean (you can’t but wash it for a week!), Before dyeing, you need to comb the hair, remove the nodules and confusion. Toning hair. Photo, manual painting at home for light brown, brunettes, red, blondes
  8. Never apply hair toner to eyebrows and eyelashes. Otherwise, eyelashes may crumble, and if the paint gets into your eyes, medical attention is needed.
  9. It is impossible to increase the time of dyeing on your own, this can spoil the hair, the color will turn out completely unexpected, with green or yellow.

Tips of professionals: how to keep the result after toning for a long time

Toned, like dyed hair, needs regular systematic care, so that the dyeing effect persists for a long time:

  1. Use with special cosmetics for hair series “For colored hair.”
  2. Do not drip shampoos, masks and balms, which include sulfates, which wash out the color.
  3. To protect tinted hair from destruction, less often use a hair dryer for drying.
  4. Use toner for tinting at least 1 time per month to constantly maintain the desired color.
  5. Do not use metal combs for combing.
  6. With frequent styling use heat-protective sprays, masks on natural decoctions.
  7. Protect hair from chlorine, direct sunlight and other aggressive factors.
  8. Every 2 months, visit a hairdresser and clean split ends.
  9. When washing your hair in the evening, do not blow dry, it is better to go to bed with wet hair.

Using the recommendations of professionals, toning of dark, blond, red hair can be done independently, at home according to the photo instructions. Paying enough attention to hair, curls will delight with natural shine and beauty not only before, but also after tinting.

Video about hair tinting

Secrets of tinting at home:

Photo toning on dark hair:

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