How to tune in to losing weight psychologically, morally. The mood from Sytin, Kuznetsova, the advice of the slimmer

Knowing how to tune in to get rid of extra pounds, you can get the desired shape pretty quickly. In the correct psychological mindset for losing weight is half the success. The process of body shaping is associated with physical activity, firm determination and exactingness to oneself.

What is the attitude to lose weight

To lose weight, you need to have a clear motivation, determine the ultimate goal, in order to avoid disappointment, depression and apathy. They are not born full, but become in the process of life, when laziness and bad habits prevail over a balanced diet, a healthy lifestyle, and proper eating behavior.

Tune in to losing weight – it means deciding exactly why you need to go this way, what results are expected, why there are problems with excess weight, how to avoid emotional and physical starvation.

The process of weight adjustment should bring joy, satisfaction, motivation to wear a positive attitude – I want to lose weight in order to have a baby, get well, get a job, get married, buy a desired dress, swimsuit, go on vacation. But to lose extra pounds so that the neighbor Ira would envy – such an attempt to lose weight is unlikely to be successful.

How to tune in to losing weight psychologically, morally. The mood from Sytin, Kuznetsova, the advice of the slimmer

The main motivation for losing weight should be love for your body, joy, because positive emotions work wonders and make it easy to achieve your goal.

How to set yourself to lose weight psychologically

How to tune in to losing weight psychologically in order to comfortably prepare the brain and body for change will be described later. To do this, you need to follow several steps.

Goal definition

The main reason for disruptions on the way to the desired goal is insufficient motivation. You must clearly answer yourself – “why do I want to lose weight” The answer should inspire, give strength, invigorate, be a vibrant activator when hands fall or laziness arises. The correct goal as a diagnosis in medicine is the success of the treatment process.

It is necessary to set a specific and adequate goal – to lose 7 pounds per month in order to fit into your favorite skirt. But you should not overestimate the results, it threatens the exhaustion of the body and a depressive state.

How to tune in to losing weight psychologically, morally. The mood from Sytin, Kuznetsova, the advice of the slimmer

Stimulus is motivation, and efforts produce results. The process of losing weight begins with the head, and the brain controls the body. When there is a goal, then there is a desire to work on yourself and move on.

Keeping a diary

A valuable helper in losing weight is a food diary. In the notebook you need to record all the information that is associated with the process of adjusting weight. First you need to describe the available parameters of the figure.

Mark the initial data and fix the final results, as in the example:

Height 5’2 foot 07/10/2021 08/01/2021
Weight 141 pounds 130 pounds
Chest circumference 35’4 inch 34’6 inch
Waist 29’1 inch 27’6 inch
Byrd 37’4 inch 35’4 inch
Leg 24 inch 22’8 inch
Hand 11’8 inch 11 inch
Stomach 32’7 inch 31’5 inch

Add the chosen goal, the desired results, paint a weight loss program and diet menu. The more accurately each step is painted, the more comfortable it will be to comply with the rules of weight loss. The diary provides an opportunity to analyze, control actions, draw conclusions from unsatisfactory results, and take new steps to correct the situation.

The diary will allow you to adequately look at the situation:

  • the amount of food eaten;
  • how many kilocalories were burned in the gym;
  • what foods were introduced into the diet;
  • were there any deviations from the diet.
    How to tune in to losing weight psychologically, morally. The mood from Sytin, Kuznetsova, the advice of the slimmer

All records should be honest, arouse responsibility for the actions taken, discipline, correct errors, visualize the final result, be a powerful incentive for further self-improvement.

Choosing a comfortable diet

Nutritionists do not recommend abruptly switching to a low-calorie diet, it is necessary to gradually reduce the calorie content of dishes, taking into account the needs and characteristics of each organism. First you need to exclude from the diet semi-finished products, sauces, c
hips, crackers, white bread, then reduce the fat content of dishes, and in the end say “no” to sweets.

Paint the diet for every day in the diary, introduce more vegetables, fruits, dairy products. In the process of losing weight, it is important to cleanse the body of toxins, toxins, and regulate water-salt metabolism.

It is also necessary to consider the following indicators:

  • the number of pounds that are planned to be dropped;
  • time for which you need to lose weight;
  • general health and state of health;
  • eating habits and taste preferences;
  • financial costs for the purchase of dietary products;
  • intensity of physical activity.
    How to tune in to losing weight psychologically, morally. The mood from Sytin, Kuznetsova, the advice of the slimmer

When choosing a diet, you need to analyze the menu, the regime of food intake, the method of cooking. For example, according to the Mirimanova diet, you need to have breakfast and dinner early until 6 o’clock, while observing extremely gentle processing of products.

It is possible instead of long-term diet programs to use fasting days, for example, on kefir, cottage cheese, apples, milk, vegetable or fruit smoothies, light broths or on water. There are also fast diets – from 3 to 10 days (Hollywood, Japanese, cabbage, kefir, buckwheat).


You can tune in to losing weight by “programming” the brain to achieve a certain price – to lose 22 -33 pounds per month. This is real, both physically and psychologically, because thoughts change a person’s life and a lot depends on the mood.

For self-hypnosis to help, you need to retire, relax, focus on breathing. Imagine your own body, note the flaws, and then mentally change the shape, look at yourself updated – slim, thin, beautiful, confident in their actions.

Formulations for auto-suggestion:

  • Everything is working out for me, I strictly follow my goal.
  • Yes, I want to eat a roll, but such food will not allow me to achieve my desired goal.
  • Laziness will not prevent me from rejoicing in a new way of life.
  • I can be controlled by myself.
  • I feel better every day, and the pounds leave “in front of my eyes.”
    How to tune in to losing weight psychologically, morally. The mood from Sytin, Kuznetsova, the advice of the slimmer
    Tips on how to tune in to losing weight psychologically.

Various phrases can be used for weight loss, it is important that the text of self-hypnosis is positive, gives strength and encourages. It is important to regularly perform self-hypnosis sessions, after waking up and before bedtime.

Obtaining Support

When losing weight, you need to enlist the support of like-minded people. Being in a team is an opportunity to discuss together an action plan, results, and outline new plans.

In the period when hands fall, a partner will help give confidence, allow motivation to grow and grow stronger.

It is also an additional incentive to be better, move forward, compete, and be responsible not only to oneself, but also to others. “How can I eat a cake when my girlfriend is starving!”

Establishment of the stages of weight loss

Proper weight loss consists of several stages:

  1. Weight loss plan – It is difficult to predict exactly how the body will respond to nutritional changes, but it is necessary to set the desired goal.
  2. Arrange the regimen of the day – sleep, exercise, breakfast, afternoon sleep, exercise in the gym, lunch, walk in the fresh air, dinner, motivational activity, sleep.
    How to tune in to losing weight psychologically, morally. The mood from Sytin, Kuznetsova, the advice of the slimmer
  3. Physical activity – to determine the type (s) of physical activity (fitness, swimming pool, jogging, playing rope, weight training).
  4. Review bad habits and develop a plan to eliminate them.
  5. Diet – you need to set up your body for fractional nutrition, at least 5-6 times a day, with light snacks and dense main meals (breakfast and lunch).
  6. Diet – food should be balanced. Proteins and fats of both plant and animal origin, necessarily a sufficient amount of trace elements and vitamins.
  7. Body composition control – it is necessary to regularly measure the circumference of the waist, hips, arms, making an analysis of body parameters.

Subject to the stages of weight loss, the process of weight loss will be smooth, safe and of high quality.

Reward and punishment system

Encouragements and punishments are 2 sides of the same coin, and in order to get gold as a result, you need to be guided by simple rules:

  • I ate too much – there is no viewing of my favorite program, or the punishment is in the form of housekeeping, an early rise;
  • The desired results have been achieved – you can afford to buy a new handbag or a bottle of expensive toilet water.

When the mood is positive, then sticking to a weight loss program is easier.

Ways to Overcome Nutritional Addiction

How to tune in to losing weight psychologically and overcome food dependence in order to get rid of the constant desire to eat something, not every person can understand. First of all, you need to work on proper self-esteem, you need to stop reproaching yourself for weaknesses and eliminate self-flagellation.

Secondly, you need to learn not to hold back emotions, to give out negative energy in order to avoid emotional starvation. Thirdly, you need to take your brain, do a spring cleaning in the house, read a book, solve crosswords.

If you feel a strong desire to eat something – you need to drink water and try to get distracted.

How to tune in to losing weight psychologically, morally. The mood from Sytin, Kuznetsova, the advice of the slimmer

Each time it will be easier to overcome psychological difficulties without overeating. Regular physical activity reduces cravings for sweets, in addition, fitness will allow you to tune in to the right wave, will become a source of positive charge in the process of losing weight. The famous psychoanalyst Louise Hay calls for a change in attitudes.

First of all, you need to change your inner self, and then adjust the physical parameters. To do this, abandon negative thoughts, often pronounce the phrases “I live in harmony with the world around me”, “I am full of strength and energy”, “I am happy in a new body”, “I love myself and my figure”.

To cope with the dependence on the use of high-calorie foods you need to find the right ways to control emotions and not depend on the opinions of others. Man himself is the master of his life, dictating his own rules and attitudes.

Why motiv
ation is needed

The motivation for losing weight can be different – someone needs to lose extra pounds due to health problems, someone can not give birth to a child and can not do without body shaping and nutrition. It is enough for someone to “fit” into a new dress or go to a party that is slim and radiant.

For everyone, the goal is a tool for victory, as a result, self-esteem is increased, health is strengthened, joy in life appears. The answer to the question: “Why do I want to lose weight” should be crisp and clear. But at the same time it is not necessary to set excessive goals in order not to be disappointed in yourself and your strengths.

How to tune in to losing weight psychologically, morally. The mood from Sytin, Kuznetsova, the advice of the slimmer

It is safe and physiological to lose up to 7 pounds per week, depending on the initial weight. Proper motivation will be an incentive for effective weight loss. Do not postpone the “beginning of a new life” to tomorrow. Already today you can make a light salad for dinner, perform several gymnastic exercises, start a food diary.

How to start to lose weight and not break

How to tune in to losing weight psychologically, and advice from specialists will help you not break the regimen. Nutritionists advise developing a phased plan of action, taking into account the real results of weight loss.

Physiologically, the body, with a decrease in the calorie content of food, begins to lose accumulated fat, weight indicators in the first or second weeks will be higher than later, when the metabolism is stabilized and the diet is balanced.

10 tricks not to lose diet:

  • Take the habit of drinking at least 6 glasses of water a day, which leads to a feeling of satiety and normalizes metabolism.
  • Replace simple sugars with complex carbohydrates – sweeten food with honey, eat dried fruits, fresh fruits, granola.
  • Make a diet so as not to feel hunger – use vegetables, fruits, dairy products, juices, smoothies as snacks.
    How to tune in to losing weight psychologically, morally. The mood from Sytin, Kuznetsova, the advice of the slimmer
  • Eating should be measured – the longer a person eats, the longer the saturation takes place.
  • To establish a regimen of sleep, rest, physical activity – lack of sleep and fatigue negatively affect the brain, the concentration decreases, the desire to follow the intended goals disappears.
  • Choose pleasant moments for body and soul – professional body and face care, bath, sauna, shopping, cosmetic procedures.
  • During the diet, try not to visit large grocery stores, but it is best to convey concerns about the purchase of products to households.
  • Do not torture yourself with exhausting diets and physical activity, as a result, the body will receive additional stress and in addition new pounds will be gained.
  • Take a picture in a swimsuit on the first day of losing weight and repeat the frame in a month – a visual change in body parameters will become a strong motivation for further actions.
    How to tune in to losing weight psychologically, morally. The mood from Sytin, Kuznetsova, the advice of the slimmer
  • Do not tune in to a quick result – the faster the pounds leave, the faster the previous weight will return. A complete transition to a healthy diet will allow you to get the desired result.

Disruptions can be avoided, but only with the appropriate attitude to lose weight. But even if this happened, you need to give up self-flagellation, draw the right conclusions and continue, with joy and confidence, to continue the path of getting rid of extra pounds.

The mood from Sytin

The mood from Sytin allows you to remove psychological barriers, improve and rejuvenate the body. And in order to achieve a positive result in losing weight, it is important to make sure that thoughts do not diverge from actions. Academician Georgy Sytin developed a scheme of psychological attitudes and he tried the technique on himself.

Sytin’s moods are pronounced in a mental rhythm, give a signal to the brain to perform certain tasks:

  • I have a strong will, I am going to victory;
  • I can do everything, I can and I’m not afraid of anything;
  • I have strong self-control, I know how to eat food in order to lose extra pounds;
  • I am clearly aware of the needs of my body;
  • I know where to get energy for physical exercises;
  • I am ready to reassess my principles of life that will lead me to the desired goal – to lose 5 (10) pounds.

Each phrase should carry a positive charge. You can find the mood on the Internet or come up with it yourself. It is recommended to read phrases in an active movement, while not doubting their strength and action. Sytin’s audio mood for weight loss allows you to acquire the desired forms in 7-10 days.

How to tune in to losing weight psychologically, morally. The mood from Sytin, Kuznetsova, the advice of the slimmer

You can listen to the recording during classes on simulators, during the morning jogging or sitting at the computer. Give 100% of your attention to each saying, focusing on each word.

Morale from Kuznetsova

How to tune in to losing weight psychologically, Irina Kuznetsova reveals in her video work. The healing attitude to reduce weight should be laid in the head, and only after that it is transmitted through the body.

Current Affirmations:

  • I am filled with colossal energy that allows me to fulfill my plan;
  • worshiping power gives birth to a strong body and a thin waist;
  • excess fat quickly burns to a complete disappearance;
  • a new image is born, without extra pounds;
  • I constantly monitor my food needs;
  • once and for all I forbid myself to eat unnecessary food;
  • my body mobilizes reserves for the fulfillment of desire;
  • I live a fun, meaningful life, rejoicing in the new parameters of the figure.

The entire video is filled with magnetism, all-consuming energy, which helps to cope with difficulties and tune in to a positive result.

Tips from specialists and people who have lost weight

Choosing the way to cleanse the body of excess fat, you need to learn not to be offended by your weight, accept yourself as you are, and only thanks to a planned diet and healthy lifestyle mode to correct forms.

Experienced recommendations – how to tune in to losing weight and not get off the chosen path:

  • Do not get hung up on the problem, causing negative thoughts. You need
    to switch your thoughts in a different direction in order to avoid the desire to eat something.
  • Switch yourself to active work – cleaning, washing, ironing, or find an exciting activity that allows you to tune in to the process of losing weight positively.
    How to tune in to losing weight psychologically, morally. The mood from Sytin, Kuznetsova, the advice of the slimmer
  • Mentally praise yourself – visually present the desired forms, invigorate your brain, sending the necessary impulses to the consciousness.
  • To please yourself while losing weight – this is not about a bar of chocolate, but about going to a spa, massage parlor, you can treat yourself to new shoes or expensive cosmetics.
  • It is imperative to speak out effective affirmations every morning about a slim, graceful and toned body that will energize you for the whole day.

And the most important thing is to refuse the dictum “I can’t”, “I have no strength”, “I will no longer restrain myself from eating a bun or cake”.

The right motivation will allow you to discard all weaknesses and prepare the body for the effective loss of extra pounds. Knowing how to tune in to losing weight physically and psychologically, you can make the process of weight adjustment easy, positive and highly effective. It is important in the future to adhere to the rules of a healthy lifestyle and keep fit.

Weight Loss Video

How to tune in to losing weight:

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