Monica Bellucci. Photos in his youth and now, in a swimsuit, without makeup, photoshop. Did the operation

Monica Bellucci is undoubtedly recognized as the most beautiful and sexy woman in the world. Judging by the photo, her appearance is attractive even in adulthood. Some are interested to know what parameters the famous model and actress had, what diets she followed for the sake of an interesting role, and whether she actually did plastic surgery.

Appearance of Monica Bellucci in his youth

The Italian actress was born in 1964 in the autumn in the city of Citta di Castello. The girl was very pretty, she had dreams associated with entering the optional department, she wanted to become a lawyer, although fate decreed in a different way.

To pay for her studies, she had to earn extra money in the modeling business. And after she was recognized, the actress did not go towards the Faculty of Law, but in a completely different direction – to Milan. Monica Bellucci. Photos in his youth and now, in a swimsuit, without makeup, photoshop. Did the operation

Very soon after recognition, the photographs of the Italian actress appeared on the covers of the most popular fashion magazines. The girl was so beautiful that agents of world brands began to hunt for her beauty. Bellucci became the inspiration of Dolce Gabbana, Prada and Victoria Secret.

Dissatisfaction with only one modeling business made the actress at a young age to try herself in the film industry. Her great success was the role in the film “Dracula”, and after the film “Malena” she was recognized as a talented and sexy actress. Monica Bellucci. Photos in his youth and now, in a swimsuit, without makeup, photoshop. Did the operation

Monica’s age did not stop her from winning the heart of the famous James Bond, while she received the title of the most mature female agent. With her sense of smell and beauty, Monica struck more than one male heart. The relationship of the actress was not long and ended very quickly, freedom for her was first of all. With her daughters, Monica lives in a Lisbon apartment.

The parameters of the figure of a young model and actress

Monica Bellucci, whose photo really confirms how beautiful she is, is the object of admiration for millions of fans. She is a standard of beauty and a woman-dream.

The parameters of the actress in her youth:

Chest 35 inch
Waist 24 inch
Hips 35 inch
Height 5’7 foot
Weight 141 pounds

Thanks to her perfect and sexy figure, the actress starred in many films. For some publications, she starred even in nude. It has become a trend for popular brands.

In her life, she never made a single plastic surgery. Monica Bellucci. Photos in his youth and now, in a swimsuit, without makeup, photoshop. Did the operation

He knows perfectly 4 foreign languages:

  • Italian;
  • French;
  • Spanish;
  • English.

Loves swimming in the pool and doing yoga. Thanks to these exercises, he keeps his figure in good shape.

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How did pregnancy affect the appearance of the actress

Monica Bellucci is a woman without complexes at the expense of her completeness, and she is absolutely right in this. Her photos are just amazing. But pregnancy and childbirth affected her figure. The actress did not even think of going on a diet to lose weight while she was feeding her baby breast milk.

And she didn’t do much weight loss, as she slowly switched to a sparing menu and began to eat vegetables, lean meat and fish. According to the actress, she did not need a diet at all. She had such a busy day, thanks to which she lost unnecessary pounds, and at the same time did not exercise tiringly in the gym.

The figure after childbirth

The actress, after the birth of the baby, was afraid to lose a beautiful figure and therefore focused her attention on this. Young children require a lot of attention and take a lot of free time. Monica Bellucci. Photos in his youth and now, in a swimsuit, without makeup, photoshop. Did the operation

At the same time, outlooks on life are changing, femininity replaces the attractiveness that was in youth. These concepts have their own meaning. Mature age makes Monica even sexier, as she nourishes herself with energy from the inside and is harmonious in body and spirit.

Changes in the appearance of the actress throughout her career

Sometimes Monica conducted experiments on herself, although she tried to adhere to her Italian image:

  1. In 1985, this was the beginning of a modeling career, she had her own natural beauty and she did not use then black carcass and delicate lipstick, although in those days the girl had a short haircut.
  2. In the 90’s. the actress tinted her hair a little red. It was a very bold experiment for her. Monica Bellucci. Photos in his youth and now, in a swimsuit, without makeup, photoshop. Did the operation
  3. In 2000, the actress could notice a bronze tan that naturally fit her. Also in these years, you can notice the perm of the hair and natural makeup.
  4. In 2001, the actress had a hairstyle with the effect of negligence, which was so incredibly suitable for her. Then there was a hairstyle with a straight parting, shades of brown and neutral lipstick.
  5. In 2002, the actress wore a popular ponytail, while her hair was smoothly combed back.
  6. Then the actress had a torn bang and locks adhered to each other. Such an image was a failure for her.
  7. The regrown bangs, and then smoothly sleek hair with a bun at the bottom gave the Italian a unique charm.
  8. Since 2003, the actress began to wear sloppy styling, also the style of wet hair. But soon she was tired of short and shaggy hair, and the actress decided to grow it. She was very luxurious in such a new way.
  9. In 2007, Monica decided to become a blonde, but unfortunately, in this way she did not go for long and never returned to him. Monica Bellucci. Photos in his youth and now, in a swimsuit, without makeup, photoshop. Did the operation
  10. In 2008, the image of Monica changed for the better, long thick curls, slanting fringe and pink lipstick, suited her very much. Also this year, on the red carpet, Monica appeared with dyed hair a tone lighter than usual.
  11. In 2009, a new hai
    rcut reminded everyone of the singer Cher, to whom the actress became so similar.
  12. In 2010, the actress was released with a smooth hairstyle and ponytail. Then she changed her look to small curls.
  13. In 2013, Monica appeared in front of the audience with smooth hair, dark lipstick and eye-catching arrows. It was the image of a real Italian femme fatale.
  14. In 2014, the actress wore a low bun, red lipstick and slightly curly curls on her face.
  15. In 2021, the actress wore a luxurious look, brown shades, black arrows, long dark hair and a parting in the middle.

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Did the actress make face plastic

Thanks to her excellent genetics and high-quality facial skin care, the actress looks perfect. Her cheekbones, chin, and lower jaw are well defined. A slightly flabby neck, due to which possible plastic surgery in the face area is eliminated.

Although the surgeon’s opinion is different from the outside, he claims that the actress used Botox and dermal fillers on herself. This indicates that there are no wrinkled folds in the forehead, beautiful eyebrows sit high, full cheekbones, full and rich lips.

Perhaps she nevertheless used cosmetic procedures related to minimally invasive injections, which were done very carefully, imperceptibly and with taste.

Operations to change the appearance and figure of Monica Bellucci

According to experts, the actress, who has not succumbed to surgical intervention for 53 years.

She herself, too, more than once categorically denied various rumors that she had plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is not her move, according to her, she will never lie under the surgeon’s knife. Monica Bellucci. Photos in his youth and now, in a swimsuit, without makeup, photoshop. Did the operation

Once Monica refused blepharoplasty, suspenders and Botox. The biggest thing she agrees on is procedures related to lip volume. This is just a cosmetic procedure and not plastic at all.

Her lips are above all, she considers them her valuable gift from nature. For lips, the actress uses sugar scrubs, a moisturizing lip cream and uses micellar water. Also not without hygienic lipstick.

What does the actress look like now

Monica Bellucci, photo confirmation of this, at 53 years old looks great. About her age can be verified only by passport. There were suspicions that the actress was using aesthetic medicine. All these suspicions on this topic by the actress were refuted.

Many experts come to the unanimous opinion that the actress didn’t actually use plastic on herself, and maybe even didn’t use injections. In the photographs, age-related changes on the face and neck, wrinkled folds near the eyes, drooping soft tissues, obvious nasolabial folds are clearly visible. Monica Bellucci. Photos in his youth and now, in a swimsuit, without makeup, photoshop. Did the operation

The love of life has become its great meaning and the main secret of beauty, thanks to which Monica philosophically refers to the inevitable age aging. And this is indeed so, because the actress to this day radiates incredible sexual energy, which is not so difficult to miss in provocative photo shoots.

Monica Bellucci figure options today

For his adulthood, the figure of the famous model is simply amazing. Its parameters are staggering: height 5’8 foot., Weight 150 pounds. According to many versions that exist on the Internet, Monica’s parameters are: 92 by 61 by 91. Although these indicators are already far in the past and they used to refer only to the business of the fashion world. At the moment, the figure has become more feminine and magnificent than before.

What salon procedures does the actress attend

Monica does not hide that she attends such salon procedures as:

  • polishing
  • grinding;
  • brush massage;
  • peeling;
  • skin hydration.

Experts suggest that the actress did light injections on the cheekbones and nasolabial folds to visually reduce wrinkled folds. Although not officially proven.

Monica pays special attention to her luxurious lips, they are for her the most erotic area of the body. The actress paints them in a bright red color, thereby causing a provocation.

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The secrets of beauty from Monica Bellucci

According to the actress, self-love made her so sexy. If in the eyes of a woman there is no brilliance of life, then no parameters can attract the attention of men.

Remaining sexy at 49 and at 20 will also help reconcile with age. Over time, beauty does not disappear, it just becomes different. It must be borne in mind that there is no perfection, each woman has an attractive look in her own way. Only in this way can you maintain your standard of beauty for many years. Monica Bellucci. Photos in his youth and now, in a swimsuit, without makeup, photoshop. Did the operation

Even when the actress had to lose a few pounds for the role in the movie, she did not observe particularly strict diets.

The menu for weight loss included products such as:

  • more fruits and vegetables;
  • whole wheat bread;
  • olive oil;
  • spaghetti + cheese;
  • boiled potatoes + greens;
  • spaghetti + tomatoes;
  • rice groats + veal + stewed zucchini;
  • toast + natural juice;
  • salad consisting of canned beans, eggs and fresh herbs;
  • yogurt + cornflakes;
  • boiled fish + fresh vegetables + olive oil and grapes.

Here is the main menu that the actress adhered to. For her, this was enough to lose those extra pounds and not remain hungry.

Monica Bellucci (photo proof of this) has thick and silky hair. She considers them her calling card. By nature, they are very thick and shiny. However, this does not mean that the actress does not follow her luxurious curls at all.

The secret of her hair is that she washes them twice during the day and spreads shampoo with water. He uses a mask for curls, which consists of olive oil. Thanks to her hair becomes healthy and radiant. She practically does not use a hairdryer and ironing. Prefers to dry hair naturally.

In relation to her skin, the actress prefers naturalness more. She is against plastic
surgery and anti-aging face care products. According to her, a woman in 40 years should not look like in 20 years, it is simply unacceptable and funny.

The secret of beauty, especially of the body, is that the actress takes a contrast shower in the morning, uses a scrub 2 times a week, and nourishes the skin with almond oil.

Also applies a moisturizing mask, which consists of:

  • avocado;
  • almond oil;
  • cream.

Thanks to this mask, the skin of the face becomes like a baby’s, soft and soft.

The actress is committed to natural make-up, it is enough to apply black mascara and transparent lip gloss to her natural beauty remained natural. This makeup refers to the everyday image of the actress. For more significant days, the actress uses matting powder, a black eyeliner and bright lipstick.

The secret of beauty from Monica Bellucci is that she does not imitate anyone and lives the way she likes it. Every lived minute gives her joy. That is how a woman becomes happy and beautiful, the actress herself believes. Her whole life and biography can be viewed on a photo on the Internet.

Author: Belaeva Kristina

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