Mesonity – lifting facelift in cosmetology. Photos, reviews, price

Over the years, the skin becomes less elastic, the first wrinkles appear. To preserve the beauty of appearance, many women decide on cosmetic procedures and plastic surgeries.

Mesonity - lifting facelift in cosmetology. Photos, reviews, priceA few years ago in USA there was an innovative way to restore youthfulness of the face – thread lifting mezzanines.

Mesothreads. What is “mesothreading threadlifting” in cosmetology

Mezzonite threadlifting is a facelift procedure without surgical intervention , due to which the skin in different parts of the body gains elasticity, and a rejuvenation effect is achieved.

Over time or after childbirth, the breast loses its elasticity and attractiveness, it becomes flabby and saggy. For a woman, this is a global problem – her self-esteem decreases, her mood worsens. A real salvation will be a breast lift with mesothreads.

The procedure is best done at the first sign of skin aging in the chest area. A big plus from the introduction of mezzanines is that this method has no restrictions on the number of operations. You can use it as much as you need.

The threads, implanted into the skin, hold it well, which allows you to give the bust the necessary shape.

The number of mesothreads is determined based on how wide the problem is. One breast may require 7-10 mesothreads. The length of one thread is 2’8 inch. To perform this operation, mesothreads with notches are used.

The procedure for introducing mesothreads for a facelift is actually modeling the contour of the face with the help of special medical instruments: a thin needle made of high-quality steel and thread.

The thread consists of polydioxanone – this substance is completely absorbed in the body and does not have side effects and negative effects on the body. The mesonite is shrouded in polylactic acid, so that the skin becomes moisturized in places of punctures.

The thickness of the materials for the operation is not more than 0/32 inch. Due to the elasticity of mesothreads, the cosmetologist performs work under the patient’s skin, modeling contours. 3d mezzanines are also in great demand.

After the first introduction of the material under the skin, wrinkles are reduced, and body parts are modeled.

The skin becomes elastic not only thanks to the introduction of filaments: being inside, the material provides vigorous production of collagen fibers, as a result of which the supporting frame is built using the forces of the human body.

Mesonity - lifting facelift in cosmetology. Photos, reviews, price
After installation, mesothreads are completely absorbed without harm to health, while they contribute to the production of collagen necessary for skin elasticity.

Due to the active formation of collagen, the skin becomes elastic, the face after the mesothreads acquires a healthy appearance , freshness appears, which is characteristic only of young skin.

After dissolution of the threads, the effect persists for 2 years. Lifting with mesothreads has no age restrictions , but most often it is used after reaching 40 years, when the skin begins to lose its elasticity and beauty.

Types of Maisonettes

The installation of mesothreads is almost always painless. There are exceptions only in some cases. Below we consider in more detail the following types of mesothreads.

3d mesothread

3d Mesonity – a new non-surgical method of skin rejuvenation. The homeland of mesothread is Korea. It was from there that they came to USA. Mezoniti is a woven synthetic thread consisting of polydioxane.

Mesonity - lifting facelift in cosmetology. Photos, reviews, price
The image shows mezzanines – what it is, how they look, their varieties.

The injection needles contain a polyglycogen acid coating. Such threads do not require a removal procedure, they eventually resolve themselves.

Mezzonite threadlifting is a painless and effective way to restore youth.

4d mesothread

4d Mezoniti – technology with enhanced reinforcement effect. The method is used for more pronounced signs of aging, and this distinguishes it from linear threads.

These mesothreads have notches, they are not visible. An operation requires a smaller number of them; modeling a facial contour in this way is more effective.

Liquid mesothreads

Liquid mesothreads are a new development in cosmetology, a thread with hyarulonic acid. It was created on the basis of the anti-aging properties that are found in hyarulonic acid and ordinary mesothreads. As a result, a tool was developed for bio-reinforcing the face.

Liquid mesonite contains zinc (it is an antioxidant) and hyarulonic acid, interacting with each other, these substances produce zinc salt, which has the property of long dissolution and long action.

Spiral mesothreads

Spiral mesothreads are filaments of a spiral shape, have a wide range of applications. After stretching, they take on their original appearance. Their length is about 63/32 – 76/32 inch.

These threads are used in the following areas: chin, nasolabial folds, around the eyes and decollete.

Linear mesothreads

Linear mesothreads are smooth threads, from 31/32 – 113/32 inch long. They are almost painless in the introduction procedure and are universal, due to the wide range of applications.

The length of the thread depends on the area in which the implantation will take place, as well as on the condition of the skin. They are used to reduce wrinkles around the eyes, upper eyelid, forehead, in the temples, lip contour, second chin, neck.

Reinforcement with mesothreads is the implantation of threads that have biological compatibility with those that tend to dissolve on their own. The youth is prolonged by 2-6 years. Reinforcing substances in their structure are smaller than a human hair, and while under the skin, remain invisible to the eye.

Tissues begin to produce their own collagen, as a result of which the facial contour is modeled.

The consequence of this is the smoothing of wrinkles. The skin looks younger, its tone and elasticity increases.

Notched mesothreads

Notched mesothreads are one of the latest modern tools to eliminate wrinkles and restore elasticity and former beauty to the body. Using completely new developments, cosmetologists painlessly return the face contour with the help of mesothreads.

This method is the most effective. The mesothreads with notches have additional devices: microscopic needles – “notches”, they are tightly fixed under the skin, and have a rejuvenating effect.

Mesonity - lifting facelift in cosmetology. Photos, reviews, priceThey are used to correct the oval of the face:
remove the second chin, smooth the nasolabial folds, and adjust the shape of the cheeks and chin. This procedure can be painful, so anesthes
ia is required before surgery.

The effect of using mesothreads with notches persists for a longer time than during normal operations. You can repeat the procedure no earlier than after 4-5 years. Knurled threads are the best mesothreads that provide a rejuvenating effect.

Mezoniti Aptos

Mesonity Aptos – development of American and Georgian scientists. The composition of these threads includes caprolac and polylactic acid, which has the property of absorbing the threads or medical polypropylene, which does not absorb the threads.

Both types are used to smooth wrinkles and reinforce the face.

Aptos threads differ from mezzanines in that they are more dense, have an uneven texture. Today there are 7 types of these threads, they have a difference in material and shape.

They are used to correct the oval of the face, tighten the chin, neck, eliminate deep wrinkles. The effect after the procedure of introducing Aptos absorbable sutures into the skin lasts up to 3 years.

They completely dissolve in the body after 6-8 months. And the threads that do not absorb, act for a longer time – up to 5-6 years.

Kogi Mezoniti

Kogi mesothreads are another type of thread that is used to eliminate wrinkles and skin tightening. They have notches and are well retained in tissues. Effectively act against gravity by engaging subcutaneous tissue.

Mesonity - lifting facelift in cosmetology. Photos, reviews, priceLifting in this way is more effective
than linear. Kogi mesothreads perfectly tighten the skin and have a rejuvenating effect. Used to shape the anatomical zones: chin, nasolabial folds, brylya.

These mesothreads do not have a negative effect on the body, they do not cause inflammatory processes. After 6 months, they completely dissolve, leaving no residue.

The introduction of such filaments into the skin does not cause pain , therefore, instead of anesthesia, a cream with ice cream is used, which begins to act in 10-15 minutes. The whole procedure takes no more than 40 minutes.

Mezoniti Lead fine lift

Lead fine lift mesothreads are yarns that have a number of advantages: high-grade material, designed for incorporation into soft tissues. They consist of 100% polydioxanone. Their safety and effectiveness are confirmed by official certificates and registration certificates.

They do not leave a trace of puncture. The introduction of Lead fine lift mesothread under the skin will not cause pain. This material is sterile and completely safe.

Before the operation, an anesthetic cream is applied, the whole procedure takes no more than an hour. Rehabilitation after mesothreads is not required. How to choose the best mezzanines that can provide a rejuvenating effect – beautician will tell.

Many are interested in the question of how much mezzanines cost and the operation for their introduction. The price varies depending on the number and type of threads required to complete the operation. For each patient who decides to introduce mesothreads under the skin, the cost is calculated individually.

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For which areas of the body are applied and what results are achieved

Mesonity threads are a unique means of combating skin aging and are also used on other parts of the body: on the neck, lips, cheeks, eyes, eyebrows, chin, cheekbones, nasolabial folds, mammary glands and abdomen.

Mesonity - lifting facelift in cosmetology. Photos, reviews, priceFace mesothreads. For this part of the body at the moment, experts have invented 3 types of threading.

These include the following:

  1. 3D modeling is a progressive method of threadlifting, consisting in the structure of intradermal 3-dimensional structures that fix and straighten the skin and face contour.
  2. Lifting is a common cosmetic procedure. Performed using mezzanines.
  3. Reinforcement with mesothreads – as a result of this method, a skeleton is formed that has the properties to strengthen the tissues from the inside. Saves from wrinkles and sagging skin.

Among the most affordable options for mesothreads for prolonging youth without surgical intervention, Korean threads are distinguished.

Installation of mezzanines by zones

Contraindications to the skin tightening procedure are as follows:

  • drinking alcohol on the eve of the procedure;
  • increased physical activity;
  • the use of immunomodulating drugs;
  • the use of drugs that affect blood coagulation;
  • critical days in women;
  • visiting baths, saunas.

It is forbidden to drink hot drinks and smoke right before the procedure.

Mezoniti for a necklift

After preparation, they go directly to the operation process, the first thing to do is select the appropriate anesthetic. The doctor chooses the dosage based on the amount of work needed, the individual characteristics of the organism being operated on, and the place where the threads will be inserted.

The material is introduced as follows: the doctor designates the fixation points through which the thread will be pulled, punctures the cannula, inserts it under the skin and stretches the threads on which there are special hooks to fix the material under the epidermis layer. After that, the thread is stretched to the desired location.

Cheekbones mesothreads

To correct the cheekbones, it will take about 10 mesothreads to put on each side.

The process takes place in several stages: marks are made on the skin with a special marker, anesthesia is provided for this purpose with a cream, then with the help of ultra-thin needles, threads are sequentially inserted.

The result is noticeable immediately after installing all the mesothreads: cheekbones become fit. As the filament skeleton grows with new collagen fibers, the lifting effect will increase.

Improvements that have occurred with the skin will be noticeable: the face will come alive and rejuvenated, the pores will narrow, the skin will become more hydrated. Redness from injections is practically not noticeable and disappear without a trace after a few days. The threads dissolve completely after 6 months.

Mesonity lips

There was an opportunity to enlarge the lips without surgery – to introduce mesothrea
The first thing a cosmetologist does is to disinfect the skin around the lips, then apply a cream that includes ice cream.

Next, with the help of a cannula needle, small punctures are made in the area of the lips. The specialist implements the threads, giving the lips a shape. The mesothreads create a skeleton, which in the future will be overgrown with tissues and forms a “natural framework” , as a result of this the lips increase in size, and their shape is corrected.

After half a year, the material dissolves completely in the body, and the effect lasts up to two years. This procedure has no contraindications and does not cause any complications. The rehabilitation period takes no more than two days after the operation.

Mezonity: eyelid lift

Vector lifting mezzanines has no analogues. Tightening this area of the skin gives the tissues elasticity and strength.

The procedure for the operation of introducing mesothreads in the eyelids is not difficult for a professional cosmetologist: a specialist inserts a needle in pre-marked areas and pulls on a mesothread.

After the procedure, the skin is treated with an antiseptic and a special ointment, thanks to which the injection marks heal in the shortest possible time. The effect of mesothreads persists for two years , then a second operation can be performed.

Mesothread under the eyes

As the cosmetologist explains, mesothreads help get rid of wrinkles in the eye and crow’s feet. The gaze will become more open, and the eyelids will be taut.

Also, the procedure will help say goodbye to dark circles under the eyes. After applying mesothread, the eyes will not give out your age. The operation is completely painless: the needle is inserted to the required depth, the thread is fixed, and the conductor is removed.

If notched threads are used, the operation can be painful. In this case, anesthetics are used. The result is noticeable immediately after the introduction of mesothreads under the skin. Side effects are not observed.

Mesothreads in nasolabial folds

This procedure does not take much time, only 15-20 minutes. In the crease line, the beautician introduces the needle-guides, directing them towards the cheeks. To completely smooth out the nasolabial folds, 3 to 5 threads on each side may be required . The operation is painless and leaves no residue.

Facelift with mezzanines. Reviews about the procedure can be found very different, for the most part they are positive.

Breast Lift

The procedure begins with local anesthesia, as soon as it has worked, the operation begins. The number of mesothreads is selected based on the complexity of ptosis. Commonly used are 7 to 10 mesothreads per breast.

Mesonity - lifting facelift in cosmetology. Photos, reviews, priceThin, durable needles are inserted into the chest area, through which mesothreads are stretched. The whole process lasts no more than an hour, and the result lasts for 2-3 years.

Mesothreads for tightening the skin of the abdomen

Mesonity for tummy tuck. Before the procedure, the skin is treated with a cream, which includes ice cream. The operation itself does not last longer than an hour.

Markings are made on the skin, then cannula needles are inserted, with them, mesothreads are stretched and fixed inside. After half a year, they dissolve without a trace, and the effect remains for a rather long period of time, from 2 to 5 years. Duration depends on the metabolism of a particular person.

Often after the birth of a baby, a woman’s belly becomes saggy and unattractive. In this case, the procedure for introducing mesothread into the stomach will come to the rescue.

To complete this operation, you will need longer threads. First of all, a cosmetologist examines a person and makes markings on the skin. Tightening is done strictly in outpatient facilities.

In the tissue of the anterior abdominal wall, mesothreads are introduced inside with the help of needle-cannulas, the surface of the skin is treated with an anesthetic cream intended for this purpose. The effect is visible almost immediately after the operation and lasts up to 2 years.

Mesonity: Chin Lift

The main types of threads used for this area of the body:

  • gold (do not resolve);
  • mesothreads that have the ability to dissolve in the body without a trace.

The first type of thread is introduced under local anesthesia, using surgical intervention. To maintain the result, they need to be replaced every 3-4 years.

Mesonity is administered without anesthesia. After their introduction, the lifting lasts from 2 to 5 years. After a year, the fiber resolves completely, leaving no traces in the body. Before the operation, a specialist examines the skin to determine the number of threads and the type of material.

For each patient, this is calculated individually. Markings are made in advance on the skin, then the thread is placed under the skin layer and fixed behind the ear. After the fiber is firmly fixed, the needle is removed.

Such an operation is performed without anesthesia. The procedure itself takes from 30 to 60 minutes, and the effect is noticeable immediately and lasts for 2-5 years, depending on the human metabolism.

Mesothreads on the cheeks

The flabby, wrinkled skin of the cheeks is reinforced with linear threads. The lowered cheeks are corrected by lifting notches with mesothreads. The rest of the procedure is no different.

An anesthetic cream is applied to the skin, markings are made on the skin with a special marker, cannulas are inserted with mesonites inside.

Mezoniti: eyebrow lift

Eyebrow lift with mesothreads is an almost painless procedure that does not require anesthesia. Dermal mesothreads are used for this zone. Using a thin needle, the beautician inserts them under the skin.

After 6-7 months, the material is completely absorbed, and after the introduction of mesothreads, the result lasts up to two years. After the operation, you can repeat it.

How is the operation

The operation takes place in a specially equipped office. Before the procedure, local anesthesia is performed. Breast mesothreads are immersed under the skin to a depth of 6/32 inch.

The mesothread procedure lasts no more than one hour. The contour along which the needle will follow the path is planned in advance. Disinfection is carried out in places of punctures, then they are sealed with sterile plasters or covered with dressings.

The effect after breast lifting by mesothreads will be noticeable after 2.5-3 months. The operation of introducing 3d mesothreads into the chest. Photos before and after.

Mesonity - lifting facelift in cosmetology. Photos, reviews, price
The image shows the results of breast skin tightening with mesothreads.

Experts recommend looking at how the elasticity of the skin of the breast after surgery can change by looking at the photos of those who have already decided on this step.

Mesothreads. Consequences and rehabilitation

Although the introduction of the material into the tissues takes place without surgical intervention, there are some tips and restrictions on the time of the rehabilitation period. After all, the tissues are still injured during the operation, in addition, the body needs time to get used to the foreign body inside itself.

The traumatic results after the procedure are minimal and the body quickly returns to normal. After the introduction of mesothreads, the body area needs careful care. For 3 days after the operation, it is necessary to wipe the area from the injections with hydrogen peroxide.

It is recommended to do compresses the first day after the operation. To reduce the rehabilitation time, it is worth giving up cigarettes for a while, drinking alcohol, mezzanines and alcohol are incompatible and there is no food that causes swelling.

The first 3 days it is better to refrain from hot food and drinks. Do not once again touch the part of the body on which the mesothreads are placed. If there are bruises and abrasions on the body, it is recommended to smear them with an absorbable gel. A few weeks after the operation, it is forbidden to go to baths and saunas.

In the first week, experts advise to refrain from a hot shower and bath. It is also not recommended to wash your face with hot water. At least 7 days after the introduction of mesothreads, you need to refrain from physical exercise.

Mesothreads. Complications and negative consequences

If the operation was performed by an experienced cosmetologist who acted correctly, there will be no negative consequences. But due to the fact that the human body is unique, consequences may appear.

The most common cases are the appearance of small bruises and abrasions in the puncture area. In case of pain in the places of introduction of mesothreads, consult a cosmetologist so that he prescribes anesthetic ointment.

Worse consequences may be caused by improperly introduced mesonite. Subsequently, it can be seen through the skin. In this situation, you need to contact the beautician who performed the operation.

The most unpleasant consequence of the operation can be infection. To avoid this, it is necessary to do the operation only in a trusted clinic with a qualified specialist.

Many women who are going for surgery want to buy mesothreads first. Doing this is not recommended, since you can purchase low-quality material.

Mesothreads. Negative reviews

The network is full of reviews from those who underwent an operation to introduce mesothreads.

The main ones include the following:

  • some of them note that a positive effect is not observed even after a long time;
  • many experience so painful after the procedure that they cannot fall asleep;
  • hematomas and edema appear on the skin;
  • mesothreads shine through the skin and become visible even to the naked eye.

What does a face look like after mezzanines Before and after photos

On the network you can find many pictures on the theme of mezzanine: video before and after the procedure . After seeing which, the effect of the operation will become more clear and the photo mesothread, they depict parts of the body both before and after the operation.

Mesonity - lifting facelift in cosmetology. Photos, reviews, price
Mesonity is an effective tool for tightening the skin and smoothing wrinkles. In the photo before and after, the result of a facelift is clearly visible.

Mezoniti for facelift. Reviews say that the face after the operation looks younger, becomes taut and elastic. A fresh and attractive young face is the pride of any woman.

The embedded mesothreads form a framework under the skin . Wrinkles are smoothed out on the skin, an oval of the face is formed, facial wrinkles become smaller, nasolabial folds are smoothed out.  The condition of the skin as a whole improves.

For the first time hearing about the procedure, women ask themselves the question “mezzanine: what is it.” And they begin to doubt the effectiveness of this non-surgical method, and in vain. Experts say that mezzanines are a good way to painlessly prolong youth and preserve beauty.

Useful videos about mezzanines – what it is, features and benefits of their use

Mesonity – what is it, their scope and advantages:

3D lifting with mesothreads – what are they for, the introduction procedure, the result:

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