Micronidling: what it is, how it is done. Devices, contraindications, price of the procedure, reviews

Hardware micronidling is a mechanical method of exposure in order to improve the structure of the skin, rejuvenation. This effect allows you to deliver the nutrients that make up cosmetics. Before the procedure, you should familiarize yourself with a number of indications and contraindications, learn about the principle of action and features of post-treatment care.

The essence of skin microneedling procedures and cost

The essence of this cosmetology technique is the mechanical effect on the upper layer of the epidermis with a special device – a mesoscooter. Shallow punctures are applied pointwise, through which penetration into the tissues, cells and intercellular space of the skin layer of active substances of the composition is carried out.

During the procedure, cell metabolism is activated. The device itself in appearance resembles a round brush or roller, in a circle of which there are medical microneedles. They may differ in size, diameter, size of the needles. Micronidling: what it is, how it is done. Devices, contraindications, price of the procedure, reviews

Thanks to the mechanical method of processing, the cosmetologist can control the depth of invasions, the degree of pressing the roller. Exposure can occur superficially or more intensely, acting on the deeper layers of the skin.

The technique is also called collagen-stimulating therapy, since in the process of processing problem areas, one activates one’s own natural processes for the production of collagen and elastin fibers, hyaluronic acid.

Micronidling belongs to the category of minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. You can perform the procedure both in the salon and at home. Thanks to micro-punctures by the mesoscooter, bio-substances penetrate deeper into the tissues, which contributes to a more pronounced and lasting effect of rejuvenation, moisturizing, and toning the skin.

Micronidling: what it is, how it is done. Devices, contraindications, price of the procedure, reviews
Micronidling is used for alopecia

The technique is used not only for the facial areas, but also for the scalp , which helps to improve the structure of the hair shaft, activate follicles. The method is actively used for problem areas of the body. Microneedle therapy with the introduction of special nutritious cocktails is aimed at activating blood circulation, lifting, eliminating stretch marks, and reducing cellulite.

To process large areas of the body, it is recommended that you use a larger roller nozzle. To achieve a stable visible effect, micronidling of the face is recommended to be carried out in a course, the cost of one session in the cabin is from $ 75.

The advantage of micronidling procedures

Micronidling is such a mechanical effect aimed at the activation of natural physiological processes in the body. Rolling smoothly over the skin, the roller nozzle slightly injures it with microneedles, which forces the body to activate the launch of all physiological processes.

This technique has many advantages:

  • Due to the transport function, which is performed by the microneedle of the mesoscooter, the permeability of the epidermis is increased by 85% for penetration into the depths of useful bio-substances.
  • Micronidling promotes the synthesis of new collagen, which forms a strong skeleton for the skin.
  • With the help of procedures, you can achieve a stable lifting effect, a visible aesthetic result is guaranteed.
  • The therapy is minimally invasive, minimally injures the skin for the regeneration and activation of faster synthesis.
  • The risk of bacterial inflammation is excluded, the risk of infection, provided that the septic tank is observed, is minimal.
  • The natural process of neoanoginesis. Vascular neoplasm helps to improve complexion.
  • The risk of scarring, removal of the surface layer of tissues is eliminated.
  • Short rehabilitation period, regeneration ends 1 day after the session.

According to cosmetologists, the method is universal, applicable to any skin type, simple and effective, and the result is comparable to the effect after carboxytherapy, treatment with fraxel and phototherapy.

The mechanism of action on the skin

The method affects various layers of the skin, according to a specific mechanism:

  1. After puncture of the skin with a microneedle, a mesoscooter activates platelets that secrete protein from growth factors. There is a stimulation of proliferation – cell division. Micronidling: what it is, how it is done. Devices, contraindications, price of the procedure, reviews
  2. Since punctures are performed instantly, active bio-substances are quickly delivered to the skin. It is necessary to bring a vitamin cocktail into tissues and cells until the wounds and opening tubules are closed.
  3. After the session, within 1-3 days, the regeneration process starts. The inflammation that occurs after a puncture stimulates active healing, starting all natural processes. There is a strengthening of the vascular network, the synthesis of elastin and collagen fibers of hyaluronic acid.
  4. After regeneration, the granulation process starts – the formation of new tissues on the damaged surface, neocollagenesis, and restoration of the basement membranes.
  5. The final stage of the mechanism is plastic. It can last from 2 weeks to 2 years. Synthesis of type 1 collagen takes place, replacing type 3 and 4 collagen. A substance of type 1 forms a more durable skeleton, enhancing local immunity, helping to strengthen and improve the structure of the epidermis.

Indications for the procedure

Micronidling is a modern non-surgical method for improving skin condition. This rejuvenation is safe, less traumatic.

A qualified cosmetologist recommends taking the course according to a specific list of indications:

  • skin under stress, dull complexion;
  • violation of the flat terrain;
  • traces of acne and post-acne;
  • dehydration, thinning of the skin, excessive dryness;
  • sagging; sagging;
  • traces of age-related changes;
  • the formation of facial and age wrinkles;
  • hyperpigmentation; Micronidling: what it is, how it is done. Devices, contraindications, price of the procedure, reviews
  • increased fat content, disruption of the sebaceous glands.

The micronidling mechanism can be used as an alternative to laser resurfacing, provided that long needles and sterile preparations are used. Micronidling for hair is used in case of violation of the structure, deterioration and excessive hair loss.


Despite the general simplicity and safety of the cosmetological method, there are a number of contraindications that are important to consider when appointing sessions.

It is not recommended to carry out the procedure:

  • during pregnancy, in the lactation period;
  • the presence of autoimmune diseases;
  • with a tendency to scarring;
  • with epilepsy, diabetes mellitus in the decompensation stage;
  • bleeding disorders;
  • long-term use of anticoagulants, antiplatelet agents;
  • acute infections, herpes; Micronidling: what it is, how it is done. Devices, contraindications, price of the procedure, reviews
  • chronic diseases in the acute stage;
  • malignant tumors;
  • mechanical skin lesions in the treatment area;
  • pronounced rosacea, an accumulation of moles, papillomas, keratomas in the area of mesoprocessing.

In order to avoid negative consequences, in the presence of temporary or general contraindications, the procedure is strictly not recommended.

Possible complications

Since micronidling is a minimally invasive procedure, the roller gently acts on the tissues and cells of the epidermis.

Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that the mechanism involves punctures of the skin, this can lead to negative consequences:

  1. If the septic tank is not followed, there is a risk of infection, but its probability is small.
  2. The procedure can provoke redness, so the vessels react to injections. The reaction takes place within 1-2 hours after the session.
  3. Swelling. Such a phenomenon can occur after micronidling and persist for a day. Severe swelling is characteristic after procedures using hyaluronic acid, since the main property of the substance is to attract and retain water molecules. Micronidling: what it is, how it is done. Devices, contraindications, price of the procedure, reviews
  4. Point hemorrhages, hematomas. May occur with increased fragility of blood vessels, if the procedure is performed during menstruation, as well as when taking aspirin, drugs based on Ginko Biloba, vitamin E.
  5. Vagus cider, accompanied by slight dizziness, cooling of the extremities. This side effect is associated with irritation of the vagus nerve, as well as in response to pain.

One of the negative manifestations of micronidling is pain of varying severity. They can occur with increased sensitivity, incorrectly selected technology for the introduction of cocktails (intensity, depth of introduction, size of the needle).

Microneedling machines

Micronidling (this is such a surface mechanical effect) can be carried out by the following types of devices:

  1. Mesoscooter. The device is reminiscent of a paint roller, but smaller, and instead of pile in a circle it is embroidered with medical microneedles. The roller can be removable or static. Beauticians recommend using removable rollers, as this will allow you to work with needles of various lengths, which is more productive and economical. The length of microneedles is selected depending on the characteristics of the processing site. So, for the face, devices with needles are used, the length of which is not more than 2/32 inch, for body zones – up to 5/32 inch, thickness 0/32 inch. They are made from medical alloys synthesized with steel, titanium, gold or silver. The number of needles of the roller nozzle also depends on the treatment area: for the face – up to 192 pcs., For the cervical zone and decollete – up to 360 pcs., For body parts – 1080 pcs. The use of the mechanical apparatus of the mesoscooter for micronidling procedures is strictly individual,according to SES standards. Micronidling: what it is, how it is done. Devices, contraindications, price of the procedure, reviews
  2. Dermapen. A modern device for fractional microneedling, which provides processing of the areas of the face, body, scalp. It is a compact electronic device for manual manipulation. It consists of a manipulator handle with a small roller at the end. The advantages of using the Dermapen apparatus include the ability to process hard-to-reach places – nose wings, behind the ear area. The device is equipped with an electric drive, thanks to which you can make more than 1500 punctures in 1 min. Changing the speed mode, you can adjust the number of punctures, the intensity of processing. The manufacturer offers kits for professional or home use. In the kit, in addition to the device, there are several active serums, disposable cartridges, as well as a USB cable and an adapter for network operation. Micronidling: what it is, how it is done. Devices, contraindications, price of the procedure, reviews
  3. Nanopore Stylus (02) . An innovative device for salon microneedle massage. With him, the sessions are more painless. The functional linear nozzle is studded with microneedles, which are able to penetrate the epidermis at a speed of 250 strokes in 1 min. When using it, there is no need for anesthesia of the treatment sites, and the rehabilitation period is much shorter. It can be used for especially sensitive skin. The device provides a dual-action mechanism. In the complex, mechanical and physical stimulation occurs through the electrical impulse of the needles, combined with growth factors that lubricate the needles and reduce pain during exposure.

Medical fractional microneedling technology

Micronidling is such an effect through a mesoscooter and other devices that activates regenerative processes, cellular renewal. The procedure is carried out in the salon or at home, the processing time is 40-60 minutes.

Conventionally, the algorithm for conducting medical fractional microneedling can be divided into 3 stages:

  1. Preparatory. At the first stage, the skin is cleaned of dirt, makeup, sebum. To do this, use lotions and tonics with a drying effect, disinfecting compounds. Anesthetic gel may be applied to reduce pain.
  2. At the second stage, the scrolling apparatus is manipulated. Previously, gel or serum with an active composition is applied to the sites. Mesococtails may contain hyaluronic acid, synthesized collagen, vitamin-mineral complexes, peptides and other substances. The composition is selected individually, after assessing the condition of the skin and the type of cosmetic problem. Scooter needs to work in fast mode, making smooth translational-rotational movements.
  3. The final one. After passing through the surface of the epidermis with a mesoscooter, it is treated with an alcohol-free disinfectant. After this, a mask with a calming effect is applied, and after 30 minutes. treated with a healing cream. Micronidling: what it is, how it is done. Devices, contraindications, price of the procedure, reviews

The composition of the cocktail should be excluded aromatic fragrances, dyes, flavors, as this can harm the skin. The procedure is recommended in the cool season. If the sessions take place in the hot summer period, a sunscreen is applied to the skin.

Electric microneedling

The technique of electric micronidling, or electroporation, consists in exposing the epidermis and deep layers of the skin to pulsed currents of ultra-small amplitude. The non-injection method is safer, as punctures are not performed, and the penetration of nutrients in the cocktail
is carried out using electric currents.

Procedure Algorithm:

  • The skin is deeply cleaned with special lotions from dirt, makeup, sebum.
  • They are treated with antiseptics, apply a nutritious mesococktail, the composition is selected individually according to indications.
  • The selected area is affected by a nozzle with the supply of electrical pulses. The exposure time is 20-30 minutes.
  • Remove the remaining solution, apply a soothing mask to the skin.

The advantage of this method is the absence of invasions, due to which the skin is practically not injured, and currents provide the opening of channels through which useful components enter the deep skin layers.

Micronidling at home

The modern technique of rejuvenation and restoration is effective and simple. The procedure can be carried out not only in salon conditions, but also at home. To do this, it is recommended to purchase a mechanical or electronic device, as well as prepare a mesococktail. It is better to use ready-made professional compositions. Micronidling: what it is, how it is done. Devices, contraindications, price of the procedure, reviews

They are specially designed to solve various cosmetic problems, contain components that enhance each other’s action according to the principle of synergy, and are also able to activate their own regenerative processes.

The procedure is carried out in the following sequence:

  • perform make-up removal, cleanse the skin of impurities;
  • carry out disinfecting measures;
  • if necessary, treat sensitive areas with a cream containing lidocaine;
  • bioactive serum is applied to the skin;
  • moving along the massage lines, carry out a scooter at least 5 times in different directions;
  • after the treatment is completed, the residues of the agent are removed with saline;
  • at the end, a soothing mask is applied. Micronidling: what it is, how it is done. Devices, contraindications, price of the procedure, reviews

For microneedle massage at home, it is recommended to use mesoscooters with thin short needles. The procedure is effective when during treatment small droplets of blood appeared – “blood dew”.

The roller must be held strictly perpendicular to the skin so as not to leave scratches. The composition in the ampoule is aseptic, used once. After the procedure, the roller is thoroughly washed, dried and treated with disinfectants.

Recovery and Care

Micronidling is such a mechanical effect on the skin, after which the synthesis of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and the activation of natural regeneration processes are activated.

The method is generally safe, less traumatic, but there are a number of rules for leaving after the procedures:

  1. It is recommended to exclude any intense mechanical, chemical effects on the treated areas.
  2. In daily care, give preference to baby soap, other means with a delicate effect.
  3. To avoid burns and negative effects, apply sunscreen, SPF at least 35. Micronidling: what it is, how it is done. Devices, contraindications, price of the procedure, reviews
  4. Within 4-5 days, exclude thermal procedures, visits to the sauna, solarium, baths.
  5. The first day do not use makeup. Apply only those products recommended by the cosmetologist.

Subject to the recommendations and technology of the method, the risk of side effects is virtually eliminated. The rehabilitation period after micronidling is no more than 1-2 days after the session.

Photos before and after micronidling

To obtain a stable aesthetic effect, micronidling is carried out by the course. The number of sessions is determined by a cosmetologist after evaluating an aesthetic or medical problem. On average, a visible result may require 5-7 procedures with an interval of 7-10 days. Micronidling: what it is, how it is done. Devices, contraindications, price of the procedure, reviews

The result can be seen in the photo before and after the course of procedures:

  • the complexion improves markedly;
  • small facial and age wrinkles are smoothed out;
  • the structure of the epidermis improves;
  • water balance is restored;
  • clarity of lines is returned;
  • the relief is smoothed out.

The skin is visibly rejuvenated, becomes more elastic, restores volume and a healthy complexion.

The micronidling procedure is a modern technique of home or salon rejuvenation. Such an effect can be combined with sessions of disincrustation, manual cleaning, on the body – with wraps and LPG massage. An integrated program, developed individually, guarantees a visible aesthetic result.

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