Cream for a sunbed. The best tanning products with bronzer, activator, oil, lipstick. How to sunbathe

For several minutes spent in a tanning bed, the skin not only acquires an even tan, but also gets harm due to ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, in order to protect it from adverse effects, it must be properly looked after both before the procedure and after. If you choose the right sunscreen, you can get not only a dark tan, but also improve the condition of the skin.

Who is shown and contraindicated the use of products

The advantages of using specialized cosmetics:

  1. Cosmetic products for tanning do not cause allergic reactions on the skin.
  2. The tool can be selected individually for each type of skin, taking into account all the features and a tendency to tan.
  3. Cosmetics of this type protect the body from UV rays, the excess of which affects the health and development of pathologies.
  4. Special cosmetics for ultraviolet baths ensures that the tan lies evenly throughout the body and as quickly as possible. Cream for a sunbed. The best tanning products with bronzer, activator, oil, lipstick. How to sunbathe
  5. It consists of natural ingredients: seaweed, oils, formic acid, aloe extract, coenzyme Q10, vitamins A, E, C, B, K, F, menthol and peppermint oil.
  6. It has a moisturizing and nourishing effect and prevents peeling and burning of the skin.
  7. The skin with the use of these funds receives the necessary care, and its aging and aging process slows down, as melanin begins to be produced.
  8. Means must be used especially for light and sensitive skin.

Tools intended for tanning are used only for tanning from UV lamps, and sunscreen cosmetics only for staying in the sun.

If you visit the tanning booth and do not use protective cosmetics, the skin will be dry and tight. Contraindications to the use of special tanning products in tanning salons exist only for people prone to allergies and with problem skin. In this case, the dermatologist can choose the right tool.

With no bronzers

Cosmetics for a tanning lamp, in which there are no bronzers, helps to achieve a natural tan. The natural shade of tanning lays evenly on all parts of the body for a long time.

Such cosmetics are suitable for those who are just starting to sunbathe in the solarium and for those who need to update their already obtained tan on vacation.

The list of the best cosmetics worth buying for a seductive chocolate skin color without bronzers:

  1. Huile Seche Vitaminee (a spray oil that slows down skin aging), Tropidelic (a spray oil with jojoba and coconut extracts) are tanning oils, they contain vitamins E, B and A, which are necessary for nourishing the skin.
  2. Peace & Harmony body lotion, TanLife oil, which contains Shea butter and Don’t Judge Me lotion, are based on natural ingredients: coffee grains, coconut milk, wheat butter, cotton and green tea extract. They do not contain bronzers, perfumes, parabens, dyes or gluten. Therefore, they are hypoallergenic and completely harmless to delicate skin prone to rashes and irritations.
  3. Special cosmetic complexes for tanning salons under the names Believe in Pink Maximizer (face and body lotion that enhances the effect of dark color), HOT (tanning accelerating lotion 4 times faster), Intense Tan Preparer (cream that protects the tan, but without bronzers). The category of these products is suitable for skin prone to sunburn; cosmetics under these brands protect against lamps with artificial ultraviolet radiation, nourish the skin and promote a quick and even tan throughout the body. Cream for a sunbed. The best tanning products with bronzer, activator, oil, lipstick. How to sunbathe
  4. Blonde Obsession – this tool enhances the effect of tanning, the skin color becomes very dark. It perfectly copes with wrinkles, smoothing them. Promotes the production of elastin and collagen in the skin layer, which helps to get rid of cellulite.
  5. Gelee Accelerator (panthenol product), Dramatically Dark, Premium tan activator, and Deep Tan Preparer (tanning enhancer) contain hemp extract, which attracts UV rays and makes the skin noticeably darker, and also has a rejuvenating effect .
  6. Luxury Tan Preparer (cream without bronzers), Superior Intensifier serum are especially suitable for those over 30. With such products, the tan will lie well and the skin will receive proper care.
  7. Cream-enhancer for tanning for face and body All About That Base. In addition to the main purpose, this tool has a matting effect, masking oily sheen.

With bronzers

Cream for tanning with bronzing components in its composition help to strengthen a uniform tan on the body in just a couple of sessions.

The best products for a tanning lamp:

  1. Soleo Lollipop cream penetrates the skin, so that the bronze color lies evenly on all parts of the body. It nourishes the skin with essential nutrients, moisturizes and protects against the adverse effects of solarium lamps.
  2. Caribbean Gold has in its assortment the largest palette of bronze shades. This is one of the most popular brand of cosmetic products for tanning, which contains a complex of vitamins and minerals for healthy skin.
  3. Emerald Bay differs from competing products in a unique property: the cream is partially absorbed into the skin and remains on the surface, while creating protection against tanning. Thanks to the resulting film, the skin acquires the necessary color. Cream for a sunbed. The best tanning products with bronzer, activator, oil, lipstick. How to sunbathe
  4. Chocolate Kiss is a cream for tanning, which includes Shea butter and cocoa (natural tanning enhancers). Also, this tool nourishes the skin and tightens it. A feature of this cream is that it can be used as a lifting and to prevent stretch marks.

Creams Overview

In order to facilitate skin burning after sunburn and consolidate the result, as well as to ensure that premature aging of the epidermis does not occur, it is necessary to use specially designed creams even after visiting the solarium.

TOP best creams to use after tanning:

  1. LANCASTER AFTER SUN – TAN MAXIMIZER. It includes such natural ingredients as chamomile, panthenol, coffee, arginine, and the infusion of bitter orange. As you know, these substances soothe the skin, moisturize and tone it. It is noted that thanks to the action of this cream, the tan lasts longer and is suitable for use with any type of skin. Cream for a sunbed. The best tanning products with bronzer, activator, oil, lipstick. How to sunbathe
  2. Pantenol is a therapeutic agent that is especially popular in the treatment of burns, skin dermatitis, irritations and other injuries of the skin.
  3. Aubrey Cream will better cool the skin after ultraviolet radiation if stored in a refrigerator. Completely natural composition with a moisturizing effect and does not cause allergic reactions. Can be used for burns.
  4. COLLISTAR protects the skin after aggressive exposure to lamps, can be used for children. The composition includes collagen, which gives tone to the skin.
  5. Piz-Buin is created for problematic and sensitive skin. Nourishes and moisturizes the skin.
  6. Garnier Cream soothes the skin, relieves redness and relieves itching. The composition also includes synthetic elements that help moisturize the skin.


This type of UV protection can also be applied after visiting an artificial sunbath.

TOP recommended oils:

  1. Biocon. Has a degree of protection SPF 6. Helps maintain the resulting bronze hue. Suitable for sensitive skin, as it does not contain alcohol and other pigment-burning components. Cream for a sunbed. The best tanning products with bronzer, activator, oil, lipstick. How to sunbathe
  2. Lancaster Legendary Tan enhances the tan and fixes it for another month. It penetrates deeply, thereby moisturizing the covers and restoring them.
  3. Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Oil promotes uniform tanning, while it is waterproof and does not create uncomfortable sensations on the skin, does not leave stains on clothes.
  4. Garnier Ambre Solaire. This oil is used after tanning to moisturize the skin, fix the color, and soothe the skin. Absolutely hypoallergenic.
  5. Nivea Sun. Protects skin that is naturally light from dehydration and burns. It is also good to use for sensitive skin, as it has anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects.
  6. L’Oreal Paris Sublime Sun protects against ultraviolet radiation, helps to normalize the hydrobalance of the dermal layer, and the vitamin E present in the composition prevents burns.

With tanning effect

For those who do not want to go to the solarium or are not able to stay in the sun while waiting for a chocolate shade, you can use special products with coloring agents.

Types of funds:

  1. Body lotion with tanning effect. An excellent solution would be for dry skin, because it is well absorbed, moisturizes and nourishes it.
  2. High dye serum. Beauticians recommend adding it to the cream and applying it on the skin in this way 2 times a day.
  3. Spray. Easy to apply, and excess can be wiped with a cotton pad.
  4. A cream with pigmented substances is applied to previously cleansed skin with massaging movements. You should wait a bit until the cream is absorbed, and then you can dress.
  5. Mousse has a drying effect, so it is perfect for oily skin. The bronze hue does not appear immediately, therefore, in order to determine whether a second layer is needed, it is better to wait until the first one appears.
  6. Self-tanning wipes are convenient to use, and you can use them anywhere. This tool can correct the color of the hands, face or body.


Cream for tanning beds can still be an active assistant in acquiring a darker color. With this tool you can get a much faster even tan color.

Such a cosmetic product not only helps to give a beautiful chocolate shade, but also cares for the skin and protects from ultraviolet lamps.

It is known that the activator contains components that contribute to the fact that the skin itself begins to produce melanin. And also it receives the necessary hydration, thereby preventing peeling and overdrying. Cream for a sunbed. The best tanning products with bronzer, activator, oil, lipstick. How to sunbathe

Activator for sale can be in the following forms:

  1. Butter. It consists of natural components such as vegetable oils: palm, coconut, wheat, cocoa and vitamins, SPF – factor, antioxidants. Smoothes wrinkles.
  2. Cream. Moisturizes, nourishes and protects the skin. Unlike oil, it absorbs well and does not leave a sticky feeling.
  3. Spray. Easy to apply, the effect is the same as with other products. Leaves no marks on clothes.


Cream for tanning is suitable for all parts of the body, but you need to remember those places where he can not cope and you will need a tool such as lipstick for tanning. After the face and body have received their dose of protection and care as a means for tanning, lipstick should be applied to the breast nipples, tattoos on the body, moles, age spots and lips.

Rules for choosing cosmetics

Rules for choosing cosmetics for tanning salons based on skin type:

  1. It is best to use the “before” and “after” tanning salons of the same brand.
  2. For fair skin, a drug with a high degree of UV protection is needed.
    Cream for a sunbed. The best tanning products with bronzer, activator, oil, lipstick. How to sunbathe
    Cream for tanning beds must be selected in accordance with the type of skin.
  3. Creams without bronzers are suitable for any skin type. They are used to maintain the shade obtained during the first visits to the solarium.
  4. For light skin that is sensitive to rays, which is prone to sunburn and redness, it is better to purchase a cream with a bronzer.
  5. If the skin already has a light tan or is naturally dark and not prone to burning, then you can use products with a high content of bronzers.
  6. Creams with tan activator are suitable for dark skin or one that has already been exposed to the rays and has a basic tan.

Preparatory Activities

A beautiful and even tan under tanning lamps can be found if the skin is properly prepared:

  1. To begin with, the skin of the body and face needs to be cleaned of impurities, remove makeup and other means applied to it so that subsequently pigment spots do not form. It is best to use special cosmetics for tanning for this procedure.
  2. To prevent peeling, rash of blackheads and the appearance of sebaceous fat, you need to peel or scrub, getting rid of the upper dead cells. Cream for a sunbed. The best tanning products with bronzer, activator, oil, lipstick. How to sunbathe
  3. Moisturize the skin with special products until tanning in the solarium. The tan will lie evenly, and the skin will not be dry.

Such preparation before the solarium will help not only find the even desired color, but also saturate the skin with the necessary vitamins, rejuvenate it, and make it elastic.

Application Rules

Cream for tanning beds must be used correctly so that it brings the desired result.

The main recommendations when applying cosmetics:

  1. Perform all actions in strict accordance with the instructions for use of the purchased drug
  2. Apply in a small layer completely to all parts of the body. Cream for a sunbed. The best tanning products with bronzer, activator, oil, lipstick. How to sunbathe
  3. There should not be any missing places on the body without a remedy, otherwise spots will appear that will be difficult to get rid of.
  4. If the skin is sensitive, prone to sunburn, redness or irritation, to allergic reactions, then it is necessary to apply means suitable for this type.
  5. In the first visits to the tanning bed, you need to apply special cosmetics in a fatter layer, and each time reduce the amount.
  6. Do not forget about cosmetics after tanning. Apply them after about 15 minutes.

Tanning duration

The time spent in the ultraviolet cabin depends on the type of skin. Dermatologists recommend going to the solarium after 3 days, no less. And the session itself should not exceed 10 minutes. Beginners need to be extremely careful, because the result as a whole depends on what the first visits will be.

You need to start visiting the booths from 3 minutes, so it is better to choose those salons that offer services with a per-minute payment.

If the skin is light, a tan lies on it, but burns often occur, then you can visit no more than 3 times a week, the first time should not be from 3 to 5 minutes, gradually increasing the residence time to 15 minutes.

If the skin is fair, but not prone to burning and a good tan, then more than 20 minutes. it is still impossible to be under UV lamps. And you can visit no more than 2 days later. With this type of skin, you can achieve a bronze hue after 5 sessions.


The chocolate shade obtained in the tanning bed lasts from 3 days to 2 weeks on the skin. Moreover, frequent visits do not affect the duration of this effect. It depends on how often you wash your skin, use scrubs, peels, hard washcloths – all these procedures wash off the top layer of the epidermis along with a tan. Cream for a sunbed. The best tanning products with bronzer, activator, oil, lipstick. How to sunbathe

The skin phototype is no less important, since dark-skinned skin retains the obtained color for the longest time. In order to preserve and extend the seductive shade obtained in the solarium, one must not forget about proper care with special cosmetic creams before visiting ultraviolet lamps, they will be amplifiers for a uniform tan, and after the session, such funds will consolidate the result.

Video about tanning creams

Transfer about the types of creams, how to choose:

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