Massage with a dry brush from cellulite. How to do, scheme, technique

Dry massage enhances blood circulation, saves from cellulite, increases skin turgor, slows down the aging process. This type of massage has many advantages, but if there are contraindications, it can be harmful.

What is cellulite and its localization on the body – it is important to learn before massage

GLD (gynoid lipodystrophy) or cellulitis is a pathological change in the density of subcutaneous adipose tissue and fiber. Due to the fact that the fat under the skin is not evenly distributed, seals and tubercles form, which are popularly called the “orange peel”.

The main reason for the appearance of cellulite is hormonal imbalance. Estrogen is a female sex hormone due to an excess or deficiency of which the metabolism is disturbed and cellulite appears. This is for the most part a female problem that arises even among the thin. That is, it does not have to be overweight in order for cellulite to appear.

Cellulite Types:

Type of cellulite Characteristic
Hard GLD The main difference is small lumps under the skin, which become more or less noticeable when the body moves. This type is considered natural and occurs mainly in all, especially young girls and athletes.
Flaccid cellulitis It often occurs in women and some men after 40-45 years old, with an inactive lifestyle, when the muscles become sluggish and the skin saggy. At the same time, fatty seals are soft and lethargic.
Edematous cellulite (edematous) Edematous GLD occurs due to health problems, impaired metabolism and impaired water-salt balance. To determine this type of pathology, you need to press firmly with your fingers on the skin (on the arm, leg, thigh), if at first a dent remains – this indicates excessive fluid. In this case, one should not do massages, but consult doctors, take diuretics and normalize metabolism.
Mixed type This is cellulite in the manifestation of various types. It occurs mainly in those who have a few extra pounds and do not monitor nutrition. In this case, soft cellulite appears on the hands, on the buttocks and thighs edematous and lethargic.

Massage with a dry brush from cellulite. How to do, scheme, technique

Dry massage can be performed at all stages. It is easier to get rid of cellulite when it is just starting to develop.

There are 4 stages of the development of gynoid lipodystrophy:

 Development stage Short description
First or initial stage It is characterized by the appearance of an “orange peel”, but it is visible only if you firmly squeeze a fold of skin in a problem place – buttock, leg, thigh, stomach. You can get rid of the initial cellulite if you follow the diet, refuse fatty foods, alcohol, sweets. It is necessary to control the dosage of food and in no case overeat.
Second stage of development Fat deposits under the skin. On palpation, they are felt. Because of these seals, blood circulation is disturbed. In the second stage, the intracellular nutrition of the cells is disturbed, as a result of which the upper layer of the epidermis becomes sluggish and flabby. The main method of struggle is the mechanical effect on the lumps, which are broken by means of various types of massages.
Third stage At this stage, subcutaneous deposits are noticeable in any position of the body. In addition to the aesthetic problem, the third stage is harmful to health due to constant impaired metabolism and blood flow.
Fourth stage Pathological tissue change and violation of their work. In appearance, the skin looks flabby, bumpy, with a characteristic blueness. People with stage 4 cellulite often have problems with being overweight, the cardiovascular system, and walking can experience shortness of breath due to a lack of oxygen.

Massage with a dry brush from cellulite. How to do, scheme, technique

Cellulite can be localized anywhere on the human body. Most often, it can be found on the buttocks, outer and inner thighs, on the sides and abdomen. It can also be on the arms, neck and chin.

The benefits of dry massage

Brushing or dry massage is done using a dry wooden brush. This method of massage has many advantages, due to which it is popular at all stages and types of cellulite:

  • Dry massage breaks down body fat and the harder the brush, the more intense the “orange peel” disappears.
  • Dry brushing helps to rid the soft tissues of excess moisture, which improves intracellular work and increases blood flow.
  • Brushing helps exfoliate dead skin cells of the epidermis, thereby freeing pores and eliminating toxins.
    Massage with a dry brush from cellulite. How to do, scheme, technique
    Dry brush massage helps against cellulite and peeling
  • It improves blood circulation, strengthens the walls of the capillaries and prevents the development of varicose veins, thrombosis, thrombophlebitis and other pathologies of the vascular system.
  • Prevents stretch marks during pregnancy when their appearance increases by 50%.


Before massage, in order not to harm health, you need to make sure that there are no contraindications.

It is forbidden to do anti-cellulite massage with a brush in the following cases:

  • If by nature the skin is thin and prone to damage and redness, then when exposed to a hard brush, it can provoke scratches or microcracks, which, with complications, lead to infection and rotting.
  • With dermatological diseases that are accompanied by dryness and damage to the skin, for example, psoriasis or eczema.
  • Elevated body temperature and blood pressure. With hypertension, it is necessary to expand the vessels so as not to burden the heart, and during massage (any, not only anti-cellulite) blood will accelerate and the walls of the vessels warm up, which can increase pressure even more.
  • After the 3rd stage of varicose veins, it is impossible to disturb the skin, because the vessels are close and
    they can be damaged, causing bleeding or the development of trophic ulcers.
  • With hyperpigmentation and a large number of moles or nevuses, it is recommended to abandon this method of combating cellulite.

After one procedure, there will be no result, that is, the skin will become softer and more tender, but cellulite and volumes will not go anywhere. You need to regularly do massages, 2-4 times a week. It is important to eat right and, if possible, do some sports to keep your muscles toned.

Side effects

Dry massage with a cellulite brush has some contraindications, which you must first familiarize yourself with:

  • Redness of the skin, burning and itching occurs in owners of delicate skin. It is recommended to change the brush to a softer one and reduce the pressure intensity during the procedure. Massage with a dry brush from cellulite. How to do, scheme, technique
  • The appearance of a vascular pattern on the skin “speaks” of the fragility of the capillaries, which burst during massage.
  • Bruises can occur after massage for two reasons. The first is improper massage without observing the massage lines, and the second is a violation of the blood flow, in which it is necessary to be examined by doctors.
  • Skin inflammation or rotting can occur as a result of brushing with contraindications. Microcracks can also occur on the upper layer of the skin due to irregular or abrupt movements. In case of infection, the inflammatory process begins.

If one of the described phenomena occurs, it is necessary to stop the massage procedure or consult a specialist to advise how to massage properly without damaging the skin.

Preparing for a massage

There are no special rules for the preparation for massage, you need to master the technique so as not to injure the skin. Pre-do not bathe and steam the skin, also no need to scrub. The drier the skin, the more dead and dead cells of the epidermis are exfoliated. Massage with a dry brush from cellulite. How to do, scheme, technique

After the massage, you need to drink pure water with lemon or a smoothie of cucumber, lemon juice and herbs. This will help speed up metabolism and remove toxins through open pores. You also need to take a shower (without scrub so as not to injure the skin) and smear the body with moisturizing cream or milk.

At the preparatory stage, you need to examine the area of the skin that will be massaged for wounds, abrasions and other injuries. Also, you should not do massage with poor health, weakness, and elevated body temperature.

Technique and scheme of dry brushing

Dry massage with a brush from cellulite is carried out by several techniques – in circular or direct movements. It is important to bypass the area of the lymph nodes, and move the brush along the lymph from the limbs to the heart. Do not massage (especially with stiff bristles) the chest and inner thighs.

Beginners are advised to take a soft or medium hard brush, so as not to damage the skin from inexperience. Performing the procedure must not stretch the skin. Everyone chooses the pressure of brush pressure for himself, but it is important to choose the “golden mean” so as not to scratch the skin, and not to iron it because there will be no result.

By fat accumulations on the abdomen

In the abdomen, massage is done in circular motions around the navel. Breast touching is not necessary so as not to injure her. The duration of the procedure is 5 minutes. You can combine dry massage with vacuum (using cans for anti-cellulite massage). But in one day both procedures are contraindicated. You can alternate them every other day. Massage with a dry brush from cellulite. How to do, scheme, technique

The appearance of redness and tingling is a natural process. Such phenomena indicate an acceleration of blood circulation. If a rash or severe itching appears, you need to reduce the intensity of the massage or change the brush.

On the “orange peel” on the hips

Dry massage with a cellulite brush increases turgor and reduces the effect of the “orange peel”. Hips and buttocks are the most problematic part on which 95% of women have cellulite. It is better to carry out the massage yourself with a brush with a long handle, so that it is convenient to get it in a standing position. If someone helps, then you need to lie on your stomach and relax.

On the outside of the thigh, bristles should be carried out from the bottom up, that is, from the knee. On the buttocks you can do massage in circular motions. The average session time is 7 minutes. It is necessary to focus on the condition of the skin. When it turns red, the massage must be completed so as not to harm the small blood vessels. Massage with a dry brush from cellulite. How to do, scheme, technique

The hips can be massaged with a hand brush. It is round or oval, small, with a comfortable handle. With it, you can carry out procedures before the shower every evening. With scrubbing, a scrub is not needed, as the skin will already be soft and smooth.

For problem areas on the back

Often fat accumulates in the neck, on the sides and lower back, especially on the sides. The procedure is best done lying down so that someone helps. On the neck, a brush should be carried out from the edge of the hair to the area of the shoulder blades from top to bottom, to the heart. On the sides, on the contrary – up (again to the heart).

In the lumbar, you need to use a brush of medium stiffness and perform circular movements to improve blood flow and break down subcutaneous fat.

By cellulite locations on the upper arm

On the upper part of the hands flaccid cellulite is most often formed, which occurs in all with age (even in pitching). Massage with a small brush of medium stiffness in the direction from the elbow to the shoulder joint. Massage with a dry brush from cellulite. How to do, scheme, technique

The movements should be medium with a little pressure. In this area, it is not convenient to do massage yourself, so you can ask someone for help.

How to use a drain brush

Dry brush massage from cellulite is carried out by several types of brushes, which differ in the size, shape and qualit
y of the bristles.

By quality, several types are divided:

  • natural bristle brushes where wild boar hair or bamboo fiber or cactus is used;
  • with nylon bristles – these are synthetic brushes that are stiffer in structure;
  • Japanese brushes are brushes made of natural pile (palm fiber is most often used).

Massage with a drain brush is performed on dry skin. After the massage, the bristles must be washed under running water and hung to drain and dry. If you put a wet brush, bacteria begin to accumulate in it, resulting in mold or an unpleasant odor. Worse, in the following procedure, these microorganisms can get under the skin and develop inflammation.

Features of dry massage for stretch marks

Some believe that stretch marks can be eliminated through massage. It is a myth. Stretching is the same scar, that is, a wound . It occurs with a sharp increase in weight, in which the skin is stretched and the tissues inside crack.

After some time, a scar forms (only inside), and on the outside there is a light strip, which is called a stretch. In this place, the skin is tender and vulnerable. When stretching, you can not usd the skin with stiff bristles, you need to use a soft brush and control the intensity of pressing. Massage with a dry brush from cellulite. How to do, scheme, technique

With massage, you can slightly compare the color and relief of the skin so that stretch marks become less noticeable, but they will not go anywhere. If you do brushing regularly, you can prevent the appearance of new stretch marks, because the upper layer of the epidermis becomes more elastic and resilient.

Features of massage during pregnancy

During pregnancy, you can carry out such procedures only after consulting a doctor. One of the benefits of brushing is the normalization of the intracellular water-salt balance, which during child bearing is often disturbed and swelling of the extremities occurs.

For massage you need soft bristles. It is necessary to begin the session from the feet in smooth movements rising higher to the knees. This procedure will soothe leg pain and relieve swelling. Under the knees it is impossible to massage and it is important to avoid the inguinal zone, because it has lymph nodes.

It is not recommended to touch the stomach, and you can do brashing on the back and hips. Such massages enhance the outflow of blood and positively affect the body of the expectant mother and the development of the fetus. If you feel unwell or have adverse reactions, you should discard the brush. Massage with a dry brush from cellulite. How to do, scheme, technique

During pregnancy, you need to use all kinds of oils and creams against stretch marks and to moisturize the skin , in order to avoid them it is important to read the instructions of each drug for use by pregnant women. It is better to use olive oil – a natural fortified component.

How to enhance the effect of dry grinding

To enhance the effect after massage, you need to take a contrast shower.

By alternating hot and cold water, the following results can be achieved:

  • strengthening the walls of blood vessels;
  • improved blood circulation;
  • enhancing the production of natural collagen and elastin, which are necessary to maintain skin elasticity;
  • decrease in sagging skin.

In addition to reducing the intensity of cellulite, massage helps to reduce body volume and after 4-6 weeks, you can notice that the waist and hips have become 1’2 – 2’8 inch less, depending on the individual characteristics of the body.

Duration and frequency of procedures

The frequency and duration of the session is selected individually. One massage is enough 5 minutes before a shower, others like to usd the body for 15 minutes. It is important not to overdo it, so as not to damage the skin, not cause irritation, bruising and other adverse reactions.

The speed of the result does not depend on the duration of the session, therefore it is better to do everything according to the rules, observing the time, intensity, frequency and duration. Massage with a dry brush from cellulite. How to do, scheme, technique

The skin on the stomach and buttocks is dense and massages can be done daily, but on the face or hands it is better to limit it to massages after 1-2 days, so that possible microcracks on the skin or damage to the capillaries can be tightened and not turn into bleeding, hematoma or rash.

When will the effect be visible

Cellulite appears for a long time, subcutaneous fat accumulates, and humps form. Getting rid of cellulite is also a long and laborious process. Immediately after the procedure, you need to take a shower and you can notice that the skin has become much softer.

The first results after massage can be seen after 4-6 weeks of regular use of the brush (on average 3 times a week). Such procedures should be done regularly. It is difficult for the first few weeks, but then brushing comes to automatism in the shower, like brushing your teeth in the morning.

In the second stage of cellulite, you can get rid of it in 4 months with regular massages and proper nutrition. It is also recommended to walk more and to be more often in the fresh air, because oxygen also plays an important role in creating a beautiful figure and smooth body.

Skin Care After Session

Immediately after the massage, it is not recommended to go outside or wear warm clothes. You need to take a warm or contrast shower to wash off all the scales and cells that have separated after the procedure. During bathing, it is not recommended to use scrubs so as not to injure inflamed and rubbed skin. Massage with a dry brush from cellulite. How to do, scheme, technique

After the shower, you do not need to wipe yourself with a towel. It is enough to gently pat the skin so as not to injure it, and apply any moisturizer or nourishing agent.

What to do if irritation appears on the skin

Dry brush massage can cause irritation for various reasons. From cellulite, some use different creams and wraps in parallel with brushing, which can cause a rash or burning of the skin. It is important to make sure that the brush was the reason.

In this case, it is recommended to change it to a softer one, or do massage with less pressure on the surface of the epidermis. If this does not help, it is better to abandon the course or seek help from a specialist.

Video on how to do dry brush massage

How to massage with a dry brush:

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