Alerana spray against hair loss. Instructions for use, reviews

Alerana is an effective cosmetic product that is used against unwanted hair loss . To date, the same-name sprays, tablets and shampoos of this brand are sold in pharmacies and stores. A detailed description of this drug and the specifics of its action are further in the text.

What is Alerana

Alerana is a popular anti-baldness pharmaceutical drug that contains oils and natural extracts. It is used by those who, to one degree or another, have problems with hair on the scalp.

Which manufacturer is better

The best manufacturer is a American company located in Los Angeles and the Leningrad, under the name “Vertex”.

Benefits of funds

The main advantages of Aleran’s remedy include not only the speed of this drug, but also a safe composition for human hormones, a large assortment of products.

Alerana spray against hair loss. Instructions for use, reviewsThe company offers its customers the means:

  • To strengthen the hair.
  • Against intense prolapse.
  • To stimulate growth.
  • For intensive nutrition of the scalp.

The composition of the spray. The benefits and harms of the active ingredient

Alerana – a spray against hair loss, the composition of which includes the active substance minoxidil, is very popular. The drug is a clear, colorless or yellowish solution.

It contains additional substances:

  • Propylene glycol.
  • Ethanol
  • Water.

Minoxidil brings the body both significant benefits and little harm. Due to the presence of alcohol in the composition of the active substance, some consumers begin to peel the skin, appear dry or have a slight burning sensation. Most often, these symptoms disappear without additional treatment after 1-2 weeks of using Alerana.

Alerana spray against hair loss. Instructions for use, reviewsThe benefit of the active component is a quick and relatively durable result of the use of the drug.

What percentage should be the active substance

The main active substance in the composition of the drug is minoxidil. In a 2% solution it contains not more than 20 mg per 0,03 fluid ounce, and in a 5% solution – not more than 50 mg per 0,03 fluid ounce.

pharmachologic effect

The main pharmacological action of Alerana is the ability of the drug to promote hair growth and strengthening, as well as be an effective prophylactic against unwanted and intense baldness.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The pharmacodynamics of the drug is more than 50% due to the active substance. Minoxidil significantly accelerates microcirculation in the of hair follicles , due to which there is a growth of vascular endothelium, which, in turn, is responsible for increasing capillary permeability, which leads to hair growth.

Alerana spray against hair loss. Instructions for use, reviewsThe pharmacokinetics of Alerana proceeds in 4 stages:

  1. Suction. In fact, no more than 2% of all the dose applied at one time enters the systemic circulation. At the same time, the time to reach the maximum concentration is at least 4-5 hours. The first effect of the active substance will not appear earlier than the second (and sometimes the third) course dosage will be applied.
  2. The distribution of the body . Scientists have proven that the degree of binding of minoxidil to plasma proteins is negligible.
  3. Participation in metabolism . About 60% of the active active ingredient that has been absorbed by topical application will be metabolized in the liver.
  4. Breeding . The half-life of the drug from the body is from 22 hours to 48 hours. At the same time, 95% is excreted through the work of the kidneys, and the remaining 5% through the intestines. After completing the course of using Alerana, after 4 days more than 96% of minoxidil will be excreted from the body.

Indications for use

Alerana (anti-hair loss spray) has the following indications for use:

  • Androgenetic alopecia in men.
  • Androgenic alopecia in women.
    Alerana spray against hair loss. Instructions for use, reviews
    In the photo – the results of the treatment of alopecia with spray Aleran
  • Prevention of intense baldness.


Contraindications for use include:

  • Individual intolerance to the active substance.
  • Allergy to any of the components that make up the composition.
  • Injuries and open wounds on the integument.
  • The use of other therapeutic agents that must be applied to the scalp.
  • Diseases of the scalp.
  • The period of childbearing and GV until its complete end.
  • Minority.

Important! Patients suffering from heart disease, liver and kidney failure, as well as vascular diseases, require medical advice before treatment.

At what age can the drug be used

The drug is intended for persons over 18 and under 65 years of age (in the second case, exceptions are possible after consultation with a specialist).

How to use the tool

Apply Aleran spray only on dry skin, while there is no condition for the obligatory washing of curls before the procedure. It is also recommended to refrain from washing your head for at least 4 hours after the procedure. It is required to spray 0,03 fluid ounce of the solution on the selected zone (this is about 7 presses) twice a day with an interval of at least 5 hours. It is not necessary to rinse off the spray, it dries quickly.

After interacting with the drug, it is recommended to wash your hands or use wet wipes. The first visible results should be noticeable no later than 8 weeks after the start of the course. If after 16 weeks there are no results, you should stop using the spray and seek the advice of a specialist.

Is it possible to use the product not only on the head

The spray must be applied according to the dosage indicated on the package, only on the skin with hair. In other parts of the body, it is not used and will not bring favorable consequences or positive growth dynamics of the strands.

Which nozzle to choose

For patients with a large number of problem areas on the scalp, a spray nozzle is better. Alerana spray against hair loss. Instructions for use, reviewsIf the hair is long (more than 3’9 inch), or the problem areas are small at first glance, it is recommended to use an elongated spray nozzle.

Under what conditions does the drug lose effectiveness

The main condition for reducing the effectiveness of the drug, doctors call the parallel use of other medical or cosmetic products
, which are also applied to the scalp.

Another factor in the lack of proper result is a course disorder (irregular use or excessive use with a dosage violation). Also, do not use a hair dryer for 2 hours after applying the spray.

How to combine Alerana with other means

It is forbidden to use Aleran spray in conjunction with other medicines that must be applied to the scalp. For syrups, tablets, creams and ointments (when used outside the scalp), this prohibition does not apply. The exception is Dithranol and most drugs containing a similar active substance.

Are there any cheaper analogues than can be replaced

To date, there are many analogues of Alerana. Alerana spray against hair loss. Instructions for use, reviews


The tool is available in the form of a spray, its price in pharmacies depends on the volume:

  • For 6,09 fluid ounce (in a set 3 pcs. 2,03 fluid ounce each) of a 5% solution – from $ 23.
  • For 2,03 fluid ounce. 5% solution – from $ 16.
  • For 2,03 fluid ounce of a 2% solution – from $ 6,6.


The product is available in the form of 5% foam and is sold in pharmacies at a price of $ 20. for 1 balloon ( 2,03 fluid ounce).


This is a spray made in Spain. It is used no more than 1 time per day. The price of it in pharmacies starts from $ 41. for 2,54 fluid ounce.

Azelofein, Azelomax, Dualgen

Funds are produced in the form of lotions, which can be purchased in pharmacies at a price of $ 29. for 2,03 fluid ounce.


The drug is made in the video lotion, which is sold in pharmacies from $ 26. per 3,38 fluid ounce.

How to enhance the effect

The effect can be enhanced both by a properly composed diet, and prevention, which includes the use of specialized shampoos, masks and serums for hair.

Effect fixing

To effectively consolidate the effect, it is recommended to repeat the 2-month course no earlier than 6 months after the completion of the previous course.

Side effects

Alerana is a medicine that prevents hair loss. Regardless of whether the buyer uses a spray, shampoo or anti-alopecia pill, after using the product and with an overdose, undesirable consequences may occur, which the manufacturer warns about in advance.

Alerana spray against hair loss. Instructions for use, reviewsThe main side effects include:

  • Antihypertensive effect.
  • Pronounced headache and dizziness.
  • Tachycardia. In such cases, beta-blockers are used (drugs where the main active ingredient is atenolol, bisoprolol, metoprolol, nadolol, oxprenolol, sotalol and esatenolol).
  • Fluid retention in the body, resulting in edema. This problem is solved with the help of diuretics (diuretics). Most often, doctors prescribe Indapamide-Alsi, Veroshpirol and Diuver tablets.
  • Itchy skin, red rash.

Rare and almost exceptional cases include nausea, eye irritation, and peripheral edema.

special instructions

There are several special conditions for using Aleran spray:

  • During the treatment or prophylactic course, you can use both hair spray and other care products. It is not recommended to apply the spray earlier than a day after the use of care products.
  • The substance can be applied exclusively to integral integuments, on the surface of which there is no inflammation or any kind of rash.
  • It is strictly not recommended to use the medicine if the baldness is a reaction of the body to the use of hormonal therapeutic agents, malnutrition or the consequence of pregnancy and childbirth.
  • If the spray gets on particularly sensitive areas of the body (eyes, mucous membranes or wounds), rinse these areas as soon as possible with plenty of cold fresh water.
  • With a minimal manifestation of side effects, it is not recommended to independently drive vehicles.

Terms of sale

The drug is dispensed without a doctor’s prescription, so anyone can buy it, provided that it is available in a particular pharmacy. Alerana spray against hair loss. Instructions for use, reviews

Storage conditions

Keep the spray out of the reach of children, protected from direct sunlight, at a temperature of less than 35,6 – 41°F.

Shelf life

Alerana (anti-hair loss spray) should be stored for 24 months. from the date of issue. It is strongly not recommended to use the drug after the expiration date.

How much is the drug

Prices for the drug in pharmacies of the American and in New York are slightly different from each other. This drug is always available in the network of pharmacies “Uteka”, “Zdravcity”, “Pharmacy Radar” and in “Asna”.

Volume Solution Cost
2,03 fluid ounce 2% From $ 10,2.
6,09 fluid ounce (included 3 pcs. 2,03 fluid ounce each) 5% From $ 26.
2,03 fluid ounce 5% From $ 12,24.

Hair loss is an undesirable problem in modern society. Creams, shampoos, sprays and other medicines help fight it.

One of the most popular anti-baldness drugs today is Alerana, whose action there are a large number of positive reviews.

Video review of cosmetics Alerana from hair loss

Aleran’s remedies for hair loss:

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