Massage to increase the bust in 3 days. Video how to do at home

Massage for breast augmentation helps to tighten and correct its shape without surgical intervention.

Massage to increase the bust in 3 days. Video how to do at homeThe effectiveness of this technique is due to the effect on certain points of the body, resulting in increased secretion of female hormones responsible for breast growth.

On the benefits and dangers of massage to increase bust

Any massage manipulations, including those contributing to an increase in the bust, have a beneficial effect on the tissue, triggering a number of mechanisms.

Massage improves not only the appearance, but also the health of the breast. There are several massage techniques. Each of them has both advantages and disadvantages. But in any case, massage has a good effect on the appearance of the breast, the skin condition improves, the general tone and elasticity increase.

Due to massage actions, blood circulation increases, useful microelements enter the epidermal cells and capillary vessels develop. Thanks to massage, the epidermis cells are regenerated, they are updated and the condition of the skin is noticeably improved.

These include the following:

  • activation of metabolism in the thickness of the dermis as a result of mechanical irritations leads to skin tightening, making it smoother and more elastic;
  • in tissues under the skin, hemodynamics and, as a result, saturation of tissues with oxygen and nutrients are significantly improved .

Before doing a bust massage at home, it is necessary to undergo an examination.

Massage to increase the bust in 3 days. Video how to do at home
Before starting a massage course for breast augmentation, a doctor should undergo an examination to exclude possible contraindications.

Cysts and other benign neoplasms detected during examination and ultrasound examination exclude the possibility of massage.

Due to what massage helps to increase the bust

The change in the size of the bust due to regular massage occurs as a result of the activation of metabolism in the skin, subcutaneous tissue and tissues lying under them. Massage movements stimulate blood flow and contribute to enhanced nutrition of the dermis, adipose and muscle tissues, glandular epithelium.

Traditional massage

In this case, it is very important to properly perform the massage. Each technique is performed in its own way. Only following the recommendations and rules can the desired effect be achieved. The classic massage algorithm is as follows:

Stage Massage name Description
1 Stroking Stroking the mammary gland is carried out in circular movements in the direction from the nipple. The duration of this steel is about 1min. Manipulations should be done, trying not to put pressure.
2 Trituration Manipulations accompanied by a slight displacement of the skin are carried out from the nipple. Rubbing is carried out over the entire area of the mammary gland. In conclusion, usd with a fist in the direction from top to bottom, without exerting excessive pressure and supporting the chest from below. Massage the lower part in the same way.
3 Vibration Fingers of the hand must be placed on the site of the mammary gland and “trembling” movements provoke vibration. Thus, you should “walk” over the entire surface.
4 Stroking About 1 minute. Stroking improves skin tone, helps strengthen it, and also stimulates lymph circulation.

The traditional massage procedure to increase the bust takes from 10 to 15 minutes of time and can be carried out from 1 to 3 times a day.

Japanese massage

Such a massage to increase the bust does not imply manipulations with the mammary glands themselves. The effect is on active points on the body, stimulating the flow of estrogen into the blood, which is manifested by an increase in the volume of the mammary glands.

The impact on biologically active points is carried out by pressing from top to bottom with the fingertips.

Location of special points:

  • the area of projection onto the surface of the thyroid gland;
  • upper part of the shoulder girdle;
  • interscapular;
  • upper part of the neck.

Shiatsu massage (Japanese massage) is advisable to do while taking a bath before bedtime , followed by massaging the target points of the shower.

Chinese classic massage

To find the points that are affected, you need to place your fingers 2 inch above the solar plexus and part them 0’4 inch in both directions . The impact on the points is carried out using special balls, by rotating them on the surface of the skin and pressing.

The duration of the stimulation of the point is 30 seconds, after which a pause should follow. For 1 massage session, 8-10 effects at each point should be performed.

In addition, active points located between the thumb and forefinger should be exposed.  To complete the Chinese massage procedure, the balls should be rolled on the floor with the soles of the feet , thus massaging another point that affects the increase in the bust.

Technique “Qi”

This technique uses the effects of hormones on changes in the size of the mammary glands.

The technique of massage is as follows:

  1. The procedure should begin with warming the palms: usd them intensively.
  2. Put your palms on the mammary glands, fingers apart.
  3. Rotation. To increase the size of the mammary glands, they should be rotated in the direction from the shoulders to the middle of the chest (inward). The number of circular motions should be a multiple of 36.

Specialists in the field of oriental practices argue that with the opposite direction of movement (out), massage will reduce the size of the bust .

Oil massage

This type of effect on the body contributes to a certain increase in the mammary glands, active nutrition and increase the elasticity of the skin. Manipulation should be carried out after applying a light scrub, so its effectiveness is increased.

Any oil is suitable for oil massage.

Olive Gives skin elasticity and smoothness.
Grape seed oil It has an intensive moisturizing effect, which increases skin elasticity and makes small wrinkles less noticeable.
Sea buckthorn It activates the recovery of epidermocytes, and also saturates them with vitamins.
Apricot It contains vitamins necessary for the skin, gives the skin elasticity.
The combination of sunflower and sea buckthorn oils mixed in equal proportions. It is recommended for cases when the skin prematurely loses elasticity, became lethargic and flabby.

A small amount of oil should be rubbed with gentle stroking movements in a circle into the skin of the chest.

Expert Advice:

  1. Before starting the procedure, you must make sure that there is no allergic reaction to the selected variety of vegetable oil.
  2. Adding a drop of lemon juice to the oil will help to gradually discolour the age spots.

Gentle oil massage should be carried out no more than 3 days a week.

Hydro massage for breast augmentation

For a gentle but effective effect on the mammary glands, the pressure of the water should be adjusted so that it is not too strong. The impact is carried out in a circular motion.

When performing hydromassage, the following areas should be affected:

  • the entire surface of the mammary gland;
  • the area located below the chest, intercostal space;
  • the area above the mammary glands.

Water should have a comfortable temperature. Water massage to increase the bust lasts 10 minutes.

The use of a contrast shower

This procedure activates hemodynamics in the vessels supplying blood to the mammary gland, helps to tighten the skin, increases elasticity. Warm water should be replaced by cool, avoiding extreme temperatures – hot and too cold. It is recommended to finish the procedure with cool water.

Vacuum massage

Unlike other types of massage, which can be carried out without special devices, vacuum massage to increase the bust involves the use of equipment – an apparatus consisting of a bowl wrapping around the mammary gland, and a compressor pumping air out of the bowl.

As a result, there is a rush of blood to the mammary gland and its volume increases for a certain time. Gradually, the volume of the chest returns to the original.

Massage to increase the bust in 3 days. Video how to do at home
Vacuum massage increases the breast only for a while – in the future it will take its original form.

The disadvantage is that this massage method to increase the bust is not intended for systematic use , as this will provoke the appearance of the vascular network.

Taoist massage

The ancient technique is most relevant in cases where the chest sagged prematurely.

Reception Description of massage technique Number of repetitions
1 Rotation Each mammary gland should be slightly clamped in the palms of the hands, rotate once in the direction from the shoulder to the middle of the chest.


2 Pressure Having placed your hands on the nipples, you should carefully press on them, taking a deep breath at the same time; after a few seconds, exhale, release. 8-10

Corrective massage

Corrective massage to increase the bust is recommended by specialists for cases when there are stretch marks or the skin sags due to peperasteniya.

The technique of execution is somewhat similar to the technique of traditional massage.

1 Applying cream It is advisable to use special means to combat stretch marks or to tighten the bust.

It is strongly recommended that you use only certified products and monitor the expiration date. Before starting a massage course, it is advisable to conduct an allergological test.

2 Stroking Movements are carried out with your fingertips in a circle.

The cream should not be applied to the nipple and areola area.

3 Tapping Light patting movements should be directed from the nipples up, down and to the sides.
4 Final stroking These massage manipulations should be performed in a circle, holding the chest with the second hand.

Massage with a mitten

In order not to injure the skin of the chest, the degree of rigidity of the mitten should correspond to the sensitivity of the skin. In addition to stimulating hemodynamics, this massage helps to remove dead epidermal cells and stimulates skin renewal.

The washcloth should be made of natural materials.

Massage movements are carried out in a circle: from the nipple towards the axillary, and then fro
m the nipple towards the clavicle.

General recommendations of specialists

The main condition under which massage to increase the bust will demonstrate its effectiveness is regularity. Only with daily massage manipulations can a good result be achieved.

Massage to increase the bust in 3 days. Video how to do at home
The desired result can be achieved only if the massage is performed regularly. The photo shows the results before and after the course of massage for breast augmentation.

Before proceeding to the massage itself, pre-determine the choice of cream. It must be moisturizing and nourishing for a beneficial effect on this delicate area of the body. The effect will also depend on the choice of cream.

The neckline is thin and vulnerable. Massage should be done carefully, do not be zealous and put too much pressure on the skin. Actions should be easy.

For 3 days of massage, the result will not be so noticeable, but with regular procedures, the bust will gain elasticity, beautiful shapes and increase in size. Massage manipulations should not cause pain , they should be light, superficial.

Before proceeding to massage the bust, you must make sure that there are no contraindications.

For this, it is necessary to consult with medical specialists (gynecologist, mammologist) and undergo the examination prescribed by them. It will help to exclude neoplasms and other diseases of the mammary gland, which will be contraindications to massage procedures in the chest area.

Contraindications from other organs and systems of the body should be excluded. To reduce the likelihood of injury to the skin, experts recommend using specially designed products for massage .

Before starting the procedure, you must carefully read the recommendations of specialists regarding the selected methodology. Before starting a massage course, you should make sure that the chosen product does not cause allergies (after all, everything is individual).

To do this, apply the product on a small area of the skin on the wrist or in the elbow. If hypersensitivity occurs, then it will manifest itself in 10-15 minutes by reddening of the skin. With severe allergies, itching and rashes on the treated area are possible.

For greater effectiveness, experts recommend combining massage to increase the bust with a special set of exercises aimed at strengthening the pectoralis major muscle.

When you can not resort to massage of the mammary glands

Like any medical manipulation, massage of the bust has contraindications , in the presence of which massage will be harmful to health.

Massage to increase the bust is contraindicated in the following cases:

  1. Any malaise – weakness, fatigue, headaches, dizziness, increased drowsiness. These symptoms may indicate an onset of the disease. The general condition of the massage will worsen. Massage under these conditions will not bring benefits.
  2. During pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding, massage should not be performed. However, the final decision is up to the specialist observing the woman. You can’t start a massage without his permission.
  3. Intensive massage movements are contraindicated in the neckline. Excessive rubbing can damage thin blood vessels and cause hematomas (bruises).
  4. Neoplasms and other diseases of the mammary gland detected during a special examination are also a contraindication.
  5. Massage is contraindicated in severe stages of diseases affecting the blood vessels and heart, kidneys, liver, thyroid gland, adrenal glands and lungs.
  6. It is impractical to carry out massage to increase the bust against the background of diets for weight loss.

Creams that are desirable to use

Cosmetics used for breast massage must meet certain requirements.

The main criteria for cosmetics include the following:

  1. It is advisable to use creams designed to improve the condition of the breast: they contain many moisturizing and tonic components.
  2. A cosmetic product must be certified – because the consumer must be confident in its quality.
  3. You should not apply the cream if the skin reacted to it with redness, swelling, itching or rashes (even if these phenomena were short-term and passed without a trace).
  4. It is recommended to purchase cosmetics at a pharmacy or store. Bought “on hand” funds with an unspecified composition can cause unwanted reactions.

How often do you need to massage

Massage manipulations are performed daily throughout the course, which is 10-14 procedures (10-14 days). According to experts, in order to obtain the result of breast enlargement, the course of massage sessions should be repeated every 2-3 months.

Useful massage videos for bust enlargement

How to do breast massage to correct and increase it:

Japanese Shiatsu massage technique:

Massage to increase the bust at home:

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