Lipolitic Dermahil in face mesotherapy. Before and after photos, price, reviews

Dermaheal is a successful line of cosmetic products that fully meets its name – treat the dermis. Lipolitic Dermahil for the face, is able to turn back the clock, restore the skin to its young state.

What is Dermahil for

The mesotherapeutic drug Dermahil acts like botulinum toxins, smoothes expression lines , rejuvenates the skin, but it does not contain poisons – toxins. The founder of the Korean company CAREGEN made an important discovery in the field of biomolecular pharmacology – biomimetic peptides – short protein chains that were obtained by fermentation.

Lipolitic Dermahil in face mesotherapy. Before and after photos, price, reviews
Dermahil lipolytic for the face: mesotherapy injections

Biologically active peptides are placed in nanocapsules and then incorporated into the product. Thanks to nanocapsules, they are able to penetrate deeper into the dermis layer.

Peptide preparations are used:

  • for smoothing wrinkles;
  • narrowing of enlarged pores;
  • reduce redness and skin pigmentation;
  • strengthening the dermis;
  • reduction in the amount of sebum excreted;
  • to give the skin a healthy look.


Dermahil, a lipolytic for the face, is a therapeutic mixture containing 58 active ingredients, including hyaluronic acid. Skin regeneration is achieved by combining all the ingredients.

The composition of the drug:

Composition of Dermahil Name of substances Skin effects

Biomimetic Peptides


Acetyl decapeptide reduces the appearance of new or existing wrinkles by creating new cells
Decapeptide has anti-aging and wound healing effects
Oligopeptide reduces scars due to the active formation of new cells
Tripeptide moisturizes dry skin
Copper tripeptide supports blood circulation and skin regeneration


Retinol essential for healthy skin and hair
Niacinamide participates in the metabolism of lipids, carbohydrates in living cells
Pyridoxine one of the forms of vitamin B6, is a metabolic stimulator, is involved in the production of hemoglobin
Tocopherol powerful antioxidant, protects tissues from free radicals
Thiamine involved in the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates, proteins
Biotin part of enzymes that regulate protein and fat balance
Aminobenzoic acid essential for microorganisms that produce most vitamins
Riboflavin necessary for the formation of red blood cells, antibodies, for healthy skin, nails
Folic acid contributes to the development and growth of the circulatory and immune systems
Cyanocobalamin helps cells absorb proteins, fats, carbohydrates in the required volume
Menadion necessary for the synthesis of proteins that provide a normal level of blood coagulation
Calcium pantothenate involved in the metabolism of proteins, fats, carbohydrates
Hyaluronic acid provides proper skin hydration

A complex of biomimetic peptides smoothes wrinkles and restores its vitality, and acid provides the necessary level of hydration. Vitamins give the skin a vital look and improve its texture.

Lipolitic Dermahil in face mesotherapy. Before and after photos, price, reviews

The composition of the drug also includes:

  • 24 amino acids that contribute to the formation of fibroblasts.
  • 5 minerals that protect the skin from negative effects.
  • 4 coenzymes revitalizing skin cells.
  • 4 nucleic acids involved in direct protein formation.
  • 2 reducing agents that prevent the oxidation of dermal and epidermal cells.


Despite the fact that the causes of skin aging are individual for each person, scientists h
ave proved that there are basic factors and consequences of aging. Dermahil, a lipolytic drug, contains substances that can stop the aging process. It is used for procedures in the face, around the eyes, forehead.

What is the effect of drugs on the skin:

  1. Helps maintain healthy skin elements . They promote hydration, since the skin is 64% water, it must always be moisturized inside and out. It also helps to produce collagen – the proteins that make up the skin structure, elastin, which gives the skin elasticity, activate the work of fibroblasts, which are necessary for the production of elastin and collagen.
  2. React damaged cells . As you get older, body cells become sluggish, produce less enzymes, and their normal activity slows down. Substances contained in lipolytics send special proteins, growth factors that control cell activity. Thus, aging skin receives a new impulse for reactivation.
  3. It fights chronic skin inflammation . Over the years, the skin acquires chronic inflammation, which accumulates in and around the cells. This is due to hydration and a slowdown in cellular activity. Molecules, cytokines, are able to control the process of cell inflammation. Dermahil preparations contain all types of cytokines.
    Lipolitic Dermahil in face mesotherapy. Before and after photos, price, reviews
  4. Controls the action of enzymes . Certain enzymes gradually accumulate in the body. Some of them help to destroy old and damaged collagen to give way to new healthy skin. But under the influence of sunlight there is an overproduction of enzymes that begin to attack all collagen, both old and new. This process leads to thinning and drying out of the skin. Dermahil includes special antioxidants that are responsible for the proper functioning of enzymes.

Cosmetology procedure with Dermahil

Mesotherapy is a technology during which vitamins, enzymes, plant extracts enter the body to rejuvenate and tighten the skin. This method is also suitable for removing persistent fats.

For the sessions, a series of Dermahil preparations is used:

  • Dermaheal HSR, its component hyaluronic acid rejuvenates the skin, this drug is used after 45 years, eliminates age-related changes;
  • Dermaheal HL, used to prevent hair loss, enhances the growth of hair follicles, thinning hair;
  • Dermaheal LL, with its help eliminate persistent fat deposits, cellulite, tighten sagging skin;
  • Dermaheal SB, this product is used to eliminate signs of aging, such as wrinkles, deepened facial folds, scars, skin lightening, pigmentation elimination;
  • Dermaheal SR, a specially developed gel for skin rejuvenation, smoothing fine wrinkles, pores on the face, is used for people over 30 years old.

The injection technique is used classic injection, using mesoscooters, electroporation or ultrasound machines. Dermahil, a lipolytic for the face, is introduced micropapially and by the nappa method.

Application Areas:

  • neck area;
  • face
  • neckline area;
  • the inner surface of the hips and shoulders;
  • back of the palms.

The injection method of delivering substances to the desired depth in the skin is carried out using a syringe or a meso-injector. This procedure is more traumatic, but effective.

Lipolitic Dermahil in face mesotherapy. Before and after photos, price, reviews

The sequence of the procedure:

  1. Cleansing and disinfection of the skin.
  2. Local anesthesia is introduced.
  3. On the face points are indicated at which injections will be made.
  4. Using a 30G / 6/32 – 10/32 inch syringe, inject the drug to a depth depending on the injection site. In the area of the cheeks, it can be less, and in the area of the chin – more. On average, the depth of the needle is 1/32 – 5/32 inch. The maximum amount of a single volume of the administered drug is 0,17 fluid ounce.
  5. After the procedure, re-disinfection of the skin is carried out.
  6. At the last stage, a calming mask is applied to the skin.

Often a procedure is performed using the nappage technique:

  1. The injections are carried out along the massage lines on the face.
  2. The needle intended for injections is held with the cut up. If superficial napage is performed, then the needle can be tilted at any degree, if the napage is median, then the angle should be at least 45 °, and if deep introduction is made, then an injection is made at an angle of 90 °.
  3. A certain distance between injections is observed. In the case of superficial administration, this is 13/32 inch; in the case of median and deep administration, the distance should be at least 13/32 – 25/32 inch.

The scheme of the hardware procedure:

  1. Initially, the surface of the skin is disinfected.
  2. The keratinized cells are removed using an exfoliating cosmetic product.
  3. Dermahil in the form of a gel or serum is applied to cleansed skin.
  4. With the help of the apparatus, Dermahil advances into the subcutaneous layer.
  5. After the session, a calming mask is applied to the skin.

Dermahil using a mesoscooter is administered according to the scheme:

  1. At the beginning of the session, the skin areas are disinfected and cleaned.
  2. The drug injection sites are treated with an anesthetic if the length of the roller needle is more than 1/32 inch.
  3. Apply serum or mesococtail to the skin.
  4. Next, skin areas are treated with a roller, which was previously disinfected. The roller drum is rolled over the skin in different directions.
  5. After the session, soothing masks are applied to the skin and sunscreen is applied.
  6. The full course consists of 6–10 procedures, with an interval of 1–2 weeks.


Dermahil, a lipolytic for the face, should not be administered to pregnant women in the third trimester, during lactation.

Lipolitic Dermahil in face mesotherapy. Before and after photos, price, reviews

You should beware of the procedures for people with diseases and disorders:

  • oncological;
  • endocrine;
  • diabetes;
  • blood diseases;
  • severe forms of heart disease;
  • skin diseases.

Side effects

With the introduction of the drug Dermaheal SB, hyperemia may occur, which persists for up to 5 days. Sometimes, depending on the individual tolerance of the body, the temperature rises at the injection site, which can last up to 2 days.

You should first consult with a cosmetologist about a possible procedure. It is necessary to talk about existing diseases, allergi
c reactions, so that the doctor selects the appropriate drug.

Useful Tips

Dermahil, a lipolytic for the face, is advised to be administered according to a certain scheme, for the best result:


Regular treatment


Stage I

Once a week during the first month

II stage

1 time in 2 weeks during the second month

Stage III

1 time during the third month
 Stage IV 1 time in 2-3 months in the next 6 months

Intensive treatment

 Stage I 2 times a week in the first month
 II stage Once a week in the second month
 Stage III 1 time in 2 weeks during the third month
 Stage IV 1 time in 1-2 months in the next 6 months

After the procedures, during the rehabilitation period, the skin surface should be treated with a solution of Miramistin, Chlorhexidine for 3 days, morning and evening. If bruises appear at the injection site, the skin should be treated with a cream that has a body massage in its composition. To protect against ultraviolet radiation, use SPF creams above 50.

Lipolitic Dermahil in face mesotherapy. Before and after photos, price, reviews

All procedures are preferably carried out in the autumn-winter period. Before starting sessions, you should abandon skin peeling and laser procedures. You should not attend a dignity, engage in intense sports, apply makeup for 3-4 days before the procedure. Also, after the sessions, you should limit physical activity and do not visit saunas, baths, pools.

You should not drink alcohol during the sessions, since alcohols retain fluid in the body, and after the administration of a lipolytic, edema can occur.

Opinions of cosmetologists

According to many cosmetologists, working with Dermahil drugs gives them pleasure. Patients who underwent procedures are satisfied with the results. Dermatologists state that all remedies are very effective. So, Dermaheal HSR and SR drugs really slow down the aging process, patients look younger and freshened after the procedures.

HL works well. To carry out procedures, not only women but also men are treating him, he actively helps to cope with hair loss. One of the advantages of the drug is that after it there are no allergic reactions.

When to expect an effect

According to the testimony of doctors, the visible effect of the drug occurs in a period of time from 7 to 10 days. Much depends on the individual characteristics of the skin. In some patients, the result manifests itself much earlier, but the final result will be visible after 8–9 sessions.

The drug Dermahil is well established among dermatologists and patients. Lipolitic for the face fully meets the expectations of women who want to be beautiful regardless of age.

Video about lipolytic face contour correction

How to get rid of the overhang of the nasolabial fold and the second chin:

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