Jessner Peeling. What is it, how is it done, daily care, reviews

Many skin problems are easily resolved by carrying out acidic facial cleansing. This procedure removes age spots and scars, makes effective cleaning and produces a rejuvenating effect. Compared to other methods, Jessner peeling helps to get an instant result. This approach contributes to the activation of cell regeneration.

Peeling Efficiency

Jessner peeling is a skin rejuvenation and moisturizer. Face cleaning got its name in honor of the creator – the doctor Jessner. Initially, a mixture of acids was used as an antiseptic after shave. It gave the effect of improving the quality and appearance of the skin. Now the technique is used for professional purposes to perform high-quality facial cleansing and to combat defects such as pigmentation and scars.

Beauticians prescribe Jessner peeling in such cases:

  1. The negative impact of external factors. The poor environmental situation, ultraviolet radiation, poor nutrition, stress and other factors have a bad effect on the appearance of the skin. They lead to dryness and increased sensitivity of the skin, the appearance of early signs of aging and inflammation.
  2. Withering of the skin. Lack of moisture in the layers of the dermis leads to a decrease in elasticity and the appearance of wrinkles. The peeling composition contains lactic acid. This component holds fluid in the cells. Additional hydration gives exfoliation of the stratum corneum. It stimulates the synthesis of keratinocytes.
  3. Acne, acne and comedones. Getting rid of the skin from pollution and excessive secretion of the sebaceous glands. After peeling Jessner, the pores are cleaned and narrowed, pass redness. Jessner Peeling. What is it, how is it done, daily care, reviews
  4. Increased sebum production. Thanks to salicylic acid in the composition, the oily skin comes back to normal. Its general condition improves markedly after a decrease in the amount of excess moisture in the tissues.
  5. Hyperpigmentation. The distribution of melanin in the epidermis is controlled by lactic acid. Its action is able to eliminate age spots and make bright freckles less noticeable.
  6. Scars, scars, traces of acne . Qualitative and rapid exfoliation of dead skin particles makes regenerative processes proceed faster.


Jessner peeling is peeling of the stratum corneum with acids. The components included in the composition do not cause an allergic reaction of the body and do not lead to side effects. Their action has a positive effect on the skin, eliminating various imperfections.

Jessner peeling consists of 3 components:

  • salicylic acid;
  • lactic acid;
  • resorcinol.

Sometimes cosmetologists supplement the standard mixture with citric or glycolic acid, as well as isopropyl alcohol.

Salicylic acid acts as an antiseptic. It disinfects well and slightly dries the skin. Thanks to it, the pores are cleaned from excess secretion of the sebaceous glands and impurities, as well as the removal of the inflammatory process. Jessner Peeling. What is it, how is it done, daily care, reviews

The substance removes various defects on the surface, has an irritating and antimicrobial effect. The classic composition of Jessner peeling includes salicylic acid in a concentration of 14%.

Lactic acid has an exfoliating and whitening effect. In cosmetology, it is used to reduce age spots, treat dermatitis, and soften the skin. It helps to activate the production of collagen, which makes the skin more elastic and supple. Slow synthesis of the substance leads to sagging integument and early aging.

Lactic acid is considered more delicate and softer, unlike fruit. Therefore, peeling can be used for owners of sensitive and thin skin. To prepare the composition, a substance is used in a 14% solution.

Resorcinol is used in Jensser peeling to enhance the action of other components. It well cauterizes the foci of inflammation and has an antiseptic effect.

At the same time, it does not give uncomfortable sensations and leaves no damage to the skin. Exfoliates old cells and whitens the skin. The use of the substance normalizes the sebaceous glands. This happens due to the correction of lipid metabolism. Effective in the treatment of skin diseases. After using resorcinol, wrinkles are smoothed out and the tone becomes more even.

Specialists use various preparations for peeling. Each has its own characteristics. Their price is approximately equal to the procedure in a beauty salon. At the same time, it is not recommended to risk health by cleaning Jessner on his own.

Popular tools and their characteristics are presented in the table:

Brand of drug Act Structure Country price, usd.
Onmacabim High-quality and soft cleansing gives an instant rejuvenation effect, improves skin tone and makes it radiant.
  • Salicylic acid 14%;
  • Lactic acid 10%;
  • Resorcinol 14%.
Israel 2500
Mesoestetic Removes fine lines. Suitable for the preparatory phase for TSA peeling. Jessner Peeling. What is it, how is it done, daily care, reviews
  • Salicylic acid 14%;
  • Lactic acid 15%;
  • Citric acid 8%.
Spain 3950
 SOLUTION JESSNER PEEL PH 2.1 PEEL MEDICAL It evens tone and relief, has an anti-inflammatory effect, gives the effect of self-regulation and exfoliation.
  • Salicylic acid 14%;
  • Lactic acid 14%;
  • Resorcinol 14%.
USA 2800
Allura esthetics It effectively whitens the skin, has a depigmenting, comedolytic and exfoliating effect. Suitable for surface and middle peeling.
  • Lactic acid 14%;
  • Salicylic acid 14%;
  • Resorcinol 14%;
  • Hydroquinone 2%;
  • Ethanol
USA 4600
Nature ansse Bringing the sebaceous glands to normal, making scars and scars less noticeable, removes deep age wrinkles. The absence of side effects is different.
  • Salicylic acid 14%;
  • Lactic acid 14%;
  • Resorcinol 14%.
USA, Finland 2500

In what form is Jessner peeling issued

The procedure is of various types. After evaluating the condition of the skin, the need for deep exposure and age, the specialist decides which peeling is better to use in a particular situation.

Types of peeling and their features:

  1. Superficial. For carrying out use the lowest concentration of active substance, enzymes or agents. This type of peeling is allowed to carry out independently at home. All thanks to the delicate and soft removal of dead skin cells. Gentle facial cleansing is also called “Hollywood peeling.” The method is highly popular with foreign actresses. Jessner Peeling. What is it, how is it done, daily care, reviews
  2. Surface. With it, a light chemical burn occurs, which acts up to the granular layer of the skin. It is carried out using different fruit acids. The duration of the rehabilitation period after peeling is a maximum of 3 days. During this time, slight peeling of the skin is permissible. Suitable for normalizing the functioning of the sebaceous glands, improving the appearance of the skin, smoothing out small irregularities on the surface and facial wrinkles. The procedure makes the face younger and fresher. It is recommended to use before deep cleansing of the face or plastic surgery.
  3. Median. It gives a more noticeable result due to in-depth penetration into the skin layers. The integument receives a burn of the second degree. Exposure reaches the dermal layer. After the procedure, about 7 days are required to restore the surface integrity. Effectively fights scars and wrinkles, makes age spots less visible, removes comedones. Peeling of the skin occurs more intensively than with the surface variety.
  4. Deep. It has an aggressive effect on the skin, so it is rarely used. Acid gives a severe burn of 3 degrees. In this case, the procedure leads to an amazing rejuvenation effect. Beauticians recommend Jessner deep peeling in special cases, for example, with pronounced signs of aging. The recovery process lasts a long time, up to a month. Regeneration is accompanied by a tingling and burning sensation.

The procedure is in demand throughout the country. In colder, people tolerate acid exposure better due to the lack of high activity of sunlight. The cost of Jessner peeling in New York varies from $ 41 – $ 82. The final price depends on the, the depth of impact and professionalism of the cosmetologist.

Jessner Peeling Action

Jessner peeling is the tool that is most often used for surface cleaning. A gentle action smooths the relief, reduces wrinkles and wrinkles, dries out acne and gives a light face lifting effect. In the cells of tissues, the process of active production of collagen and elastin is launched. After a week, it leads to a pronounced rejuvenation. Jessner Peeling. What is it, how is it done, daily care, reviews

An experienced specialist, using surface technology, is able to achieve the effect of the middle type of peeling. A small burn causes the cells to actively divide and rise up to the surface. As a result, aging skin becomes fresh, supple and supple.

The duration of the post-peeling reaction depends on the depth of exposure and intensity. With median and deep cleaning, there is a slight swelling and hyperemia. Tissue restoration proceeds due to the removal of dead cells.

Features of the technique is the lack of a long preparatory stage and anesthesia. The procedure does not give patients a pronounced feeling of pain and burning. The lifting effect is noticeable immediately after neutralizing the acid.

Jessner Peeling Application

The day before the peeling, patients are not recommended to use decorative and care cosmetics. Regardless of the type, Jessner peels the same way.

Jessner peeling step by step:

  1. Training. To soften the skin 14 days before cleaning, fruit acid-based lotion is regularly used. At this stage, the beautician tests the patient’s skin for sensitivity to the product used. The presence of contraindications to the procedure is clarified.
  2. Skin cleansing. Use mild neutral ph. Gel or foam does not need to be kept on the face. After application, immediately rinse with warm water. Jessner Peeling. What is it, how is it done, daily care, reviews
  3. Degreasing. Apply special tools that have the ability to split the lipid layer. Usually these are alcohol-containing lotions.
  4. Application of peeling. An acidic mixture is applied to dry skin. In this case, it is impossible to affect the areas around the eyes and mouth. The substance must be distributed evenly so that the surface is completely covered. A slight sensation of tingling and burning is acceptable.
  5. The final stage. After drying, rinse or neutralize the substance. After peeling, the skin is sealed with a preparation that has an antiseptic, calming and analgesic effect.

Jessener peeling, depending on the type of procedure, has its own characteristics of applying the drug. During surface cleaning, the acid is distributed in a thin layer, left for a short time and then neutralized. The median, in contrast to the surface, involves the application of acid in 3 layers.

Such use requires a break of 5 minutes between each distribution of the composition. During the procedure, the specialist carefully monitors the skin reaction. The last layer is kept for a minute and neutralized with a special composition. During deep peeling, 4 to 5 layers are used. It depends on the condition of the skin.

Repeat procedure is allowed no earlier than after 5 weeks. Each time, a specialist can enhance the effect on the skin. A peeling course will help to achieve a noticeable effect. It consists of 3 sessions.

After completing the Jessner peeling, the specialist tells the patient about the features of skin care in the first time after the procedure. A woman is familiarized with a list of restrictions that must be observed during the rehabilitation period.

Recovery is considered one of the important stages of Jessner’s peeling. It is required after any kind of cleaning. It includes a set of measures and rules. Care during the rehabilitation period is carried out at home. It is recommended to pre-select products that will speed up regeneration and improve the effect of peeling.

A few days after using acids, peeling appears. Old cells begin to exfoliate on the surface of the skin. Trying to tear them off manually is not recommended. This process must go through on its own. Only under such a condition the skin will be even and smooth.

The aggressive effect of deep peeling leads to the formation of white spots and a thin film o
n the face. They pass on their own for 3-4 days. Do not tear off the film yourself. This will cause serious damage.

So that Jessner peeling does not cause serious complications, it is important to follow all the doctor’s recommendations during the recovery period. The first 12 hours should exclude contact of the treated area with water. After washing, you can only clean water, better boiled. This will protect the damage from infection. Nursing cosmetics should be selected by a cosmetologist and have a mild effect.

To protect the skin from the appearance of pigmentation, it is recommended to perform the procedure in winter or autumn. At this time, the sun is not as active as in spring and summer. The use of sunscreen before going outside will help reduce exposure to ultraviolet rays. Jessner Peeling. What is it, how is it done, daily care, reviews

During the recovery period, you can not use home masks. You can return to your usual remedies no earlier than 1.5 weeks after cleaning. To avoid complications, you should consult a beautician before doing this.

Jessner peeling contraindications

Jessner peeling is not shown to everyone. The procedure has a number of contraindications, which are unacceptable to ignore.

Cleaning restrictions:

  • allergic reactions;
  • intolerance to the components used in peeling;
  • the presence of large moles and warts in the treatment area;
  • active form of herpes;
  • infectious skin diseases;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • pregnancy at any time;
  • demodicosis;
  • rosacea;
  • oncology;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • recent chemotherapy; Jessner Peeling. What is it, how is it done, daily care, reviews
  • feeling unwell;
  • phlebeurysm;
  • fever;
  • rehabilitation after face surgery or previous brushing;
  • ulcers;
  • colds;
  • diabetes;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • cuts;
  • wounds;
  • taking retinoids and preparations with camphor, phenyl salicylates, atipyrine, aknekutan and menthol in the composition.
  • recent tan;
  • critical days;
  • fungus;
  • hormonal drugs;
  • breast-feeding.

Jessner peeling is a face cleansing that requires a special approach. If acids have already been used, you should inform the beautician about the result and side effects of the previous procedure. After all, this method may also not work. Contraindications cannot be ignored. Such negligence can result in serious consequences: deterioration of the skin condition and the development of complications.

Jessner Peeling Side Effects

Unpleasant symptoms such as peeling, redness, dryness, tightness and swelling are considered normal after peeling Jessner. If they do not pass within 7 days after the procedure, you must consult a doctor. More serious consequences occur due to improper actions by the cosmetologist at the time of the procedure and the patient during the rehabilitation period.

The list of complications includes:

  1. Fresh rashes. This is a reaction of the skin to the unusual aggressive effect of acids.
  2. The formation of closed and open comedones and acne of various forms. The patient is prescribed a course of non-aggressive therapy.
  3. Burns. Normally, the patient has a mild burn for some time. A more pronounced manifestation occurs with a large number of layers of acid. To get rid of you need special skin care using mild products and healing creams.
  4. Peeling. It manifests itself often and quickly passes. The very next day it becomes less pronounced. In some cases, acids can cause severe exfoliation of the cells, which disappears only after 7 days. Trying to speed up this process is not recommended. You can damage the surface even more. Beauticians advise lubricating the affected area with a moisturizer.
    Jessner Peeling. What is it, how is it done, daily care, reviews
    Peeling after Jessner’s peeling is the norm!
  5. Erythema. It appears in a slight reddening of the treated area. The severity of the symptom depends on the strength of the aggressive action of the acid.
  6. Swelling. Occurs due to the accumulation of fluid in the tissue. It stands out when the capillaries expand after peeling. Most often observed in the neck and eyes. In these places, the skin is especially delicate. A side effect occurs approximately 2 days after the procedure.
  7. Darkening the treated area. Passes after the exfoliation of the stratum corneum.
  8. Excessive sensitivity. Within a few weeks after peeling, the skin becomes vulnerable. It must be protected from irritants such as heat and sunshine.
  9. Herpes. Appears after the middle and deep peeling of Jessner. For people suffering from the regular occurrence of herpes, the doctor prescribes antiviral drugs in advance. This measure reduces the risk of relapse.
  10. Allergy. It is observed in rare cases. It is expressed by swelling of the integument and urticaria.
  11. Marble leather. It is manifested due to the death of melanocytes in large quantities. It occurs in swarthy people. After occurrence, it is not possible to completely get rid.
  12. Pigmentation. Inflamed tissue cells after exposure to acid begin to work incorrectly, producing melanin in large volumes. This leads to stains. To avoid this, it is recommended to undergo an examination before cleaning.

Jessner’s peeling has many positive reviews. Patients note the low price of the procedure, a simple rehabilitation period and a quick result. Such cleaning is recommended in spring or autumn. This will minimize contact with the sun after using acids. Despite all the advantages, a woman before use should assess the risk of possible complications. Given all the nuances, the result will pleasantly surprise.

 Jessner Peeling Video

Jessner’s Chemical Peeling Procedure:

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