Filling a nasolacrimal groove with fillers, hyaluronic acid, photos before and after injections. Price, reviews

Nasolacrimal groove is formed in women of different ages. It significantly worsens the appearance, so filling the folds is now considered a fairly common procedure. The most radical method of solving the problem is plastic surgery , but the use of special fillers is considered a simpler and more affordable way.

Why is a nasolacrimal groove formed

A cosmetic defect can occur in women of middle and old age, but it also occurs in girls under 30 years old, which is associated with the features of the skin and other factors.

The groove is a slight depression formed in the of the inner corner of the eye, and continues in the direction of the arc forming the cheekbones. It is also called a deep wrinkle or crease. Filling a nasolacrimal groove with fillers, hyaluronic acid, photos before and after injections. Price, reviews

There are several reasons that can provoke a problem:

  • A sharp change in body weight in one direction or another. In this case, the skin sags or stretches, which inevitably leads to a loss of elasticity.
  • Bad habits. Women who abuse alcohol and tobacco are more likely to notice a crease.
  • Excessive exercise and overwork.
  • Occupational exposure to toxic substances. Usually, such work negatively affects the skin.
  • Age-related skin changes associated with a decrease in the production of collagen and other components that maintain the elasticity of the skin.
  • Skull injuries.
  • Disorders of the heart and kidneys, which provoke stagnation of blood and fluid.
  • Pathologies of the brain of a severe form.
  • Regular insomnia associated with psycho-emotional disorders.
  • Endocrine diseases, such as thyrotoxicosis, hypothyroidism, or diabetes mellitus.

One of the common causes is considered improper care of the skin of the face. An improper cream, scrub, or lotion can cause tissue swelling and other problems that result in wrinkles.

The effectiveness of correction of the nasolacrimal sulcus with fillers, hyaluronic acid

Filling a nasolacrimal sulcus with fillers is considered the most accessible and simple procedure for those who are not recommended for surgical intervention or have other obstacles.

Filling a nasolacrimal groove with fillers, hyaluronic acid, photos before and after injections. Price, reviewsFillers are made on the basis of hyaluronic acid and other components. They are a gel-like mass that fills the voids under the skin and leads to the alignment of its relief. There is no need for an operation, the procedure takes a minimum of time, and its result is long-term.

It not only leads to smoothing of the skin, but also stimulates metabolic processes and blood circulation, which helps to improve color and the disappearance of redness. Many women feel discomfort when the furrow is formed, because the skin under the eyes becomes sensitive, thins and dries quickly.

Filling a nasolacrimal groove with fillers, hyaluronic acid, photos before and after injections. Price, reviews
Filling a nasolacrimal sulcus with fillers is an effective and safest option for correcting this area of the face. Photos before and after the procedure.

After the procedure, all these problems disappear, which also proves its effectiveness and safety, provided that it is carried out correctly.

Contraindications to correction

Despite the relative safety and effectiveness of manipulation, it is not always allowed to carry out it.

It is necessary to consider some contraindications:

  • Intolerance to drugs that are used in the correction of the furrow.
  • Any malignant neoplasms in the body.
  • Eczema and psoriasis in the acute stage.
  • Chronic dermatitis, urticaria with regular relapses.
  • Damage to the skin in the groove area.
  • Purulent foci on the skin in the eye or nasal passages.

In each case, the specialist individually decides on the appropriateness of the procedure.

Comparison of the technique with other correction methods

Correction fillers has its advantages and disadvantages. A woman should familiarize herself with all the manipulations that can eliminate the furrow in order to understand which one is suitable for her. Filling a nasolacrimal groove with fillers, hyaluronic acid, photos before and after injections. Price, reviews

Name of procedures Features Effect duration
Surgical intervention There are 2 main procedures requiring surgical intervention – lipolifting and cutting off adipose tissue. The first procedure is to take adipose tissue from different parts of the patient’s body, followed by filling them with a nasolacrimal fold. It is performed under local anesthesia. The second involves cutting off the adipose tissue in the area of the groove, if it is quite deep and combined with bags under the eyes. Manipulation is carried out under general anesthesia. The effect of lipolifting lasts for 3 years, after excision, the specialist gives a guarantee for 10 years.
Hardware Techniques Today the most popular is lifting with ultrasound and radio waves. Both manipulations are carried out by courses, the number of procedures depends on the severity of the furrow. The patient does not need analgesia. Thanks to the effects of cure, the metabolism in the fold area is stimulated, and the formation of its own collagen occurs, which fills the space. As a result, the crease is smoothed. The effect of such manipulations lasts no more than 3-4 months.
Injection correction method Fillers based on hyaluronic acid and other components fill the voids in the area of the nasolacrimal groove, which leads to its smoothing. After manipulation, the result remains for 6-8 months.

The lack of correction using fillers is considered to be a short-lived effect. However, taking into account the risks to which the patient is exposed during surgery, this manipulation is considered more gentle.

Types of drugs

Filling of the nasolacrimal groove today is carried out using drugs from 3 groups. Each group has its own advantages and disadvantages.


Preparations from this group were created in the last century, they mainly contain paraffin and silicone. The main advantage of the funds is low cost. They provide a fairly long-term result and do not react with the cells of the skin of the patient.

However, synthetic fillers have a significant drawback. After being introduced into voids, they are able to migrate to other areas, which can lead to the appearance of atypical defects on the face. An additional minus of such funds is an increased risk of developing an allergic reaction after administration.


Such funds are considered drugs of the 2nd generation, since they are based on synthetic ones, but are more preferable due to better compatibility with skin cells. Another advantage is the ability to remain in the human body for about 2-5 years.

Filling a nasolacrimal groove with fillers, hyaluronic acid, photos before and after injections. Price, reviewsThe composition of such funds contains polylactic synthetic acid, as well as polycaprolactone and calcium hydroxyapatite. An important disadvantage of biosynthetic preparations is blockage of blood vessels and swelling of tissues. In this case, signs may appear immediately after administration or after some time.


Popular fillers are made on the basis of a special substance that, after administration, stimulates the natural processes of smoothing the skin. Moreover, the likelihood of adverse reactions is minimal, and the effect lasts from 8 to 10 months, which is almost the maximum period when using fillers.

Most often, the main substance is hyaluronic acid, which is normally produced in the human body and has unique properties. Another advantage of such funds is the ability to excrete from the body in a natural way. Today biodegradable fillers are considered the best and are used most often, as they guarantee the result.

Preparation for the procedure

Preparation for the manipulation does not take much time.

Filling a nasolacrimal groove with fillers, hyaluronic acid, photos before and after injections. Price, reviews

After choosing the right drug, the following steps are performed:

  1. The specialist places the patient on the couch and puts a disposable cap on his head.
  2. With the help of special tools, the skin is cleansed of contaminants and excess fat.
  3. After this, the beautician makes markings along the furrow line.
  4. An anesthetic is injected into the required areas, but more often a special cream with anesthetic components is used.

Before performing all the manipulations, the specialist tells the patient about the procedure, its duration and effectiveness. She should have an idea of all the actions of a cosmetologist.

How to make a correction

Filling is carried out after the start of the action of the anesthetic. The specialist begins the introduction of a filler or pure hyaluronic acid along the line of the nasolacrimal groove noted at the preparatory stage. When using hyaluronic acid, the algorithm of action is no different.

Filling a nasolacrimal groove with fillers, hyaluronic acid, photos before and after injections. Price, reviewsSpecialist using a disposable syringe with a miniature needle introduces a drop of gel at an equal distance, which allows you to evenly distribute the tool. Punctures are shallow, usually the patient does not feel discomfort.

After working out the entire fold line, a careful massage of the affected area is performed in order to distribute the gel and prevent its accumulation in one area under the skin. All manipulation lasts no more than 1 hour.

Many clinics offer women a soothing mask, which is applied after the introduction of the filler in order to cool the skin and prevent the development of inflammation.

Recovery terms, features of the course

The duration of recovery after manipulation differs in different women. Do not expect an instant effect. It usually takes 10 to 14 days to completely restore the skin, the disappearance of puffiness and redness.

Throughout this period, it is recommended to follow a diet, namely, to exclude salty, spicy and sour dishes from the menu. It is important not to drink alcohol and potent drugs, such as pain medication.

In addition, it is strictly forbidden to take a hot bath, sunbathe near a reservoir or in a solarium . Do not visit a bath or sauna to exclude the likelihood of increased swelling. Subject to the recommendations, the recovery period proceeds favorably.

Is it possible to do massage

Beginning to perform an independent facial massage or visit for this specialist is allowed no earlier than 6 weeks after the introduction of filler or hyaluronic acid.

When massaging, it is important to avoid the eye area. If the rule is violated, the likelihood of rejection of the drug or its migration to other areas of the face increases.

When visiting a professional massage therapist, it is important to warn him of the presence of the drug under the skin.

How long are the results

The duration of the effect of the procedure depends on the group of funds that was selected for correction. On average, the result lasts from 6 to 10 months. However, some synthetic fillers retain their effect for up to 3 years if the patient has not had any complications.

Care after correction

With improper care after correction, the likelihood of a furrow in the same place increases, so you should adhere to the recommendations of a cosmetologist.

Filling a nasolacrimal groove with fillers, hyaluronic acid, photos before and after injections. Price, reviewsRecommendations:

  • Daily cream should be suitable for the patient by skin type and age.
  • When using decorative cosmetics, it is important to cleanse the skin with micellar water before bedtime.
  • Creams with a cooling effect can be used for 2 weeks after correction.
  • It is useful to use a cream for the area around the eyes that contains hyaluronic acid. He will maintain the result.

Do not usd the area where the furrow was or massage, pull the skin so as not to provoke complications.

Possible complications and methods of their treatment

Filling a nasolacrimal sulcus with fillers often provokes complications. They can be insignificant or dangerous, so you should not ignore the symptoms.


Normally, swelling of the tissues disappears 3 days after the procedure. If this does not happen, you should visit a doctor who will determine the cause of the violation and prescribe treatment. Usually, a specialist prescribes an ointment, which helps to eliminate swelling. Most often, heparin ointment is used, which is applied 2 times a day with a thin layer for 3-6 days.

Filling a nasolacrimal groove with fillers, hyaluronic acid, photos before and after injections. Price, reviewsIt is worth noting that the instruction does not imply such an application, but the experience of many patients proves its effectiveness. Additional therapy in most
cases is not required.


The pain in the area of gel administration may persist for several weeks after the procedure . The symptom is provoked by damage to the skin or uneven distribution of the drug. Often soreness is a reaction of the skin to the diameter of the needle.

Filling a nasolacrimal groove with fillers, hyaluronic acid, photos before and after injections. Price, reviews

If the pain is present only when touched, do not worry, it will disappear after a while. If discomfort is constantly present, you should consult a doctor.

He will prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, for example, Indomethacin or Ibuprofen.

Drugs help eliminate pain, swelling and lower the temperature in the affected area. This will ease the condition of the woman. It is necessary to take 1 tablet 2 times a day for no more than 5 days in a row.


The inflammatory process after correction in most cases is associated with the body’s response to a foreign substance. If swelling and redness does not disappear after 3 days, the symptoms are aggravated and other manifestations join, you should consult a doctor.

Filling a nasolacrimal groove with fillers, hyaluronic acid, photos before and after injections. Price, reviewsTreatment usually involves taking antibiotics, such as azithromycin.

The tool helps to destroy microorganisms in the area of inflammation and is highly effective even when taking small doses.

The patient must take 1 tablet in the morning and evening for 3-5 days. If necessary, antipyretics are prescribed, for example, Paracetamol, as well as painkillers (Ketorol).


Necrosis is considered the most dangerous complication. It represents the necrosis of tissue sites as a result of impaired innervation and blood supply. In this case, edema develops, redness appears, bruises.

After some time, the areas under the eyes blacken. A similar condition is treated with surgical excision of areas of dead tissue with subsequent antibiotic therapy. After surgery, the likelihood of violation of facial expressions increases.

The best drugs for filling the nasolacrimal groove

Filling of the nasolacrimal groove is carried out using drugs with different composition and properties.

There are tools that are used most often:

  • Yuviderm – the most popular products, which include hyaluronic acid. Thanks to this, the furrow is filled and the natural processes of smoothing the skin are stimulated. The drugs are effective, rarely provoke inflammation and necrosis, many contain lidocaine to reduce soreness. The main lack of funds is an increased risk of allergies. Filling a nasolacrimal groove with fillers, hyaluronic acid, photos before and after injections. Price, reviews
  • Teosyal redensity 2 – popular fillers, the composition of which includes hyaluronic acid, supplemented with glycerol. The funds are safe, retain the effect for at least 10 months and are well tolerated by patients. The only drawback is the high cost.
  • Belotero soft is a rather effective filler, in which there are salts of hyaluronic acid, but a minimum content of sodium hyaluronate. The tool provides a lasting effect, rarely leads to complications. It also stimulates the natural processes of tissue repair and improves skin color. The drug has no drawbacks. Filling a nasolacrimal groove with fillers, hyaluronic acid, photos before and after injections. Price, reviews
  • Stylage S is a new generation French filler that provides lasting results and does not provoke allergic reactions. The composition contains high-quality hyaluronic acid, as well as other components that ensure effectiveness. In addition to lifting properties, the tool has an antioxidant effect. The only disadvantage of the product is the high cost. However, the price is justified, given the fact that the gel is packaged in disposable convenient syringes, packed in blisters with moisture protection.

There are many more drugs for the correction of nasolacrimal fissure. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. The choice is made by a specialist taking into account the individual characteristics of each patient.

The cost of the procedure in clinics of USA

The price for correction of the nasolacrimal sulcus in different of USA is different. In clinics in Los Angeles and New York, the price ranges from $ 150 – $ 190. depending on the drug used.

In, for example, Washington, Philadelphia or Los Angeles, the price of such a correction may be $ 122 – $ 136. When using synthetic fillers, the cost of manipulation is slightly lower.

Filling voids in problem areas today is considered a fairly popular procedure. The nasolacrimal groove is most often corrected, since it is in this zone that in most cases a cosmetic defect appears. In order for the procedure not to provoke complications, one should listen to the recommendations of the cosmetologist during the recovery period.

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How is the correction of the nasolacrimal sulcus performed:

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