Gel nail extension. Instructions with photos for beginners. Which gel is better, technology on forms, tips

Gel nail extension procedure allows you to correct the disadvantages of natural nails. You can do it yourself. This is most easily done using step-by-step instructions with a photo.

Nail extension procedure

Nail extension helps to increase the length by applying a helium composition. At the same time, it is possible to eliminate the defects of the nail. The extended nails do not peel and do not break. Due to their high strength, chips and scratches are rarely formed on them. The drug gives the nails a uniform shade and smoothness. This allows you to deal with problems such as uneven color and bumps of natural nails.

For the first time, nail extension originated in China in ancient times. Later, modeling technology spread to European countries. Initially, acrylic was used for building, but the most modern and improved is helium technology. Gel nail extension. Instructions with photos for beginners. Which gel is better, technology on forms, tips

Due to the elasticity of the gel, the nails are thin but strong. The glossy shine of the gel completely imitates natural nails, making the result look natural.

Pros and Cons of Gel Nail Extensions

The benefits of gel building technology include:

  • The procedure is quick and takes no more than 2 hours.
  • The plasticity of the gel makes extended nails strong.
  • The elastic structure of the gel allows you to extend the wear of your nails.
  • The cost of gel extensions is lower than with other materials.
  • Correction is quick and takes about 30 minutes.
  • Natural nails are strengthened, which allows them to grow without risk of delamination and brittleness.
  • The surface of the nail is leveled when filling the cracks and relief with the preparation.
  • The gel gives the nails a glossy sheen.
  • Helium nails are easily removable.
  • The ability of the material to pass air allows the nail plate to receive oxygen, which prevents its dryness.
  • The gel protects a natural nail from ultraviolet radiation, household chemicals and mechanical damage. Gel nail extension. Instructions with photos for beginners. Which gel is better, technology on forms, tips
  • The material does not cause allergies.
  • The composition of the gel includes coniferous resin, the bactericidal properties of which have a prophylactic effect against the fungus.
  • On helium nails, a design of any complexity is possible.

The disadvantages of the procedure are:

  • During the drying of the material in the UV lamp, burning is possible.
  • Repair when a nail breaks is impossible, so a new extension is necessary.
  • It is difficult to independently remove helium nails without damaging the natural ones.
  • To remove the extended nails, it will be necessary to cut them, however, the top layer of natural nails suffers.
  • The material is susceptible to damage during sudden temperature changes.

How to choose a gel for nail extension

Gel nail extension (step by step instructions with a photo visually displays the importance of this component) is impossible without high-quality material. Both the visual effect and the wear period of the extended nails depend on this.

When choosing a gel, you must follow the recommendations:

  • It is better to choose single-phase gels. They serve as both a base and topcoat at the same time. The high cost of such materials pays off by a significant saving in time spent on the procedure.
  • Two-phase sets contain gel for adhesion to the upper layer of the nail and gel for topcoat. Their separate application makes the procedure longer and more complicated.
  • When using 3-phase gels for adhesion, fixing and decoration, you will need to apply 3 different compositions, which is long and inconvenient.
  • The consistency of the gel should be elastic, not thick or fluid.
  • The composition should not contain aggressive components that produce a sharp chemical smell.

Gel nails extension lamps

Under the influence of the lamp, gel gel on the nails. Without this device, the extension procedure is impossible, so you should not save on it. Gel nail extension. Instructions with photos for beginners. Which gel is better, technology on forms, tips

Title Benefits disadvantages Gel polymerization time Price
UV Planet Nails Lamp The polymerization of the gel occurs under the influence of ultraviolet rays. The device is powered by the mains and is also equipped with a timer. When hardening, the gel is heated, which is accompanied by a burning sensation. UV lamp life is shorter than that of LED devices. 3 min. $ 41
LED Runail Lamp The lamp has a lifespan of 50000 hours. The polymerization takes place under the influence of LEDs, so the nails are not heated. The device is equipped with a timer and automatic start. Some types of gels are not suitable for use with this lamp. 5 sec. $ 68.

When choosing a lamp, you should also pay attention to the following aspects:

  • The device should be light in weight.
  • The material from which the lamp is made must be resistant to damage and falling.
  • Lamp power should be at least 36 watts.
  • A “PCT” quality certificate must be attached to the lamp, which confirms the safety of working with the device.

Nail modeling when building

Gel nail extension, a step-by-step instruction with a photo for which facilitates the work, is impossible without proper modeling. Depends on this period of wear, beauty and strength of helium nails. In the modeling process, the drug is applied to the nails in a certain form and to the required length, and the result is saved for 1 month. Gel nail extension. Instructions with photos for beginners. Which gel is better, technology on forms, tips

Modeling takes place using form templates or tips. For nails with a beautiful shape, the first method is used. Another method is recommended for short nails, prone to brittleness and poorly corrected.

The technique of nail extension on the forms

Using the extension according to this technique, you can give your nails the desired look. As a result, they can be oval, square or pointed. The advantage of using this technology is a natural result. The transition between the drug and the nail looks smooth and invisible. This technique has made it possible to avoid excessive thickening of the nails when building. Gel nail extension. Instructions with photos for beginners. Which gel is better, technology on forms, tips

The disadvantage of this service is the complexity. Creating a smooth transition requires special skills. Repeating it yourself is extremely difficult. This technology is suitable for women with a strong and healthy nail plate who want to give it a different length or shape.

The modeling method may be different:

  • The top is carried out by applying helium material to the layout of the template, and then attaching the form. After solidification of the drug, it is removed.
  • The bottom is to fix the template with the markup under the overgrown edge of the nail, and the drug is distributed on top.

Varieties of forms

There are several types of form templates:

  • Disposable items are made from flexible and soft materials. This simplifies the simulation, however, after the procedure, the template becomes unusable.
  • Reusable types have a plastic or metal base, so they last a long time. They are convenient to use, but are much more expensive.
  • Round patterns are suitable for working on short nails.
  • Oval and almond shapes differ in smooth lines and are suitable for nails of any length.
  • Square shapes are the most versatile and practical, also suitable for long and short nails. Gel nail extension. Instructions with photos for beginners. Which gel is better, technology on forms, tips
  • Pipe, stylet and age are distinguished by a pointed tip and an unusual shape. They are suitable exclusively for long nails.
  • Lower and upper views differ in the way they are used in modeling.

What is necessary for nail extension on the forms

For the procedure you will need:

  • Gel.
  • Template forms.
  • Dehydrant degreaser.
  • Primer.
  • Cuticle scissors.
  • Synthetic brush.
  • Hard file.
  • Buff for polishing.
  • Lamp.

Stages of gel nail extension on molds

When conducting the service, several stages are performed:

  1. The overgrown edge must be adjusted with a file, leaving about 3/32 inch of length.
  2. The keratin layer of the nail is treated with a polishing buff until it is completely removed.
  3. Application of a dehydrant degreaser.
  4. Primer application.
  5. Drawing a thin layer of helium material and processing in a lamp.
  6. The establishment and cutting of the template form so that its bend fully coincides with the nail plate.
    Gel nail extension. Instructions with photos for beginners. Which gel is better, technology on forms, tips
    Step-by-step instructions with a photo on nail extension gel varnish using forms
  7. At the border of the nail and the template, a thin gel substrate should be made.
  8. It is necessary to polymerize the substrate in the lamp and remove the sticky layer.
  9. It is required to distribute the preparation from the gel over the nail so that its main mass falls on the middle zone, and the layer at the edges remains thin.
  10. After drying in the lamp, you should draw a smile line with a nail file.
  11. Drawing base.
  12. Removing all templates.

Tips nail extension technique

Gel nail extension (step-by-step instruction with a photo does not reflect all the nuances of work) can occur with the use of nail tips. A feature of the technology is that the tips are attached, not deleted at the end of the procedure. Tips have 2 zones: contact and free edge. The contact area is glued to the nail, and the free edge makes its appearance.

The advantage of this technology is versatility. Tips can even be used on soft, damaged nails. The disadvantages include the difficulty of working with tips. They should perfectly match the nail, otherwise the result will look unnatural.

Types of Tips

Tips are divided into several types:

  • Classic tips are the most versatile. Thanks to the smooth bend, they are suitable for most nails. The cost of packaging is $ 3 – $ 4. Therefore, these tips are economical. Gel nail extension. Instructions with photos for beginners. Which gel is better, technology on forms, tips
  • Direct or contactless tips are distinguished by the absence of a contact zone. They are recommended for use when creating a French manicure.
  • Curved frame tips are used in American extension technology.
  • Skinny tips allow you to create a stylet and pipe design. They differ in a narrow oblong tip.
  • Almond-shaped tips are suitable for shaping nails with almond shape. This is a combination of a classic oval shape with a tapered tip.

Tips differ in color:

  • White.
  • Transparent.
  • Nude.
  • Solid color coating.
  • With design.
  • With a French design.

According to the material, tips are distinguished:

  • Polyflex, which are flexible and durable. They are best suited for coupling with drugs, and are also resistant to acetone.
  • Tips made of soft plastic are mostly elastic and are of good quality. They have a strong adhesion to materials and are also resistant to damage.
  • Nylon tips are the most convenient for use in the modeling process. They are shockproof, flexible, but require professional skills when gluing.
  • Liquid tips are made of polymer gel. Their advantage is the absence of the need for glue.

When choosing tips it is important that they are flexible and well bent. They should also match the width of a natural nail. If the tips are slightly wider, you should file them. Narrow tips should not be used for building. This will cause material to detach.

Tips building materials

To complete the pro
cedure you will need:

  • Tips.
  • Tough file.
  • Buff for polishing work.
  • Glue for tips.
  • Primer.
  • Gel preparations.
  • Degreaser.
  • Topcoat.
  • Lamp.
  • Antiseptic.

Stages of building on tips

Gel nail extension using nail tips is performed in several stages, which are recommended to be considered in the photo. Gel nail extension. Instructions with photos for beginners. Which gel is better, technology on forms, tips

Below is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Nails are treated with an antiseptic.
  2. The free edge of the nail should be completely filed, rounding the edges.
  3. The cuticle is pushed back by a pusher.
  4. The top layer of the nail must be removed with a buff.
  5. A degreaser and primer are applied.
  6. Tips are attached to the nails with glue, which must be applied only to the contact area.
  7. The glued tips must be filed in accordance with the desired shape and length.
  8. It is necessary to wash down the upper part of the tips to remove the step at the junction.
  9. The gel preparation should be applied from the middle of the nail, distributing to the area along the edges.
  10. Nails with a frozen preparation must be filed in accordance with the desired shape.
  11. Application of the finish and drying in a lamp.

Nail extension at home

When conducting a home procedure, you must follow simple rules:

  • The top layer of the nail can be filed only before the nail becomes dull.
  • Regularly examine the nail from different angles to see imperceptible transitions and steps.
  • After filing the keratin layer, you should remove the nail dust with a brush, otherwise the work will be inaccurate.
  • It is not necessary to apply preparations with a helium texture like regular varnish. The drop is stretched by the tip of the brush from the center to the surrounding area, and then to the area under the cuticle.
  • The pour time of different drugs in the lamp is different, so it is important to study the instructions for them.

How much is the procedure in the salon

The cost of the service from manicure specialists starts from $ 20. The price depends on the professionalism of the master and the time to complete the work. The price also includes the price of quality materials. Pricing is affected by the modeling method. The harder it is, the higher the cost. In salons with a high level of service, the price of services is traditionally higher.

The gel nail extension procedure is appreciated for safety and instant results. With its independent implementation, you should use step-by-step instructions with a photo to facilitate the process.

Video instructions for nail extension gel polish

A lesson for beginners. Gel nail extensions in detail:

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