How to use a face concealer. Step-by-step instruction with a photo, scheme: tonal, liquid, dry, color, pencil, palette

How to use a face concealer: a step-by-step photo of the application process will help even a novice to cope. The concealer is able to mask redness, acne, bruises and circles under the eyes, black dots, enlarged pores, and other point imperfections of the skin that the foundation cannot cope with. Using these two products in tandem, you can achieve perfectly even skin tone.

Differences from the corrector

Often the concealer is confused with the corrector, but the means have a slightly different purpose. Both products are classified as masking products.

Although in some cases they can replace each other, there are several significant differences between them: How to use a face concealer. Step-by-step instruction with a photo, scheme: tonal, liquid, dry, color, pencil, palette

  1. Different texture: the concealer is lighter, the corrector is dense. Due to its lightness, the concealer merges with the foundation, and its scope is wider than that of the corrector.
  2. The corrector is applied under the foundation, and the concealer on the foundation.
  3. The corrector has the ability to dry the skin or existing inflammation, since salicylic acid is present in its composition.
  4. Concealer moisturizes the epidermis.
  5. The concealer is easily distributed over the entire surface of the skin, with its help you can simulate the shape of the face.

Concealer selection rules

The masking pencil should be the same color as the foundation, or 1-2 tones lighter. After applying powder, the concealer tends to darken. This fact must be considered when choosing a color.

The shade should be selected in natural light: apply the product on a small area of the face, while it should merge with the skin, and not look like a separate spot.

How to choose a concealer for a person who will perform all the necessary functions:

  • if it is necessary to hide age spots, a concealer in the form of a stick or cream will come to the rescue;
  • to accurately mask acne, a pencil will help (it is better to take a greenish tint, with salicylic acid in the composition);
  • a yellow shade will mask redness; How to use a face concealer. Step-by-step instruction with a photo, scheme: tonal, liquid, dry, color, pencil, palette
  • for the area around the eyes it is suitable with a lifting effect that will not clog into skin irregularities;
  • for oily skin with enlarged pores, it is not recommended to use the option in the form of a stick. It is better to give preference to a liquid texture;
  • for masking dark circles under the eyes, a product with reflective particles is recommended. If a gray shade is visible under the eyes, a coral-colored concealer will hide it. If the bruises under the eyes are purple, then you need to take a mustard-colored product.

Step-by-step instruction

Facial concealer – what is it and how to use it correctly:

  1. It is necessary to prepare the face. If on the surface of the skin there are remnants of past makeup, you need to use a make-up remover – it can be hydrophilic oil or micellar water. Then you need to wash with a cleanser and apply a moisturizer. How to use a face concealer. Step-by-step instruction with a photo, scheme: tonal, liquid, dry, color, pencil, palette
  2. A common mistake in girls is applying concealer under the foundation. First you need to distribute the foundation over the entire skin of the face, not forgetting about the neck and ears. If the foundation is of dense consistency, do not apply it under the eyes. The skin on this area is thin, it is not recommended to reload it again.
  3. The concealer under the eyes is applied in the form of an inverted triangle, the tip of which should end at the level of the nose. For application, an ideal tool would be a brush or a beauty blender. The product must be applied not by driving in, but by carefully blending it to the temple – this will result in a lifting effect. It is important to pay special attention to the inner corners of the eyes and lower eyelid. If you skip these places, your eyes will look tired.
    How to use a face concealer. Step-by-step instruction with a photo, scheme: tonal, liquid, dry, color, pencil, palette
    Before using the face concealer, you need to learn the application technique
  4. When masking point imperfections, the agent is applied in a thin layer, allowing layering . In that case, if the method did not help, you should use the corrector.
  5. So that the concealer “does not slip” and is present on the face throughout the day, it must be fixed with powder .
  6. Next, you can begin to perform the usual makeup.

The eye area should be given special attention:

  • in the area under the eyes there is thin and dry skin, so before makeup you need to apply a moisturizer for the area around the eyes. It is recommended to give preference to a product with reflective particles or vitamin K – they lighten the skin;
  • The ideal texture of the concealer is liquid or cream. The dense composition will clog into expression wrinkles and roll;
  • if the density of the product is increased, it must be mixed with eye cream;
  • Moisturizer, primer and other products that were used before makeup should be free of oil. Oily products significantly reduce the duration of the concealer.

Facial Concealer How to use a face concealer. Step-by-step instruction with a photo, scheme: tonal, liquid, dry, color, pencil, palette

Facial concealer pencil has a dense, dry texture. Ideal for spot masking imperfections.

Often, the composition of the product includes antibacterial components that dry the skin, so it is more suitable for owners of oily or problem skin.

In addition to masking, a pencil performs several more functions:

  • enlarges lips. If you apply, slightly departing from the contour of the lips, on the contrary, you can reduce the lips, painting them a little;
  • applying the product as a base under the shade or lipstick, the painted areas will become noticeably brighter;
  • eyebrows can be distinguished by applying the product along the contour of the eyebrows;
  • enlarge the eyes and make them puppet, if you put a pencil on the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid.

Cream Concealer

Such a tool is considered the most universal, any imperfection is within its power. It has a dense texture and good masking ability. Usually they do sculpting and contouring. The product is available in palettes with several shades or in small jars.

Advantage over other concealers:

  • universal remedy, disguises any imperfections;
  • convenient application, perfectly shaded by any tool and even fingertips;
  • suitable
    for face correction. How to use a face concealer. Step-by-step instruction with a photo, scheme: tonal, liquid, dry, color, pencil, palette

Cream concealer – this is exactly the tool that should be in the makeup bag of an inexperienced beginner.

Liquid Concealer

Liquid concealer for the face is considered the most versatile and popular. It will hide any redness and bruising under the eyes. It has a light, unique texture, is perfectly applied and evenly distributed on the skin.


  • not visible on the skin;
  • some firms produce concealers with a caring effect, as a result of the use of the epidermis receives additional care;
  • almost all liquid concealers contain vitamins that nourish the skin;
  • often in the composition you can find zinc and other antibacterial components that have a disinfecting effect;
  • some types of products come with reflective particles that give the skin a beautiful shine and brighten it.

Concealer stick

The shape has a certain similarity with a pencil. The difference is that the stick advances.


  • there are two types : oily or dense texture;
  • convenient application . You do not need to use additional tools, excellently stewed with your fingers;
  • strong masking ability . It will hide scars, irregularities and other defects; How to use a face concealer. Step-by-step instruction with a photo, scheme: tonal, liquid, dry, color, pencil, palette
  • it is not recommended to be applied locally to the area under the eyes, near the lips and on the inflamed areas;
  • may clog pores . Owners of oily skin type should prefer the option in any other design.

Dry concealer

The basis of this kind of concealer is mineral powder. Usually available in the form of palettes consisting of several colors. It is convenient for them to model the oval of the face. How to use a face concealer. Step-by-step instruction with a photo, scheme: tonal, liquid, dry, color, pencil, palette

How to use:

  • perfect for oily skin, it will mattify, it will also hide redness, age spots, inflammations;
  • should be used in the cheeks, on the forehead, chin. The area around the eyes should be avoided, as it will tighten the skin and clog into facial wrinkles, emphasizing them.

Yellow concealer

This color masks defects with a blue-violet tint. Bruises, capillary nets, veins on the face will become completely invisible. If you apply the product correctly, you can hide the tattoos.

The main methods of application:

  • the main area of application is the area around the eyes and the wings of the nose;
  • can be used as substrates under the shadows so that they do not slide and hold all day;
  • if the face has an earthy, dull shade, you can use the product as a primer for the face.

Purple concealer

Lavender and violet colors neutralize yellow imperfections, pigment or brown spots. How to use a face concealer. Step-by-step instruction with a photo, scheme: tonal, liquid, dry, color, pencil, palette

Mode of application:

  • with uneven tanning will help soften the skin tone;
  • as a base for makeup, if the skin tone is yellowish (usually this is typical for an Asian appearance), the skin will glow with a healthy glow;
  • will hide any kind of pigmentation with a yellowish tint and freckles.

Green face concealer

The green concealer for the face, according to the spectral color chart, is the opposite of red, which means it is suitable for:

  • neutralize redness, including traces of acne, various rashes, insect bites;
  • hide the redness of swollen eyes;
  • neutralize redness near the wings of the nose;
  • remove redness after sunburn. How to use a face concealer. Step-by-step instruction with a photo, scheme: tonal, liquid, dry, color, pencil, palette

This color is considered the most universal. He hides the defects that every girl sometimes has.

Pink concealer

Saves from green circles under the eyes and strongly protruding veins.


  • real salvation for girls with an eastern and Mediterranean type of appearance. Usually, with such an appearance, the contour of the eyes has a brown tint, which does not overlap with the usual tone, and no matter what girl does makeup, it will always have a brown tint;
  • a pink hue will correct a dull, grayish complexion. The skin with it will look rosy, fresh and young;
  • overlays green color, for example, veins, bruises of a greenish shade.

How to use a palette of colored concealers

Several color schemes are on sale. Each is suitable for any color type of appearance and masking certain defects.

How to apply concealer on the face so that the makeup looks harmonious:

  1. Colored masking agents are applied only under the foundation.
  2. Concealer should be applied strictly in a downward direction so as not to lift up the cannon hair on the face and not emphasize the texture of the skin.
  3. Apply a masking agent with a thin layer.
  4. The product is ideally distributed with a brush or sponge. If there are no special tools at hand, finger pads can be used. In this case, the movement should be driving.
  5. To get the perfect masking shade, you can mix two different products or simply dilute with foundation.

In addition to correcting color imperfections on the skin, the concealer can perform contouring, starting from the shape of the face. How to use a face concealer. Step-by-step instruction with a photo, scheme: tonal, liquid, dry, color, pencil, palette

The main principle of contouring is to bring the face closer to the oval shape, it is she who is considered ideal. You can do this in the following ways.

Round Face Contouring Technique

he round face stands out in smooth lines, the chin is barely pronounced, the forehead is wide. The jaw needs to be made a little narrower and more expressive. This method will bring the face closer to an oval shape. For contouring, it is recommended to use matte concealers, a highlighter without a shimer and large sparkles.

Contouring for a round face is done as follows:

  1. Darken the lateral of the entire face and forehead.
  2. Highlighter is applied to the chin, to the center of the forehead and under the eyes to the protruding bone of the cheekbones.

When contouring a round face, the highlight zone needs to be made small. The “triangles” under the eyes should be shorter than in other cases. Be sure to dominate the dimming zone.

For oval face

Girls with an oval face shape are the easiest, since they do not need to put much effort into creating makeup. How to use a face concealer. Step-by-step instruction with a photo, scheme: tonal, liquid, dry, color, pencil, palette

It is necessary to pay special attention to the cheekbone area, following the following application scheme:

  1. The sculptor is applied under the zygomatic bone and carefully shaded.
  2. The same thing needs to be done along the hairline, this will help narrow the forehead.
  3. A highlighter is applied to the chin, from the temple to the protruding part of the cheekbones.

For a square face

A face of this shape has a relief, sharp lower cheekbones, the width of the upper part and the lower one are the same.

In this option, it is necessary to soften facial features and narrow the jaw in the following ways:

  1. Narrow the forehead by applying contouring to its lateral parts.
  2. In the area under the cheekbones, contouring is applied from the ears and the middle of the cheeks.
  3. Highlighter should be applied to the chin and under the eyes as close to the nose as possible.

For a triangular face

The triangular shape of the face has a sharp chin and a high wide forehead. You should not focus on the chin, special attention should be paid to the forehead.

It is required to visually narrow and slightly correct the cheekbones:

  1. Light concealer must be applied to the lateral parts of the lower jaw.
  2. Dark contouring in the middle of the chin. So its sharpness is smoothed.
  3. Dark color should also be used on the side of the forehead.
  4. Apply a little dark shade under the cheekbones.

For an extended face

Facial concealer: application scheme for an elongated face shape, according to which the chin must be narrowed, the forehead should be reduced, facial features should become softer.

The main emphasis is recommended on the cheeks.

  1. The chin, part of the lower jaw, the growth line must be darkened.
  2. Light accents are placed on the protruding part of the cheekbones and in the center of the forehead.
  3. Blush should be used as far from the temples as possible.

It is undesirable to use a correction product that is too dark in color and in large quantities, as this will only stretch the face.

How to not use concealer: warnings

The purpose of this concealer is to make the skin perfect. But if it is used incorrectly, you can only aggravate the situation by emphasizing the existing imperfections.

Mistakes that girls most often make:

  1. It is forbidden to apply a nude color concealer under the foundation, since it will not give any effect. The exception is colored masking agents that are applied under the foundation.
  2. The circles under the eyes can be of a different shade. Before applying cosmetic products, it is important to carefully consider their shade, and then decide on the choice of color concealer.
  3. Concealer is applied only in a thin layer, since a large amount of the product will emphasize the texture of the skin and will be very noticeable even from afar.
  4. Do not use a means for point correction instead of a foundation. This action can clog pores.
  5. The concealer must be carefully shaded. If this is not done, skin imperfections will only stand out. As a result, the face will look dirty with prominent spots.
  6. It will be a mistake to apply the concealer under the eyes in the form of a semicircle. This arrangement will only emphasize the presence of bags under the eyes.

Having a good understanding of the technique of how to use a face concealer (a step-by-step photo will help to visualize the steps), you need to experiment with images, try different styles of application and new cosmetics.

To use the services of a professional makeup artist, you need to spend a lot of money, and you can learn to paint yourself. If you love the skin and care for it, it will reciprocate.

Video on how to use a face concealer

Face contouring with concealer:

How to choose the right shade for concealer:

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