How to remove extension eyelashes yourself at home quickly without harm at home: oil, cream, debonder, remover

Consider all possible folk and professional means of getting rid of eyelash extensions, according to the advice of professional cosmetologists and makeup artists.

Is it possible to remove eyelash extensions after a few days

It is not recommended to get rid of artificial eyelashes on your own. However, it is possible to carry out this procedure almost immediately after the procedure without harm to one’s own.

How to remove extension eyelashes yourself at home quickly without harm at home: oil, cream, debonder, remover

The main thing is to choose the right way to shoot them.

The reasons
for this are different:

  • At times, the extension has a detrimental effect on the natural eyelashes, weakening them and leading to loss.
  • The grown eyelashes make eyelids heavier, fatigue and discomfort are felt, and they look messy after a while.
  • In addition, wearing such eyelashes imposes certain restrictions: you can not visit the bathhouse and sauna, be in the open sun, prevent salt (sea) water from entering, and also force caution during sleep and washing.

To get rid of extended eyelashes, you can contact a specialist. However, there are situations when this action has to be carried out independently. First of all, you need to find out what tools are used and what is their difference, to compare the complexity of the technology.

There are several options using both professional and folk methods.


Getting to the choice of how to remove the extensions of eyelashes, you must first study the effect of the proposed drugs. A very effective means to achieve the desired effect is the donor.

How to remove extension eyelashes yourself at home quickly without harm at home: oil, cream, debonder, remover

This drug is used by professionals, you can use it at home. It is better to buy a debonder, like other special products, in professional cosmetics and equipment stores (or in stores of cosmetic supplies) that have product certificates in order to avoid buying low-quality goods.

The debonder is available as a liquid and gel. A liquid solution is a chemically active agent with varying degrees of aggressiveness (there are several varieties). Using a liquid debonder, you should strictly follow the instructions.

How to remove extension eyelashes yourself at home quickly without harm at home: oil, cream, debonder, remover

The product is applied to cleaned and moistened eyelids. At the beginning of the technique, in order to prevent liquid from entering the lower eyelid, it should be protected.

To do this, a semicircle is cut out of the cosmetic disk and fixed (adhesive tape is used to correct tape build-up).

The drug covers the hairs along the line of their growth from the outer edge of the eye to the inside (the eye keeps closed). After a few minutes, you can remove fallen hairs (for this it is very convenient to use an ultra-thin microbrush, but you can also use a clean brush for mascara).

After this, you need to remove the remnants of the drug, wiping the eyelids with a cosmetic product that does not contain alcohol, and comb the eyelashes. Liquid debonder must be used with caution, since it spreads quickly and can negatively affect the mucous membrane of the eyes. For this reason, masters often work with him in the conditions of salons and, mainly, during correction.

Specialists can tell by what means to remove the extended eyelashes independently and with what to be guided at the same time.

When using a debonder, professionals recommend a gel option. It does not flow into the eyes, so the risk of contact with the mucosa and its irritation is minimal.

You need to start the procedure as well as with a liquid solution. Then, using a rotational motion, a bonding gel is applied. In order for the product to act on the adhesive in a solvent, the aging time of the composition should be about 3 minutes.

If irritation appears on the skin, you need to make lotions of decoctions of medicinal herbs – chamomile and a series of anti-inflammatory properties.

Liquid, gel, cream remover

The drug is available in the form of a lotion, gel or cream.  A remover is similar to a liquid debonder, but has more sparing properties.

How to remove extension eyelashes yourself at home quickly without harm at home: oil, cream, debonder, remover

Nevertheless, its action is quite aggressive, and due to its liquid consistency it can easily leak into the eyes. Therefore, only experienced craftsmen can use it safely. Despite the relatively low cost of the composition, it is recommended to choose other options for self-removal of eyelashes.

The most convenient form of remover for a home procedure is a gel. Remover gels are different in their effect. Acetone-based products are quite intense. For sensitive eyes, there are softer, hypoallergenic gels that do not harm the skin, mucous membranes and natural eyelashes.

The only relative minus of the gel can be considered a longer exposure time compared to the liquid version – 5-7 minutes. But usability and safety are worth it to spend a little extra time.
A very convenient tool is a remover cream.

Its dense consistency allows you to easily and accurately apply the drug, fatty oils in its composition make the cream safe for the mucous membrane of the eyes and delicate skin of the eyelids. In order for the oils to dissolve the sticky mass, keep the composition for up to 10 minutes. If hairs are difficult to remove, increase exposure time.
Another type of remover is paste.

This option is considered the most gentle, it does not cause allergies, is easy to apply, does not have a pungent odor. In fairness, it should be noted that this tool has the highest cost.

However, when choosing which drug is more convenient and safer to act, it’s wiser to buy a quality product than to endanger your own health.

Eye drops

It is possible to solve the problem and a remedy from the pharmacy. Eye drops “Albucid”, for the treatment of conjunctivitis and other inflammatory diseases of the eyes, are quite suitable and safe. The composition of this substance includes potent components that can dissolve glue. The technology is similar to applying a debonder or remover, but there are also differences.

How to remove extension eyelashes yourself at home quickly without harm at home: oil, cream, debonder, remover

The lower eyelid should be protected in this way. Albucid is applied to the root zone of the eyelashes in 3 layers with an interval of several minutes. The exposure duration is quite large – up to 30 minutes. Further cilia are usually easily removed.

During the procedure, there is often a burning sensation that disappears after removal of the product. This is not dangerous, since albucid is a medical preparation and does not have a harmful effect.

Fat Baby Cream

To determine which cream you can remove the extension of eyelashes at home, you need to be guided by this principle: the fatter the cream, the better the result.

It is important to check that the product does not cause allergies and irritation, therefore, preference is given to a baby, or to any oily cream based on natural ingredients.

The application algorithm is quite simple. The composition is applied to the skin of the eyelids along the hairline, the exposure time is 5 minutes. Next, you should try to move the separated hairs from the roots to the tips with a microbrush. You need to act until the effect is achieved.

How to remove extension eyelashes yourself at home quickly without harm at home: oil, cream, debonder, remover

According to some reviews, time in this way needs more: it begins to dissolve only after 10 minutes, while dissolving the glue. Thus, the procedure lasts at least 15 minutes.

The use of vegetable oils

Choosing how and how to remove eyelashes, you can try the effect of natural vegetable oils. Castor, burdock and sunflower are recommended, although you can take others – olive, peach, almond.

Castor is widely used in cosmetology due to its properties to promote the healing of inflamed areas, to activate the growth of follicles. Its use will have a beneficial effect on natural hairs.

How to remove extension eyelashes yourself at home quickly without harm at home: oil, cream, debonder, remover

Burdock has also long been used as a means of strengthening hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. The positive properties of sunflower oil are due to the rich content of fatty acids and vitamins A and D. These properties allow the use of these oils to remove eyelashes as substances that are most safe.

In the interim, they can be used to restore natural eyelashes.

The technique of this method is simple. The half of the cosmetic disk cut out in the form of a crescent moon should be slightly moistened with oil and applied to the lower eyelid. Close the eye, pull the upper eyelid from the outer edge and grease the eyelashes. After a while, massage the root zone – eyelashes will be removed easily.

According to various reviews and comments of experts, the exposure time of the oil differs significantly – from 20-30 minutes. up to a couple of hours. It is also proposed to apply oil for a longer time – all night. Disks with oil are applied to the eyes and secured with a sleep mask.

However, one cannot ignore the opinion of ophthalmologists, who are extremely negative about this use of vegetable oils, indicating the possibility of a retinal burn.

There is an opinion that glued cilia will disappear if you very steaming your face. Experts warn against this action, since the vapor will not have the desired effect on the glue, and the possibility of getting a skin or eye mucous burn is very high.

A steam bath for the face can be made only as a preparation for the subsequent procedure for removing eyelashes.

Is it possible to remove unwanted eyelashes with waterproof cosmetics

However, with all the diversity of the proposed methods, it should be remembered that a lot depends on the quality of the glue and the preparation used, as well as on the individual physiological characteristics of a person, so there is no one way for all.

to independently remove cilia, you should take into account the advice of professionals:

  • you can not pull out the eyelashes with tweezers or fingers, so you can damage the natural;
  • you can not remove eyelashes with sharp objects, this is fraught with injuries;
  • you can’t try to wash off the eyelashes with soap, with strong rubbing of the eyelids – there will be no result, but inflammation of the conjunctiva and skin of the eyelids is possible;
  • you should not carry out the removal procedure for colds, regular ailments, inflammatory processes – this will worsen the condition of the body;
  • self-removal of eyelashes is not recommended if the technique used for building eyelash extensions, and not bundles (the so-called “Japanese technique”);
  • experts advise choosing a remedy, if possible, from the same manufacturer whose substance was used to build, this is more effective than using various drugs.

How to get rid of eyelashes in minimum time

Opinion polls and polls show that most women who want to remove eyelashes prefer professional remedies. It is a little inclined to use oils, however, there is evidence that high-quality glue does not dissolve with oil.

How to remove extension eyelashes yourself at home quickly without harm at home: oil, cream, debonder, remover
Castor oil – that’s what and how to remove eyelash extensions at home quickly

Thus, from special means the most effective, convenient and safe can be called a remover in the form of a gel or cream.

Of the folk remedies, castor oil can be recommended, since it to a large extent has useful properties.

Another tip from professionals: when buying an industrial eyelash remover, you need to pay attention to the components in its composition and choose a product made on a natural basis.

Each woman can choose for herself what and how it is convenient for her to get rid of extension eyelashes. Each removal procedure has its own difficulties, pros and cons. It is important to choose the best way for yourself so as not to harm your health and beauty. Provided that the instructions and safety measures are strictly followed, the desired result will definitely be achieved.

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