Creative haircuts and hair coloring for medium, short, long hair. Fashion trends 2021. Photo

Spring and summer are the perfect time to change the female look. In 2021, creative haircuts and hair coloring are extremely popular. Hairdressers and stylists assure us to boldly change our image and not be afraid to experiment.

The world of fashion and beauty does not stand still, in recent years it has undergone dramatic changes, which particularly affected haircuts for short hair. The main task of modern hairdressers is to create such a hairstyle that would not require daily styling and long care.

Stylists offer fashionistas such hairstyle options in the new season:

  1. Midi length haircuts are now at the peak of popularity, and this applies equally to straight hair, owners of stylish curls and hairstyles with torn strands.
  2. Asymmetry in the hairstyle .
    Creative haircuts and hair coloring for medium, short, long hair. Fashion trends 2021. Photo
    Asymmetric haircuts give an image of brightness and expressiveness
  3. Shaved sides – a particularly radical way is to apply patterns to a shaved head, which is increasingly resorted to not only men but also women.
  4. Good old classics – they include bob and square, which will never go out of fashion.

Fashionable haircuts for short hair

Creative haircuts and hair coloring. 2021 made its adjustments and influenced fashionable images, and mainly the changes affected short hair. It is worth mentioning that the androgynous haircuts, which mix male and female beauty and make the fair sex a bit like a man, came into fashion.

For short hair, such haircuts are popular today:

  • square and its variations. This hairstyle makes it possible to combine the classic style and creativity precisely due to the huge number of options. In the new season, the most popular are the leg squares and squares with bangs, both straight and torn;
  • bean. The main advantage of such a haircut is that there is no need to adjust it too often. At the same time, fashionistas have several options for her styling. Well, there are no age restrictions for such a haircut. She looks spectacular both on young girls and sophisticated ladies; Creative haircuts and hair coloring for medium, short, long hair. Fashion trends 2021. Photo
  • torn strands, bumps and asymmetry. Today it is a mega-fashionable option, especially in combination with colorization and extremely bright coloring;
  • retro haircuts . Here, the undisputed leader is the session. If the haircut is done correctly and professionally – it does not need to be styled. After washing the hair, the hair will lie perfectly;
  • stylish haircuts like hedgehog, garson and pixie . Such haircuts are of a boyish type and therefore give their owners a young and perky look;
  • shaved parts of the head . Of course, such variations of haircuts are suitable only for brave girls who are not afraid to challenge their surroundings. But they look just trendy.

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Fashionable haircuts for medium hair

The average length is considered the ideal and the middle ground for stylists, active business women and young mothers. Such haircuts have many advantages – there is no need for complex styling and frequent adjustments.

At the peak of popularity in 2021, there are such hairstyles for medium hair length:

  • square of medium length. It is ideal for girls with thick hair. And for those whom nature has deprived of the lion’s mane, graded locks are suitable;
  • bean. Its obvious advantages are that the hairstyle suits almost everyone and is easy to care for;
  • asymmetry. It always looks unusual and draws attention to the owner of such a hairstyle; Creative haircuts and hair coloring for medium, short, long hair. Fashion trends 2021. Photo
  • cascade and other layered hairstyles. Originality lies in the fact that such haircuts are suitable for both very thin and very fluffy hair. They are easy to lay with a small amount of foam, and they can soften the sharp features of the face;
  • ragged haircuts – give the image of audacity;
  • haircut aurora. This technique is able to visually stretch the oval of the face. The volume at the crown is achieved due to shorter strands, and it looks stylish.

Fashionable haircuts for long hair

Hairstyles for owners of long hair also have their own trends this year:

  1. Layering – hair with such a haircut has a different length. The most interesting variation is called “Rhapsody.” The hair falls on the back and shoulders with soft curls, sometimes an extra volume is created on the top of the head and in the area of the cheekbones. Creative haircuts and hair coloring for medium, short, long hair. Fashion trends 2021. Photo
  2. Long bangs plus an asymmetrical parting are just a godsend for women whose hair is very thin. In addition, such a haircut allows you to adjust facial features. Suitable for girls with oval and round faces.
  3. The elongated bangs smoothly turning into a hairstyle – is the last peep of the season. Great for girls with a large forehead. A slanting fringe can adjust the square and rectangular shape of the face.
  4. Straight and thick bangs are a classic option . It looks especially good on perfectly smooth and even hair.
  5. “Fox tail” – when the hair contour is made in the shape of a triangle or the English letter V. Fashionistas should know that this haircut looks better without a bang.
  6. Haircuts – a little cut or shaved hair on one side. Fashionable and creative.

Let connoisseurs of female beauty and fashion designers unanimously reiterate that naturalness is in fashion – hair coloring has a lot of adherents and allows a woman to create new images at any suitable time.

Creative haircuts and hair coloring 2021 cover the following newfangled techniques:

  • highlighting – coloring of individual curls, mainly their clarification, but it is also possible to use bright colors;
  • dyeing 3-D – giving hair shine through the use of several shades of paint; Creative haircuts and hair coloring for medium, short, long hair. Fashion trends 2021. Photo
  • sombre and ombre – the transition from dark hair to light;

  • Colombra – color dyeing along the entire length of the hair with brighter ends;

  • balayazh – gentle coloring with long hair roots of a natural color;
  • shatush – dyeing, in which the hair is given shine and the effect of naturalness, even if the selected tone is radically different from the “native” hair color;
  • bronding – involves the creation of a natural transition from dark hair to light hair;
  • pixel technique – an trendy way of dyeing, in which beautiful and original squares remain on the hair after dyeing;
  • stencils – creating a unique pattern on the head according to a pre-prepared template.

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Stylish highlighting

As for highlighting, hairdressers this year headed for naturalness. Most of the hair remains unpainted with this technique, the color changes only in individual strands.

Stylish highlighting in 2021 covers:

  • California highlighting – when 2 inch indent from the hair roots. With this technique, regrown hair roots become fashionable and look original; Creative haircuts and hair coloring for medium, short, long hair. Fashion trends 2021. Photo
  • burnt out strands – ideal for owners of short haircuts. Curls that are painted while thin. Color can radically differ from natural hair color – light curls for brown-haired women or bright colors;
  • shatush – tinting hair after combing curls. Not recommended for gray hair;
  • Venetian style – it is characterized by a natural transition from tone to tone;
  • highlighting using red shades – look great on brunettes. Thanks to bright tones, facial features become more expressive.

3-D staining

3-D staining technology is a new generation technique. When done correctly, the applied tone does not look solid, but in the form of glare on the hair, similar to the glare of the sun. This effect is achieved when several tones of paint are applied to the hair, but within the same hair shade. For example, red or light brown.

The advantages of such a new and fashionable method are many:

  1. Permanent correction is not required. Unlike standard staining methods, when overgrown ends need to be stained monthly, the 3-D technique does not require constant care.
  2. The effect of shine and natural beauty of the hair is created.
  3. Giving the hair an extra volume effect. Naturally, this effect will be purely visual, but such hair looks great. Creative haircuts and hair coloring for medium, short, long hair. Fashion trends 2021. Photo

This dyeing technique is suitable for all shades of hair.

Experts say that he still looks more impressive on blondes. Well, of course, there are no age restrictions. There are disadvantages to this technique. First of all, it is expensive due to the use of different colors and tones. The main thing here is to correctly draw up an individual coloring scheme for each client, which only a true professional can do.

Ombre and Sombre

These two techniques are varieties of classic highlighting. Most of all they are suitable for brunettes and brown-haired women. When done correctly, an imperceptible transition is created on the hair between light and dark tones, and as a result, the effect of beautifully burnt hair in the sun occurs. Creative haircuts and hair coloring for medium, short, long hair. Fashion trends 2021. Photo

What is the main difference between ombre and somba In the ombre technique, the transition is performed from dark roots to lighter ends of the hair. The border between the two tones is somewhere in the middle of the head, and naturally, it is blurred. Usually, ombre is done on dark hair, in extreme cases, on dark-brown. For blondes, this staining will not look so impressive.

When stained in the style of sombre on the hair, subtle glare is created, as if the hair just burnt out under the influence of the sun and began to shine beautifully. The roots can be even longer than the main hair color. The transition between tones is imperceptible in principle.

Ombre and sombre look great both on brunettes and on blondes.

Colombra staining

The Colombra technique has emerged as an alternative to the previously popular rainbow color. This option will appeal to bright and courageous girls who are not afraid of something new. This is a color variant of dyeing when the hair color is as different as possible from natural. Sometimes multicolored locks are created on the head. The bigger, the better.

Unlike the rainbow technique, colombra is more gentle for the hair and does not require prior clarification of the roots and the main length of the hair. To get a good effect, only the tips are preliminarily clarified, while the top and roots of the hair first remain untouched. Then the hair is dyed along its entire length, and the ends are more vivid and expressive.

Balayazh technique

Balayazh technique appears as another kind of highlighting. When stained with this method, the ends of the hair are painted in a tone that differs from the natural color of the hair. When staining, a specialist works on only individual strands. And to create a beautiful and natural look, several tones are used at once. The transition between them should be smooth and inconspicuous. Creative haircuts and hair coloring for medium, short, long hair. Fashion trends 2021. Photo

This is a gentle type of coloring, in which the hairstyle always looks well-groomed.

Even if the roots of the hair grow back, it is not clear visually whether the hair has burnt out in the sun, the tips have grown, or this effect has been achieved specifically in the salon. This staining method is suitable for women of any age. Moreover, elderly people often like to resort to him, since he perfectly disguises gray hair, making it not only invisible, but also attractive.

At the same time, you should not think that balayazh is a technique exclusively for women aged, young girls and even Hollywood stars are happy to resort to this wonderful method of hair coloring.


Shatush is considered to be one of the most fashionable ways of coloring. This is another kind of highlighting, but unlike classical lightening, stylists use the “stretch color” technique to create an image.

Another interesting point is that staining usually does not occur indoors, but in the air. Experts say that it is this
factor that makes hair vibrant and shiny in the sun.

Painting the rods was recognized as one of the most versatile techniques to date.

It is perfect for any age and type of hair. But there are a few comments:

  • on ultra-short hair, the crank will look ridiculous, so that the tones play the necessary length;
  • owners of fiery red hair will have to torment if they dream of such a coloring. The only way out is to pre-dye the entire length of the hair in a light tone.

Most shuttles will be to face brunettes and brown-haired women.

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Creative haircuts and hair coloring in 2021 brought fashionable women another fashionable technique called bronding. When using this staining method, a soft effect of iridescent colors is achieved. A distinctive feature of this technology is the most natural color.

The most successful look is bronding, which is made within the range of chocolate and coffee, and tones such as walnut and honey blond can also be attributed here. Broning is essentially another way to switch from dark to light hair color.

Who should use such a technique First of all, girls with long and straight hair and owners of medium-long hair. On curly and curly hair, armor will not look very good. Also, brunettes often resort to him.

Pixel technique

Pixel technology came to us from Spain and is considered the latest fashion. What can you compare it with Imagine that tetris will now be drawn on your hair … Yes, yes, these are bright and fashionable squares, rectangles and other interesting geometric shapes located directly on the head of lovely women. Creative haircuts and hair coloring for medium, short, long hair. Fashion trends 2021. Photo

This innovative technology has gallon blown up the fashion world.

Those who want to resort to this particular type of coloring gallon line up in professional salons. Because there are not so many specialists who know how to correctly apply pixels on their heads.

Who should use this method Of course, creative, courageous and ready to challenge everything that is boring and mundane. It is also worth remembering that it is best to make pixels for owners of perfectly smooth hair and bangs.

Hair stencil

Screen technology, or screen coloring allows you to make bright patterns and other original drawings on your hair. It is performed using special mock-ups or stencils made in the form of silicone molds that are applied to the hair when stained.

Typically, stencils are used to create a short-term image, for example, for a fashionable outrageous party. Then, as a paint, a tonic or even paint from a spray can be used. Among the additional advantages of this technique – it visually increases the volume of hair.

Who will not use stencils Owners of curly and curly hair. In this case, the pattern may lie unevenly and look ugly.

Dark hair coloring

Coloring means coloring the hair in the selected tone. This is a fairly sophisticated staining technology that needs to be carried out in the cabin. Only the master can correctly distribute the strands, select the right amount of tones and apply them correctly to the hair. Creative haircuts and hair coloring for medium, short, long hair. Fashion trends 2021. Photo

Coloring according to the classic version means highlighting light strands near the face. In order for dyeing on dark hair to look as natural as possible and at the same time effective, it is worth paying attention to which color type a woman refers to – dark or cold.

There is a simple and very original way to determine the color type. Need to look at your veins. Owners of purple veins belong to the cold color type, and for those whose veins are mostly green, warm tones are more suitable.

For girls of a cold color type, muted shades are more suitable: ash-blond, platinum, frosty chestnut. Caramel, nut and golden shades are suitable for a warm color type.

Coloring blond hair

The advantages of coloring on fair hair is that their owners can choose any color and there is no need to pre-lighten their tone. Creative haircuts and hair coloring for medium, short, long hair. Fashion trends 2021. Photo

The most popular among blondes today is dark coloring. They can also choose variegated and more saturated tones. Usually hairdressers dilute their native hair color with 2-3 darker tones, but sometimes they can be up to 10.

In the trend now, such tones as:

  • honey;
  • chocolate;
  • coffee;
  • ashen.

There are no restrictions for coloring. The only thing is that older women are advised by experts to pay attention to a calmer, not screaming palette.

Rules for choosing a haircut and hair color

Hair coloring in 2021 does not go out of fashion, as well as creative haircuts. The main question is how to choose the right image for yourself.

When choosing a haircut, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the oval of the face.

Almost all fashionable haircuts are suitable for women with an oval shape. The only thing when styling is not to do the hairstyle too high, as this will lengthen the face. For a round face shape, beveled bangs and an average hair length are well suited. The ideal option is an asymmetric square.

For women with a square type face, an asymmetric bean and a ladder haircut are suitable. This will make facial features softer and smoother. If the girl has a diamond-shaped face, it is worth smoothing her cheekbones. Here, by the way, you will have a thick and sloping bangs and an asymmetric square.

As for the correct selection of the basic tone of the hair during coloring, it is worth paying attention to the color of the skin. A little advice – for women who are a little over 40 more suitable colors from light colors. Dark color adds a bit of age

Another tip: when choosing a hair dye, pay attention to the color of your skin. A table in which different skin colors and suitable shades of paint are indicated will help you figure it out.

In 2021, creative haircuts and hair coloring are still fashionable. Therefore, do not be afraid to experiment, even if you think that the appropriate shade should be a couple of tones lighter, or darker than the natural color of the hair. Entrust your hair to a specialist and enjoy the result. Go ahead and you will succeed!

Video about creative haircuts and hair coloring on medium, short, long hair

Trendy haircuts 2021 for short, medium and long hair:

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Color of the skin Suitable paint tone
Light pinkish tint Blond and his shades
Golden Brown-haired and its shades
Olive Brunet and all shades
White and pale pink Copper, fiery red and other shades.