Mesoxanthin in biorevitalization procedures. The effectiveness of the application, reviews of cosmetologists, instructions on how to prick. Drug price

The drug Mesoxanthin is specially designed for biorevitalization sessions. Reviews of patients and cosmetologists testify to its high performance.

The composition is balanced, it is used in cosmetology in order to restore, nourish, moisturize and rejuvenate the skin. Before using a cosmetic product, it is important to familiarize yourself with the indications and contraindications, as well as the features of the introduction of Mesoxanthin.

Mesoxanthin composition and cost of the procedure

Mesoxanthin (reviews of the drug can be seen below) is an effective tool to combat dryness and deep age-related skin changes.

It has a safe, effective therapeutic effect due to its balanced composition, which contains:

  • High molecular weight hyaluronic acid of bioenzymatic origin. The synthesized unstabilized substance helps to restore hydrobalance in the dermal layer, its concentration is 0,53 fluid ounce / fluid ounce. Provides accelerated stimulation of fibroblast production, retains moisture inside the dermis, preventing its evaporation and drying out of the skin. Mesoxanthin in biorevitalization procedures. The effectiveness of the application, reviews of cosmetologists, instructions on how to prick. Drug price
  • Substance fucoxanthin obtained from seaweed . The natural component provides mineralization, promotes improved cell function. Fucoxanthin promotes the activation of cellular metabolism, enhances the protective function and resistance of the epidermis to external negative factors, stress.
  • Epidermal and insulin-like complex of growth factors. The component is responsible for the normalization of metabolism, prevents the aging process, provides elasticity, texture improvement.
  • Regulating peptide complex. Due to the content of thioredoxin, a copper-containing tripeptide, the drug is endowed with an antioxidant property, the ability to eliminate inflammatory processes and activate the synthesis of collagen-elastin fibers.
  • Amino acids and nucleic acids. Anti-aging components take part in the formation of protein structures, promote regeneration, being the basis of RNA and DNA molecules.
  • Carotenoid F199 . An innovative synthesized component, an extract from seaweed, is used for cellular restoration at the DNA level.
  • Vitamin complex, including C, A and E. The synthesis of vitamins of “beauty” provides an anti-aging effect, helps to slow down the aging process, eliminate hyperpigmentation, lighten and restore skin density, smooth turgor.

With age, all processes in the skin slow down, cell metabolism, and the qualitative composition of cells deteriorate. Mesoxanthin, due to its multicomponent composition, is a balanced activator of natural rejuvenation, as it can act on the gene and intercellular levels, helping to strengthen, moisturize and form an updated elastin-collagen scaffold.

The drug is relatively new on the market of aesthetic cosmetology, is available in the form of syringes filled with an active substance with a capacity of 0,05 fluid ounce. The cost of the drug, including administration services, depends on the qualifications of the specialist, the level and location of the clinic, and can range from $ 136 – $ 204.

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The principle of the drug

The drug is used for bioreparation sessions – natural restoration of dermal structures, rejuvenation, texture improvement, normalization of water balance. Mesoxanthin in biorevitalization procedures. The effectiveness of the application, reviews of cosmetologists, instructions on how to prick. Drug price

The principle of the drug is due to the basic principles:

  1. The main difference between the composition and analogues is the possibility of exposure to components and the solution of cosmetic problems at the cellular level.
  2. Mesoxanthin has an epigenetic property, manifested in cell-matrix protein recovery, the ability to model genes and regulate them.
  3. Thanks to the work of Mesoxanthin at the cellular level, in the fibroblasts there is an increased production of genes of the necessary protein receptors, namely integrins and GADD45A. The genetic signal is transmitted from the extracellular matrix to the cytoplasm, and vice versa, which leads to proliferative and synthetic activity of fibroblasts.
  4. The essence of the method of administration is to stimulate the cellular metabolism and restore damaged DNA cells.
  5. Due to the unique components in the composition, Mesoxanthin is able to break down fat deposits, eliminating them and modeling facial contours without surgical intervention.

The principle of injection therapy with Mesoxanthin is aimed at combining the cell matrix with structural proteins, maintaining the morphological and functional state of tissues, creating a basis for further correction of age stigma.

Indications for use

Mesoxanthin (reviews of the application are mostly positive) is a unique symbiosis of cosmetology and dermatology. The use of the drug is performed in a clinic by a professional cosmetologist.

Indications for biorevitalization with Meso-Xanthin F199 are:

  • the presence of deep age and facial wrinkles;
  • as preventative measures against the first signs of aging;
  • increased pigmentation; Mesoxanthin in biorevitalization procedures. The effectiveness of the application, reviews of cosmetologists, instructions on how to prick. Drug price
  • decreased turgor, loss of elasticity;
  • violation of dermal structures, texture of the epidermis;
  • the development of seborrheic dermatitis, photodermatitis, which are accompanied by the appearance of new spots;
  • phenotypic syndrome with increased fat content;
  • dryness, thinning of the skin;
  • negative color changes, with dullness, smoker’s skin syndrome, dullness, pallor;
  • tendency to xerosis, demodicosis, rosacea;
  • the need for a comprehensive treatment of dyschromia;
  • acne stage 1-2, but not during exacerbation, post-acne.

Mesoxanthin injection biotherapy is recommended for use as preparatory measures for plastic surgery, as a post-burn therapy, for recovery after resurfacing, peeling.

Beauticians also recommend mesoxanthin therapy before the summer vacation season with trips to hot countries. The active effect of the drug allows you to prepare the skin for tanning, avoid burns and protect the epidermis from the negative effects of UV rays.


Mesoxanthin belongs to a new generation of drugs for biorevitalization. Testimonials, as well as clinical trials confirmed by certificates, indicate that no serious side effects were detected after injection with Mesovartone.

But Mesoxanthin therapy is not recommended for use in the presence of the following contraindications:

  • in case of inflammatory processes in the body;
  • during lactation, pregnancy;
  • possible allergic reactions to individual components of the drug;
  • during exacerbations of skin pathologies;
  • in the presence of chronic diseases in the acute stage, herpetic infection;
  • blood pathologies, hemolytic syndrome, bleeding disorders;
  • with diseases of hepatitis, HIV; Mesoxanthin in biorevitalization procedures. The effectiveness of the application, reviews of cosmetologists, instructions on how to prick. Drug price
  • with viral diseases accompanied by fever, fever;
  • in the presence of oncology.

Before a therapy session, a qualified specialist should be consulted. In the presence of prohibiting factors, the injection biorevitalization procedure is not performed.

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Complications, side effects

Biorevitalization sessions are a minimally invasive method of rejuvenation and restoration of dermal structures. Mesoxanthin contains health-friendly components related to the human body. The drug does not cause serious side effects, including those characteristic of granuloma contouring.

Nevertheless, despite the general safety of the procedures, the following complications, negative side effects may occur:

  • sensation of itching, soreness in places of invasion of the composition;
  • redness of the skin;
  • the formation of hematomas, hemorrhages;
  • mild or moderate swelling;
  • the formation of small nodular (linear) elevations in places of invasions;
  • the risk of infection subcutaneously with non-compliance with antiseptic measures;
  • the development of allergies, swelling of the treated areas.

If the technology of drug administration has not been violated, and all antiseptic measures have been followed, all side effects go away within a few hours. If hematomas form, it is recommended to use cream with arnica or Traumeel S ointment, locally treating problem areas.

Mesoxanthin in biorevitalization procedures. The effectiveness of the application, reviews of cosmetologists, instructions on how to prick. Drug price
According to reviews, traumel is used to relieve swelling after injection with mesoxanthin

To avoid negative side effects after the procedure, you should refuse to visit the solarium, baths and saunas 2 weeks before the session, and also exclude their visit after the procedure. Before starting the course of biorevitalization, it is necessary to stop taking anticoagulants, and also not to conduct mesoxanthin therapy sessions during menstruation.

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Instruction for use

Mesoxanthin (patient reviews can be seen below) is effective in combating age-related changes. The drug is safe, which is confirmed by the relevant certificates. Release in the form of a ready-to-use syringe filled with an active compound of 0,05 fluid ounce. This amount is enough to process the entire facial area, cervical area and decollete in one procedure.

Mesoxanthin biorevitalization algorithm:

  1. A consultation is being conducted with an assessment of the condition of the skin, a collection of previous cosmetic history, and a patient card is filled out. The zone of the desired correction is determined.
  2. The cosmetologist performs makeup remover, then treats the skin with an antiseptic (chlorhexidine). Mesoxanthin in biorevitalization procedures. The effectiveness of the application, reviews of cosmetologists, instructions on how to prick. Drug price
  3. To reduce pain and reduce sensitivity, an anesthetic is applied under the occlusive dressing.
  4. After 20-30 minutes, when the anesthetic began to act actively, the remnants of the cream are removed, the skin is again treated with chlorhexidine.
  5. The cosmetologist opens the package with the drug, getting the syringe immediately before the procedure, proceeds to invasions according to the chosen injection method.

After a biorevitalization session, skin-calming measures are carried out with superimposed sterile gauze wipes impregnated with a disinfectant on the treated area.

The injection site is treated with a pharmacy anti-inflammatory drug. The procedure for the introduction of Mesoxanthin is carried out for 30-40 minutes. Anesthesia is optional, performed at the request of the patient. After the procedure, a sticker with the number and series of the drug is pasted into the outpatient card.

Introduction technique

There are several options for the introduction of drugs for biorevitalization. For Mesoxanthin, as well as for other compounds containing hyaluronate, several techniques are used, each of which has its own characteristics.

Most often, the intradermal method is used, which does not provide for the formation of papules in the treatment areas. The method of intradermal administration is most effective for the treatment of acne and traces of post-acne, but other technologies can be used to eliminate age-related changes.

Mesoxanthin injection therapy provides several standard techniques for administration:

  • Picotage (French picotage). The microinvasive technique, which involves the introduction of Mesoxanthin pointwise into the layers of surface tissues, the distance between the injections is not more than 0’4 inch. The French method provides intensive work of hyaluronic acid in the Grenz zone, activating the synthesis of substances and fibroblasts. The remaining components of the drug penetrate deep into the cellular structures. The use of picotage is recommended for owners of young skin for preventive purposes or with the appearance of the first signs of aging. Mesoxanthin in biorevitalization procedures. The effectiveness of the application, reviews of cosmetologists, instructions on how to prick. Drug price
  • Point by point. This technique is carried out in a series of microinjections, punctures follow strictly one after another, building a line along wrinkles or other problem areas. The technique of such an introduction of Mesoxanthin is used in sensitive areas – periorbital and perioral. She is less painful.
  • Papular. The essence of this biorevitalization technology is intradermal infestations, after which small papules form. The needle is inserted to a depth of not more than 1/32 – 3/32 inch. After the introduction of Mesoxanthin, papules from 3/32 – 6/32 inch in size are formed. Papular technique allows you to prolong the effect of the drug, as in papules diffusion slows down. Recommended for biorevitalization of large areas. The method is the most economical, since the expense of the tool is reduced by 1.5 times. Also, this method of administration
    is used for structural regeneration of the skin with visible age-related changes.
  • Short linear. The technique is designed to create long-lasting hydration of the skin, normalize hydrobalance with potentiation of the action of hyaluronate. The cosmetologist determines the treatment area, marking the problem areas with short lines. The needle is inserted at 2/3, the angle of inclination is 30-45 degrees. The composition is administered small droplets on the reverse stroke of the needle with a distance between injections of 0. 2 – 0’4 inch.

The choice of the method of introducing the composition of Mesoxanthin is determined by a qualified cosmetologist after examination, assessment of a medical or aesthetic problem, as well as a collection of previous cosmetic history.

Effect before and after

Mesoxanthin (drug reviews provided) is an effective tool in solving many aesthetic problems.

Based on patient feedback, the following effect can be observed after the procedure:

  • the skin acquires a visible effect of rejuvenation, becomes more elastic, elastic;
  • facial wrinkles and age wrinkles are smoothed out, texture improves;
  • the level of hydrobalance returns to normal, there is no sensation of tightened “parchment” skin;
  • the structure of skin tissues is normalized, the natural complexion of the face improves, the tone is strengthened;
  • the skin becomes denser, hyperpigmentation is eliminated;
  • there is a narrowing of the pores, normal production of sebum;
  • visible lifting effect, the oval of the face returns clarity;
  • due to lipolytic properties, the severity of the second chin decreases.

Many patients note that immediately after 1-2 procedures, the skin glows from the inside, becomes more elastic, smooth. Beauticians also positively evaluate the effect of Mesoxanthin, noting its safety, ease of use, minimal chance of side effects, as well as the visible persistent effect of rejuvenation. Mesoxanthin in biorevitalization procedures. The effectiveness of the application, reviews of cosmetologists, instructions on how to prick. Drug price

The main difference of the drug is its epigenetic property, as well as the possibility of use at a young age (from 25 years). To achieve the result, a course of injection therapy is recommended. The number of procedures, as well as the zone and technique of administration, is calculated individually by the cosmetologist.

The optimal number of sessions is from 4 to 6, a break between them is 7-14 days. To prolong the obtained aesthetic result, preventive therapy is needed 1-2 times a year.

Mesoxanthin is a new generation bioreparation drug. Reviews of patients and cosmetologists indicate its high efficiency and safety.

Nanosynthesized balanced composition is aimed at safe epigenetic effects on the skin, activating the internal processes of cell regeneration, the work of fibroblasts. The drug is easily tolerated, safe, has a prolonged result.

Mesoxanthin Video

Experience with the use of mesaxanthin:

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