Classic full body massage. Technique, benefits, video tutorials for beginners

Among all spa procedures, the most popular are the services of classical full body massage, which is determined by its benefits to the body.

What is a classic body massage, features

Massage began to be practiced 5000 years ago. Since then, this art has undergone almost no changes, only some techniques have been improved and new techniques have emerged.

Classic full body massage. Technique, benefits, video tutorials for beginnersClassical massage includes the treatment of all parts of the body, so this procedure:

  • It has a general strengthening effect;
  • helps relieve fatigue;
  • increases tone;
  • gives new strength.

The main condition is the qualification of a massage therapist, as well as several special techniques that help to positively affect the body. Of considerable importance is the duration of the session.

In Eastern philosophy, preparation for massage is akin to a sacred ritual. First, the patient must completely relax, forget about the problems, abandon everyday life. The master reads the mantras. Before massage in SPA salons, patients should also undergo training, the main essence of which is to relax.

It is important that some features are taken into account, which determine how effective the procedure will be:

  1. Before massage, the patient should be examined by a doctor. This will eliminate contraindications.
  2. A massage therapist must be informed about all the existing diseases, the tendency to allergies. In addition, he must know about the physiological characteristics of the patient and his unequal system.
  3. Before massage, the patient should take a shower.
  4. The laundry should be clean.
  5. The room in which the procedure will be carried out should be well ventilated.
  6. Massage should be started 1.5 hours after a meal.
  7. On the hands of the massage therapist should not be long nails. They should be clean and warm.

In addition, it is worth considering some features relating to the implementation of massage.

Classic full body massage. Technique, benefits, video tutorials for beginnersThe masseur during each appointment should:

  • take into account the age of the patient and his condition;
  • control the patient’s well-being. If signs of malaise appear, stop the procedure and call a doctor;
  • allow the patient to lie down calmly after massage for several minutes.

As for the frequency of massage, the procedure should be repeated every other day.

Benefit and harm

Classical full body massage is an effective procedure, the professional results of which will be obtained:

  • elimination of muscle fatigue and increase their elasticity;
  • pain relief;
  • removal of harmful substances from the body;
  • improvement of the nervous system;
  • general increase in tone;
  • natural weight loss;
  • elimination of migraine;
  • getting rid of puffiness;
  • metabolic acceleration;
  • improved blood supply
  • mood boost.

Classic full body massage. Technique, benefits, video tutorials for beginnersAfter a properly performed massage, the client should feel pleasant tiredness. Some patients complain that they are starting to fall asleep, they may increase pressure and runny nose. However, this is not for long: after a while, a surge of vigor will begin to be felt.

When it is necessary and when the procedure is contraindicated

You can not abuse the massage, because it can lead to complications. To avoid this, you need to know exactly in which cases the massage will be useful, and who is not recommended to do it.

Massage will benefit from the following problems:

  • osteochondrosis;
  • curvature of the spine;
  • trouble sleeping;
  • loss of strength;
  • nervous stress;
  • overwork;
  • digestion problems;
  • diseases associated with the upper respiratory tract;
  • migraines
  • rehabilitation after fractures and serious injuries.
Classic full body massage. Technique, benefits, video tutorials for beginners
Conducting sessions of classical body massage is indicated for a number of diseases, including osteochondrosis and curvature of the spine

Sometimes massage is contraindicated temporarily or permanently, it depends on whether the diseases and pathologies are chronic.

The procedure should not be performed with:

  • a cold
  • mycoses;
  • enlarged lymph nodes;
  • menstruation;
  • pregnancy
  • pathologies of the urinary system;
  • varicose veins;
  • oncological diseases;
  • internal hemorrhage;
  • dermatological damage to the integument;
  • chronic pathologies of the kidneys and liver;
  • diabetes.

Before performing a procedure, a professional massage therapist must inquire about the health of the client.

Massage lines

A classic full body massage will be useful if the movements are performed in certain lines.

Classic full body massage. Technique, benefits, video tutorials for beginnersEach of the lines has a direction that is determined by physiological and anatomical features. It depends on blood circulation, the location of organs, the degree of stretching of the skin.

On the back

On the back, movements should be made towards the lymph nodes in the armpits and groin:

  • The 1st line starts from the lower back and approaches the axillary;
  • The 2nd line starts from the sacrum and runs along the spine to its cervical;
  • The 3rd line starts from the buttocks, passes through the latissimus muscles to the shoulder blades and back;
  • The 4th line begins near the sternocleidomastoid fibers and stretches to the shoulder blades;
  • The 5th line originates near the shoulder and goes to the cervical-collar zone through the deltoid muscles.

On foot

Massage of the back surface of the leg is carried out in the following order: the thigh is massaged, then the calf muscle. After that, the massage therapist moves to the Achilles tendon, followed by the foot. All massage lines on the lower extremities begin from the bottom, go up and have a general direction with the lymph flow.

Classic full body massage. Technique, benefits, video tutorials for beginnersMassage the front of the legs with the toes. The sequence should be as follows: first, the back of the foot is massaged, then it goes to the ankle joint, then the lower leg is treated, and all is completed by massaging the thigh. Here the hands of the massage therapist should move from bottom to top. The knee area is worked out in a circular motion clockwise.

Torso massage

The front of the body begins to massage with rubbing along the s
ternum, while gradually moving to the neck. The pectoral muscles are massaged only in men. When massaging the gaps between the ribs, the arms should move from the sternum to the sides.

Abdominal massage should be performed with caution, making circular movements in a clockwise direction, while it is important to prevent painful sensations.

On hands

Hands need to be massaged step by step. You should start with your fingers and then gradually move to the shoulder. All lines on the arm have a direction corresponding to the lymph flow: they are directed from the periphery to the center.

4 massage methods

Classic full body massage can be divided into 4 methods:

Massage method Description
Manual It is considered traditional, otherwise called manual. This method is used most often, since in this case the massage therapist can feel the condition of the tissues that are being massaged with his own hands.
The manual method allows you to perform any massage technique, as well as combine several techniques, if necessary, and alternate them. The only drawback of manual massage is that the massage therapist gets tired, especially during long sessions and when holding receptions that take a lot of energy
Hardware To facilitate the work of a massage therapist, various devices were invented and are still being invented. When using special devices, the masseur does not spend as much energy as in the case of the manual method, however, he cannot feel the area of the body that is being massaged.

The devices are not able to perform many tricks, for this reason this method is often used only as an additional

Combined It is a combination of manual and hardware methods. Most often, such a massage is done to athletes.
The main advantage of combined massage is that it can significantly reduce the time required to conduct 1 session. Also, this type of massage on the body has an enhanced physiological effect.
Foot Many centuries ago, oriental masseurs used it in baths. Today, foot massage is recommended when the manual method is ineffective.
You can do foot massage for healthy people who have a large body weight.

Basic techniques of classic massage

Over the years of massage practice, many techniques have been developed that help eliminate dozens of different diseases. The basic techniques of massage 4.


This is the technique that is performed at the very beginning and at the very end of the massage. It can also be used between other techniques as a “relaxing pause”.
When stroking the massage therapist’s palm simply moves on the skin, the pressure force depends on the goals of the session. When stroking, the skin is cleaned of horny scales, sweat and secretions of the sebaceous glands.

This technique contributes to:

  • improved blood flow;
  • accelerate metabolism;
  • increase skin tone. As a result, it acquires smoothness, firmness, elasticity;
  • pains are eliminated.


This technique is often referred to as a type of stroking.

It has some features:

  • the palm does not just slide over the skin, but acts on it so that it stretches or moves;
  • the masseur during grinding presses more intensively than when stroking;
  • the direction of movement of the hands can either coincide with the lymph flow or be opposite to it.

Classic full body massage. Technique, benefits, video tutorials for beginners
Classic full body massage. Technique, benefits, video tutorials for beginnersRubbing contributes to the expansion of blood vessels and increased blood flow. This technique is often used if necessary to reduce pain.


When kneading, they affect deeply located muscles. This technique is considered difficult, it takes the most time to conduct it.
When performing kneading, the palms should move slowly and smoothly, while the fabric is captured, lifted and squeezed. This technique is good gymnastics for the muscles. It will be especially useful for low muscle tone.


The amplitude and frequency of vibration are set by the masseur. The excitability of muscles depends on how intense the movements of his hands will be.

Step-by-step methodology

A classic full body massage can be performed in a variety of techniques depending on the purpose. For example, a wellness massage, which is designed to help with diseases of the spine and circulatory system, will be carried out a little differently than a relaxing massage, the purpose of which is to relieve tension, improve skin condition, strengthen immunity, increase blood flow.

Classic massage for relaxation

The sequence of its implementation is as follows:

  1. Before the session, the masseur asks the patient questions, being interested in his health. This is necessary to identify contraindications.
  2. Diagnosis is carried out, during which the professional “probes” pain points. Based on the data obtained as a result of this procedure, the sequence of techniques and the maximum allowable load will be determined.
  3. Moving to the main part, the masseur begins to stretch his back and lower back.
  4. These body parts are processed.
  5. Massaging the neck and trapezius muscles.
  6. Massaging the buttock and hip joints.
  7. Massage of the lower extremities.
  8. The movements of the masseur throughout the body, thereby providing a calming effect.
  9. The patient turns over, begins a foot massage in the direction from the feet to the trunk.
  10. The chest and upper limbs are massaged.
  11. Massage the abdomen.
  12. Massage in the neck, face and head.

For wellness

In order for the wellness massage to have the desired effect, it is necessary to observe a sequence of movements.

Classic full body massage. Technique, benefits, video tutorials for beginnersThe procedures are carried out in the followi
ng order:

  1. The back is massaged.
  2. While the patient continues to lie on his stomach, the left and right lower limbs are massaged.
  3. The patient turns over, the massage therapist begins to work out the front surfaces of both legs: first, the right, then the left.
  4. Massage of the upper limbs. First, the left hand is massaged, then the right.
  5. Massage the abdomen.
  6. Massaging body parts in the cervical zone.
  7. Massage of the face and head.

This order is standard. However, the time it takes to massage a particular part of the body depends on the individual characteristics of the patient.


Full body massage for children is a useful procedure that helps to improve the health of the child.

Classic full body massage. Technique, benefits, video tutorials for beginnersMassage movements:

  • have a positive effect on the musculoskeletal system of the baby;
  • increase its muscle tone;
  • improve blood flow.

Tactile touch helps increase the brain activity of the baby, and this accelerates its development, because in the first months of life, children get acquainted with the outside world, primarily through touch.

It is proved that children who in the first year of their life receive the right amount of tactile sensations develop faster. However, the maximum effect can be achieved if the massage is carried out correctly.

It is worth remembering the main features and the sequence of its implementation:

  1. Easy stroking . They will have a calming effect on the child and prepare his body for the upcoming procedures. Stroking should be done with the palms, making smooth movements, while the hand should move from the lymphatic flow to the lymph nodes.
  2. Rubbing . Hands of the masseur should make circular movements in a clockwise direction. The rhythm during grinding should be faster than when stroking. If the child is still very small, it would be better for the masseur to use not the whole arm, but only 3 fingers.
  3. Deep study of muscles and joints . For this, kneading is performed. Movements should be circular and translational.
  4. Vibrations . You need to perform them intensively, but do not overdo it.

The best time for a baby massage is evening. In this case, the procedure will positively affect the baby’s sleep. Such a massage session usually lasts several minutes. You can perform it, for example, in 5 minutes or increase the duration to 20 minutes.

Classic full body massage. Technique, benefits, video tutorials for beginnersIt all depends on the purpose of the procedure and the condition of the child. It is important not to feed the baby for 40 minutes before starting the procedure. After its completion, you need to wait about half an hour, and only then proceed to feeding.

Errors during massage

There are several mistakes that are often made by novice masseurs:

  • too much pressure when stroking. In this case, a skin fold may form, which will cause a feeling of discomfort;
  • the massage therapist’s hand is not fully in contact with the massaged area;
  • the masseur’s fingers are too wide apart;
  • too sharp movements when stroking, this is unacceptable;
  • slipping, when rubbing, the skin should move and shift.

It is important that the massage is performed correctly, when at least one of the above or any other mistakes is made, not only it will not be possible to achieve the desired effect, but, on the contrary, various health problems or complications that already exist may appear.

The number of sessions required for healing, relaxation

Typically, a massage course is 10 sessions. This amount can be reduced or increased depending on the condition of the patient. If he is healthy and just wants to relax, 1 procedure may be enough. The exact amount should be determined by your doctor.

Price per session

The cost of 1 session of classic massage can be different. It depends on the level of professionalism of the massage therapist and on where the procedure is performed. The price may increase if the classic massage is combined with other types, for example, with anti-cellulite.

The cost is also influenced by the number of procedures that must be determined individually. On average, the procedure costs $ 10,2. Classical massage is the basis for various wellness, rehabilitation and preventive procedures.

Even a single massage of the whole body will have a huge positive effect – it will contribute to healing, improve mood, give strength, and prevent possible complications.

Classic Full Body Massage Video

How is a classic body massage performed:

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