What are fillers in cosmetology

Fillers – what is it and whether it is worth resorting to a similar procedure aimed at maintaining beauty – everyone asks such a question only after hearing about such injections. Often, fillers are confused with drugs containing Botox, this is fundamentally the wrong opinion.

What are fillers in cosmetology

Fillers – what is it

Dermal fillers are gel, with the correct application of which you can achieve a significant improvement in appearance or correct deficiencies. Such injections are aimed at eliminating age-related signs – wrinkles and loss of tone.

The difference between mesotherapy, philling and botox

The composition of the injections and the execution of the procedure play a crucial role in an objective assessment of the effectiveness of the procedure.

The mesotherapy procedure is designed not only to eliminate age-related changes, but also to refresh the skin. Beauticians often offer mesotherapy as an alternative to anti-acne treatments.

The preparations used for this procedure consist only of the natural elements necessary for the skin, which makes it an excellent anti-aging and nourishing agent.

Filling (fillers) is a gel preparation used for injection into the facial muscles (nasolabial fold, mouth area), allowing you to remove deep facial and age wrinkles.

Filling is carried out with a course to maintain beauty and youth, correct face asymmetry and correct skin imperfections.

As part of fillers can have both natural components and a synthetic base. The most popular natural element for injection of this type is subcutaneous fat.

What are fillers in cosmetology
Fillers can get rid of such noticeable age-related manifestations as nasolabial folds or wrinkles around the mouth.

Hyaluronic acid is considered to be the most popular and safest composition for the administration of dermal fillers.

The compositions are distinguished not only by their effectiveness, but also by their safety, for example, injections with silicone are the cheapest, but at the same time they often “go away” from the desired area and can cause an allergic reaction.

Botox injections are better known among the people, but not safer. Intoxication can be called the most common consequence of the incorrect administration of Botox. In their composition, such drugs have botuxin – a fairly strong poison for nerve endings.

What are fillers in cosmetology
Botox injections are effective in eliminating forehead wrinkles, nose bridge and eye area.

Unlike philling or mototherapy, the result of Botox injections is immediately visible, which allows you to be sure of effectiveness.

In addition to the general difference in composition, dermal fillers and Botox injections are different in action and scope. For example, when small wrinkles appear around the eyes and on the forehead, it is worth turning to Botox injections.

Fillers can get rid of such noticeable manifestations as a nasolabial fold or wrinkles around the mouth.

Correction zones

Appearance correction procedures vary in scope. Fillers are used to correct deep wrinkles in the mouth.

The procedure of correction and lip augmentation is very popular among young girls and middle-aged women. According to a social survey, a girl who appreciates her appearance at least once, but was thinking about undergoing a similar procedure.

What are fillers in cosmetology
Lip augmentation with fillers is one of the most popular correction procedures, especially among young girls

Recently, one can often see announcements of “home” specialists about the introduction of fillers. Do not trust such “professionals.” Like any procedure, philling should be supervised by a competent and trained specialist using quality materials.

Are injections painful

The soreness of the procedure is determined by the person personally. With the proper conduct and use of quality material, philling will be completely painless.

Clinics also practice the use of substances with anesthetic effect in the form of topical application to the area to be treated.

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Face fillers

The use of fillers is necessary for the artificial restoration of facial beauty.

There is no age limit for such a procedure, but there are contraindications. Contraindications include both personal intolerance and diseases of the circulatory system.

What are fillers in cosmetology

Collagen Fillers

Collagen-based fillers – what it is and what they are made of – these are the main questions that arise for the fair sex. First of all, it is worth understanding what collagen is.

Collagen is one of the main elastic proteins of the body; in cosmetology it is used both in the fight against age-related changes and in correcting appearance defects.

Protein is part of the skin, tendons and cartilage. In the human body, collagen can be contained in large quantities – up to 35% of the total mass of proteins in the body. In addition, a similar protein can be found in the tissues of other mammals.

As a cosmetic product, collagen from two mammals is used – a human and a pig.

Human Collagen Based

Human collagen has been used in cosmetology for a long time, its origin can be of two types: donor and artificially synthesized.

When using artificial human collagen, the risk of an allergic reaction is almost minimal. This tool is synthesized artificially in the laboratory using the skin cells of the patient.

Thanks to this approach, the resulting collagen is closest to what is already in the body and does not conflict with it.

Collagen of donor origin became the object of many disputes. It is believed that this particular subspecies of the cosmetic product is extracted from the skin of prisoners sentenced to death. The ethical issue of the procedure using fillers from such material constantly pops up in the news feed.

Pork Collagen Based

Collagen produced by pigs is well understood by the human body. After its use, rashes and allergies are seen very rarely and only in small manifestations.

The undoubted advantage of this type of operation is the naturalness of the product. In addition, collagen-based fillers not only smooth wrinkles, but also help improve the appearance of the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

Hyaluronic acid is the best alternative to artificial wrinkle fillers. Its effectiveness has been proven by scientists. It is important that t
he result appears almost immediately.

Among the advantages of facial contouring using this type of fillers can be noted such as a long service life (6-24 months), the absence of an allergic reaction, and a variety of drugs for subcutaneous administration.

In the line of the most popular drugs for adjusting the facial contour and eliminating age-related changes are the following:

  • Restylane is a course preparation. It is used to correct the forms of hum and eliminate wrinkles and wrinkles. The effect of the product lasts about 6 months, but in the area with moving muscles, for example in the mouth, the effect lasts less. For a final victory over wrinkles, a small injection course is required once every half a year. Restylane brand produces several lines of fillers for various skin types. What are fillers in cosmetology
  • Perline – One of the Restylane brand products, suitable as a means to eliminate pronounced age-related skin changes. The effect of the procedure is observed immediately, a significant advantage of this particular drug is full compatibility with the skin and the human body. The drug is not allergenic and is completely excreted from the body. What are fillers in cosmetology
  • Belotero is a brand of fillers for various purposes. Injections of drugs of this brand are quite common in the United States, and the number of types of injections is more than 5. The brand is popular due to the long-term effect of the injection (12 months) and a variety of formulations. What are fillers in cosmetology
    Yuviderm – the purpose of this drug is durable contour plastic, and the variety of products is enough to satisfy the most sensitive buyer. Often you can find on the market a drug with lidocaine from this brand – it is used for especially sensitive skin. Like all preparations for contouring, Juviderm is available in the form of a disposable gel-filled syringe. The gel contains hyaluronic acid, which helps to improve the health and beauty of the skin. What are fillers in cosmetology
  • Styling – the drug has been on the market of cosmetic procedures for a long time, its innovative composition is aimed at increasing the duration of the gel. The manufacturer has been working on this line of tools for a long time. According to social surveys, the effect of the use of the drug looks natural, quite plastic and lasts up to 12 months. What are fillers in cosmetology
  • Princesses are cosmetic products. The manufacturer has in its lineup several tools for adjusting facial and age-related changes in facial skin. It is important that these products have been on the market for cosmetic services for more than 30 years. What are fillers in cosmetology

Calcium hydroxyapatite fillers

Recently, cosmetology is actively developing and brings more and more innovative methods to the world of beauty. Such developments include calcium hydroxyapatite, the material itself is inorganic, its presence in the body can be noted on tooth enamel and in bone composition.

This material is obtained from the coral of the Porites subspecies, which makes it especially valuable. According to experts, it is this material that helps accelerate the synthesis of collagen in skin cells.

Poly-L-Lactic Acid Fillers

Poly-L-lactic acid is used in cosmetology to restore the youthful appearance of tissues. The drug is popular among those who want to correct facial imperfections in a natural way.

The general purpose of using poly-L-lactic acid is to stimulate collagen production. Acid is completely biological and does not cause rejection in body tissues.

Polymethyl methacrylate microspheres fillers

Such a drug is used as an injection that is inert with respect to human biological structures. Such funds belong to artificial polymers that increase the volume when they get into wrinkles.

Alternatives to Cosmetic Injection Fillers

Creams for face wrinkles – what is it

Cosmetic anti-age creams – fillers occupy an important place on the shelf of many women aged. It is these products that have become a popular and cheap alternative to cosmetic injections.

Revitalift Filler Loreal

This cream filler is intended for the age of 35-40 years. The composition contains hyaluronic acid, which is able to penetrate deeply into the layers of the skin. The cream is popular not only due to its quick and durable effect.

What are fillers in cosmetology

The action is also aimed at improving the appearance of the skin. Depending on the place of production, the price varies. A cream produced in Germany costs around $ 12,24, a cream made in Great Britain – $ 23.

Hyaluronic Cream Filler Libriderm

Cream Libriderm will cost about $ 14. Reviews on its use are contradictory. Many women write that this filler causes irritation and inflammation, and all because of the chemical composition. Others speak of a good result.

What are fillers in cosmetology

Patches – what is it

Patches for the face – are carried out by analogy with ordinary masks, the procedure can be performed both by a specialist and independently at home. Mask patches are a ready-made product and do not require time for preparation.

Hair fillers

Like facial skin, hair also needs care and support. Hair fillers are small ampoules with preparations that accelerate hair restoration, add shine and eliminate other defects of the hairline.

Nasolabial folds

Like other facial wrinkles, nasolabial folds can appear in every woman. To correct and eliminate them, special compositions have been created for fillers of various companies:

  • Restylane Perline is a Swedish filler with stable sales. It is noteworthy that this drug is popular both in USA and in other countries of the world. It is a universal remedy for fixing problems such as deep facial wrinkles.
  • Princess Volum is an Austrian remedy, famous for its natural effect with little risk.
  • Yuviderm ultra – the drug contains lidocaine, which makes the procedure not only effective, but also virtually painless.
  • Gluton is a line of drugs that is gaining popularity due to it
    s very long-lasting effect – about 1 year.

Lip fillers

Lip fillers have a large number of variations, but they are all subject to separation into quickly absorbed and slowly excreted. All drugs with collagen content are quickly digestible:

  • Zirplast, Artekoll and Artefill – based on bovine collagen.
  • Dermologen, Isologen, Cosmoderm – based on human collagen.

Preparations containing inorganic compounds with a complete withdrawal from the body for about 3 years:

  • Ellance – created on the basis of polycaprolactone.
  • Sculpture – contains complex poly-L-lactic acid.
  • Radies – the main active ingredient is calcium hydroxyapatite.

Cheekbone fillers

Fillers for cheekbones are mostly in demand in women after 40, a tendency is observed due to the loss of skin elasticity and a healthy appearance.

Fillers for the cheekbones are mainly aimed at stimulating the production of collagen by the skin of the face, this gives an excellent anti-aging effect.

What are fillers in cosmetology
Filler injections into the cheekbones before and after the procedure

When using gel fillers, the volume increases, but skin does not renew, this is due to the absence of nutrients in the composition of silicone or similar substances.

Fillers under the eyes

The use of various fillers in the area under the eyes until recently was a controversial issue, but cosmetology as a science does not stand still and invents new tools. The substances used in this zone must meet several criteria:

  • Hypoallergenicity.
  • Painlessness.
  • Easy absorption by the body and long lasting effect.

Which filler is better

Definitely say which filler is better, not one cosmetologist can, each patient needs to choose the appropriate composition individually. There are sales leaders on the market, but this is most likely due not to quality, but to the availability and acceptability of the composition.

Appearance correction by fillers

How is nose correction done with fillers

Correction of the nose with fillers, like any area of the face, begins with preliminary preparation. Initially, a cosmetologist should choose a drug that is suitable for the patient, taking into account all the features of the skin and facial structure.

What are fillers in cosmetology
Nose filler correction

The second stage is surface treatment and the introduction of the drug into the skin, after the introduction it is not recommended to dramatically change facial expressions, laugh or cry. Some patients have noticed bruising and slight swelling.

All the consequences of the procedure pass within 2-4 weeks. After the verification period set by the cosmetologist, you need to go through the last examination and calmly return to your previous life.

Nasolacrimal sulcus – correction by fillers

Correction of the nasolacrimal groove is not an easy task, the skin in this zone is thin and very sensitive. It is recommended to carry out the procedure only in specialized clinics with the availability of equipment.

What are fillers in cosmetology

Correction of the nasolacrimal groove should not be carried out by a layman at home, this can affect both the health of the eyes and the general well-being of a person is very detrimental.

How is the correction of nasolabial folds carried out by fillers

Correction of nasolabial folds is carried out using two methods:

  • The introduction of collagen into the dermis, which helps to straighten the folds. Thus, cosmetologists achieve the greatest naturalness, but the effect will be visible only over time.
  • Introducing gel into skin layers to increase volume. This procedure is more effective, but less safe for the body.

What are fillers in cosmetology

The procedure begins with the preparation of the skin and its degreasing, in some cases lidocaine or similar agents are used to reduce sensitivity. With the right choice of a quality drug, the procedure is quick and without consequences.

How is breast augmentation and filler correction performed

Breast correction with fillers is one of the most popular procedures for women of different ages. The main method for correcting the shape and size of the breast can be considered the use of fillers with hyaluronic acid.

What are fillers in cosmetology

In appearance, the acid resembles a ghoul, this is due to the large volume of water in the cells of this polysaccharide. Hyaluronic acid breast augmentation can enlarge the breast and adjust the size and shape of any bust.

This option for changing the shape of the breast is more acceptable for many due to the lack of anesthesia.

Face contouring with fillers

How is facial contouring performed with fillers

Before starting the contouring operation, a thorough markup and selection of the drug is carried out. After the preparation is completed, the patient is consulted and the procedure itself. The result after injection is visible immediately and lasts about a year, it all depends on the substance used.

How much is contour plastic fillers – price

Contour plastic surgery is a relatively expensive procedure, the cheapest drugs cost about $ 136, but in total with the services of a professional, the cost can reach several tens of thousand usd.

How much do injection fillers cost

Injection fillers can be bought through a sales representative or the Internet, the cost of one syringe starts from one thousand, cheaper materials can be of poor quality and cause an allergic reaction.

Despite the cost of the injection solution itself, not much is required, for example, about 0 – 0,1 fluid ounce of the drug is required for an average neglected nasolabial fold.

Dermalax filler

This Korean-made injection filler contains an anesthetic. Despite the fact that Dermalax is not very popular in aesthetic cosmetology in USA, its quality is certified by clinical studies in many Western countries. The
price is about $ 102.

What are fillers in cosmetology


Contraindications for the use of drugs for philling include pregnancy and lactation, a violation of the circulatory system.

Side effects

From various drugs, you can expect your side effects, to the general ones include:

  • Swelling and inflammation;
  • Itching and allergic reaction.

Rehabilitation after the procedure

With the correct procedure and the absence of side effects, the restoration of the body takes about a month, and the complete removal of the drug from the body – about a year.

Now it’s clear why one of the most popular remedies for correcting cosmetic defects is precisely fillers. What is it, how they affect the body and all the features of the procedure are known. The cosmetologist will describe individual features in preparation for the procedure.

Useful Filler Video

Princess nasolabial fold correction:

Hyaluronic acid filler injections:

Fillers workshop:

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