Hair-dye Keen (Keen): a palette of colors, shades, a photo on hair. Composition, instructions for use

When dyeing hair, the color should be not only intense, but also stable. Only high-quality paint can cope with this task. Marketplaces both offline and online offer a huge assortment of cosmetic products designed for every taste and income.

Among this variety stands out the hair dye of the professional Keen line, the color palette of which will satisfy even the most sophisticated taste.

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Keen Paint

Keen hair dye with its inimitable palette was created by Ewald. The company began its history in 1940 in Germany. Its founder is a German hairdresser from the city of Frauenwald named Robert Schmidt.

Initially, he produced eau de toilette for hair, which included mountain herbs. For several years, the company was engaged in the development and production of eau de toilette, an elixir for hair based on birch sap and cologne. However, a real breakthrough was a drug for a perm. Hair-dye Keen (Keen): a palette of colors, shades, a photo on hair. Composition, instructions for use

The organization is a family business led by the founder’s descendant Robert Ewald, who runs the production process. In 2009, Ewald begins production of a creative professional line, which becomes the pinnacle of the development of the company – TM KEEN. Translated from English keen means striving, passionately wanting something.

Keen hair dye, the palette of which has more than 60 shades, was launched on the market after the care products and styling of the same line.

The paint has a soft consistency, which guarantees comfort and pleasant sensations during application, eliminating the inconvenience. The composition contains exclusively natural elements, which makes it possible to achieve the desired effect.

The dye paints hair sequentially, uniformly. It gives the hair a rich shade after dyeing, the color is very stable and does not fade. It is easy and simple to create your own hair tone. This paint is one of the best among professional hair dye products.


  • Developed by a team of experienced professionals in the manufacture of hair dye products.
  • Special care elements guarantee hair shine and softness.
  • Evenly dyes the entire length of the hair and has incredible resistance.
  • The components included in the composition provide a qualitative care for the hair.
  • Dyes mix perfectly with each other. This helps to create an unusually elegant shade and satisfy the requirements of the most fastidious consumer.

The paint is designed taking into account the normal acidity of the scalp. The pH of the dye is 9.5-11.5. Unlike other paints, Keen paint does not irritate the skin, and accordingly the hair follicle. Healthy hair at the root – healthy along the entire length.

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Composition and active substances

Keen hair dyes are a high-quality creation, the palette of shades of it was created by a team of German experts using cutting-edge technologies that provide complete hair care.

The composition of paints includes unique components:

  • Keratins are fibrillar proteins that have the mechanical ability to resist destruction. Keratins are constituents of the epidermis of the skin. They are part of the natural composition of nails and hair. Hair-dye Keen (Keen): a palette of colors, shades, a photo on hair. Composition, instructions for use
  • Milk protein is an inorganic crystalline substance that accelerates the course of biochemical interactions and is of significant importance in the process of metabolism.
  • Panthenol is a substance whose main component is a group of vitamins that are of great importance in cellular metabolism. This substance is used to moisturize and treat various skin defects in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.
  • Hydrolyzed silk is a natural substance that, during the chemical reaction of interactivity with water, collapses and forms new, easily digestible elements.

Additional components are: minerals, vitamins, aromatic oils.

Staining safety

Keen paint has been designed for high-quality dyeing. Thanks to unique developments, it works in a gentle mode for curls and scalp, at the same time gives them a radiance and a steady tone. One of the components of the dye is ammonia. This substance is an alkali. It is necessary in order to open the outer layer (cuticle) and penetrate the color dye into the hair.

Ammonia is known to irritate the skin, even to an allergic reaction. In this regard, international standards have been developed, according to them the amount of alkali in the paint should not exceed 6%. All Keen dyes contain no more than 3% oxidizing agent. Due to this, coloring is absolutely safe for skin and hair and does not cause allergies.

Ewald also developed the soft tinting series of the Keen line. It is designed for thin brittle hair. Its peculiarity in the oxidizing agent is its ammonia content is only 1.9%, and the coloring matter is cream oil.

How long does the color last

Any Keen dye has a soft coloring, practically without damaging the hair. A specially selected complex, which includes amino acids and olive oil, cares for emaciated hair.

Hair acquires shine and a healthy look for a long period. Shades of a certain series do an excellent job with painting gray hair. Even if the gray hair is focal, the dye will not leave any transitions – the color will be evenly distributed over all hair.

The components of the cream paint fill the cuticle with the coloring pigment and close it. Due to this, the color looks saturated and remains for a long time inside each hair.

Hair-dye Keen (Keen): a palette of colors, shades, a photo on hair. Composition, instructions for use

The olive oil and macadamia nut included in the preparation envelop the hair along the entire length, thereby preventing leaching and burnout.

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Opinions of hairdressers about paint

The tool has a very diverse color scheme. It includes natural ones – the ones closest to natural colors, as well as bright defiant shades.

The palette itself gives a clear idea of color. The manufacturer uses artificial fibers as a model of dyed locks, but as stylists assure, the color obtained after dyeing does not differ from the declared one.

Keen hair dye palette with its color scheme has natural tones. Masters hairdressers use them to create color depths, and they are also used for long-term painting of gray strands or the entire gray hair.

Natural shades are presented in the table.

Tone number Color description What complexion suits
The opinion of hairdressers
1.0 the black bright skin Shades, saturated colors, remain for a long time, even with the minimum acceptable duration of the procedure.
3.0 dark brown
4.0 brown
5.0 light brown
6.0 light brown light skin with olive tint and pink blush
7.0 light blond
8.0 blond
10.0 ultralight blond
Natural +
5.00 brown + Peach with freckles Colors work well as a base
7.00 Medium blond Bright skin
8.00 blond

Ewald’s philosophy is based on certain principles. One of them is youth. This implies: indefatigable energy, high ambition and, of course, health. In this regard, the ball has developed a palette of bright red shades that emphasize this.

Tone number color description what complexion suits opinion of stylists
0.5 mixton red light skin with a golden hue shades retain brightness and saturation for a long time. Used as an independent color, and to highlight strands
4.5 cherry
5.5 Ekampati
6.5 ruby red dark
7.5 ruby red
8.5 ruby red light
intense red
5.55 dark lingonberry fair skin and peach with freckles stylists mainly add these shades to add softness to cold tones.
6.55 lingonberry
7.55 lingonberry light
intense copper
6.44 dark blond light skin with a golden hue colors are applied when coloring as the main color
7.44 intense copper
8.44 copper blond
9.44 copper
copper red
5.45 brown copper red peach complexion using these shades you can create an unusual game of color
6.45 dark blond red
8.45 red
red violet
4.56 beaujolais pale pink, porcelain skin painting in such tones is best done in the cabin
5.56 burgundy
6.56 Litsch
0.6 mixton purple light, pale pink skin tone is used to emphasize color depth
4.6 wild plum
6.6 eggplant
purple red
0.65 mixton pale pink and peach skin shades are good and paint over gray hair for a long time
6.65 Bordeaux
9.65 champagne
10.65 chardonnay

Keen hair dye (a palette of brown and light shades is presented in the table).

Tone number color description  what complexion suits opinion of professionals
4.7 mocha light skin with olive tint dried color, preference is given to women over 40
5.7 chocolate
6.7 cocoa
7.7 caramel
8.7 sand
brown ash
4.71 cardamom suitable for any skin color shades give visual volume to hair
5.71 bootet
6.71 tobacco
purple ash
9.61 light coloured bright skin strands are highlighted with such tones when lightening hair
10.61 light ash
brownish golden
5.73 Havana peach complexion with freckles color does not fade over a long period of time
6.73 nutmeg
7.73 clove
8.73 honey
9.73 ginger
brightening series
12.60 platinum blond purple light or light pink skin Despite the lightening effect, the hair does not split and does not break
12.65 purple red
12.70 platinum blond brown
Hair-dye Keen (Keen): a palette of colors, shades, a photo on hair. Composition, instructions for use
Keen Hair Color Picker

How to choose the right shade for hair

In order for the chosen color to be advantageous, highlight all the best from nature, first you need to establish the color type of the appearance.

Four main types are distinguished and name them according to the seasons:

Winter . This type includes owners of light, with a pink tint skin. The eyes may be hazel or dark brown. Ideal for this type of blue-black and eggplant shades, lead-ash cold tones will look good.

Autumn . Autumn color type includes people with a skin of a gentle peach hue. On their faces and shoulders, they usually have many beautiful freckles. The eyes are green or light brown. People with such an appearance should choose all shades of brown for coloring: from dark chocolate to red.

Summer . On the skin of owners of the summer color type, a tan gently and evenly lays down. The color of cat’s eyes is yellow-brown, rarely green. “Summer” people prefer brown-yellow and light brown tones. Hair-dye Keen (Keen): a palette of colors, shades, a photo on hair. Composition, instructions for use

Spring . This color type is distinguished by fragility, sensitivity. Therefore, colors must be chosen, emphasizing these qualities. The skin of such people is light, with a wheat tint. The eyes are blue or pale green. Caramel, wheat and red tones will certainly suit them.

Keen Hair Coloring Instructions

Despite the fact that Keen is professional, it is easy to dye your hair yourself. Before proceeding with staining, the manufacturer recommends testing the skin for an allergic reaction. To do this, drip a little oxidizer on the outside of the elbow.

If after 3 hours no changes on the skin have occurred, you can proceed to the color change procedure.

  • In a non-metallic container, the necessary amount of coloring matter is measured. Calculation should be carried out with a small margin, given that the consumption for damaged and dry hair will be greater.
  • An oxidizing agent is added to the coloring composition in a ratio of 1: 1. The manufacturer has already calculated the required percentage of alkali
    in the oxidizing agent. Therefore, the ratio must be observed exactly, not experimented. Otherwise, the company will not be liable for damage to hair and skin.
  • Using a brush, the components are thoroughly mixed to a homogeneous mass.
  • But the head is parted. Separate a thin strand and stain it from root to ends. Each strand must be combed after applying the paint, for its uniform distribution. Hair-dye Keen (Keen): a palette of colors, shades, a photo on hair. Composition, instructions for use
  • The minimum staining time is 20 minutes, the maximum hour. It all depends on the structure of the hair and the desired intensity of the shade.
  • By the time, the head is washed well with shampoo. After applying a balm, and the hair is washed with warm water.

In the future, to maintain the brightness of the color, it is enough to use a balm of the same line.

Release form and price

The Keen line includes the following coloring agents:

  • Cream paint pH 10.5. Volume 100ml.

Over 100 colors for creative compositions. The components included in the composition take care of the structure of the hair during and after dyeing. The cost is $ 5,71.

  • The oxidizing cream (1.9% – 12%) goes separately. Volume 3,38 fluid ounce, 33,81 fluid ounce, 169,07 fluid ounce.

The product is intended for oxidative staining. Due to its thick consistency, it does not run down locks during use. Price from $ 2 – $ 7. Hair-dye Keen (Keen): a palette of colors, shades, a photo on hair. Composition, instructions for use

  • Cream butter pH 9.5 – 10.5. Volume 3,38 fluid ounce.

Neat toning without ammonia. The combination of oils provides care over the entire length of the hair. Price $ 5,3.

Where to buy paint

Keen dyes are available at professional cosmetics stores. It is better to do this online because of the wider and more complete assortment.

An unusually wide color palette of Keen hair colors will help in changing the image or emphasizing natural beauty. And the components included in its composition for a long time will provide protection and shine of hair.

Keen Hair Dye Video

Keen 8.7 dye on hair after washing:

Keen stain staining:

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