How to lose weight by 22 pounds per month at home

The quick acquisition of an aspen waist is the dream of most of the female population in anticipation of the holiday season. Athletes are preoccupied with their weight, preparing for serious competitions.

The actual amount that can be dropped in a month ranges from 22 pounds. However, if we talk about any harmless methods of losing weight, one can’t count on such a figure.

How to lose weight by 22 pounds per month at homeHow many pounds can you lose in a month without harming your health

If you do not stress the body, then with the right approach, a person should lose no more than one pounds per week.

How to lose weight by 22 pounds per month

For whom is the risk of rapid weight loss still justified Nutritionists agree that patients who have excessive excess body weight, but in fact obesity, this method of weight loss is acceptable.

Mode, nutrition, sport

First, you have to subordinate life to new rules:

  • Eat strictly by the hour.
  • Choose the power scheme that can withstand.
  • In order not to think about food, you need to take your thoughts into an interesting hobby.
  • To develop a regime of physical activity.
  • Weekly weight control.
  • It is necessary to believe in the possibility of a positive result.
    How to lose weight by 22 pounds per month at home
    How to lose weight in a month

Changing eating habits

In order to lose 22 pounds per month, you need to fundamentally change your eating habits. Regardless of the selected program, within a week, or even a month, you will have to change the established canons of food.

What products are banned

You need to prepare yourself for the fact that some familiar food will be excluded from the daily menu. Most methods require the abandonment of:

  • sweets;
  • fatty dishes;
  • smoked meats and pickles;
  • cereals and vegetables with a high content of gluten and starch;
  • mayonnaise and other sauces, ketchups;
  • alcoholic and carbonated drinks.

The principles of good nutrition for weight loss

The main credo of proper nutrition during the diet is not to eat too much at a time. All weight loss programs recommend splitting the eaten food into equal parts.

How to lose weight by 22 pounds per month at home
How to lose weight in a month

Learn to use calorie tables. This will be needed for self-compilation of the menu. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as drink plenty of water.

We make the menu for the day on our own

Choosing a specific diet as a basis is not enough. While at home, it’s easy to make up for the lack of prescribed products by going to the store.

But if lunch is planned in a cafe or dining room, then the choice is already limited. To quickly navigate the calorie grid, you need to take care of the daily diet in advance. A list of dishes is prepared for the whole day, taking into account what may be in the working dining room.

Choose a diet

It is impossible to count all the diets that are offered today to the afflicted to lose weight. Change your body by 22 pounds. for a month you can try with the following diets.

“Minus 60”

This is the author’s diet of the American woman Katerina Merimanova, tried on her own experience and gave excellent results. The process is designed for a long time. The number of food restrictions is minimal. Only milk chocolate, dessert wine and semolina will have to be excluded.

How to lose weight by 22 pounds per month at home
Weight loss diet

The basic rules of the diet:

  • Reception of products during the day divided into equal portions.
  • Exclude night snacks.
  • Reduce the amount of potatoes, pasta, sugar in the diet.
  • Eat potatoes, pasta, sugar only in the morning.
  • Take desserts for breakfast so that the extra calories burn out during the day.
  • Gradual in everything. For example: reduce the amount of sugar in tea from 3 to two tablespoons, then to one. The habit of eating before bedtime, gradually shifting one hour until 6 in the evening.
  • Add fruits to meals, rather than snacking on them.
  • Drink no more than two gallon of fluid per day.
  • Do not eat bread and meat products at the same time.
  • Dinner to make low-calorie. Either vegetable or meat, add only fruit dressings.
  • The maximum number of meals is 4 (lunch is allowed).

“5 parts”

Back in the early 20th century, Dr. Pevzner invented 15 diet “tables” for his patients. Depending on the disease that his patients suffered, he selected the menu necessary for recovery.

The basic principle of this menu is based on 5 meals a day.

With such fractional nutrition, the load on the liver and biliary system is minimal. The excretion of bile and the accumulation of important polysaccharides are stimulated. Normalized cholesterol and fat metabolism.

The menu of this table involves exclusively boiled, baked, less often stewed food.

  • Any dairy products with low or medium fat content.
  • Low-fat fish.
  • Any lean meat.
  • Vegetable oils. Animal oil in a limited volume – once a day for a morning sandwich or as an additive to porridge.
  • Any cereals.
  • Eggs in different forms.
  • All vegetables.
  • Fruits are not sour and not too sweet varieties.
  • Drinks: milk coffee, green, black tea, fruit and vegetable juices, low in sugar.

Exceptions to the menu will affect:

  • All fried, smoked, fatty and canned foods.
  • Soups on meat broths are excluded.
  • Legumes.
  • Hot spices.
  • Cold food and drink.
  • Puff pastry. Butter restrict.
  • Chocolate and sugar limit.

Japanese diet

In the land of the “rising sun” you rarely see obese people. This is a slender nation. In ancient times, due to their isolation and climatic conditions on the Japanese islands, they ate vegetables, fruits, cereals, and from protein foods they used poultry and seafood.

How to lose weight by 22 pounds per month at home
Japanese diet for weight loss

There are practically no fats in such a diet; it is low-calorie.

But, it is rich in vitamins and fiber, protein and minerals. Now, of course, culinary trends of other countries have penetrated the country, but traditions in Japan are very strong.

This program is good in that it gives the performer an installation for a specific two-week period. However, you need to be prepared for a very tight schedule:

  • Eat only 3 times a day, avoiding snacks.
  • Salt and other spices should not be added to food.
  • They rise from the table with a feeling of slight hunger.
  • Refuse meat. You can saturate the body with proteins due to chicken, eggs, sea and dairy products.
  • Drink plenty of clean water. Non-sweet coffee and green tea are possible.
  • You can eat vegetable oil, any fruits and vegetables.
  • Of bread products, crackers or dried bread, preferably rye, are recommended.

The Japanese technique allows you to throw up to 18 pounds. At the same time, because of their extremeness, nutritionists do not recommend resorting to it more often than twice a year.

Diet “on Bormental”

Self-control is the main tenet of this diet. Nutritionists recommend that you print a table of calorie foods and attach it to the refrigerator . Daily write down the eaten foods in the notebook and count calories.

The number of calories should not go beyond 1000 below and 1200 from above. Limitations apply to greasy foods, pastries, and alcohol.

Low carb diet

The American diet seeks to limit carbohydrate intake. The principle is that, without getting carbohydrates, the body is looking for an additional source of energy in fat reserves.

The largest amount of carbohydrates is found in: potatoes, sweets, white rice, smoked meats, banana, grapes, any pastries and alcohol. For the duration of the diet, these products must be excluded.

It is recommended to focus on protein foods: meat, eggs, dairy products, nuts, vegetables, mushrooms.

How to lose weight by 22 pounds per month at home
Weight loss diet

Hollywood diet

Public people have to carefully monitor their appearance. Restoring the visual appeal, artists go to any restrictions. And lose weight by 22 pounds per month, no matter how difficult it was.

The duration of the Hollywood diet course is prescribed for either 7 or 14 days. Eat 2 times a day at lunchtime and evening. Vegetable snacks are possible. From the diet are excluded:

  • any salty and sweet dishes;
  • flour and cereal products;
  • alcohol;
  • fruits, vegetables, in which a large amount of starchy substances;
  • any oils;
  • smoked, fried.

A dieter should drink at least 0,4 gallon of water, green tea and coffee.

All protein products are prepared by stewing, boiling or baking.

Acting diet

The diet of actors helps to quickly lose a couple – 7 pounds; The minimum course is 4 days:

  1. tomato saltless juice and boiled rice in unlimited quantities;
  2. cottage cheese, cheese products and dairy;
  3. lean meat with green tea;
  4. orange juice or dry wine.

Ducan’s diet

Oat bran is the cornerstone of Dr. Ducan’s French diet. At the beginning of the process, he suggests calculating the optimal weight that you want to strive for. Height minus 100 for men and minus 110 for women.

How to lose weight by 22 pounds per month at home
Ducan diet for weight loss

The diet is divided into 4 stages, individual duration:

  • the first stage – eat exclusively food with a high protein content;
  • second stage – vegetables are added;
  • the third stage – the gradual introduction of cheeses, sweets, pasta and cereals;
  • the fourth stage – there are no restrictions on nutrition. But, one of the 7 days to do protein.

As a snack – you can steam 2.5 tablespoons of bran. This will get rid of a feeling of severe hunger.


Such a diet prescribes the use of one, sometimes two kinds of products. Water, green tea can be drunk in unlimited quantities.

Examples of such diets:

  1. 0,4 gallon of 1% kefir are divided into several doses, seizing an apple.
  2. unlimited amount of buckwheat cooked on water.
  3. a glass of boiled rice is divided into several methods. You can eat apples or drink apple juice.
    How to lose weight by 22 pounds per month at home
    Mono diet for weight loss

Usually on such diets sit from 3 to 5 days. During this time, the body gets rid of the accumulated slagging. Lost up to 9 pounds.

Weight Loss with Activated Carbon

Those on this diet will need to take up to 10 tablets of an absorbent. Its main action is aimed at drawing harmful substances out of the body. Such a diet is followed for 5 or 10 days.

There are programs offering to take the sorbent only at night or once a day on an empty stomach. The number of tablets in each type of coal technique is individual.

How to lose weight by 22 pounds per month at home
Activated carbon for weight loss

Healthy Slimming Menu Option or System Diet

Wondering how to lose weight by 22 pounds per month Perhaps you should turn to a “system” diet. The diet is signed for 28 days.

  1. Eat small meals up to 5 times a day.
  2. Breakfast is the main meal.
  3. Dinner should contain the least amount of food.
  4. For every day of the week, a new kind of product.

Sample menu for 1 week:

  1. The first 2 weeks for breakfast eat the same thing. It should be saturated with proteins and carbohydrat
    es: a pair of chicken eggs and a small orange.
  2. You can have lunch in the first week:
    • any fruit, but of the same kind, for example, sweet melon (Monday and Thursday);
    • chicken meat;
    • cheese with tomato and a slice of dried bread;
    • boiled vegetables and a pair of eggs;
    • any one fruit (e.g. red apples);
    • and on the last day of the week: boiled chicken with tomato, boiled carrots and potatoes, grapefruit.
  3. You can have dinner during the first week:
    • boiled meat dishes (Monday and Wednesday);
    • a pair of boiled eggs, a slice of rye bread, a cucumber snack, an orange;
    • roasted beef and cucumber salad (on Thursday and Saturday);
    • fried flounder, stewed vegetables, green apple;
    • and on the last day of the first week: boiled vegetables (with the exception of potatoes).

Sample menu for the next 7 days:

  1. The breakfast is the same.
  2. Food for lunch:
    • in the first 3 days: roasted beef with tomato and cucumber appetizer;
    • low-fat cheese, a couple of eggs and boiled carrots;
    • boiled fish;
    • fried meat, tomato and grapefruit;

and ends the week: fried chicken, stewed carrots, tomatoes and grapefruit.

  1. Dinners:
    • first 3 days: a pair of boiled eggs and an orange;
    • Thursday, Friday: boiled eggs;
    • fruit sliced;
    • Sunday: fried chicken, stewed carrots, tomatoes and orange.
      How to lose weight by 22 pounds per month at home
      Systemic diet for weight loss

3 week:

  • first day: eat as much as you want different fruits;
  • in the second: how many vegetable dishes are desired, excluding potatoes;
  • on Wednesday, the diet of the first day is repeated, adding boiled vegetables to the fruit;
  • fourth: stewed broccoli, leafy salad with the addition of cabbage are prepared for fried flounder;
  • fifth: boiled beef with stewed broccoli;
  • and at the weekend: green apples.

In the last 7 days they eat at any time, but strictly observe the number of products from the list:

  • Day one: boiled chicken 400 grams, 3 small tomatoes, 4 green cucumbers, a jar of canned tuna, a slice of bread, citrus;
  • second day: 200 grams of roasted beef, 3 small tomatoes, 4 green cucumbers, slice, a small slice of melon;
  • third: 20 grams of cottage cheese, a saucer of boiled vegetable snacks, two small tomatoes and fresh cucumbers, slice, citrus;
  • fourth: half boiled chicken, 3 small tomatoes, fresh cucumber, slice, medium citrus, green apple;
  • fifth: two boiled eggs, a bunch of leaf lettuce, 3 small tomatoes, medium orange;
  • day 6: a pounds of white chicken meat, 125 grams of low-fat cheese, 2 small tomatoes and the same number of cucumbers, slice, medium citrus, 8,45 fluid ounce. kefir;
  • on Sunday repeat the set of products of the third day.

What treatments can help you lose weight

If, with the question: “how to lose weight by 22 pounds per month” turn to a nutritionist, then, to help dietetic nutrition, he will certainly advise a number of other procedures.


Massage aimed at problem areas with the highest body fat.


The procedure is carried out in a cosmetology office, but you can carry out it yourself. A paste is applied to the patient’s body, acting on the subcutaneous fat layer, after which it is wrapped in polyethylene.

How to lose weight by 22 pounds per month at home
Slimming Wrap Procedure

There is an effect of evaporation of the liquid from the problem area. If the procedure is carried out at home, then honey, salt, camphor and mustard solutions can be applied as a paste.

Slimming Sports

Active physical activity is one of the first tips that will be given by a specialist when prescribing a diet. Classes in the gym, running, aerobics, swimming – all these sports will contribute to the burning of excess fat. But, subject to systematic exercises, at least 2 – 3 times a week.

Cardio workout at home

Cardio is a concept related to the work of the heart. Cardio training will simultaneously help both strengthen the heart muscle and lose weight. A change in weight of 22 pounds per month is a serious test for the body. Therefore, playing sports you need to carefully monitor the work of the heart.

How to lose weight by 22 pounds per month at home
Weight Loss Sports Exercise

The essence of cardio training is the correct calculation of the frequency of contraction of the heart muscle. In men, the maximum heart rate is 220 minus age. In women, 214 minus age. The result is multiplied by 0.7.

The resulting number will be optimal for activities that promote fat burning. Any increase in heart rate will indicate an excessive heart load. Too low a frequency will indicate its lack.

Work on problem areas

Sometimes, body fat is disturbed only in certain places. Most often this is the waist area, buttocks. Removing surplus locally is very difficult, but possible.

Actions aimed at problem areas will come to the rescue:

  • sports loads;
  • wraps;
  • massage.

However, one must remember: local weight loss without general gives modest results.


Jogging helps you lose one third of the daily calories. Nutritionists consider morning to be the best time to run. In the morning, the largest amount of fat is burned.

How to lose weight by 22 pounds per month at home
Weight Loss Jogging

You need to run:

  • not very fast, monitoring the pulse, using a heart rate monitor;
  • far from the roads;
  • breathe through the nose;
  • do not stop abruptly at the end;
  • Before and after jogging, do a couple of stretching exercises.

What bad habits interfere with weight loss

The worst harmful habit is human laziness. Many people really want to lose weight, but forcing yourself to take the first step towards this is a difficult task.

Another habit is the lack of breakfast in the diet. The desire to sleep longer, and to replace breakfast with a cup of coffee in the workplace, this behavior is familiar to many. Nutritionists insist that the first meal in the morning is the most important. It helps to accelerate the metabolism in the body, and this is a necessary quality for weight loss.

Another eating habit is associated with a lack of regularity in eating. Light snacks during the working day and a massive homemade dinner are a real disaster for the digestive system.

Alcohol also negatively affects harmony. It is well known that alcoholic beverages contribute to dehydration. Moisture deficiency leads to the fact that excess calories are not burned, but turn into fatty deposits. A solid snack aggravates this process.

Weight Loss Acceleration Methods

How to speed up the process of losing weight The effectiveness of measures to help lose weight by 22 pounds per month depends on the combination of methods used. Most diets suggest limiting the calorie intake of food. In itself, this gives a positive, but usually short-term result.

Along with dietary nutrition, it is necessary to connect physical activity. Not everyone likes to play sports. Alternative types of loads will help with this. It is known that with calm walking, approximately 3.2 kcal is burned. per pounds of weight.

And running will help burn up to 10 kcal. You can easily calculate the loss of kilocalories during a half-hour run or 2 hours of shopping.

Video about simple weight loss recipes at home:

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