What is mastopexy

With age, after a period of lactation or weight loss, the female mammary glands lose their elasticity, elasticity, shape and succumb to the natural process of omission. Thanks to a tightening with mastopexy, the breast again acquires primary attractiveness.

What is mastopexy

Mastopexy is a plastic surgery aimed at restoring the aesthetic attractiveness, shape, elasticity of the mammary glands in women.

Mastopexy – what is it

The term itself is translated from Latin as “breast lift” and implies plastic surgery that eliminates their prolapse (ptosis). The main goal of the procedure is to improve the shape of the bust – its tightening, elasticity.

With mastopexy, the nipples move above the submammary fold (line under the breast), and excess skin is removed.

The operation does not include endoprosthetics in its original form. But in some cases, the surgeon decides to install the implant, after which excess breast tissue is sutured. In addition, mastopexy is often combined with a decrease in the mammary glands (reduction mammoplasty).

Advantages and disadvantages of tightening and breast augmentation

Benefits of mastopexy

The main advantage of the procedure is the absence of the introduction of a foreign object into the chest. Thereby:

  • reduced risk of complications after surgery;
  • the risk of allergies is minimized;
  • breast prolapse of any degree is eliminated.

These arguments point to the safety and reliability of mastopexy.

Representatives of the weaker sex from the age of 18 years resort to such surgical intervention.

The disadvantages of mastopexy

There are some conditions that should not be neglected:

  • small breast size requires the introduction of implants, otherwise the operation is meaningless;
  • if there are plans for future motherhood, such plastic should be postponed;
  • Before lifting, the body weight must be stabilized, otherwise its possible reduction will subsequently lead to new deformations.

It must be borne in mind that a type of plastic surgery such as mastopexy performed before pregnancy or lactation is a great risk of reducing the result to 0

But at the same time, it does not affect these processes in any way, because all functions remain unchanged.

Among the shortcomings of the procedure, it is worth noting a partial result, which is due to the futility of its implementation on a large bust and strong ptosis.

In rare cases, there is a loss of nipple sensitivity and feeding function. Also, due to tissue tension, the resulting scar can be very stretched, which will significantly spoil the result.

Mastopexy: before and after photos

What is mastopexy

What is mastopexy

What is mastopexy

Indications for mastopexy

Women resort to a breast lift for completely different reasons. Among them:

  • due to breastfeeding, many manifest ptosis of varying degrees and stretch marks – this is what mastopexy can so easily eliminate;
  • with sudden changes in weight, whether it is losing weight or gain in pounds;
  • hereditary factor – in some women sagging breasts are manifested due to a genetic predisposition;
  • due to age-related changes in the body, the skin begins to become more flabby, and the mammary glands are deformed;
  • asymmetric breasts;
  • body structure and bust size do not match.

From a medical point of view, indications for its implementation are various degrees of ptosis, each of which has its own characteristics. With pseudoptosis, the mammary gland falls below the breast fold, and the nipple along with the areola remain above it.

What is mastopexy
Indications for mastopexy are various degrees of ptosis.

If they are at its level or fall below a small distance, then doctors call this the first degree of ptosis. The second degree is characterized by the omission of the nipple behind the breast fold to 1’2 inch, and the third – more than 1’2 inch.

Implant-free breast lift

Mastopexy – what is it and what is the main purpose of its implementation was indicated above. That is why it is technically easy to accomplish.

Based on this, there are several types of this operation – periareolar or circular, vertical, anchor (T-shaped incision), dermal and endoscopic.

Each of them involves improving the shape of the bust without endoprosthetics and is prescribed depending on the severity of ptosis.

Vertical mastopexy

This type of breast lift is quite complicated, which is recommended by specialists for the second degree of ptosis. Technically, it consists in removing part of the glandular tissue, due to which the nipples and the area of the areola can partially lose their sensitivity.

The operation is performed within a couple of hours, in which the incisions are made deep enough and penetrate into the submammary fold. Another feature is the mandatory stay of the patient in the clinic for about a week.

This is due to edema of the chest and the appearance of severe pain requiring symptomatic treatment. In the postoperative period for 3 months, the patient must wear special compression underwear and avoid stress on the chest muscles.

Periareolar (circular) mastopexy

This method is considered one of the most popular, which is used for pseudoptosis, omission of 1 and 2 degrees and abnormalities of breast development. A periareolar lift involves an incision along the areola circumference, thereby removing excess stretched tissue.

After that, the mammary gland is attached to the pectoral muscles with the help of special sutures. Due to the fact that the nerve endings are not damaged, its sensitivity is completely preserved. Surgery is performed under general anesthesia for an hour. The main rehabilitation processes last about a week.

Anchor mastopexy

This species got its name thanks to a special section that resembles an anchor or the inverted letter T. It passes along both edges of the areola, connecting in a vertical line.

Next, the surgeon makes a fork in different directions along the chest bridge. An indication for such mastopexy is a pronounced degree of ptosis, often combined with reduction mammoplasty.

This lift has its own characteristics. Thanks to the execution technique, the specialist excises a significant amount of skin and other tissues, which contributes to an excellent result and the duration of its preservation.

Among the minuses, it is worth noting significant scars that remain visible after the procedure.

Dermal mastopexy

The basis of such a lift is the operation to raise sagging breasts as a result of losing weight or breastfeeding. By removing excess folds, the projection of the breast changes and its elasticity improves.

Also, at the request of the patient, the shape of the areola changes. Depending on the degree of omission, a joint increase is possible due to the introduction of implants. Scars after dermal mastopexy, after time, are erased and become invisible.

Endoscopic lift

An operation such as mastopexy (what it is indicated above) leaves behind scars that cause discomfort in many. Therefore, a method was developed by which the effect of this factor is minimized. Endoscopic lifting occu
rs due to punctures that leave only inconspicuous scars.

The technique for performing this method is to puncture the mammary gland, through which fluid is injected to reduce possible bleeding.

Using tools inserted through an incision under the armpit, the skin is separated from the glandular tissue. A part in the form of a triangle is cut off from the latter. Then the fabric is pulled up and the edges are sewn together. All sections are stitched.

Breast Lift

Due to the fact that this procedure is positioned as a replacement for surgical intervention, many patients have overstated requirements for the final result.

But from a medical point of view, thread lifting has significant limitations.

You can use mesothreads to correct the shape of the bust at the initial stages of pathological changes and its small size (no more than 3)

Only in this way can their flow be stopped for the coming years. The number of procedures after the disappearance of the effect is unlimited. What is mastopexy

The skin holds the inserted threads well and, over time, they are overgrown with connective tissue, which forms a sufficiently strong skeleton for the mammary gland. Their number for one breast varies from 7 to 10 pieces, the length of each of them is slightly more than 2’4 inch.

As the reviews of patients using a thread lift show, the effect lasts a long time with a small breast. Many women write that even at the full third size of the bust, this procedure is useless.

This should be considered before choosing this method for tightening your chest. The rest are often satisfied with the results.

Breast lift mesothreads

There are several types of threads that are used in mammoplasty. They are divided into non-absorbable and biodegradable. The doctor’s choice of their type is influenced by the patient’s age, breast size, and her expected outcome. So, surgeons use these threads:

  • Aptos Light Lift Body , which are made from polylactic acid, have a rough surface for good tissue fixation. Gradually they completely dissolve. The result obtained lasts about 2 years.
  • Aptos Excellence Body , which are based on the previous view with the addition of caprolac. It is completely excreted by the body during the year. Their surface is smooth, but with notches. The effect of them also lasts 2 years.
  • Resorblift , which contains polylactic acid. A feature is their long-term resorption (9 months). Do not cause allergies and rejection by the body of a woman. The result is very long – 3 years.
  • Aptos Needle – non-absorbable threads. They contain polypropylene. It is used for patients after 40 years with a sufficiently large breast size. The effect is amazing – the bust remains fit for more than 5 years.
  • Gold, which were previously used in mammoplasty as the main threads. They wind around their absorbable counterpart. Over time, they were almost completely abandoned, as they have some serious drawbacks. Firstly, the gold threads retain the shape of the breast, but do not tighten it. Secondly, subsequently with an active lifestyle, they can break down and appear on the surface of the skin. Thirdly, if they are available, many cosmetic procedures, especially laser ones, are prohibited.

Mastopexy with implants – features of the procedure, photo

If the patient wants not only to improve the shape of the breast, but also to increase it, then a double operation is prescribed – endoprosthetics and mastopexy. What it is, what features it has, far from everyone knows.

During its carrying out, an implant is inserted into the mammary gland and at the same time its tightening is done. Indications are the woman’s desire to improve her bust, the deterioration of her shape after breastfeeding or weight loss, when replacing endoprostheses with new ones. What is mastopexy

Two types of such an operation are distinguished – simultaneous (combined) and sequential (first a lift is performed, then an increase).

To conduct such an surgical intervention, the doctor must have enough experience, and the patient should be prepared for possible cumulative complications after it.

These include insufficient correction of the prolapse of the mammary glands, the occurrence of their asymmetry, displacement of the implants, complete loss of sensitivity of the nipple and breast skin.

In addition to this, the most common problem of simultaneous surgery is the appearance of coarse and wide scars. For this reason, many surgeons first perform mastopexy and the introduction of prostheses in two stages.

How is breast lift surgery

Like any other operation, mastopexy requires considerable preparation. This is necessary in order for it to be successful, and in the process of rehabilitation there are no complications.


First, the patient consults with the surgeon, who will carry out the lift. After listening to her wishes, the doctor conducts a breast examination, takes measurements. On this basis, he informs the woman about what types of this procedure she needs, possible results, complications.

After this, it is necessary to undergo a detailed examination. The required results are:

  • a blood test that shows her group, the Rh factor, and also reveals HIV and hepatitis;
  • breast examinations (mammography);
  • fluorography;
  • examination by a gynecologist and mammologist.
What is mastopexy
Mastopexy is carried out after a detailed examination. One of the essential elements is mammography.

It is important to consult with an anesthetist, after which he informs about the type of anesthesia and its possible side effects. In a minimum of 2 weeks, the patient should give up cigarettes, alcohol and any drugs that affect blood coagulation.

Dinner on the eve should be light, and it is forbidden to eat food on the day of surgery. Drinking water is allowed no later than a couple of hours before the start of mastopexy.

How does it go

Breast lift is performed under general anesthesia. Local anesthesia is used only for small incisions and in combination with sedatives.

Surgical intervention lasts about 3 hours, which depends on the type of mastopexy. Also, this factor affects the incision itself, which determines the area for skin removal.

What is mastopexy

The patient should immediately understand that such a type of plastic as mastopexy will leave scars. This nuance will gradually disappear, and if
you do not want to wait, then it is easily polished with a laser.

If mastopexy was performed successfully, then a woman can return home in a couple of days. About a month is forbidden to lift weights. After a year, you must re-undergo a mammogram.


How fast recovery will be in the postoperative period depends on the type and severity of the surgery. The standard indicator is up to 2 months.

Bruises, swelling disappear 2 weeks after the procedure. Doctors also strongly recommend wearing compression underwear.

What is mastopexy
After mastopexy, doctors strongly recommend wearing compression underwear.

Although rehabilitation is well tolerated by patients, some restrictions must be observed – in the next 1.5 months after the operation, you can not play sports and visit the solarium and sauna.

The visible results of a breast lift appear after 2 months. Finally, they can be observed at least 6 months later, since during this period the scars fully mature, and the scars become invisible.


Many women know what it is – mastopexy. But at the same time, the majority in the pursuit of gorgeous breasts ignore a number of contraindications, because of which this operation cannot be carried out. These include:

  • exacerbation of diseases of internal organs;
  • oncological and infectious diseases;
  • disruption of the endocrine system;
  • diabetes;
  • clotting problems;
  • scarring in the chest in large quantities.

Mastopexy is a salvation for women giving birth and breastfeeding. However, experts strongly recommend postponing it if the patient plans another pregnancy. As a result of childbirth, the results achieved will be nullified.

Seams after mastopexy: how to care

After 2 weeks, you must contact the clinic where the operation was performed to remove the stitches. During this time, you need to change the dressing yourself and treat them with antiseptics.

It is forbidden to wipe the area of the seams with a towel so as not to cause unnecessary damage to the skin

Recovery will accelerate if you give up intimate life at this time. In the first week, it is recommended that you sleep only on your back. After a month and a half, scars and the entire chest area can be lubricated with moisturizers that do not contain vitamin E.

One of the frightening problems that all patients face is the condition of the skin of the mammary glands. She loses her appearance, many note dryness and irritation. The way out of this situation is the use of creams.

What is mastopexy
After mastopexy, dryness and irritation of the skin of the mammary glands can be observed, which can be managed with a cream

If redness and burning appear, then doctors recommend using ointments and compresses with a calming effect based on plant components.

It is worth mentioning that at 3-4 weeks after the operation, crackling under the breast may occur. This is due to the fact that air trapped in the chest pocket passes through adipose tissue. In a couple of weeks, this phenomenon will disappear on its own.

How much is a breast lift

The cost of this procedure depends on the reputation of the clinic and the plastic surgeon. Many women refuse mastopexy only after finding out the price for it. Indeed, the amount of $ 544. not everyone can afford it.

But there are many cases in which this procedure is necessary not only to satisfy vagaries, but also to restore a normal psychological state.

It is worth considering that the most expensive are operations carried out in the capital of the country. Here, the starting price starts at $ 816. The farther the clinic is from New York, the cheaper the operation will cost. But in the pursuit of saved money, it is important not to forget about the qualifications of the surgeon.

If you took the average statistics of this procedure throughout the country, then the cost:

  • breast lift ranges from $ 680 – $ 1360;
  • combined operation – $ 2448 – $ 4080;
  • breast augmentation varies from $ 2040 – $ 4080;
  • suspenders with mesothreads start at $ 1088.

Mastopexy is considered one of the most effective and safe plastic surgeries to restore the natural beauty of the female breast.

When deciding on such a procedure, it is necessary to choose an experienced specialist who will correctly assess the condition of the breast and prescribe the appropriate type of plastic

This is the only way to expect the desired result in the form of a taut, beautiful and elastic bust.

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