How to increase lips with hyaluronic acid, Botox, silicone, lipofilling, cheiloplasty. Photos, prices, reviews

Modern cosmetology offers several effective ways to enlarge the lips and change their shape. Among the most popular are lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid, injections of Botox, silicone, lipofilling and cheiloplasty.

When choosing a method, one should know not only about the mechanism of action of a substance on the body and skin tissue, effectiveness, but also about the safety of a particular tool and method. It is worth understanding the features of the procedures, possible complications and side effects.

Ways to increase the volume and correction of the shape of the lips

Among the most popular methods for increasing the volume and correction of the shape of the lips, experts distinguish the following:

  • Lip contouring – refers to non-surgical correction methods and represents a change in the shape and size of the lips (enlargement).
  • The surgical method is the implantation under the skin of the implants and the lip rim turning outward.
  • Plastic with fillers – the introduction of drugs of animal and artificial origin.
  • Hyaluronic acid injection – collagen is injected under the skin and due to this they increase in volume.
  • Botox injections – not injected directly into the lips, but eliminate wrinkles at the mouth line.
  • Liquid silicone using threads – the installation of special hypoallergenic threads from caprolactone.
  • Lipofilling is a special correction method where the effect is achieved by introducing the patient’s fat cells under the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid Injection

Lip enlargement without plastic surgery can be done with hyaluronic injections. Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide that is naturally produced by the body and is present in the skin of a person as part of it. With age, its amount decreases, which leads to sagging and wilting of the skin.

Injections with hyaluronic acid is an artificial filling of the necessary parts of the epidermis with a nutrient component, which contributes to the rejuvenation and swelling of the skin of the lips. After the procedure, the lips become expressive and acquire additional volume. The disadvantage of the procedure is the short-term effect.

How to increase lips with hyaluronic acid, Botox, silicone, lipofilling, cheiloplasty. Photos, prices, reviews

One session of injections is enough for about 6 months, after which the manipulation is repeated.

Rehabilitation after the procedure is short-lived – from several days to 2 weeks. During this period, patients have swelling, small bruises and bumps on the lips. Sometimes side effects last longer. The cost of hyaluron injections on the lips is approximately $ 136 – $ 204.

Indications for the procedure

  • Expression wrinkles.
  • Age-related changes in the lips.
  • Asymmetry.
  • Lowered corners of the lips.
  • Thin lips.


  • Viral infections.
  • Botox intolerance.
  • Oncology and autoimmune diseases.
  • Diabetes.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Lactation period.
  • Blood diseases.
  • Critical days.
  • Temperature.
How to increase lips with hyaluronic acid, Botox, silicone, lipofilling, cheiloplasty. Photos, prices, reviews
The figure shows how the shape of the lips changes after an increase in volume with hyaluronic acid.

An increase in the volume of the skin of the lips due to injections with hyaluronic acid is one of the safest methods, since the composition of this substance is in most part of natural origin, therefore it is considered harmless to the body.

Contour plastic (cheiloplasty)

Lip contouring is performed in two ways:

  • Operating.
  • Injection

Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid is performed without surgery. The composition of the substance for injection includes several types of excipients.

A few years ago, biopolymer gels were used in lip contouring, but due to a large number of complications and negative consequences, collagen and fillers, which include hyaluronic acid, have replaced silicone.

The advantage of acid is that it is an integral component of human skin. It is able to contain up to 1000 water molecules, so the skin receives the necessary hydration, which leads to an increase in tissue volume. In addition, the potential for creating collagen and elastin in fibroblasts increases.

How to increase lips with hyaluronic acid, Botox, silicone, lipofilling, cheiloplasty. Photos, prices, reviews

In each of the above drugs, the level of acid and the effect of action differ. When the main ingredient dissolves, the volume and shape of the lips remain for some time. Collagen and elastin fibers contribute to this. The maximum period during which the result is stored lasts up to one and a half years.

How long the effect of the procedure will last depends solely on the amount of hyaluronic acid added. The appearance of gels with hyaluronic acid, as the basic substance in contour plastic, was a real breakthrough, because it significantly facilitated the work of cosmetologists and the effectiveness of the result.

How is the procedure

Since the gels completely repeat the composition of hyaluronic acid, their use excludes allergic reactions. The procedure takes place under anesthesia. Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid occurs due to the introduction of small doses of injections in the right areas under the patient’s skin.

The cosmetologist in manual mode distributes the gel across the lips so that they find the necessary shape. The effects of puffiness disappear within 10 days. Injections increase the moisture content in the skin, making it more resilient and elastic.

How to increase lips with hyaluronic acid, Botox, silicone, lipofilling, cheiloplasty. Photos, prices, reviews

Sometimes injections are used for tattooing the lips, thus giving them even greater volume. Unlike surgery, the risks of the procedure are not so high. In any case, the acid is of natural origin, and it always resolves.

But, unfortunately, such complications and risks may arise:

  • Individual intolerance to the drug.
  • Implant rejection, which manifests itself as bleeding.
  • Infection if manipulation occurs with non-sterile instruments and an unprofessional cosmetologist.
  • The appearance of a tumor on the lips.
  • Fever and fever.

The rehabilitation period after contouring, during which edema is observed on the lips, is small – 3-4 days, during which it is worth giving up smoking and heavy physical exertion.

Cheiloplasty prices are striking in their range. This is due not so much to a different composition as to the amount of gel that is used in different clinics. The average prices in New York are $ 544 – $ 748, and the minimum cost is about 15000.

Indications for the procedure

With the help of cheiloplasty, you can not only improve the contour of the lips and correct the nasolabial folds, but also change the facial expressions and remove the signs of aging. Such a procedure is not shown to everyone, and a violation of the technology of the conduction can adversely affect the patient’s health.

In what cases is the procedure shown:

  1. The lower lip sags.
  2. In the corners of
    the mouth there are healed scars from previous operations.
  3. There are lesions on the lips, such as a cyst, fibroma, or papilloma.
  4. The patient wants to improve the shape of the mouth and make the lips more puffy.
  5. The lips are asymmetrical in shape.
  6. Ugly small wrinkles appeared on the upper lip.
  7. A person has birth defects on his lips.

How to increase lips with hyaluronic acid, Botox, silicone, lipofilling, cheiloplasty. Photos, prices, reviews

To prepare for the procedure, it is better not to have lip peeling before surgery or to do cleansing masks. If surgical intervention is required, the patient is not recommended to use the medicine for a week before the operation.


There are contraindications for contouring:

  • Hyaluronic acid intolerance.
  • Diseases of the heart and blood vessels.
  • Blood coagulation is impaired.
  • Herpes on the lips.
  • The skin on the face of the patient is broken.
  • Decreased immunity or a recent infectious disease.
  • The patient’s temperature is above 37 degrees.
  • Oncological diseases.
  • Epilepsy.
  • Pregnancy at any time or period of breastfeeding.

Carrying out this cosmetic operation requires the presence of a highly qualified surgeon and thorough knowledge of the technology for carrying out such procedures. Otherwise, the consequences can be unpredictable, and the body will be irreparably damaged.

The period of the recovery period, what is possible, what is impossible

It is better to refrain from smoking and alcohol the day before the manipulation of the lips. The popularity of contouring is also due to the fact that the recovery period does not exceed 3 days. After this, the edema disappears, the lips acquire a more puffy appearance.

What can be done after cheiloplasty:

  • Moisturize your lips with special care products.
  • Make cooling compresses.
  • Make natural masks from cottage cheese and sour cream, but not earlier than a day after the procedure.

How to increase lips with hyaluronic acid, Botox, silicone, lipofilling, cheiloplasty. Photos, prices, reviews

It is forbidden during the rehabilitation period:

  • Lick your lips in the cold and wind.
  • To paint lips.
  • Go to the beach, to the solarium and bathhouse.
  • Go to the gym.
  • Drink hot drinks and alcohol, eat spicy foods.
  • Touching your face and lips too often.
  • Use scrubs and other peeling preparations
  • Better to limit kisses.

How to care for lips after the procedure

Proper care after an injection of hyaluronic acid will not take much time. The first time you need to treat the skin with therapeutic nourishing creams. Other manipulations in the first day after visiting the clinic are prohibited.

To reduce swelling and activate the circulatory system in this area, for the next week after cheiloplasty, rubbing the skin with ice cubes every day is necessary. An alternative to frozen water is a decoction of chamomile in cubes. It is also pre-frozen. It is better to wrap ice in 2-3 layers of gauze or bandage so as not to injure the lips.

After the end of the rehabilitation period, as a method of dealing with bruises and bumps on the lips, it is worth using acupressure.

Swipe your fingers in a circle, use a toothbrush or gently pat them. After 10-14 days, you can use masks for lip care – applying emollient formulations with natural ingredients to honey, sour cream, aloe juice on the skin. These nutritious foods can moisturize and soothe the skin with vitamins and other nutrients.

Contouring with fillers

You can increase the volume of the lips, both by injection, and by introducing implants under the skin using hyaluronic acid. Initially, artificial preparations were used to enlarge the lips, which caused inconvenience to those who used this method.

How to increase lips with hyaluronic acid, Botox, silicone, lipofilling, cheiloplasty. Photos, prices, reviews

The consequences of using such fillers were irreversible, since it was impossible to remove them, and the harm they caused could be corrected only surgically. Currently, such drugs are rarely used. Today, fillers are common, which include hyaluronic and lactic acid. Among other things, the use of adipose tissue by a patient is not excluded as a filler.

Regarding the advantages of fillers, in addition to complete assimilation by the body and the absence of rejection, a positive result lasts from two to 3 years. Among the shortcomings, one should not forget the likelihood that the implant may not take root. In order to gain a foothold in place, it needs to be saturated with blood vessels. The average price of the described procedure is $ 163 – $ 204.

Botox on the lips

Most myths and legends are associated with Botox that hover around plastic surgery and lip augmentation. In fact, lips cannot be enlarged using this drug. The best filler option is synthetic hyaluronic acid.

But then it is not clear why Botox is needed and what effect does it give to the lips The fact is that it is based on a toxin, and its simultaneous use with beauty injections gives the effect of smoothing wrinkles and rejuvenating the skin of the face, including deep wrinkles around the mouth.

Botox injections are injections that are tolerated by patients in different ways, but are mostly painless. Anesthesia is not done with this procedure. The area around the mouth is necessarily treated with an antiseptic. It is Botox that allows the lips to become more contoured, and their curves are smooth and beautifully defined, but the volume does not increase due to this drug.

How to increase lips with hyaluronic acid, Botox, silicone, lipofilling, cheiloplasty. Photos, prices, reviews

The effect of such a procedure lasts from 6 months to 1 year. Complications can manifest as redness, itching. It is easy to infect if this procedure is carried out without the necessary disinfection.

At the same time, in therapeutic doses and when properly administered, Botox is safe. The approximate price of introducing Botox into the lips is $ 5 – $ 7 per 1 unit. The more you use the procedure, the more the effect will stay.

Rehabilitation and lip care after the procedure

Botox injections can cause dizziness, swelling and pain in the injection area on the first day after the procedure. Therefore, to reduce unpleasant sensations, you can use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, for example, ibuprofen. It is allowed to remove swelling with a cold compress, but not longer than 15 minutes.

It is also necessary to exclude a horizontal position in the first 2 hours.

Within a week it is not recommended:

  • Massage lips strongly.
  • To do physical exercises.
  • Drink alcohol and canceled drugs before surgery.
  • To smoke.
  • Visit the sauna and carry out other warming procedures.

Side effects of Botox

Since the drug administered is toxic in nature, it can give side effects.

Very often, the operation is accompanied by the following manifestations:

  • Swelling and bruising in the area of injections.
  • Dizziness.
  • Nausea.
  • Muscle weakness in the area of injections.
  • Fatigue.
  • Sweating.

Consequences that are rare and need to be reported to the surgeon include:

  • Muscle weakness and pain of non-adjacent areas with an injured area.
  • Nausea, vomiting.
  • Heat.
  • Difficult breathing and swallowing.
  • Chest pains.


For injections, Botox is usually used, which includes botulinum toxin. This toxic substance is produced by the bacterium Clostridia. This is the only drug of its kind approved by the US Federal Drug Administration.

How to increase lips with hyaluronic acid, Botox, silicone, lipofilling, cheiloplasty. Photos, prices, reviews

In large doses, the drug can paralyze muscle activity, and in small doses it is widely used in cosmetology. For lip correction, 3-6 units of the drug are used. Among the analogues are Xemin, Lantox, Dysport, Relatox. The introduction of drugs is almost painless, but you can resort to local anesthesia.

Effect duration

The result after Botox injection lasts an average of about 6 months, then it is necessary to resort to injections again. A longer effect is noted after Dysport, but it is harder to tolerate than the same Botox or Xemin.

approximate cost

The price of the procedure depends on the drug and the clinic. The most expensive Botox is manufactured by Allergan. The cost of Botox and its cheap counterpart – Xemin per unit is an average of $ 4,76, Disport – $ 2,04. Moreover, the dosage of 1 unit of Botox is equivalent to 3-4 units of Disport.

You should avoid a clinic with an underestimated price tag of up to $ 1,36 per dose of Botox , since most likely they use Chinese counterparts or fakes. The total cost of the procedure is $ 68 – $ 204.

Liquid silicone in the lips using threads

A non-standard and less popular method of lip augmentation compared to injections. For this, threads are used, which include such components as caprolactone, as well as hypoallergenic and biodegradable substances. It is an almost transparent thread with a needle at the end, with whose help the material easily penetrates into soft tissues.

In addition to the fact that this procedure gives the patient’s lips volume, this method also has a rejuvenating effect. In parallel with the stitching of threads, it is possible to use fillers. Prices for this operation vary, but on average it will cost about $ 340 – $ 408.

Lipofilling (administration of adipose tissue)

This method is also subcutaneous, but in a particular case, human fat cells are used, namely those located in the abdominal wall or in the thigh. To obtain the necessary material, the resulting substance must be cleaned and using special technology to bring to the desired consistency.

How to increase lips with hyaluronic acid, Botox, silicone, lipofilling, cheiloplasty. Photos, prices, reviews

The drug is administered in a similar way. Any consequences of tissue collection are completely excluded. Regarding productivity, it is worth noting the following points, such as the absence of an allergic reaction, as well as rejection. The likelihood of scarring is minimized, and the validity period includes 3 years.

The negative factors include the likelihood of rapid absorption of adipose tissue, which will lead to a second course of injections. The operation takes place under local or intravenous combined anesthesia and lasts up to two hours. In the first two weeks, bruising and swelling are likely and should refrain from physical exertion. The cost of the operation is about $ 408.

The essence of the procedure

A similar correction is carried out using the patient’s own fat component from the patient’s hips or abdomen, which is inserted through a thin rounded needle along the contour of the lips.

How is

Preparation for surgery should begin 2 weeks before visiting the doctor. During this period, the patient should not smoke, drink alcohol, drugs, for example, analgin. Before the procedure, the patient passes the necessary tests to exclude inflammatory processes and other diseases. At the initial examination, surgeons identify the area of the body that will be the donor.

For infiltration, a Klein solution is used. After liposuction, a mixture of living cells, blood, solution and non-viable fat components remains. Using a centrifuge at 3000 rpm for 3 minutes, divide the mixture into oil, solution and the transplant component, which is used for injection.

How to increase lips with hyaluronic acid, Botox, silicone, lipofilling, cheiloplasty. Photos, prices, reviews

Then, fat is introduced through a thin needle along the lip line. Usually no more than 0,1 fluid ounce of the injected component is required to eliminate lip imperfections. The wounds from the injections are sealed with a special plaster. The operation itself lasts no more than an hour, and the patient is immediately released home.


The injected drug is completely natural for each client. The funds that are used in the operation are antiseptics and local “freezing”.


  • Congenital defects of the lips.
  • Age-related changes.
  • Omission of the corners of the lips.
  • Bleaching.
  • Bumps.
  • Damage to the lips as a result of injuries or operations.
  • Wrinkles.
  • Excessively thin lips.
  • Intolerance to artificial fillers for correction.


  • Chronic diseases of the immune system.
  • Skin diseases.
  • Active cold sores.
  • Oncology.
  • Temperature.
  • Diabetes.
  • Poor blood coagulation.
  • Affected or injured donor sites.
  • Childhood.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Feeding period.
  • Critical days.

Rehabilitation and lip care after the procedure

Before lipofilling, it is necessary to stock up on antiseptic agents and liquid food. During the first 2 days, it is recommended to eat only liquid and non-hot food through a tube. The procedure may be accompanied by edema and cyanosis, which take place within 5-7 days, so it makes sense to appoint a procedure for the holidays or vacation.

It is important to avoid overheating immediately after the operation, to exclude a trip to the sauna and solarium for 2 weeks. It is not recommended to massage and usd the lips in order to avoid the formation of lumps and uneven distribution of the implant. In the absence of antiseptic treatment, infection can occur, which will have to be eliminated with antibiotics.

Effect duration

Visual changes occur 3-5 weeks after lipofilling and last from 2 years.

approximate cost

The price of the procedure is from $ 204 and above, depending on the clinic and the.

Surgical methods for correcting the shape and volume of the lips

To achieve maximum results with an increase in the shape of the lips, VY and YW plastic methods are used. Their essence is to form an additional volume by shifting the mucous membrane of the inside of the lips to the outside. The procedure is often used in reconstructive surgery and helps remove scars or other lip defects.

How to increase lips with hyaluronic acid, Botox, silicone, lipofilling, cheiloplasty. Photos, prices, reviews

These deficiencies are eliminated by redistributing tissues.

Lip augmentation depends on the number and depth of cuts. There are several types of surgical methods of enlargement – in the central part, exclusively for the external part or along the entire length. VY plastic, like any procedure requiring surgical intervention, has contraindications. Before resorting to it, consult a specialist and pass all the necessary tests.

The recovery period after surgery is the longest in comparison with other methods. The first week will be difficult and painful for the patient. The help of the analgesics prescribed by the doctor can help here. The average price of surgical lip augmentation is $ 408 – $ 544.

In modern cosmetic medicine, there are many ways to increase lips. The safest to date are injections of hyaluronic acid. This method is harmless through the use of ingredients close to natural, and side effects are minimized.

Useful videos about different ways to increase lip volume

Contour plastic with maximum volume:

Preparations for lip augmentation and methods of their administration:

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