Hormones for breast growth in women

The shape and size of the breasts in women are completely different, this depends primarily on the hereditary factor, as well as on the period in which the development and growth of the mammary glands occurs – the hormonal balance in the female body affects this process.

Hormones for breast growth in women
To increase the volume of the breast, it is necessary to take hormones for breast growth in women.

Have hormones for breast growth in women been sufficiently obtained If a girl has a lack of estrogen and estradiol, then this can lead to underdevelopment of the breast – as a result, in an adult woman, the breast may look like in a teenager.

Causes of female hormone deficiency

Various factors affect the hormonal imbalance in women (in particular, the level of hormones for breast growth):

  • impaired functioning of the endocrine system;
  • the presence of bad habits, in particular smoking;
  • malfunctioning of the thyroid gland;
  • failure in the activity of the pituitary gland – the anterior part of the brain responsible for the transmission of nerve impulses to the entire body;
  • frequent stressful situations, emotional lability;
  • uncontrolled spontaneous administration of hormonal drugs;
  • errors in nutrition.

The main hormones that affect the formation of the mammary glands

If women have an imbalance in the body, there is no growth of the mammary glands, you need to get advice from a gynecologist. He will prescribe the necessary tests for hormones for examination to identify the cause of the pathology and prescribe the treatment regimen.

Hormones for breast growth





This hormone is produced by the glandular tissue of the mammary gland during puberty, during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It affects the production of milk by a nursing mother. Therefore, it is important that its amount is normal for producing good lactation.

During pregnancy and the postpartum period, due to the fact that milk begins to arrive in the breast, it increases significantly in size.

Progesterone The formation of progesterone occurs in the ovaries and the so-called yellow body, in a small amount produced by the adrenal glands. Under its influence, the processes that prepare the breast for lactation are activated, it becomes more round and elastic.
Growth hormone


This hormone is called growth hormone, its active production and effect on the body (in particular, the growth of mammary glands) occurs during puberty.


Estrogen is one of the important hormones in women, it is designed for breast growth and affects the roundness of the shape of the figure as a whole. For the normal functioning of the reproductive system, it is necessary that the indicators of this hormone are in the middle range. If there is an excess, gland receptor channels are blocked, which can lead to adverse consequences. With a lack of estrogen, a female figure is formed according to the male type – a small chest, a narrow pelvis, infertility can develop.

Changes in the breast during pregnancy

Hormones for breast growth in women, contributing to the production of breast milk, begin to be produced from the moment of conception, when the body is rebuilt to bear the baby.

Hormones for breast growth in women

The growth of mammary glands occurs in all pregnant women, only with different intensities and at different times.

Interesting fact! In some women, the breast begins to increase in the first month of pregnancy, in others – only by 6-7 months.

Breast swelling in women occurs under the influence of hormones – progesterone and estrogen , which are necessary for the growth of the mammary glands (glandular tissue that produces milk). On average, during pregnancy and lactation, the breast increases by 1-3 sizes.

Breast Augmentation Medications

Hormones for breast growth in women are found in many modern drugs manufactured by the pharmaceutical industry, which are used to correct and treat malfunctions in the reproductive system, as well as as contraceptives.

Birth control pills are divided into:

  • combined (estrogen + progesterone);
  • progestin (mini-drank).

Combined drugs are distinguished by dosage: microdosed, moderate dosage, with a high dosage.

Note! In order to avoid side effects and not harm their health, hormones for breast growth in women should be selected with microdosage, usually these are mono-preparations, where one hormone is contained in the composition.

Now the medicine has studied quite well the effect of birth control pills on the female body, while developing modern drugs, side effects have been taken into account and all negative consequences have been minimized, so each woman can choose an individually suitable remedy.


“Regulon” contains a synthetic analogue of female sex hormones (follicular hormone and progesterone), which have an effect on breast growth, and is a contraceptive in women. With its use, the effect of an increase in the mammary glands is observed.

Hormones for breast growth in women

You should start taking the drug from the 1st day of menstruation , 1 tablet per day for 21 days. Take a week break, start the next course on the 8th day of the cycle. Duration – approximately 6 months. Price: from $ 6 – $ 16, depending on the number of tablets in the package.


The composition of the “Yarina” includes a complex of estrogen-progestogens : ethinyl estradiol and drospirenone.

Hormones for breast growth in women

Drospirenone has an antiandrogenic effect and prevents the appearance of excess body weight, as well as edema, cures acne, makes the breast more elastic. Price: from $ 13 – $ 35 per package.


“Zhanin” – a hormonal contraceptive, active substances: ethinyl estradiol (0.03 mg) and dienogest (2.0 mg).

Hormones for breast growth in women

The drug is taken on the 1st day of the cycle , 1 tablet per day (each has a marking with a day of the week). Course: from 3 months to 6 months. Cost – from $ 12 – $ 31 per package.


“Vizanna” is a drug with enhanced progestogen effect. Reception begins on any day of the cycle, 1 tablet per day without a break.

Hormones for breast growth in women

Duration of admission is 6 months. The price is between $ 42 – $ 46 per package.


Isoflavones are compounds produced by extraction from plants that are similar in their effects to estrogen and estradiol. The source is plants, a large amount is found in red clover and soy.

It’s important to know! Phytoestrogens have an activating effect on breast tissue, causing it to increase in size.


“Feminal” – a powder of dried red clover that contains 4 phytohormones. Clover isoflavones are similar in composition to estrogen produced by the female body.

Hormones for breast growth in women

It is recommended to take 1 capsule during a meal , the package is designed for a monthly course of intake. The cost of a package containing 30 capsules is in the range of $ 9 – $ 11.

Maxibust Products

“Maxibust” products are an effective means for breast augmentation without surgical intervention, increases elasticity and reduces the “sagging” of the mammary glands.

Maxibust coffee (contains powder of the root of puearia myrifica). Rules for admission: 2 teaspoons Hormones for breast growth in womenpour coffee with hot water, drink one cup a day, start taking on the 1st day of the cycle and continue to take 15 days, in the next month – similarly. The maximum course is 6 months, the minimum is 3 months.

Capsules “Maxi” contain extract of the root of puearia myrifica , hop extract and soy isoflavones. Advice: start drinking on the 1st day of the cycle, 3 capsules per day with meals. Take 3 months.

Soy isoflanoids are similar in composition to female estrogen. Components: isoflavones, glycetin (soybean seedlings), diadzein, genistein.

Admission: 2 tablets at a time, 2 times / day. The cost of packaging varies from $ 27 – $ 37.

“Push Up Natural” – a herbal product made in Holland, makes the skin of the breast more toned and supple. Take the drug 5 tablets a day , combining with food intake.

Wanting to look attractive, you don’t need to overdo it with the desire to enlarge your breasts by any means.

Many women have a desire to take hormones for breast growth without the appointment of a doctor, this is fraught with negative consequences – you can get a complete imbalance of the hormonal system.

First of all, you need to seek advice from an obstetrician-gynecologist and endocrinologist. Doctors will prescribe the necessary tests, conduct a survey, and only then prescribe the necessary medications, taking into account contraindications.

This also applies to taking herbal preparations, various dietary supplements. Remember, health and beauty are in your hands and the hands of a competent specialist.

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