How to make cheekbones on your face and remove cheeks. Exercise, massage, diet, makeup and hairstyle

A fit face with a clear contour and chiseled features looks beautiful, graceful and memorable. Having understood how to make cheekbones on your face with simple exercises and methods, you can not only make your face more attractive without surgery, but also visually rejuvenate for several years.

Reasons why cheekbones lose shape

There are many reasons leading to the loss of shape of the cheekbones.

These include:

  • natural age-related changes associated with insufficient collagen and elastin in the muscles and skin.
  • a sharp set or weight loss, which lead to sagging skin in the lower part of the face and the appearance of a second chin;
  • hormonal disruptions leading to an uncontrolled increase in the subcutaneous fat layer;
  • the use of malnutrition and a large amount of fluid;
  • hereditary predisposition;
  • abuse of natural and artificial tanning, as ultraviolet rays lead to a loss of firmness and elasticity of the skin;
  • low-quality cosmetic and perfumery products that do not provide complete skin care.

Why face exercises

On the face of a person there are many muscles responsible for facial expressions, closing and opening of eyes and mouth. For them to work actively, they need to be trained, just like the muscles of the body. For exercises with facial muscles, special exercises are used.

After classes, the following positive changes appear:

  1. The content of elastin and collagen in muscle tissue increases, which makes skin tightened and supple.
  2. Microcirculation of blood and oxygen supply to tissues improves. It improves complexion, internal and external skin condition. How to make cheekbones on your face and remove cheeks. Exercise, massage, diet, makeup and hairstyle
  3. A beautiful and clear face contour is formed.
  4. Fine wrinkles disappear.
  5. The circles gradually brighten, and the swelling under the eyes decreases.
  6. Strengthening muscle tissue in the T-zone.

General exercise guidelines

Before starting the development of gymnastics for the face, they are acquainted with contraindications and the rules for its implementation. The correct actions will achieve the maximum effect from the exercises.

Absolute contraindications for facial gymnastics include:

  • the presence of Botox and subcutaneous fillers;
  • problems in the functioning of the facial nerve;
  • rehabilitation period after plastic surgery (it is necessary to conduct a preliminary consultation with a plastic surgeon);
  • the presence of malignant tumors.

Exercise caution in the following cases:

  1. Hypertension, as an increase in blood pressure is possible due to increased blood flow. How to make cheekbones on your face and remove cheeks. Exercise, massage, diet, makeup and hairstyle
  2. Inflammation of the nasopharynx and ears, accompanied by fever.
  3. Head and neck injuries.
  4. The acute stage of chronic diseases.
  5. Poor physical and psychological well-being.

General rules for performing exercises for the face are as follows:

  1. It is necessary to thoroughly cleanse the skin of the face, neck and hands. Increased blood flow contributes to the expansion of pores and oxygenation of the skin. To ensure this process, the face and neck are cleaned of dirt and decorative cosmetics (if possible, make-up is removed from the eyes). Some exercises require touching the fingers on the oral mucosa, so the hands should be clean (you can treat them with a disinfectant solution).
  2. To avoid unwanted stretching of the skin, it should be moisturized during training with plain water. The area around the eyes is covered with oily cream.
  3. Training should be carried out regularly, gradually increasing the load. This leads to an increase in the amount of elastin in muscle tissue, giving it elasticity.
  4. Exercises are performed at any time of the day, but evening workouts, which take place 2-2.5 hours before bedtime, are most effective. At this time, you can completely cleanse the skin and complete the complex without haste.
  5. After gymnastics, the face is rinsed with clean cool water, a nourishing mask is applied to it, and then a moisturizer.

Recommendations for the selection and implementation of exercises:

  1. The choice of exercises depends on the level of training. Begin to engage in simple exercises, gradually moving to more complex options. After proper effective training, a burning sensation should appear in the muscles.
  2. The complex consists of 7-10 exercises that are updated every 3 months. The main condition is their diversity, which does not allow the muscle to get used to the loads.
  3. To control the correctness of the exercises, training is carried out in front of the mirror. How to make cheekbones on your face and remove cheeks. Exercise, massage, diet, makeup and hairstyle
  4. It is necessary to control the position of the back and neck. Violation of posture leads to a violation of the blood supply to the tissues and organs of the head, as well as to disruption of the muscles.
  5. Each exercise is directed to a specific muscle or muscle group. The rest of the face should be relaxed.
  6. Gymnastics begins with a warming massage, then performs exercises consisting of two parts (tension and relaxation), and in the end they carry out a light massage aimed at general relaxation of all facial muscles.

How to remove cheeks with exercise

Simple exercises will help shape a beautiful face shape and reduce cheeks.

Among them are:

  1. Chin Ahead. Tilt your head back slightly and push the lower jaw forward. Cover the upper lip with the lower lip, raise the corners of the lips, and press the tongue against the sky. The muscles of the cheeks, neck and lower face should be tensed. Hold this state for 10 seconds, then relax the involved parts of the face for 20 seconds. The number of repetitions in the first lesson is 5-7. For a month of daily classes, this figure is doubled.
  2. Horizontal movements of the jaw strengthen the chewing muscles, which prevent the cheeks from sagging. Tightly compress lips and teeth. Then, without opening his mouth, open his jaw, and pushes its lower part forward as far as possible. Hold in this position for 5 seconds, and relax the working muscles for 10 seconds. How to make cheekbones on your face and remove cheeks. Exercise, massage, diet, makeup and hairstyle
  3. “Try to smile.” They press on the cheeks with the index, middle and ring fingers, placing the last of them on the corners of the lips. You must try to smile, overcoming the resistance of the fingers. In a stressed state, the muscles are delayed for 5-10 seconds, after which they take a break of 10-20 seconds.
  4. “Fish”. The lips are folded with a bow and retract the cheeks. Then they try to smile, tensing their muscles as much as possible. Delayed in a static state for 10 seconds.
  5. “Surprise”. Open your mouth and fold your lips in the shape of the letter “O”, firmly pressing your lips to your teeth. Hold in this position for 10 seconds. Repeat 10 times.
  6. “Surprised Letter.” The starting position and the number of repetitions is the same as in the previous version. But within 10 seconds, eights are drawn with the tongue on the inside of the cheeks.

How to form cheekbones

How to make cheekbones on the face: exercises for beginners are as follows:

  1. “Circles lips.” The lips are pulled out and folded in a bow. Lips folded in this way draw a horizontal circle. It should begin with 10 seconds in each direction, increasing this time to 30-40 seconds. How to make cheekbones on your face and remove cheeks. Exercise, massage, diet, makeup and hairstyle
  2. “Scream.” The mouth is opened and the teeth pressed to the lips are rounded. Hands gently lift the side of the face. Hold in this position for 15 seconds. It is necessary to do 10-15 repetitions with relaxation between them for 20 seconds.
  3. “Mustache”. A pencil or pen is clamped between the nose and upper lip and is held by the effort of the muscles for as much time as possible (for the first time you need to hold at least 20 seconds). This exercise is repeated 5-7 times.
  4. “Alphabet”. It is necessary to sit in front of the mirror, straighten your shoulders and repeat consonant sounds, while clearly recording muscle movements. Exercise is performed for 5 minutes.
  5. “Thought”. The lips are folded in a different direction, straining the muscles of the cheeks as much as possible. The movements are performed for 2-3 minutes.

How to raise cheekbones

How to make cheekbones on the face: exercises to raise the cheekbones, aimed at enhancing the work of the zygomatic muscle:

  1. Place 4 fingers in a line from the corner of the lips to the bottom of the ears. Lightly push and make small displacements along the line of the cheekbones. During the exercise, wrinkles on the skin should not form. Movements are performed within 1 min. How to make cheekbones on your face and remove cheeks. Exercise, massage, diet, makeup and hairstyle
  2. Open your mouth and wrap your teeth in your lips. To close the wrapped lips and insert a spoon or pencil between them. Holding the object with lips, their corners are lifted using the cheekbones. The tension is fixed for 15-20 seconds, then for the same time the muscles relax. Perform 20 repetitions.
  3. The starting position is the same as in the previous exercise. With the help of a clamped pencil, small words are written in the air (for example: your name).
  4. Using the cheekbones to raise and lower the corners of the lips. Exercise is performed until a burning sensation in the muscles.
  5. Mouth open and for 5 minutes. repeat the sound “O”, tightening the muscles in the middle of the face.

Exercises for cheeks and cheekbones from Eugenia Baglyk

Evgenia Baglyk is the author of the methodology for gymnastics for the face, based on many years of practice and the study of the anatomy of the muscles and skull of a person. The author’s course of the famous trainer consists of complexes of balanced exercises for different groups of facial muscles.

How to make cheekbones on the face: exercises from Eugenia Baglyk:

  1. Open your mouth in the shape of the letter “o”. Insert direct index fingers into the mouth and place over the upper teeth. Muscle effort to move fingers. Perform 7-10 repetitions. Attention! During the exercise, the mouth does not close. It is also necessary to try not to strain the muscles in the area of the nasolabial zone.
  2. The mouth is opened and rounded. Index fingers are inserted under the upper lip at a slight angle to the line of the nose. Tensing the muscles above the upper lip and the small zygomatic muscles, try to connect the fingers. How to make cheekbones on your face and remove cheeks. Exercise, massage, diet, makeup and hairstyle
  3. Exercise to strengthen the large zygomatic muscle. Mouth open in an oval. They try to lift the upper part of the cheeks due to the tension of the large zygomatic muscle. Attention! If this exercise cannot be done and the muscle is not contracting, then a simpler version is necessary. To do this, open their mouths and abruptly repeat the sound “o”. In this case, the necessary zone will be developed.

After each exercise, the involved muscles are stretched and relaxed, several times inflating the cheeks.

Gymnastics di Maggio

Carol di Maggio is the developer of a popular set of exercises for the face called “Aerobics for the skin and muscles of the face.” As a result of daily training, the oval of the face is tightened, the number of shallow facial wrinkles decreases, and the skin condition improves.

The technique is not designed for a quick effect, since the first results will appear only after 6 months. But the results achieved will be sustainable.

The gymnastics complex for the face of an American cosmetologist includes 3 courses:

  1. The basic course is intended for beginners. His exercises activate the muscles of the face, little involved in everyday life. It includes 14 exercises, the impact of which is aimed at various areas of the face.
  2. The main course, consisting of 9 exercises, strengthens and pumps over the facial muscles that have already received some load. Some exercises repeat elementary level exercises, but have a more complex methodology.
  3. A set of adapted exercises designed for classes outside the home that do not require careful preparation.

The author of the methodology advises moving from a basic level to a basic one after 6 months of training.

How to make cheekbones on your face: Carol di Maggio exercises:

  1. Basic exercise for shaping the cheekbones and improving the shape of the face. Open your mouth, and firmly press your lips to your teeth. Then try to smile broadly, lifting the corners of the lips. Lock position at maximum muscle tension for 10 sec. and relax your face. You need to do 20 repetitions.
    How to make cheekbones on your face and remove cheeks. Exercise, massage, diet, makeup and hairstyle
    Analyzing the question of how to make cheekbones on the face, you should pay attention to the exercises, photos of which are presented.
  2. The starting position repeats the beginning of the previous exercise. Index fingers are placed in the middle of the chin and lightly pressed on it. The mouth is closed and opened, raising the chin. Perform 5-6 sets of 20 repetitions for the base and 30 for the main level.
  3. Exercise from the basic course, aimed at reducing th
    e volume of the cheeks. Open your mouth, press lips tightly to your teeth and look up. Put your hands to your cheeks at the jaw junction and, with a little effort, move your palms from your cheeks to your temples until you feel a burning sensation. After that, hold your palms at the top for 30 seconds.
  4. Exercise of the basic level for raising the cheekbones and shaping the contour of the face. The face is pulled forward, the shoulders are lowered and pulled back. Mouth open and stretch in a smile pressed to his teeth upper lip. Cheeks and lower eyelid rise. The movement is repeated 40 times.

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The effectiveness of facial exercises is enhanced by massage sessions.

It has the following effects on the face:

  • relaxes facial muscles;
  • removes excess fluid;
  • lifts cheekbones;
  • models the oval of the face.

How to make cheekbones on the face with the help of special massage movements that complement the exercises:

  1. The face cleaned after exercise is covered with base oil (olive, sesame, apricot, jojoba).
  2. The skin is heated in a circular motion, moving along the massage lines.
  3. At the first stage of the massage, the cheekbones line is lifted. The index, middle and ring fingers are applied to the middle of the chin. Having pressed, they trace the lips and rise to the inner corners of the eyes. For a few seconds, the movement is stopped at this point and, without stopping pressing, they spread their arms in the direction of the temples, and then return to the starting point. How to make cheekbones on your face and remove cheeks. Exercise, massage, diet, makeup and hairstyle
  4. To strengthen the large zygomatic muscle, palms are laid on the cheeks, touching the tips of the fingers of the wings of the nose. Having pressed fingers on the skin, they are bred to the temples and lowered around the neck to the collarbones.
  5. To smooth the muscles of the cheekbones, it is necessary to connect the tips of 3 fingers in the center of the chin and with effort they guide them to the tips of the ears. To the starting point through the lateral lines of the cheekbones.

Important! You can not do massage for the cheekbones in the following cases:

  • poor physical health;
  • skin rashes;
  • disturbances in the work of the facial nerve.

Special face diet

Exercises may not help to make cheekbones on the face, since most often the muscles hide under a layer of subcutaneous fat and edema. To get rid of them, you need to review the daily diet.

The basic principles of its formation are as follows:

  • reduced salt intake;
  • kidney function adjustment;
  • the presence in the diet of foods containing calcium;
  • refusal food and convenience foods;
  • half the amount of food eaten per day should be fruits and vegetables.

During a diet aimed at losing weight, it is recommended to use the following products:

  • fruits and vegetables; How to make cheekbones on your face and remove cheeks. Exercise, massage, diet, makeup and hairstyle
  • low-fat types of meat, fish and poultry;
  • skim dairy products;
  • clear still water;
  • juices, fruit drinks and compotes;
  • herbal and green tea;
  • yeast-free baking.

It is strictly forbidden during the diet to eat cheekbones and a clear oval of the face to eat:

  • junk food;
  • yeast baking;
  • sweet carbonated drinks;
  • semi-finished products;
  • sausages.

How to highlight cheekbones with makeup

You can quickly make cheekbones on your face using makeup that takes into account the type of face and its individual features. Using the sculpting method, using various shades of tonal means, they draw attention to the merits and mask the imperfections of the face.

Round face

Chubby women need to darken the following areas:

  • extreme points of the lower jaw;
  • whiskey;
  • lateral parts of cheeks and cheekbones.

Lighten emphasize the cheekbones, applying the tool in the form of an acute triangle with the vertices at the temple, corner of the lips and chin. And also allocate a T-zone. Lips are covered with lipstick of a neutral shade or transparent gloss.

Oval face

Cheekbones on the face of an oval shape are emphasized as follows:

  1. A dark foundation darkens the area along the hairline and the lower part of the chin.
  2. With the help of blush, cheekbones are distinguished, blending them from the area of the lips to the temple.
  3. Light shades distinguish the forehead, the tip of the nose and chin.

Triangular face

In women with a triangular type of face, the cheekbones initially stand out very strongly, so they need to be softened. How to make cheekbones on your face and remove cheeks. Exercise, massage, diet, makeup and hairstyle

This is done as follows:

  • darken the area from the sides of the forehead to the extreme points of the cheekbones, blending the product from top to bottom;
  • the protruding part of the chin is highlighted in the same tone;
  • a light remedy is applied to the central part of the face and the middle of the chin;
  • color matching blush shade along the top line of the cheekbones;
  • bright lipstick is applied to the lips.

Square face

Cheekbones on a square type of face stand out quite strongly. A competent make-up with a bright accent on the eyes will help to emphasize them.

Before eye makeup, sculpting the face:

  1. A dark foundation is applied to the protruding points of the cheekbones, side lines of the forehead and temples.
  2. Blush in the shape of an elongated triangle shade towards the temples.
  3. Highlight the T-zone.

To perform high-quality permanent make-up, use products suitable for a particular skin type and time of day.

Modeling hairstyle

A correctly selected hairstyle can not only emphasize the cheekbones, but also visually reduce the volume of the face. Choosing the right hairstyle or haircut should be done with the help of an experienced specialist who will help avoid mistakes. Since the wrong shape of the haircut or the length of the bangs can emphasize the imperfections of the face. How to make cheekbones on your face and remove cheeks. Exercise, massage, diet, makeup and hairstyle

For owners of long hair and excess volume on the face, a haircut “cascade” and long bangs are suitable.

To emphasize the cheekbones, the hair is divided into a parting, leaving the elongated bangs freely falling on both sides of the face. The rest of the hair is collected back into a bun or simply stabbed with hairpins on the back of the head.

Surgical intervention

Cheekbones can be emphasized using modern cosmetology methods.

These include:

  1. Hyaluronic acid injection under the skin. This method is the most budgetary. But its significant drawback is a rather short effect. After 1.5 years, the substance is completely excreted from the body. Using a syringe, a special gel is injected under the skin, from which the desired shape of the cheekbones is formed.
  2. Lifting consists in introducing patients’ own fat into the cheekbones. The main disadvantage is the possibility of the formation of unwanted subcutaneous lumps of fat.
  3. Fillers are special substances introduced under the skin to simulate the cheekbones line. They practically do not gather in lumps and resolve within 2.5-3 years. How to make cheekbones on your face and remove cheeks. Exercise, massage, diet, makeup and hairstyle
  4. Implants are usually administered after 40 years. This method is an operative measure, after which scars remain. Usually, implants are inserted through the oral cavity, making incisions in the of the upper gum. They are quite durable and do not require periodic correction.

The surgical methods for increasing the cheekbones have a number of contraindications:

  • blood diseases, especially poor blood coagulability;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • infectious and viral diseases accompanied by high fever;
  • diabetes;
  • fungus on the skin.

How to make cheekbones for a man

Beautiful fit cheekbones attract eyes not only to women, but also to men.

You can make cheekbones more pronounced in several ways:

  1. Chewing gum, used daily to freshen the breath, helps to increase the elasticity of the skin and muscles on the cheeks and strengthen the oval of the face.
  2. A Hollywood smile not only melts women’s hearts, but also helps to tighten many facial muscles. To smile correctly, it is necessary to tightly grit your teeth, and stretch your lips in a wide smile. This position must be held for a few seconds, and then relax the muscles. Daily do 10-15 repetitions 3 times a day.
  3. Wide yawning also strengthens the muscles around the cheekbones. To perform this exercise, you need to sit down, raise your head slightly and lower your lower jaw as low as possible. During this movement, a quiet crunch may be heard, behind which no pain should appear. To achieve a sustainable result, you need to do 25-30 repetitions daily.

There are many ways to make cheekbones on the face of men and women. To do this, you can use exercises, massage and various cosmetic procedures. Their combination contributes to the achievement of positive sustainable results.

Video on how to remove cheekbones on the face

Facebook coach Yevgenia Baglyk talks about how to sculpt cheekbones and tighten her cheeks:

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