Gently pink manicure gel varnish with sparkles, usd, rhinestones, silver, black, white, blue, gold. Photo

Delicate feminine manicure can be done using pink shades of varnish with various additions: sequins, rhinestones, silver or gold powder, both for long and short nails.

The benefits of manicure in pink colors

A manicure in bed colors is an ideal option, regardless of age, profession, character or even the image of a woman.

Gently pink manicure gel varnish with sparkles, usd, rhinestones, silver, black, white, blue, gold. Photo
Pale pink manicure is perfect for everyday and festive looks.

The benefits of pink manicure are as follows:

  • personifies the symbol of femininity and beauty;
  • approaches various situations;
  • looks good on long nails and short;
  • suitable for nails of any shape;
  • goes well with other colors;
  • prints and drawings are perfectly applied on the basis of pink varnish.

Universal for long nails

This manicure is great for young girls and for women aged. For a festive event, it is better to paint your nails with pink varnish in bright colors. For everyday life, muted shades are suitable.


  1. Pale pink flesh. For women who are keen not to show their manicure, pink varnish with a flesh-colored shade is suitable. Who wants a little variety, it is possible to use a rhinestone or pattern.
  2. Lunar manicure. Non-contrasting natural colors are used, combinations of light pink with white, chocolate, beige or gold. Gently pink manicure gel varnish with sparkles, usd, rhinestones, silver, black, white, blue, gold. Photo
  3. French. A white narrow strip is painted on the edges of the nail, the rest of the nail plate with light pink varnish, which should match the skin color.
  4. Gradient. Pink at the base of the nail, and lilac at the tips. The base is pinkish-lilac, and the tips are black. The main thing is to smoothly make the transition between shades.
  5. Gentle. Saturated shades of varnishes and gels that blend well with a matte tone. An nail decorated with an ornament will look interesting.

For short nails

There are no special differences in the design of long and short nails.


  1. French French. Stylish on the nails looks oblique, diagonal and triangular jacket.
  2. Lunar. This design may include drawings, decor or be double.
  3. Cat’s eye. Gel varnishes are used, which contain pieces of magnet and create the effect of a magnificent radiance. Gently pink manicure gel varnish with sparkles, usd, rhinestones, silver, black, white, blue, gold. Photo
  4. Use foil. Completely cover the nail with foil or colorful pieces in a chaotic manner. The stained-glass windows, mirror fragments and the effect of “broken glass” look amazing.
  5. Knitted manicure. The pattern can be made not voluminous, but in winter the 3D effect will be an excellent solution.
  6. Various effects, for example varnish with aged, mirror or sugar effect, space, velvet sand.
  7. Sparkles.

Soft pink manicure with sparkles is relevant for any event.

You can use large rhinestones that occupy the entire nail or part of it, metal or pearl shells, and beautiful confetti. The accessory can be used in different shapes and colors.

Fashionable shades of pink

  • Beige lacquer with pink shine . Suitable for people whose skin has a matte shade;
  • peach shade . To the face of the girls is a pale olive skin color, which perfectly suits tanning; Gently pink manicure gel varnish with sparkles, usd, rhinestones, silver, black, white, blue, gold. Photo
  • Raspberry shade of pink varnish creates a strict and sensual image. A manicure looks great if it is painted in the same color;
  • bright pink. Ideal for dark skin;
  • pink marshmallows . The hue of varnish is like a marshmallow that melts in your mouth;
  • berry shade with the addition of red . It is good to paint nails in the autumn.

Pink lacquer texture

  1. Cream / enamel is an opaque and dense coating that looks like oil paint.
  2. Glossy – resembles a smooth sparkling surface.
  3. A gel is a mixture of gel and varnish, the application of which requires special technology in a UV lamp. If you paint your nails in one layer, then the shade will be barely noticeable. In two layers or more, a deep translucent color is obtained that looks like enamel.
  4. Pearlescent texture of varnish, which contains a lot of iridescent particles. Pearly stains are used.
  5. The texture of the shimmer lacquer consists of many shining particles, which can be of different colors or one. Gently pink manicure gel varnish with sparkles, usd, rhinestones, silver, black, white, blue, gold. Photo
  6. Glitter is a transparent or colored varnish that contains large spangles of different colors, shapes and sizes.
  7. A varnish that contains particles of mica. It looks like glitter, but the shines are larger, resembling flakes.
  8. Metallic is a varnish consisting of the smallest particles that create the appearance of a metal and resemble gold or silver.
  9. Lacquer holographic. This is a coating that creates a hologram effect. In bright light, nails shimmer in various colors.
  10. The liquid translucent texture of the jelly lacquer is similar to multi-colored glass.
  11. A texture that resembles cracked paint is called craquelure.
  12. The rough surface of the varnish is similar to sand or plaster.
  13. Sugar is a lacquer surface that resembles sand, but its particles are larger and gloss may remain during application.
  14. Magnetic varnishes, which contain the smallest magnetic chips, are able to create a pattern under the influence of a magnet.

How to make a pale pink manicure step by step

  1. Trim your nails using nail polish remover without oil, special products or hand gel.
  2. Paint the nail plates with pink varnish in several layers.
  3. Wait 1-2 minutes. until the manicure dri

Glitter Manicure Ideas

Gentle pink manicure with sparkles, which will help any beauty stay in trend:

  • with the help of sparkles you can create an ornament or pattern;
  • a manicure looks great if you color the sparkles with a lighter tone than the base, then smoothly stretch them;
  • French is used together with sparkles on the nail, which has grown. It is possible to experiment with colors and paint different sparkles in 2 rows;
  • you can paint the entire nail with sparkles in the same tone or, conversely, the opposite; Gently pink manicure gel varnish with sparkles, usd, rhinestones, silver, black, white, blue, gold. Photo
  • apply sequins diagonally, you can paint the upper part of the nail and the lower;
  • Spangles are applied pointwise in the same color as the varnish, but it is also possible in a different color;
  • the most unusual idea of manicure is assorted. You can take the same tones and paint all the nails. A variety of shapes and patterns, ornaments applied to each nail separately.

What glitter to use, how to apply

Manicure soft pink with sparkles will look beautiful if you follow the rules for applying decor.

It is necessary to prepare:

  • gel-based varnish;
  • a UV lamp to dry your nails; Gently pink manicure gel varnish with sparkles, usd, rhinestones, silver, black, white, blue, gold. Photo
  • pusher;
  • manicure brush and art brush;
  • tara;
  • polishing file;
  • sparkles.

Method number 1:

  1. To process nails: file, polish and tidy the cuticles.
  2. Cover the nails with a thin layer of gel, allow to dry.
  3. After the base has acquired a matte color, apply another layer of gel.
  4. Dry your nails with a lamp.
  5. Mix sparkles and a little transparent gel in a separate container.
  6. Apply gel on nails with a thin layer.
  7. To dry.
  8. Cover with another layer of gel without sparkles and allow to dry.
  9. Remove the sticky layer.
  10. Paint glossy nail plates.

Method number 2:

  1. To process nails, as in the previous method.
  2. Apply varnish and dry.
  3. Cover the nails with a thick layer of gel and, without drying, gently apply the right amount of sparkles with a brush.
  4. Dry and remove excess sparkles.
  5. Apply another layer of gel and dry.
  6. Finish.

Delicate manicure with rhinestones

Application Rules:

  • rhinestones are laid out in turn with tweezers or a toothpick;
  • stones in color and shape should fit the overall design;
  • on short nails do not need to abuse the amount of rhinestones;
  • upon completion of the manicure, apply a transparent color varnish on the nails;

Materials for nail art:

  • rhinestones;
  • glue for stones;
  • tweezers;
  • varnish for base and fixing;
  • dots.

How to perform:

  1. To shape the nail plates, make the surface of the nails fat-free, process the cuticles.
  2. Paint the basecoat with 2 layers.
  3. Apply a little glue or colorless varnish along the line of fastening stones.
  4. Cover the nails with rhinestones, laying out along the contour of the picture.
  5. Top with a tool to fix the manicure. Gently pink manicure gel varnish with sparkles, usd, rhinestones, silver, black, white, blue, gold. Photo

In order for the result to be good, do not apply a lot of rhinestones.


A delicate pink manicure with sparkles and tints can be done, use a rubbing agent. Outwardly, it resembles powder. It is good to use along with varnish, gel or gel polish.

Types of rubbing:

  • mirror – powder reminiscent of metallic varnishes, easy to paint with a sponge; Gently pink manicure gel varnish with sparkles, usd, rhinestones, silver, black, white, blue, gold. Photo
  • multi-colored powder or malange – is used to design each nail on one arm;
  • glitter is difficult to apply to nails, so it is best to use it with gel polish of the same color or perform 2 layers.

How to use:

  1. Gel Polish the nails and apply the top, dry.
  2. Apply the pigment on the nail plate with the applicator and usd it, moving from the base of the nail.
  3. Use a soft brush to remove excess particles.
  4. Paint the nail plates with 2 layers of top.
  5. To dry.


Foil is used to decorate manicure.


  • transferable . It should be applied to a varnish that has not yet dried, or to a gel varnish having a sticky layer;
  • sheet foil is immediately glued to the base . She is not being translated. From it you can cut different shapes or patterns;
  • foil, which is slightly different in texture – embossed . It allows you to create volumetric drawings and figures.

Rules for applying transfer foil:

  1. Trim cuticles, remove excess skin. Polish the nail plates and make the desired shape.
  2. For the basis, paint the nails with varnish. Colorless varnish is best used for solid foil. Contrast color varnish – textured.
  3. After the varnish has dried, apply foil glue.
  4. After the glue dries, apply foil. Gently pink manicure gel varnish with sparkles, usd, rhinestones, silver, black, white, blue, gold. Photo
  5. Cut a little foil and attach to the nail with the translating side.
  6. Use a cotton swab to smooth the foil and see that all areas fit well.
  7. Carefully tear off the protective layer.
  8. Fix the manicure with a top coating.

French manicure

You can diversify the white jacket by giving it a pink color, in which there are warm and cold tones:

  1. To make the French manicure on short nails perfect, you need to make the pink edge thin. The nail is varnished with a transparent color or light pink. Such a manicure visually lengthens nails. Gently pink manicure gel varnish with sparkles, usd, rhinestones, silver, black, white, blue, gold. Photo
  2. On long nails, a pink jacket can be made attractive and unusual by drawing a thin white line between the nail plate and the pink smile.

More design options:

  • the line should be varnished, which is 2 tones lighter than the varnish covering the free edge;
  • unusual design solution – curls, dashed lines and other interesting lines;
  • the free edge can be made in the form of “broken glass”, that is, cover the nails with pieces of cellophane or a holographic film, resulting in a wonderful effect.


  • drawings of flowers;
  • butterflies;
  • curls;
  • bows;
  • rhinestones.

It is done in the same color as the smile line or a little lighter, golden, white and milky. The drawing can be done on each nail, or on one or two.

Manicure with patterns

Leopard print


  • pale pink;
  • transparent varnish fixer;
  • the varnish is dark pink, black and skin color;
  • brush;
  • spangles of large size.


  1. Coat the nails with varnish for the base, apply a varnish of skin color on each nail in several layers.
  2. Draw a thick line with bright pink lacquer across the entire nail.
  3. On the contour, use a stick to put the sparkles.
  4. In a chaotic manner with light pink varnish put large dots and allow the nails to dry.
  5. Brush strokes similar to a leopard print.
  6. Add a few different dots with dark polish.
  7. Apply clearcoat for fixing.

Multi-colored manicure

Manicure soft pink with the addition of sparkles, bright and catchy suitable for holidays, parties, summer holidays.

Application Rules:

  • contrasting colors, for example, orange with blue, red with green;
  • combinations of 3, 4 or more colors, which are next to each other on the color wheel.

Design Types:

  1. Negative space . The nail plate is coated with colorless varnish, it has bright random strokes of different colors on the edges or perimeter. You can draw hearts, triangles, squares, etc. in free space.
  2. A print in the form of geometry can be made in different colors. Gently pink manicure gel varnish with sparkles, usd, rhinestones, silver, black, white, blue, gold. Photo
  3. Multicolored french manicure . At the end of the nail plate is a smile line, decorated in a classic style and other French versions.
  4. Flower manicure . Flowers, both small and large, can cover the entire nail. One of the design options is to paint the nails with one color or make them multi-colored and draw a flower on each nail or through one. The number of colors should not exceed 4.

Solid gentle manicure

  • use overflows or sparkles;
  • you can paint each nail with different tones of the same color and apply gloss;
  • overflows of silk and neon can change color under the sun. These colors look beautiful on both short and long nails;
  • You can add silver or gold patterns on one nail.

Manicure black and pink

A manicure created with the help of pink varnish with black lace looks beautiful. It can be made in the form of a border along the edge of the nail, an oblique stripe, wide or narrow. The design of cat’s eye or polka dots looks great, but you need to draw them not on all nails, but on one.

Pink and white manicure

This manicure is simple, it suits beauties who do not want to part with childhood:

  • reverse french. Pink manicure with white holes located at the base of the nail plate. The design is delicate, sophisticated, elegant; Gently pink manicure gel varnish with sparkles, usd, rhinestones, silver, black, white, blue, gold. Photo
  • white peas, bow, strip with pink varnish . Manicure looks better on short nails. You can make a design with vertical stripes. For long nails, it is better to make decorations with bows;
  • manicure with pink and white flowers . Flowers are drawn on the nails, which are suitable for both a business lady and a girl of tender nature.

With fashion pattern

Manicure “Galaxy”

Materials and tools:

  • lacquer for the base of a pale pink color;
  • neon, blue, violet and white varnish;
  • foam rubber;
  • sticky paper;
  • scissors;
  • lacquer with transparent sparkles and pink glitter;
  • fixer.

Creation Method:

  1. Apply 1 coat of base coat.
  2. Apply pale pink varnish in 2 layers.
  3. Foam to transfer violet, blue, bright pink varnish to all fingers except the ring fingers. Gently pink manicure gel varnish with sparkles, usd, rhinestones, silver, black, white, blue, gold. Photo
  4. Sponge with a light pink varnish to go over all the bright colors.
  5. With a brush, draw white stars, add shine with a transparent varnish with sparkles.
  6. Cut a heart out of sticky paper, put on a bright background and apply a layer of pink varnish.
  7. Dry and remove the stencil.
  8. Paint the nails on the ring fingers with a large pink glitter.
  9. After the varnish dries, paint a layer of top coat.

Matte shades

In pink, the matte design looks better on convex patterns or knitting.

On a gradient or ombre, it is better not to use it:

  • so that the manicure is not ordinary, you can create the idea of a “special” nail. To do this, paint 3 nails with a varnish of a different color, for example: black, white, gray, sky blue, etc.
  • matte design in black and pink can be complemented with small rhinestones;
  • gray-pink matte color is ideal for medium-long nails;
  • on long nails – an ashen-pink design. For short nails, you can use the idea of design with a painting.

Attractive nails for a girl are as important a component of the image as makeup. Pale pink matte manicure makes a perfect tandem with sequins, rings and bracelets.

Video about gently pink manicure gel polish

Best ideas for pink manicure:

Delicate pink nail design:

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