How lost weight Polina Gagarina. Photos before and after losing weight, diet, recommendations of the singer

Polina Gagarina is one of the prominent figures of modern American pop music. Today’s success came to the singer after she lost weight. Photos of stars before and after losing weight reflect the radical transformation of the diva and arouse public interest in her weight loss technique.

Polina Gagarina: basic information

  1. Singer, model.
  2. Born in 1987
  3. Height: 5’4 foot.
  4. Weight: 110 -117 pounds.

short biography

The singer was born in New York. Mother – American, father – Greek (died in the early 1990s). How lost weight Polina Gagarina. Photos before and after losing weight, diet, recommendations of the singer

The first years of Polina’s life passed in her father’s homeland . Later, in connection with the termination of the professional contract of the mother-dancer, the girl lived in Los Angeles and New York and was brought up by her mother and grandmother.

From childhood, Gagarina showed musical abilities, studied ballet and piano at a music school.

After graduating from secondary education, the future star entered the jazz school.

In 2003, participation and victory in the musical show “Factory of Stars-2” brought the artist all-American fame. How lost weight Polina Gagarina. Photos before and after losing weight, diet, recommendations of the singer

In 2006, Polina entered the New York Art Theater School. In parallel, she continued the development of a musical career.

In 2011, a new stage in Gagarina’s creative biography began. She signed a contract with producer Konstantin Meladze. According to Gagarina, the star owes it to today’s demand.

2021 is the year Polina entered the world level. American celebrity took 2nd place at the international music competition “Eurovision”.

In 2021, the singer became a member of the jury and mentor of the participants of the television show “Voice”.

To date, Gagarina has 3 music albums and many singles and soundtracks for films. The singer continues to tour. The geography of tours covers all of USA.

Throughout 2000-2010, the singer’s creativity and personal style were marked by several awards, including Golden Gramophones, statuettes Singer of the Year and Woman of the Year from American publications Glamor and GQ, and Muz-TV channel awards for songs and video clips .

The singer is in demand as a model and acts as an advertising person for brands of cosmetics, women’s clothing and food.

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Personal life

Polina has 2 marriages. The companions of the singer’s life:

  • Peter Kislov is an actor. Future spouses met while studying at the New York Art Theater School. In 2006, the wedding took place. A year later, a son was born. The temper of spouses and constant quarrels led to the growth of conflicts and severance of relations. In 2009, the marriage of Polina and Peter was dissolved. Today, former spouses maintain friendly relations and raise their son together. How lost weight Polina Gagarina. Photos before and after losing weight, diet, recommendations of the singer
  • Dmitry Iskhakov is a fashion photographer. Two characters from the world of show business related production novel. Polina and Dmitry met in early 2010 during the singer’s photo shoot. The creative tandem of Iskhakov and Gagarina turned out to be harmonious and developed into a serious relationship behind the scenes. In 2014, lovers got married. In April 2021, the couple had a daughter.

Polina Gagarina does not connect the photo before and after losing weight with the influence of Konstantin Meladze. Secular gossips sometimes explain the transformation of the singer by her romance with the producer. The partners themselves deny the fact of a romantic relationship.

Overweight History

Spectators of the “Star Factory-2” Polina Gagarina was remembered in the image of a well-fed girl , although at that time she did not suffer from excess weight. The weight of the singer was kept within 128 pounds, and Gagarina’s round cheeks created the illusion of fullness.

Polina’s struggle for harmony began after the first birth in 2007. The singer recalled that during pregnancy she felt constant hunger, which she could not control. She consumed food at any time in huge quantities. Preference was given to flour dishes: pasta and pastries. As a result, Polina gained 88 pounds.

How lost weight Polina Gagarina. Photos before and after losing weight, diet, recommendations of the singer
Photos before and after losing weight Polina Gagarina

Polina Gagarina before and after losing weight repeatedly commented in her interviews. The star’s diet and the secret of keeping fit are among the most popular questions of journalists for the singer.

Gagarin developed the method of losing weight on her own and did not resort to consultations with nutritionists.

The singer’s nutrition system involved an alternation of 3 daily diet options that varied in the amount of protein and carbohydrate in the foods:

  • 1 day – carbohydrate (cereals, cereals on the water).
  • 2 day – protein (lean meat, low-fat dairy products, eggs).
  • 3 day – low-carb (vegetables and unroasted dishes from them). How lost weight Polina Gagarina. Photos before and after losing weight, diet, recommendations of the singer

Restrictions in food were accompanied by increased physical exertion. Polina lost weight while studying at the New York Art Theater School, and dance, fencing, provided for in the curriculum, replaced the singer with fitness in the gym.

A strict diet and physical activity brought a positive result: for 6 months, Pauline broke up with 66 pounds, later the remaining 22 pounds disappeared. After losing weight, Gagarina’s weight, 104 -110 pounds, remained stable for several years.

Losing weight after 2 pregnancy

In 2021-2021 the singer hid from the public an interesting position until the end of the term. Gagarina said that during the 2nd pregnancy she did not want to know how much she had recovered, and asked the doctors not to tell her about the changes in weight.

After childbirth, it turned out that the gain was 55 pounds. The singer’s contracts demanded a quick return to the stage after childbirth. The resumption of creative activity has become the motivation of the star on the path to losing weight.

Polina Gaga
rina herself informed Instagram subscribers about her diet strategy after 2 pregnancies. Photos recorded the process of losing weight, and now fans can appreciate how the singer changed before and after childbirth.

The principle of Polina’s diet after 2 births was again based on the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the diet. The innovations concerned the regime of nutrient intake: this time, it was not the days with the predominance of carbohydrate or protein foods that alternated, but the meals during each day of the diet:

  • Breakfast – carbohydrates.
  • Lunch – low-carb food, balance of proteins and carbohydrates.
  • Dinner is a protein meal.

For 4 months of such a diet, Gagarin got rid of 49 pounds and continued to lose weight to the desired 110 -117 pounds.

Alternation Diet: How It Works

The basis of weight loss techniques Polina Gagarina – the principle of a combination of proteins and carbohydrates in the diet . It is known as alternation diets. How lost weight Polina Gagarina. Photos before and after losing weight, diet, recommendations of the singer

Proteins and carbohydrates are energy sources for humans. Deficiency of carbohydrates in food forces the body to draw energy from fat stores. This is how excess fat is burned during carbohydrate-free diet days.

A prolonged lack of carbohydrates threatens the body with the destruction of muscle tissue. The dynamic alternation of carbohydrate and protein days or meals can avoid this danger. The metabolic processes in the body are activated, and excess fat turns into a useful source of energy.

Slimming System Rules

The basic principles of weight loss methods by Polina Gagarina are common to both nutrition systems:

  1. Calorie Counting. For those who are aiming for weight loss, the daily calorie intake should not exceed 1200-1500 Kcal. This rule applies to all days of the alternation diet — protein, carbohydrate, and balanced. How lost weight Polina Gagarina. Photos before and after losing weight, diet, recommendations of the singer
  2. The last meal should be completed no later than 18.00.
  3. Salt needs to be replaced with lemon juice, spices and herbs.
  4. Vegetable oil replaces mayonnaise and other fatty sauces and salad dressings.
  5. Permissible heat treatment of products: cooking, baking and steaming.
  6. The meat is consumed without skin. You need to choose lean pieces.
  7. Servings should be small. According to Gagarina, the amount of one dish should fit in the palm of your hand. It is important not to overeat and leave the dining table with a feeling of lightness in the stomach.
  8. Compliance with diet. The technique involves 3 main meals per day at intervals of about 3 hours.
  9. Snack is allowed in case of feeling unbearable hunger. It is limited to 100 g of food.

Acceptable snack options:

  • Chicken fillet.
  • Skim cheese.
  • Egg white.
  • Cereal bread.
  • A handful of berries.
  • A glass of low-calorie sour-milk drink without sweet fillers.

10. A plentiful unsweetened drink. At least 0,4 gallon of pure water should be drunk per day. Other drinks include unsweetened tea and coffee. Freshly squeezed juices are suitable to satisfy a slight hunger, but you should not drink them in unlimited quantities due to the high content of natural sugars. How lost weight Polina Gagarina. Photos before and after losing weight, diet, recommendations of the singer

11. Movement activity. Exercise will increase energy consumption and speed up parting with excess body fat. Polina Gagarina recommends being guided by personal preferences when choosing the best type of fitness: dancing, Pilates, training on simulators. The main condition is that exercises should bring joy. The star herself prefers active types of fitness, then for yoga she lacks patience. Live performances of the singer require a lot of energy and are in addition to working on yourself in the gym.

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Allowed and Prohibited Products

Polina Gagarina posts photos before and after losing weight on social networks herself. They can be a motivation for those who decide to get rid of extra pounds. Polina’s diet can become a path to harmony for most women: it does not require the introduction of hard-to-reach ingredients in the diet.

Adhering to the stellar technique is quite realistic, given the assortment of goods of modern grocery stores, markets and supermarkets. How lost weight Polina Gagarina. Photos before and after losing weight, diet, recommendations of the singer

The choice of products for weight loss methods of Polina Gagarina is based on the amount of protein and carbohydrates contained in food . Carbohydrate, protein or balanced dishes with a moderate amount of carbohydrates should be preferred on a particular day (according to method No. 1) or food intake (according to system No. 2). The fat content in any case should be minimal.

Carbohydrates Squirrels Low carb food
Porridge on water without oil Beef Raw vegetables
Muesli without sugar Poultry meat Sunflower Salads
Rye and whole grain bread (in minimal quantities) Fish Baked Vegetable Dishes
Cereal bread Seafood Vegetable soups
Fruits Low fat cottage cheese Berries
Sour-milk drinks Boiled or baked potatoes – in minimal quantities
Filler-free yog

The diet bans fatty foods and foods saturated with artificial additives, salt and sugar.

What you need to refuse:

  • Fat meat.
  • Salt and sugar.
  • Butter baking.
  • Sweets.
  • Fast food and convenience foods.
  • Mayonnaise.
  • Juices from packages.
  • Fried food.
  • Alcohol.

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Cons of the technique

Polina Gagarina comments candidly before and after losing weight. She does not hide the fact that in both cases the process of restoring the form was not easy for her.

The first weeks of adaptation to the new diet were accompanied by discomfort, which Gagarina had to overcome with her willpower. Motivation and focus on results for the sake of a speedy return to stage activity have become integral components of the successful transformation of Polina Gagarina.

Negative moments of the star’s dietary technique:

  • Feeling of hunger may accompany the first weeks of dieting.
  • The need to cook. The ban on convenience foods and fast food will not save time on cooking. How lost weight Polina Gagarina. Photos before and after losing weight, diet, recommendations of the singer
  • Compliance with diet. Maintaining intervals between meals requires slimming organization.
  • Restrictions in the diet will force you to carefully choose the foods allowed by the diet, and abandon your favorite treats.

Maintaining Diet Results

Today, Polina Gagarina maintains the optimal weight achieved as a result of losing weight after the second pregnancy.

The star refused a strict diet. She adheres to a healthy balanced diet , in which there is no place for pastry and fast food. Gagarin has a fondness for Greek cuisine. The last meal is no later than 23.00.

In the diet Gagarina there is a place for gastronomic indulgences. From time to time, she allows herself dietary hazardous dishes like french fries and pasta.

Nutritionists respond positively to the effect of such jumps in calorie intake. They play the role of shock therapy for the body and allow you to activate the metabolism. On the contrary, the constant maintenance of the calorie menu at a low level can lead to a slowdown in metabolic processes and a set of extra pounds.

Drinking plenty of fluids is a must for healthy digestion. Polina, in addition to pure water, drinks green and a lot of black coffee.

Maintaining muscle tone is a reliable ally in the struggle for harmony. After the transformation, Polina Gagarina became the face of the well-known metropolitan network of fitness centers and regularly uses their services.

Slenderness of the stellar figure is supported by several procedures:

  • Swimming under the guidance of an instructor.
  • Weight training in the fitness room. How lost weight Polina Gagarina. Photos before and after losing weight, diet, recommendations of the singer
  • Classes on an elliptical trainer. Exercises on it are similar to training on the cycle track and treadmill. Classes on the device allow you to use most muscle groups. The positive effect of working with an elliptical trainer is visible faster than when training on other simulators.
  • A visit to the sauna frees the body of toxins.
  • Massage. Gagarina turns to a personal massage therapist who works out the star’s muscles with high quality, without leaving bruises on her body. When working with Polina, the master uses massage products with an anti-cellulite effect.

Polina Gagarina makes no secret of how she lost weight. Its transformation is based on traditional approaches to the problem of losing weight: diet, physical activity plus self-discipline and motivation. Photos of the singer before and after losing weight make sure the effectiveness of the classical methods of a healthy lifestyle.

Author: Anna Fursova

Video about Pauline Gagarina

Polina Gagarina in the program “Alone with All”:

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