Fat burning exercise for girls in the gym at home

Circular training aimed at fat burning, allows girls to transform their body in 1-2 months of regular classes. Depending on the capabilities, the complex can be performed both at home and in the gym. The type of physical activity of the cyclic type should be selected taking into account the initial data of the body, physical fitness.

What is circular training

Circular fat burning training for girls is a continuous exercise complex consisting of 10-12 exercises for working out all muscle groups. The maximum efficiency of classes is achieved by combining power and cardio loads in one unit. Rest time between complexes should be minimal, no more than 1-2 minutes.

In the process of 1 training, the girl performs from 5 to 10 identical exercise cycles. Circular training is considered the most effective for those who seek to get rid of excess subcutaneous fat, because of their ability to immediately affect the physiological processes in the human body.

Performing exercises non-stop provokes blood flow to the muscles, followed by active production of lactic acid.

Fat burning exercise for girls in the gym at home

The body perceives a by-product (lactic acid) as a toxin that can negatively affect the functioning of internal systems. For this reason, it starts processes aimed at neutralizing acid, while spending a large amount of energy by converting fat into it.

Advantages and disadvantages of circular training

The main advantages of circular training include:

  • the ability to burn more calories than with sports organized in moderate intensity;
  • increase in endurance and strength of a girl;
  • strengthening the cardiovascular and respiratory systems;
  • the ability to transform the load, adjusting to the level of physical fitness of a particular athlete;
  • the ability to perform the complex both at home and in the gym;
  • depending on the goal, the circular training may include both cardio and strength exercises, or one of these types;
  • the ability to “dry” the body and make it more prominent without a parallel increase in muscle mass;
  • short duration of the lesson.

The disadvantages of circular classes are:

  • the absence of a narrowly focused study of the most problematic zone (physical activity in the absolute case is distributed evenly across all muscle groups);
  • the need for continuous successive exercises (while practicing in the gym, it will be difficult for a girl not to pause between sets due to the fact that the equipment she needs can be occupied by another person);
    Fat burning exercise for girls in the gym at home
    Circular fat burning exercise for girls is performed several times in a row.
  • the presence of contraindications in 70% of people aged 25 to 40 years;
  • the risk of overtraining or the development of chronic fatigue, as a consequence of it.


Circular fat burning training for girls will be contraindicated if a person has:

  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • pregnancy
  • hypertension 2 and 3 degrees;
  • high blood sugar;
  • chronic diseases in the acute stage;
  • anemia (low hemoglobin in the blood);
  • oncological diseases;
  • lactation;
  • obesity 3 degrees;
  • pathologies of the osteoarticular system;
  • elevated body temperature;
  • progressive inflammatory diseases;
  • spinal diseases.

The circular principle of building classes can also negatively affect the health of girls who are on a low-carb or low-carb diet. The insufficient amount of carbohydrates responsible for the amount of energy an athlete, in the vast majority of cases, leads to frequent fainting or the rapid development of hypoglycemia.

Choosing this method of losing weight is also not recommended for people in a depressed state. Intensive training provokes the release of a large concentration of cortisol (“stress hormone”) into the bloodstream, which can aggravate the athlete’s mental instability.

Load options

Circular training for fat burning is classified by fitness trainers into 3 main subspecies:

Fat burning exercise for girls in the gym at home

Type of circle training Short description
Continuous It implies continuous sequential execution of exercises without dividing the loads into blocks. Despite the absence of regulated pauses for rest, stops for 5-10 seconds are considered acceptable intervals between exercises. With this training option, it is possible to increase the overall endurance of the body and strengthen the athlete’s cardiovascular system. To increase the load, it is recommended that as the body becomes accustomed to a given pace during classes, set a time frame for performing 1 approach or the entire complex.
Interval The interval version of training involves rest between blocks consisting of 3-5 exercises. Efficiency in this case is achieved due to the partial restoration of the organisms after the previous load. The key point of this type of training is the observance of the pulse range. With fat burning, it should range from 120 to 140 beats per minute.
Intensive Interval In the vast majority of cases, exercises of this type consist of speed-strength exercises with weights. The intervals between the blocks, designed to restore the body, are minimized, and are no more than 20 seconds.

Recommendations for creating a female weight loss program

Circular fat burning training for girls will be most effective if it is designed taking into account the main recommendations of fitness trainers.

Fat burning exercise for girls in the gym at home

They are as follows:

  • despite the desire to lose weight in a specific area, the exercises that the girl includes in a fat-burning circular complex should be aimed at working out the whole body;
  • the sequence of exercises should be formed according to the “push” – “push” principle, alternating the direction of the impact of physical exertion on the body (this will minimize the risk of overtraining and fulfill a greater amount of physical exertion);
  • after performing the required number of cycles within one day of a circular training, a cardio load of high intensity, followed by stretching and massage with the help of a special roller, must go;
  • Before the main part of the training, you should perform a warm-up that can prepare the muscles, joints and heart for further training;
  • when choosing exercises, it is necessary to focus not only on the contraindications available to the athlete, but also on her feelings during the performance of the planned loads.

General principles of training for slimness
in girls, women

The general principles of training for slimness in girls and women look like this:

  • a mandatory step in every fat burning workout should be a high-intensity cardio load (while it must be varied);
    Fat burning exercise for girls in the gym at home
  • in the absence of a need to increase the amount of muscle mass, exercises for weight loss girls should be selected so that with weights the number of repetitions is at least 20-25 times;
  • if during a circular training an athlete strives not only to lose weight, but also to build muscle, her training should have little repetition (at maximum effort, the number of repetitions in the performance of exercises with weight training should be no more than 15 times);
  • the load should be distributed evenly across all muscle groups (with narrowly targeted training, the athlete is at high risk of injuries due to an imbalance in the load on the spine);
  • as the body adapts to a given level of physical activity, it is recommended to increase the complexity of the training (when the complex of exercises for a long time remains unchanged, the effectiveness of the classes is significantly reduced).

How is fat burning

Circular fat burning training for girls helps to get rid of excess weight at double speed, in comparison with the classic form of physical activity.

Fat is burned due to the phased effect of accelerated metabolic processes on it:

  • A need is generated for a large amount of energy, so that the body begins to convert fat into it.
  • Fat cells break down into 3 main components: water, carbon dioxide and ATP.
  • Water is excreted from the body through the urinary system, carbon dioxide during exhalation, and ATP is converted into energy, which is later used during physical exertion.

Fat burning exercise for girls in the gym at home

When burning fat, not only the girl’s appearance is transformed, but her body is also cleansed of toxins and toxins that accumulate as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle.

It is a mistake to suppose that if the calorie deficit is maintained for a long time and parallel to sports, fat will be burned faster. This method of losing weight will lead to a sharp increase in the amount of toxins in the body and a decrease in the concentration of estrogen. Not enough female hormones in the blood will cause problems with the reproductive system.

What exercises are used Execution technique

The most effective weight loss exercises are:

Fat burning exercise for girls in the gym at home

Exercise The technique of its implementation
“Burpy” 1. Take a vertical position of the body. Feet put next to each other; Arms should be placed along the body.

2. Squat.

3. Without pausing, take an emphasis lying down, and then do push-ups.

4. Touching the chest of the floor, pull up your legs, bending them at the knees.

5. Take the initial position.

“Book” 1. Lie on your back; put your hands behind your head; tear off the legs from the floor and bend until a 90 degree angle is formed at the knees.

2. On exhalation, tear off the upper part of the body to the blades and pull it up.

3. Simultaneously with the implementation of paragraph 2, bring the knees closer to the chest.

4. Fix the position for 2-3 seconds, then smoothly return to the starting position.

Arm Squats 1. Get up straight; hold dumbbells in your hands; legs should be shoulder width apart.

2. Squat before the formation of a right angle in the knees. The back should remain straight.

3. At the same time as the squat, spread your arms to the sides so that they form a straight line with the shoulders.

4. Return to starting position.

“Strap” 1. Take a horizontal position. Put your hands on your elbows; feet placed on toes. Tear your stomach off the floor. The abdominal muscles are as tense as possible.

2. Lock the position for 1-2 minutes.

3. Slowly take the initial position.

Classes at home. Exercise complex

It is recommended that you include exercises in a home-based circular training session:

Fat burning exercise for girls in the gym at home

Exercise The technique of its implementation
High Hip Running As part of this exercise, it is necessary to alternately bend the legs and tear them as high as possible from the floor. Running is done with small jumps at a fast pace. Hands at the time of the exercise must be placed on the belt.
Springy Sumo Squats 1. Feet set 5’9 inch further apart than the distance between the shoulders. Hold 1 weighting compound (dumbbell or, for example, a bottle of water) with both hands.

2. Perform a deep squat, and then jump up, avoiding jerks and sudden movements.

3. Repeat the required number of times.

Seated turns 1. Sit on the floor; straighten your back; bend your arms at the elbows and press to the chest.

2. Tear off the legs from the floor, slightly bending them at the knees.

3. Keeping the lower limbs in weight, rotate the body alternately to the right and left, controlling that the abdominal muscles are in maximum tension.

Kick back 1. Get up on all fours; draw in the stomach; minimize back deflection.

2. On exhalation, swing the leg with the right foot, taking it back and lifting it as high as possible from the floor, without bending at the same time.

3. Return the right foot to its original position.

4. Repeat the exercise as many times as necessary.

5. Perform steps 2-4, using the left foot.

Classes in the gym. Exercise complex

Circular training aimed at fat burning, regardless of whether it is intended for young girls or mature women, should include different exercises.

Fat burning exercise for girls in the gym at home

Exercise The technique of its implementation
Squats in the simulator 1. Stand in a metal structure, consisting of a movable neck and stable frames.

2. Position the bar on the shoulders; legs set shoulder width apart; hands hold a sports equipment.

3. Squat until a parallel is formed between the back of the thigh and the floor.

4. Return to starting position.

This exercise is recommended to be performed without extra weight at a fast or medium pace.

Leg curl in the simulator 1. Set the operating weight.

2. Lie on your stomach in the simulator for bending the lower extremities.

3. Fasten the legs with soft clips.

4. Position the upper limbs on the side handrails.

5. As you exhale, bend your legs, pulling the soft cushions behind you.

6. Touch the rollers of the buttocks and slowly, overcoming the resistance of the simulator, return to the original position.

Hyperextension 1. Settle in the design of the simulator; fix the legs with fixed rollers; hands to chest.

2. On the exhale, lower the upper body to the floor.

3. Without pausing at the bottom, slowly return to the starting position.

Lower stomach pull 1. Set the operating weight.

2. Sit on the support bench, facing the movable blocks.

3. Pick up the bar; straighten your back; rest your feet against the platform in front of you; belly retract.

4. On the exhale, pull the bar toward the stomach, while moving your elbows back and connecting the shoulder blades.

5. Without stopping in this position, slowly relax the upper limbs, and then return to the starting position.

Circle Block Efficiency

The effectiveness of circular training, subject to their regularity, is:

  • acceleration of metabolic processes (positively affects not only weight loss, but also the overall strengthening of the body, thanks to supplying it with sufficient oxygen transported with blood);
  • weight loss (due to the triggered process of splitting of fat cells, localized not only in the subcutaneous, but also in the area around the internal organs);
    Fat burning exercise for girls in the gym at home
  • general strengthening of the muscle corset;
  • training of the cardiovascular system (achieved due to the high rate of exercise and the inclusion of cardio loads in the complex).

Weekly Beginner Circuit Example

Given that the round-robin training is considered one of the most intense, beginner athletes should practice it no more than 3 times a week.


On the first training day, it is recommended to perform 3 approaches of the following complex with rest intervals of no more than 2 minutes:

  1. Running at a place with high hips – 3 min.
  2. Bringing the bar back from a prone position – 25 times.
  3. Dumbbell traction with support on one arm – 20 times.
  4. Leg curl in the simulator – 25 times.
  5. Leg extension in the simulator – 25 times.
  6. Squats at a fast pace – 50 times.


On Wednesday, the load should be slightly increased by performing 4 repetitions of the complex with rest between sets of 2.5-3 minutes in length:

  1. Jumping rope – 5 min.
  2. Leg press in the simulator – 25 times.
  3. Thrust of the upper block to the chest – 20 times.
  4. The pull of the lower block to the stomach – 20 times.
    Fat burning exercise for girls in the gym at home
  5. Plank – 2 min.
  6. Jumping in place – 100 times.


On Friday, it would be advisable to carry out 3 approaches, giving the body at intervals time to recover for a duration not exceeding 1.5 – 2 minutes.


  1. Squat without weights at a fast pace – 50 times.
  2. Squats with a barbell on your shoulders – 20 times.
  3. Bending the arms with dumbbells – 25 times.
  4. Hyperextension – 30 times.
  5. Turns the body from a sitting position – 20 times for each side.
  6. Springy sumo squats – 25 times.
  7. Jogging with a heel on the buttocks – 5 min.

What to combine exercises with a circular system

To achieve a result in losing weight, after 1-2 months of regular training in the circular system, the athlete must combine sports with the normalization of her lifestyle.


  • to refuse from bad habits;
  • give at least 9 hours a day to night sleep;
    Fat burning exercise for girls in the gym at home
  • exclude flour, sweet, salty, spicy from the diet;
  • increase the number of fresh vegetables and fruits in the daily menu;
  • eat at least 4-5 times a day, while controlling the portion size (no more than 100 g);
  • comply with the drinking regime (drink at least 0,4 gallon of water per day);
  • include walking in the fresh air in the daily routine (at least 8000 steps are recommended per day).

For girls, circular training aimed at burning fat is not only a way to transform your body externally, but also an opportunity to cleanse your body of toxins, having adjusted the work of internal systems and organs.

A properly organized training process will give the athlete the opportunity to see the first results of her labors after 4 weeks of training. Knowing what fitness trainers recommend combining exercises in a circular system will allow the slimming woman to increase the effectiveness of training and improve the quality of her life.

Fat Burning Circuit Video for Girls

An example of a fat burning circular training:

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