How to quickly pump up the muscles of the arms, sternum, back, legs, forearm, lower back for a girl from scratch

Today there are many sports clubs and fitness centers, but it is not always possible to visit them. But according to the trainers, it is possible to tighten the muscles of the body and get in shape independently at home.

Home workout goal

Before starting training, it is important to set the right and achievable goal, or even several. Goals will stimulate, give a clear understanding of the meaning of training.

How to quickly pump up the muscles of the arms, sternum, back, legs, forearm, lower back for a girl from scratch

Depending on the complexion, the girl may seek:

  • to lose weight;
  • pump up a flat butt, build muscle;
  • increase stamina and strength.

Goals such as the fight against excess weight, achieving harmony and body fit, improving health are achievable in the conditions of your own home.

It should be noted the misconception that from classes with dumbbells, strength training, the girl’s body will lose femininity and turn into a pile of muscles. Experts say that without special chemical additives, a woman’s body will never look like a man’s, covered with steel cubes. This is a feature of the female body and the girls have nothing to fear.

From regular training, the waist will become thinner, the legs will become slim, the body will become sturdier.

It is very important to pre-evaluate your health. It is not necessary to undergo a comprehensive examination.

The problems affecting the intensity and load should be identified, for example:

  • flat feet or poor posture;
  • intervertebral hernia (in this case, classes are possible only under the supervision of a specialist, according to his recommendations);
  • disturbances in the joints (caution should be exercised with squats and running);
  • varicose veins (limit the load on the legs);
  • serious vision problems (a consultation with a doctor is definitely required);
  • cardiovascular disease (build up pace very slowly).

Light gymnastic exercises will not harm, and serious cardio or strength training can aggravate the situation in the above cases. You need to be careful and begin to train with a minimum load and pace, monitoring your condition.

Pros and cons of home workouts for girls

You need to understand that at home significantly increasing muscle mass is a difficult task. For this purpose, classes in the equipped room will be the best solution. Requires a large load, which give only special simulators.

How to quickly pump up the muscles of the arms, sternum, back, legs, forearm, lower back for a girl from scratch

Pros of home workouts:

  • flexibility of class schedule;
  • saving money;
  • extra time is not wasted on the road;
  • no need to go or go to classes;
  • There are no strangers whose views may be embarrassing.

On the Internet there are many videos from professionals on how to build muscle at home. With their help, you can create an individual training program and enjoy training.


  • minimum sports equipment;
  • relaxing regime, there is a risk of succumbing to laziness;
  • the lack of a coach or a person who can explain the correct execution of movements;
  • distractions, for example, a small child;
  • there is no way to do a strong directional load, as in special simulators.

What inventory is needed

For home classes you will need:

  • dumbbells;
  • horizontal bar;
  • expander;
  • weighting agents;
  • gymnastic ball;
  • mat;
  • Hula Hup.

For home training, a beginner for the first 3-4 weeks will only need sneakers, a rug and comfortable sportswear. You can use the ball or hoop.

In the future, the main assistants will be dumbbells and a horizontal bar.

There are whole and prefabricated dumbbells. The latter are safer and better suited to the female brush. The advantage of prefabricated in the regulation of weight, the ability to increase or decrease the load. You should start practicing with the lightest weights, gradually moving to heavier ones.

How to quickly pump up the muscles of the arms, sternum, back, legs, forearm, lower back for a girl from scratch

Horizontal bars are spacer and wall. The difference between the first type is that it is mounted in the doorway.

The right workout routine

Trying to start muscles as quickly as possible, you should not forget about the training schedule. Even studying at home, it is extremely important to follow the established order. It is necessary to accustom yourself to discipline.

This is important for building muscle. If you engage chaotically when you want, then a large gap between training sessions may occur or, conversely, the necessary break will not be observed.

In the first case, the muscles will not build up at the right speed, with large constant breaks, the effect will be minimal. In another situation, when exhausting workouts occur daily, for example, for 5-6 consecutive days, muscle fibers will not have time to recover (there is the term “clogging”).

It also will not give a noticeable effect, and a feeling of fatigue and exhaustion can completely discourage the desire to play sports.

The best option is a one- or two-day break between classes. That is, 3 workouts per week. This schedule is ideal for restoring strength and the body as a whole.

Engage in the morning or evening, an individual question. You need to focus on the work schedule, well-being in different phases of the day. The body of each person is unique. To choose the optimal mode of sports loads, you can try to engage in at different times, listening to your condition.

How to motivate yourself by doing at home

Motivation is the main component of home training.

How to quickly pump up the muscles of the arms, sternum, back, legs, forearm, lower back for a girl from scratch

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Inspired by slender girls in a bikini on a calendar or hanging pictures.
  2. Experts have proposed an interesting way – come up with a reward. At the end of the workout, eat something or get some kind of prize. Of course, this is not about a piece of cake or a high-calorie dessert. It all depends on addictions and imagination.
  3. Sometimes a public statement helps. You can tell your family and friends about the seriousness of your plans. In this situation, additional responsibility will arise for your words.

No need to motivate yourself to buying a dress. This is a short-term goal, upon reaching which the meaning of continuing training will be lost. Extremely important attitude, desire and a clear understanding of the need and usefulness of sports loads.

Proper n
utrition during enhanced training

For an early recovery, maintaining results, a diet is important. To consider that after training you can eat anything and in any quantities is a big mistake. Experts recommend that with an active load regime, much attention be paid to protein foods. It can be boiled chicken, eggs, kefir, cottage cheese, fish, meat.

Do not be afraid to drink protein shakes.

They are sold in powder form and are used in diluted form with water or non-fat milk. Additional protein will be useful only if intensive and regular workouts. Otherwise, it will become an excessive burden on the kidneys and liver.

How to quickly pump up the muscles of the arms, sternum, back, legs, forearm, lower back for a girl from scratch

In organizing a diet, it is better to follow the following rules:

  1. Eat small meals several times a day.
  2. Breakfast is the most satisfying, for example, granola or oatmeal.
  3. To diversify the dinner with types of meat or fish, complementing boiled vegetables.
  4. For dinner, do not overeat, but also do not starve the body, you can eat an omelet or a slice of chicken with a salad of vegetables.
  5. Drink from 0,4 gallon of water per day.
  6. High-calorie sweets in small quantities can sometimes be called, but in the morning.

The most important thing is not to make the rules too heavy for execution, it is better to find the optimal diet that will be well perceived by the body. It is necessary to accustom the body to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and nutrition.

Cardio training

Cardio training is essential for developing endurance and is very beneficial for maintaining the cardiovascular system. In addition, the main goal of such loads is to reduce body fat, i.e. there is a study of muscle relief and weight loss. They can be alternated on different days with other types of loads, and also used as a warm-up before the main classes.

How to quickly pump up the muscles of the arms, sternum, back, legs, forearm, lower back for a girl from scratch
On the Internet there are many videos and photos of lessons from professionals on how to build muscle at home.

Exercises are performed with an interval of 30 seconds and 10-15 repetitions:

  1. Stand straight, arms down, legs straight, in a jump at the same time spread your legs to the sides and raise your arms above your head. When re-jumping, take the starting position.
  2. Hands are wound behind the back of the head, jump from the semi-squat position as high as possible and again fall back to the starting position.
  3. Standing in a slope with legs apart, arms lowered. On exhalation, the left leg lunges forward, while the right hand touches it. The left hand is laid back. On inspiration, we return to the starting position. Repeat similarly with the other leg. The movements should resemble the actions of a skater.
  4. While squatting, lean your hands on the floor. Both legs lunge back, then return back. Jump up, pulling your hands to the ceiling and lower, starting the cycle again.
  5. Jumping rope for 1-2 minutes.
  6. Running on the spot with a lap of the lower leg to the buttocks.
  7. Lie on the floor, on the stomach, palms shoulder-width apart. Tighten the body in your arms up. On exhalation, the left leg slowly presses against the chest, arms are motionless. On inspiration, return the leg to the place and repeat with the other leg.
  8. Stand straight with hands on your belt. The left leg lunges forward at an angle of 90 degrees., The main load on the left leg. Return to position, repetition of a lunge with the right foot.
  9. From the squat position, with the arms resting on the floor, there is a jump to the standing position with arms and legs apart (“star”). In the jump, return to the starting position.
  10. Running in place with pulling the knees to the chest.

This popular basic set of exercises is an excellent cardio workout.

A set of exercises for the development of all muscle groups for a girl

A lot of manuals have been published on how to build muscle at home, and a lot of instructions from eminent trainers have been posted on the Internet. But there are basic, basic exercises for different muscle groups from which you can begin to train.

Arm muscles

During training, it is necessary to study:

  • biceps;
  • triceps;
  • shoulder delta;
  • forearm.

It is enough to do 25-30 repetitions. A beginner is recommended to do 10-12. For all exercises, the initial position is standing straight, legs shoulder-width apart and slightly bent, back straight, stomach tucked in.

How to quickly pump up the muscles of the arms, sternum, back, legs, forearm, lower back for a girl from scratch

The first complex:

  1. Turn your hands with your palms forward and bend, resting your elbows on the sides. Lower your arms with dumbbells down and raise to the chin.
  2. From the initial position, the arms are bent and fixed for a few seconds, then straightened with a retraction. The neck should not strain.
  3. Push-ups from the floor (palms shoulder-width apart). The body holds straight.
  4. Lie on the floor, belly down, arms extended upward and bent at right angles. Slowly rise and fall. This exercise perfectly corrects posture.

The second complex (the starting position is the same, but with straight knees):

  1. Straight arms with dumbbells spread apart.
  2. Sitting on a chair, legs together. Raise your hands with dumbbells, gently leading behind your head.
  3. Breeding hands with dumbbells to the side with fixation for a few seconds.
  4. Raise dumbbells straight arms forward to shoulder level. Perform slowly.

Leg muscles

For leg harmony, the following exercises are effective (10-15 reps):

  1. Squats . The legs are shoulder-width apart, the back is straight. As low as possible. Slowly rise. Hands can be locked into a lock or kept straight, stretching forward. You can also hold your hands at the waist.
  2. Lying on its side, the supporting arm is bent at the elbow. Stretching out the sock, do the swing of the leg up .
  3. Lunges from a standing position with one foot forward to a position of 90 degrees.
  4. Lying position, arms along the body, palms down. Slowly raise your legs up , tearing your lower back.
  5. Jumping up from a squat position.

How to quickly pump up the muscles of the arms, sternum, back, legs, forearm, lower back for a girl from scratch

In the future, all exercises can be performed with special weights or dumbbells.

Press and sides

It should be remembered that when performing complexes on other muscle groups, the press always works. Therefore, this part of the body
gets a load during any workout. It is not necessary to download it every time, you can do it, for example, every second workout.

For a flat stomach with a beautiful relief, proper nutrition is important , since the most trained press can be hidden under the fat layer. In this matter, cardio training and running are excellent.

How to quickly pump up the muscles of the arms, sternum, back, legs, forearm, lower back for a girl from scratch

Strongly pumping the lateral abdominal muscles, the so-called oblique, the girl should not, there is a risk of spoiling the waist, making it square.

It is enough to do the following exercises (25-30 reps):

  1. Lying position, legs slightly divorced and bent at the knees. Hands wound behind the head. Perform twisting by pulling the elbow to the opposite knee. Alternately with each hand.
  2. From the same initial position, do symmetrical twists without tearing off the lower back. Pull your elbows forward with the press.
  3. Hanging on the horizontal bar, bend your legs, pulling your knees to your chest.
  4. If there is a bench, sit on it, fixing your legs. You can cling to the sofa. To bend the body back until the back is parallel to the floor, but the shoulders remain gathered forward, thereby relieving the load from the spine. It is carried out in a twisted state, hands are collected on the chest. Slowly raise your body up.

Raising straight legs from a lying position is not suitable for everyone, since in this case there is a load on the spine. The same can be said if you raise straight legs from a hanging position. The best option would be to do this with a focus on the hands, for example, putting chairs on the sides. Leaning with two hands on the backs, tear off the legs from the floor and lift them.


To understand how to pump up the buttocks, you should remember the home set of exercises for the legs. In the above complex, both the gluteal muscles and legs are involved.

How to quickly pump up the muscles of the arms, sternum, back, legs, forearm, lower back for a girl from scratch

But there are additional exercises:

  1. Stand straight, feet together, socks forward. Bend your knees slightly, your back is straight. Holding the weight, slowly lean forward, hands move strictly parallel to the legs, look forward. The entire load should go to the gluteal muscles. Gently straighten up.
  2. Buttocks are worked out more if the above lunges from the leg complex are done as deeply as possible and straightened due to the back muscle. It is very good to do this with weight, ideally holding an empty bar on your shoulders (for beginners). It can be purchased at a sports store. Although one dumbbell is suitable for this purpose, it is less convenient to hold it in this position.
  3. For pumping up beautiful priests, deep squats are most important. And you need to understand that the back muscle works most effectively with extra weight.
  4. Lying on the floor face down, arms extended up. Raise arms and legs from the floor at the same time and fix for several seconds.
  5. Kneel down, bend your arms and lean on your elbows. Take your foot back and up. Such swings to repeat with both feet.

Pectoral muscles

Often the question arises of how to increase breasts through training. It’s more correct to talk about pumping up the pectoral muscle, which will lift the chest.

How to quickly pump up the muscles of the arms, sternum, back, legs, forearm, lower back for a girl from scratch

Home exercises can help in this matter:

  1. Effective push-ups from the floor. Hands are shoulder width apart. If it’s hard, you can start by resting your knees on the floor. 10-15 repetitions made in 3 steps will help tone the desired zone.
  2. Exercises on the bench are effective with dumbbells: In a lying position, raise straight arms with dumbbells up. To spread slightly bent at the elbow hands as far down on the sides. Another option – lying down and holding straight arms at the top, bend your arms to a right angle, bringing dumbbells to your chest.
  3. Complex with an expander: 10-15 sprains in the chest area; the same number of repetitions, but at the level of the abdomen; repeat at head level, then behind the back.

Back muscles

How to quickly pump up the muscles of the arms, sternum, back, legs, forearm, lower back for a girl from scratch

Such exercises will help to make posture beautiful and strengthen the muscular corset of the spine:

  1. Lying on your stomach pull up your legs and arms at the same time. The muscles of the back, buttocks, biceps of the legs work.
  2. Another variation of the first exercise is to pull up only hands.
  3. Cross legs while sitting, join hands behind your back and turn the straight torso in both directions.
  4. Stand straight, spread your legs slightly. Holding dumbbells in your hands, do slow inclinations to a right angle, with a straight back.
  5. Standing in an incline forward, to spread hands with dumbbells from a lowered state to the sides, trying to get as high as possible.


This area is well studied:

  • institutions behind the head of hands raised up with dumbbells;
  • wider setting of arms during push-ups;
  • pull-ups on the horizontal bar.


The loin works when doing the above complex on the back, but you can add the following:

  • Lie down with your hips on the bench, legs fixed in a convenient way.
  • Keep your head forward, hands on chest.
  • Lower the upper body down to the floor, remaining with a straight back.
  • Looking in front of you, climb back.
  • To do slowly.
  • The legs are motionless.

It is worth noting that this works not only the back, but also the buttocks, as well as the back of the thigh.

How to perform the exercise “bar”

Among the exercises that allow you to build muscle as quickly as possible, it is very popular. “Planck” allows you to use all muscle groups at home. The press, the lower back, arms, buttocks are pumped, many small, adnexal muscles are involved, which in the main complex can “sleep”.

How to quickly pump up the muscles of the arms, sternum, back, legs, forearm, lower back for a girl from scratch

But to achieve the maximum result, the correct execution technique is extremely important:

  1. It is most convenient to sit in front of the mirror, controlling the performance.
  2. Place y
    our palms on the floor, arms extended.
  3. The back is perfectly straight, the body is elongated.
  4. Toe socks rest on the floor.
  5. Avoid sagging or bending.
  6. The abdominal muscles are tense.
  7. You can start with half a minute, gradually increasing the rack time. There is no limit in this matter, you can keep the body in this position for as long as you want, it will not bring harm to health. On the contrary, the body will gain harmony and endurance.

It should be noted the different types of positions when performing this exercise:

  • stand with emphasis on the elbows (hands form a right angle);
  • the body is turned sideways to the floor, the emphasis is on one bent arm;
  • the option when with a standard stance one leg is raised back;
  • another variation – with one arm extended forward;
  • with a turn – the body sideways to the floor, both feet on the floor with the edges of the soles, emphasis on one arm, the other extended upward;
  • emphasis on the elbows is carried out on the ball, while legs set on the bench.

Circular training

Circular training consists of 8-10 exercises for different muscle groups, which are performed sequentially and continuously. At the end of the cycle, a break is made, but not more than 1 minute. The number of circles is usually 3-5. Beginners can start with 5 exercises in a cycle.

This is an effective workout for weight loss, while all muscle groups work.

The advantages of this program:

  • active fat burning;
  • stamina development;
  • for beginners, circular training is good as the initial stage of training, as all muscles are prepared for more serious loads.

A set of exercises can be thought out individually.

How to quickly pump up the muscles of the arms, sternum, back, legs, forearm, lower back for a girl from scratch

For instance:

  1. Push-ups (working out the hands).
  2. Squats (legs work).
  3. Deep lunges (buttocks are connected).
  4. Planck (universal exercise).
  5. Press.

When the body gets used to the load, you can connect 1 exercise to the complex.


Running is the main type of cardio training. You can deal with it at any age and with any complexion. It develops endurance, trains the cardiovascular system, helps to accelerate metabolism and fat burning. Outdoor running is very useful.

Jogging can be done before the main set of exercises, as a warm-up.

Or carry out as a separate training. In the morning or in the evening – depends on the individual rhythm and well-being.

How to quickly pump up the muscles of the arms, sternum, back, legs, forearm, lower back for a girl from scratch

Do not run on an empty stomach. The best option would be a snack for an hour and a half.

A beginner should start at short distances, 10 minutes. Then increase the time by a minute – two, focusing on the state of the body. The main thing is that running should be fun. When practicing through strength, there is a risk of abandoning your workout.

You should run like this:

  1. You can run evenly, with the same speed, increasing time.
  2. Another option is interval running. First, 5 minutes of a calm pace, then in fast mode move a minute or two. The duration of the cycles, their number should be calculated according to well-being. The body should not tear.

Interval running is more effective for weight loss.

What you should not do during training

While practicing at home, you need to remember some features:

  • No need to be weighed every day. This is a big mistake that can demotivate. The human body does not constantly keep the same weight day after day. Today, there is more fluid and a couple of pounds of weight has increased. During the night, 2 -4 pounds of weight is lost. From intense training, weight can go up for a while due to the addition of muscle mass. Therefore, it makes no sense to check the indicators every day. This will only spoil the mood. Most importantly, a fit form. And you can weigh yourself once a month, in extreme cases, once every 2 weeks.
  • Do not practice barefoot or in socks. Even at home, athletic shoes should be worn, which will protect your feet from injuries and prevent slipping.
  • You can’t eat right after training. You should wait an hour.
  • Exercising before going to bed is also a bad idea. The body needs to calm down, it takes 2-3 hours.
  • No need to force things and push yourself. Tackling heavy weight immediately or loading yourself disproportionately. Fatigue will come that will break the right attitude.

Knowing how to build muscle and tone the body, even at home, you can achieve significant results.

How to build muscle at home: video

Training for all muscle groups, see the video clip:

Triceps exercises, see video clip:

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