Dr Shishonins exercises for the neck in osteochondrosis. Gymnastics complex, video

The muscles in the neck and part of the back become less elastic over time, blood circulation no longer functions normally.

Dr Shishonin's exercises for the neck in osteochondrosis. Gymnastics complex, video
A. Yu. Shishonin – developed a full range of exercises for the neck

Muscles in continuous tension exert high pressure on the cervical nerves, and the person experiences discomfort, dizziness and drowsiness. In order to eliminate these symptoms, charging Shishonin – exercises for the neck is perfect.

This complex was created by an academician, a candidate of medical sciences, Dr. Shishonin.


Exercises for the neck of Shishonin is a combination of gymnastic exercises aimed at restoring the elasticity of the cervical muscles , relaxing the clamped nerve endings, which ultimately will relieve the patient from acute pain.

Dr Shishonin's exercises for the neck in osteochondrosis. Gymnastics complex, video

Experts say that exercises for Dr. Shishonin’s neck are completely safe and will not harm the body. The sooner a person begins to take care of the neck now, the less problems in the future will be associated with it.

for a set of exercises for the neck of Shishonin:

  • headaches;
  • frequent dizziness;
  • insomnia;
  • backache;
  • pain in the cervical;
  • neck osteochondrosis;
  • hypertension;
  • hypotension;
  • the occurrence of short-term numbness of the limbs;
  • high probability of a stroke.

If the patient finds that he has one or more of the ailments listed on this list, then doctors recommend immediately starting to perform exercises for Shishonin’s neck.

In order for the therapeutic effect of these exercises to be as high as possible, you need to devote a little time every day to perform the exercises.

How does Shishonin gymnastics with osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, hypertension

With damage to the intervertebral discs, Shishonin gymnastics – exercises for the neck – this is a real salvation for the patient!

After the complex is completed, the patient with cervical osteochondrosis will feel the same effect as after a professional massage of the collar area.
Patients note that after its daily implementation, these positive feelings will be stronger.

Dr Shishonin's exercises for the neck in osteochondrosis. Gymnastics complex, video

Initially, Shishonin gymnastics – exercises for the neck, were developed specifically for those people who have osteochondrosis of the cervical spine , but after a while it was proved that with a disease such as hypertension, these exercises have the same unique result as with osteochondrosis.

Exercises Shishonina for the neck: a full set, description

The set of exercises of the doctor Shinonin consists of only 9 simple exercises, which are recommended to be performed at home. It should be noted that before proceeding directly to the exercises for the neck according to Shishonin, doctors recommend that you carefully study the videos, which show how to correctly and most importantly – effectively perform this gymnastics.

This gymnastic complex perfectly works out all the deep muscles of the neck, helps to rehabilitate after injuries and sprains .

Dr Shishonin's exercises for the neck in osteochondrosis. Gymnastics complex, video

Experts say that neck exercises such as the Shishonin complex are a program that helps not only achieve real results in the fight against specific diseases, but also a unique opportunity to tone the whole body.


The initial position is the head straight, begin to smoothly and slowly tilt it to the left, then to the right. So continue to repeat 5-6 times. When tilting in each direction, you need to hold the pose for half a minute.


This exercise is responsible for the development of the upper thoracic spine. The algorithm of actions is the following – as far as the neck allows, they tilt the head forward, try to touch the chin of the chest.

They return the head to the initial position and, stretching the neck, push the chin up, stretch upward. It must be remembered that the main task is to stretch the muscles of the cervical spine to the maximum, you cannot throw your head back, otherwise the whole result from this exercise will be useless.

Take the starting position. The interval of lifting – lowering the head is 10 seconds., Repeat – 5 times.


It is aimed at working out the most inaccessible muscles of the cervical spine, a state of stagnation is faster in them, because in the process of life they are activated quite rarely.

To perform a pose, you need to stretch your neck forward and up, imitating a goose, focus on the fact that the shoulders are in a standard state, you can not lift them!

The chin is slowly led down to the armpit. Fix this position for half a minute, then slowly take the starting position. The same algorithm of actions is performed to the left side, fixed and returned. Repeat 5 times.

Look to the sky

In order to stretch the occipital part of the neck, it is necessary to perform the following actions – turn the head in the left direction as much as possible, gradually move it upwards, as if trying to see something in the sky, maintain their upper position for 15 seconds. Perform a similar combination of movements to the right.


The next task from the Shishonin complex will be an exercise for the neck – a frame, its purpose is to relieve tension and relax the scalene muscles of the cervical. These muscles are also extremely rarely used by humans in everyday life.

The starting position is standard, the right hand should take its place on the left shoulder, the head should also be turned to the right, the elbow does not touch the chest, and raised to the highest possible position.

The chin is placed on the right shoulder and at the same time they begin to press with the right hand on the left shoulder. Thus, they fix the left shoulder and do not allow it to rise with the hand, perform the exercise for 30 seconds. After that, turn your head to the left and carry out all the same actions.


To restore the tone of the back and neck, doctors advise to work out this version of the exercise every day. When performing this exercise, you need to spread your arms to the sides, as deep as possible, but at the same time maintaining a sense of comfort, then gradually raise your head up.

The chin stretches up and straight, the sensations will be similar to the fact that a person is trying to fly up, in this position it is easy to feel all the muscles of the back. Then fix this position of the body for 15 – 30 seconds and restore the initial position.


Raised palms hands u
p, above the head, track the position of the elbows. They should not tumble forward or sideways. Then they begin to gradually make head turns to the left and right sides, trying to track the tension in the neck.

They continue to make turns for 15 seconds, the next stage is relaxation, they return the body to its initial position. Perform 5 times.

Then they try not to strain, hands need to be lowered, shoulders rest at this time, and then repeat the exercise to the right – each turn is fixed for 15 seconds and 5 repetitions are made.


When performing the aircraft, it is easy to stretch the inaccessible area between the blades.

Hands should be placed in the following position – up and down, so that they form one straight line, for half a minute they try to catch the tension in the key zone, after that they take the initial position – rest and perform 3 repetitions. After this, you should change hands and do the same thing a few more times.


The final task in the whole complex, its task is to stretch the spine as much as possible, perform the following actions – raise your hands up so that our palms look clearly at the sky or the ceiling, while observing the parallel with the floor.

The head is tilted slightly forward, for convenience. In this position, it is easiest to feel the stretching of the dorsal vertebrae, then take the initial position, perform these manipulations 3-5 times more.

Exercise Rules

  1. The complex is performed sitting.
  2. They try to make all the necessary movements and turns soft and in no case sharp, observing this condition will help to establish blood circulation in the neck, stretch and work out the problem muscles as much as possible.
  3. Every movement is recorded.

If during the execution of the complex there are pain and discomfort, you do not need to stop performing the entire complex, experts recommend moving to the next exercise and performing all actions with a smaller amplitude.

Important! In order for the result for the neck to be 100%, all Shishonin exercises for the neck must be performed with an absolutely flat back.

If at the beginning of the course the back bends unknowingly, then you can resort to the following trick – to track the state by reflection in the mirror. After several classes, it will become addictive to perform all exercises with a straight back. The average number of repetitions per exercise is 5-6.

How to improve the effect after exercise (stretching, massage)

To obtain the best result from exercises for the neck of Shishonin, it is necessary to stretch this part of the body , experts say that to relieve residual stress in this area, you need to stretch the muscles well.

Dr Shishonin's exercises for the neck in osteochondrosis. Gymnastics complex, video

The right hand rises up and through the side and try to reach the ear, during the performance of these manipulations, the result is fixed, the lateral muscles are stretched. The same must be done with the left side.

The next exercise is to connect your hands into the lock and move to the occipital of the head, alternately perform the lowest possible inclinations down to the chest, then go to the starting position. Still holding their hands in the lock, they turn the whole body to the left side and lower their heads down, conduct this exercise with the right side.

Repeat each stretching exercise 2 to 5 times.

Self-massage is a great way to relax the cervical spine after a set of exercises for the neck of Shishonin.

is self-massage done:

  • You should put both hands in the neck and intensive strokes to pass the entire surface, the direction of movement – from top to bottom.
  • For massage of the forearm area, it is necessary to usd these areas with circular tips using your fingertips, the direction of movement is preserved.
  • To relieve residual stress from the collar area, the forearms should be kneaded properly by pressing different degrees of intensity and depth. They devote most of the time to this particular part, since it comes to a relaxed state only in a dream.


A set of exercises aimed at the cervical spine from Shishonin is at first glance an absolutely safe procedure, but do not forget that all medical procedures have their limitations. Before you start doing this gymnastics yourself, consult a doctor.

Do not
perform the complex if you have the following problems:

  1. Severe and frequent pain in the neck.
  2. The presence of fever or viral disease.
  3. Open wounds and injuries.
  4. Oncology of the cervical.
  5. Internal bleeding.
  6. Pregnancy.

Important! You should not begin to perform these exercises for the neck, if there is malaise or fatigue.

Reviews of specialists and doctors

Experts unanimously conclude that  Shishonin gymnastics – exercises for the neck – is a unique complex that really has a positive effect on the neck and back, after the appointment, patients are less likely to experience pain and cramping, improves the condition of the body.

Dr Shishonin's exercises for the neck in osteochondrosis. Gymnastics complex, video

However, doctors note that it is worth overdoing and feeling worse, pressure may increase, dizziness, pain will intensify, all this will happen only if the complex is performed incorrectly or the patient has a number of contraindications that prohibit these exercises for the neck.

This gymnastic complex can be used both for the treatment of existing problems, and for prevention.

Gymnastics for the neck of Dr. Shishonin: video

A complete set of exercises for the neck of Dr. Shishonin:

Gymnastics for the neck from Dr. Shishonin:

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