Models with an unusual appearance. Photo of a girl, men by nature, skin color

Models with an extraordinary, unusual, memorable appearance are incredibly popular today. The canons of beauty are blurred, the standards are bored, the restless world of the fashion industry requires new faces, new bodies. Girls and boys who were outcasts and ridiculed by peers in childhood because of their dissimilarity today dictate fashion style.

Girls models with unusual appearance

Against the bored background of the twin beauties with Barbie’s appearance, dissimilar, “other”, ugly, and sometimes just ugly girls stand out sharply.

The most unusual models of unusual appearance are given in the table:

very blacks with genetic diseases albinos amputated tattoo models
Alec Vek, Hoodia Diop, Lola Chuil, Nyakim Gatvech Chantel Brown Young, Nikia Phoenix, Harnaam Kaur Melanie Gaidos, Tando Hop, Connie Chiu Emery Vanderburg, Amy Mullins, Rebecca Marin Lucy Logan, Chelsea Mack, Ira Chernova

Daphne Greneweld

In January 2010, attention to the cover of the Paris edition of Voque magazine was drawn to the face with the magnetic gaze of wide-set gray-blue eyes, a wide nose bridge and a huge sensual mouth. It was impossible to take your eyes off an ugly, wrong face, it radiated incredible sexual energy.

Models with an unusual appearance. Photo of a girl, men by nature, skin color

The star of the young Dutch model Daphne Groeneveld (Daphne Groeneveld) soared rapidly, the girl immediately became incredibly popular.

In 2011, Daphne was recognized as the best Dutch model.

Daphne was born on December 24, 1994 in the small town of Leiderdorp with a population of less than 30000 people, in the south of the Netherlands. The girl weighs 110 pounds with a height of 5’9 foot.

The parameters of an almost perfect figure are 80-60-89. The first proposal to become a model, Daphne received at the age of 13 years.

Her modeling career began with a show at the opening of the fall-winter 2010 season in Milan. Daphne took choreography lessons from the famous Madonna.

The model is fond of music, adheres to a healthy lifestyle, likes to read. In the wardrobe, the fatal blonde prefers white, red and pink colors. In the future, the girl dreams of opening her own hotel business.

Julia Zimmer

Models with an unusual appearance. Photo of a girl, men by nature, skin color

The combination of rudeness and touching tenderness, ridiculous angularity and stylish femininity gives the image of the German model Julia Zimmer an amazing charm.

Julia works with well-known companies such as Prada and Vivienne Westwood.

Her unusually plastic face can express both rude and childish-gentle images.

Julia was born on March 11, 1994 in Limburg, Germany.

A brown-haired woman with thick brown hair 5’7 foot tall weighs 117 pounds, wears 40 size shoes. The parameters of the figure 80-60-88.

Lisa Ostanina

Lisa Ostanina is 19 years old. With a height of 180. 1’2 inch, with ideal parameters of the figure 81-61-89, Lisa weighs only 110 pounds. Red-haired, long-legged, awkward, like an alien, with icy gray eyes, Lisa from childhood experienced complexes about her appearance. The girl did not even think about the career of the model.

Models with an unusual appearance. Photo of a girl, men by nature, skin color

An unexpected message on a social network from a scout of a well-known model agency with a proposal to become a model at first embarrassed and scared a 12-year-old girl. The agent was persistent. After consulting with her mother, Lisa decided to try.

The first photo shoot of the young model took place for the youth magazine Oops.

Shooting on the background of lambs and horses was successful. Lisa was noticed. At the age of 15, not having finished the 11th grade, the young model entered into a profitable contract and went to work in Japan at the invitation of a fashion model agency. At the end of her modeling career, the girl dreams of learning to become an interior designer.

Issa Lish

Models with an unusual appearance. Photo of a girl, men by nature, skin color

Models with an unusual appearance of the Asian type are especially in demand.

The famous Mexican model Issa Lish was born on May 3, 1995 in the capital of Mexico, Mexico City.

A bizarre mixture of Mexican and Japanese blood (Issa’s father is Japanese) gave the world an exotic, androgynous, mysterious Issa. Her height is 5’9 foot, weight – 115 pounds.

Lish became the third Mexican model whose photo graced the cover of Vogue magazine.

A 14-year-old fair-skinned Mexican with an Asian cut of eyes, working out a punishment for poor school grades in her father’s sushi bar, a model agent said.

Lish, after much persuasion, agreed to participate in a photo shoot for the Japanese edition of the glamorous magazine Voque. Issa studied at the university as a sculptor, but her modeling career forced her to leave school.

Laura O’Grady

Models with an unusual appearance. Photo of a girl, men by nature, skin color

Laura’s lop-eared, which causes the girl a lot of suffering in her school years, is today the hallmark of the model, her highlight, bringing fabulous incomes.

A surprisingly ugly, repulsive and at the same time touching image – a low forehead, low-growing hair, thick eyebrows, a small face with large ears, an angry look of bright blue huge eyes.

She seemed to have gone off the screen, where she played a fabulous avatar.

Recruiters and designers vying to invite Laura to shoot and show, demanding that the girl do not cover her ears with hair.

Sierra Sky

Models with an unusual appearance. Photo of a girl, men by nature, skin color

Canadian model Sierra Sky was brought into the world of modeling by Marc Jacobs.

He was struck by the unusual, non-modern, as if descended from the Renaissance paintings, girl with an elongated oval face, high cheekbones, pale china skin and a sad look.

The image was completed by long blond, wavy, “mermaid” hair.

This girl came from the Middle Ages, Jacobs admiringly speaks about her.

A thin nose, barely noticeable eyebrows, sensual lips fascinate, excite and captivate. Sierra is a versatile person.

She writes poetry and
prose, loves music, prefers quiet solitude. Skye weighs 121 pounds with a height of 5’8 foot. The parameters of the figure 82-62-89.

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Magdalena Frakowiak

The 34-year-old Polish model, Magdalena Frakowiak, debuted as a photo model at age 16. Mom sent pictures of her daughter to a Warsaw modeling agency for a contest. Magdalena easily won, signed a contract with Model Plus Agency, at the age of 16 she starred for the covers of Machina magazine. Magdalena was born in the Polish city of Gdansk.

Models with an unusual appearance. Photo of a girl, men by nature, skin color

Starting a modeling career, she settled in New York and lived there for 10 years. He admits that he considers two cities to be his family: Warsaw and New York.

As a model on the catwalk appeared quite late, already at 22 years old. With a height of 5’9 foot, a blonde with brown eyes Magdalena weighs 117 pounds, the parameters of the figure 84-61-89.

The girl likes to watch old films, spend time with her family.

She prefers black color in clothes, emphasizing her refined Gothic style.

She feels herself stylish and feminine, romantic and a little piquant. The main highlight of Magdalena are wide cheekbones, wide-set eyes.

Today Magdalena is trying her hand as a designer of fashionable jewelry.

Damaris Goddry

Sensual Latin American features of the Belgian model Damaris Goddry betray her magnetic, incredible sexuality. The girl began her modeling career in 2014, signing a contract with the Belgian agency Ulla Models.

Models with an unusual appearance. Photo of a girl, men by nature, skin color

Androgynous appearance allows Damaris to demonstrate unisex models. Damaris was born in The Hague, Holland in 1996.

At the age of 14, she moved with her parents to Belgium.

Collaborates with well-known companies:

  • Paris Viva Paris;
  • New York DNA Models;
  • Milan Monster Management;
  • Amsterdam Ulla Models;
  • London Viva London;
  • Brussels Ulla Models;
  • Barcelona Viva Barcelona.

Damaris is a vegetarian who adheres to a healthy lifestyle. Height Damaris 5’8 foot with a weight of 121 pounds.

Lindsey vixon

Models with an unusual appearance are designed to show the beauty of the human body in all its diversity.

The American model Lindsay Wixson impresses with the extraordinary sensuality of a chubby small mouth, opening a child’s chink between the front teeth and the breathtaking dimple on the chin.

Models with an unusual appearance. Photo of a girl, men by nature, skin color

This naive childishness is strikingly combined with the vicious look of amazing eyes that change color from blue to green.

Lindsay’s modeling career began when she was 15 years old. The fashion industry did not immediately submit to Lindsay. In her native Kansas, a modeling agency did not accept her.

But in Los Angeles, a girl with an unusual appearance, with model data: height 5’8 foot, the parameters of the figure 81-58-88 – attracted the attention of recruiters, and soon Lindsay vied with each other to invite the most famous fashion houses to fashion shows.

Having given the fashion industry 8 years, Lindsay said she wants to leave.

The reason for the decision was a leg injury that did not allow the girl to wear high heels – a necessary attribute of the model on the catwalk. However, the girl is not at all upset by this.

She admits in her Instagram that she has long dreamed of doing interior design, art carving and sculpture. She always lived in a creative nature that required a way out, and now she had the opportunity to do what she loved.

Alec Vek

Models with an unusual appearance. Photo of a girl, men by nature, skin color

An English model with African roots, a Dinka by nationality, the seventh child in a family with 9 children, Alec Vek says that her name means “black spotted cow.”

Alec was born on April 16, 1977 in the small Sudanese city of Wow. A brunette with dark brown eyes has a height of 5’9 foot with a weight of 119 pounds. The parameters of the figure 86.5-58-88.

A brilliant look of mischievous eyes, a constant-toothed smile, a proud posture – Alec gives the impression of a favorite and a spoiled child of fate.

However, behind this is a difficult childhood, fleeing with parents from the war in Sudan, a serious illness and the subsequent death of his father.

Alec survived the death of her father very hard, and with a memory of him, her eyes instantly filled with tears.

A sensation was the first appearance on the cover of the American magazine Elle, a photograph of an African model in 1997. It was unprecedented, never before dark-skinned models adorned the covers of glossy magazines.

Kelly Mittendorf

American model Kelly Mittendorf was born June 14, 1994 in Scottsdale, Arizona, she is 24 years old. The girl received her first invitation to shoot as part of the Prada advertising campaign during a math lesson. The schoolgirl was then 16 years old.

Models with an unusual appearance. Photo of a girl, men by nature, skin color

He is currently studying at Arizona State University, studying the media and media, and is actively advocating for model rights. Kelly is the public relations coordinator. Kelly grew up an unusually ugly girl.

A low forehead, a narrow incision of gray-green sullen eyes, well-defined broad cheekbones, a short nose, a chubby mouth – a bright unusual appearance repelled, caused irritation. And today, Kelly’s changeable appearance causes a surprised misunderstanding: from a gloomy, mentally retarded girl, she transforms into an incredible beauty with a piercing, cutting look.

Kelly’s photographs often adorn the pages and covers of Chinese and Japanese Voque editions. Skillful makeup can turn her into a geisha or a Japanese samurai. For a long time, Kelly worked on the island of Tiley in Taiwan as the ambassador of the United States to exchange business – ideas and cultural experiences.

Ikeline Stange

The Dutch model Ikeline Stange was born on July 27, 1984 in the Netherlands. Figure parameters: 77-62-90. Career model Ikelina began when the girl turned 18 years old. She then studied as a multimedia designer and lived separately from her parents. Becoming a model, the girl did not leave school.

Models with an unusual appearance. Photo of a girl, men by nature, skin color
Models with an unusual appearance are always in demand. For example, in the photo Ikeline Stange is one of such models.

During the Berlin Fashion Week, Ikeline arranged a personal photo exhibition “I Love Ponies”. Photos in the style of surrealism correspond to her image – reckless and mysterious. Tall (her height 5’8 foot), a thin blue-eyed brown-haired woman became the nominee for the comic prize “5 best falls from the podium” in 2007.

Having slipped on the catwalk at the opening of the Marc Jacobs Spring show, she threw off her sandals and continued to parade along the catwalk to thunderous applause.

In clothes, Ikeline imitates Tokyo’s street style. The girl says that she likes crazy colorful clothes. She loves to shock others with bright tights, glasses without glasses, long dreadlocks. A narrow aristocratic face with sharp cheekbones, a chiseled nose, slanting “witches” eyes, almost painful thinness make up the charm and charm of the image of Ikelina.

Esmeralda Sea Reynolds

Esmeralda successfully combines work in the modeling business with drawing, writing scripts. She participated in the “Women’s March” after the election of Trump. Esmeralda dreamed of becoming a model since childhood.

Models with an unusual appearance. Photo of a girl, men by nature, skin color

Very tall, thin, with a mermaid appearance, the naive gaze of her huge blue eyes, she did not doubt her choice. Esmeralda is 6 foot tall and weighs 117 pounds. The parameters of the figure 81-62-91.

Molly Bair

Models with an unusual appearance. Photo of a girl, men by nature, skin color

Models with unusual appearance are sometimes shocking, cause puzzled rejection.

Molly admits that from childhood she felt like a stranger among peers, a sort of goblin rat, a gremlin with a monobrow.

Indeed, a thin, very tall girl with a strange face, plainly dressed, with glasses, kept her puzzled looks on her.

However, this did not stop her from becoming a sought-after model, who boldly conquered the famous catwalks.

Lily McMenami

Lily was born on April 3, 1994.

The daughter of a stellar mother, a model with 30 years of experience, Kristen McMenami, Lily came into the modeling business at the age of 18.

Possessing a non-standard appearance, and quite model parameters of the figure: 81-62-89, with an increase of 5’9 foot, Lily was immediately noticed and appreciated by the masters of high fashion.

Numerous shootings for glamorous magazines, participation in the famous Fashion Weeks undeniably argue that she came to the modeling business for a reason.

Although the brown-haired woman with thick brown hair and blue-green eyes always caused some bewilderment, how did she even get into the world of fashion. Very large features, a shapeless chin, thick lips, always slightly parted and giving an expression of a certain dullness, a lazy, sleepy look – Lily causes some shock and surprise.

Chantel Brown Young

Models with an unusual appearance. Photo of a girl, men by nature, skin color

Canadian fashion model, activist was born in Etobico (Canada) on July 27, 1994. Height 5’7 foot with a weight of 121 pounds, the parameters of the figure 87-59-89.

From the age of 4, the girl suffered from Vitiligo, an incurable genetic disease that causes a violation of skin pigmentation, the formation of white spots randomly scattered throughout the body.

The girl was a real outcast, she was teased by “zebra”, “cow.”

Very gullible, kind and vulnerable, Chantel was hard going through the bullying of cruel peers. In adolescence, the girl thought about suicide.

She managed to believe in herself only by taking part in the TV show “Top Model in American Style”.

The television project brought her fame and success. She vied with invite to fashion shows, to shoot for famous magazines. Chantelle travels a lot around the world, conducts social activities in support of people suffering from vitiligo.

Melanie Gaidos

The American model, suffering from a congenital genetic disease – ectoderm dysplasia, was born in 1990. Melanie has almost no hair on her head and body, only 3 teeth, milk, the rest just did not grow. Ectoderm dysplasia affects the hair, bones and nails of a person.

Models with an unusual appearance. Photo of a girl, men by nature, skin color

The ridicule and astonished looks of those around her from childhood inflicted pain and pain on the girl; by the age of 16, she became ill with a severe form of depression and thought about suicide. Only moving to New York made the girl take a different attitude to her unusual appearance. She realized that dissimilarity to ordinary people gives her a great chance to stand out from the crowd.

On the Craigslist website, Melanie found photographers interested in models with a non-standard appearance, and from that moment her modeling career began. She became one of the most sought-after models, successfully starred in videos and movies.

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Harnaam Kaur

Models with an unusual appearance. Photo of a girl, men by nature, skin color

Models with gender deviations stand out among the models with an unusual appearance.

British bearded model, bullying activist, motivational speaker Harnam Kaur, 28 years old.

She was born in Slough, UK. At age 12, Harnam was diagnosed with a disease of polycystic ovary syndrome, causing hormonal failure in the body.

One symptom of PCOS is increased body hairiness. A grown beard initially brought great suffering to Harnam.

The brutal bullying and sexual harassment in her teens led her to attempt suicide.

The girl tried in every possible way to get rid of her beard, tormented her body with permanent depilation.

But the moment came when she decided to allow herself to be happy in the body that nature gave her. At 16, Harnaam converted to Sikhism, a religion that forbids cutting hair. She says she decided to show the world that a woman can look beautiful, even deviating from generally accepted standards. By her example, Harnaam challenged gender stereotypes.

Hoodia Diop

Models with anunusual appearance. Photo of a girl, men by nature, skin color

The world’s darkest-skinned Senegalese model and actress, Hoodia Diop, was born December 31, 1996 in Senegal. With a height of 5’7 foot, the girl weighs 117 pounds.

As a child, Diop was teased because of the blue-black skin. Only moving to Paris at the age of 15 changed her life.

Almost immediately, she was noticed by scouts of a well-known Paris agency with an offer to become a model.

Today she is proud of her appearance and calls herself the “Goddess of Melanin.”

Tando hopa

Models with an unusual appearance. Photo of a girl, men by nature, skin color

An African model of Tando Hop, 24 years old, she graduated from the University of Johannesburg with a lawyer degree.

Hopa suffers from a congenital genetic disease – albinism, in which the coloring pigment melanin is not produced in the skin, hair and iris of the eye.

In childhood, Tando was subjected to real persecution by others, in Africa albinos are considered damned, they can even be killed for this.

Hop’s delicate exotic appearance was noticed when she studied in Johannesburg. Since then, her rapid rise in the world of fashion industry has begun, she has become a real catwalk star.

Nikia Phoenix

Nikiyu was noticed by a representative of a well-known company when she went to a cafe to drink coffee. A tall, beautiful girl, with naturally curly hair and a body strewn with freckles, like a quail egg, immediately attracted attention.

Models with an unusual appearance. Photo of a girl, men by nature, skin color

Today, Phoenix is one of the most popular and sought-after models, is the brand name of Target and Coca-Cola.

Lola chuil

The real name of the girl is Lolita Macquarie. Black-skinned Lola appeared on Instagram, immediately gaining thousands of fans, struck by her extraordinary beauty. Fine-cut features, high cheekbones, a thin straight nose, puffy sensual, capriciously defined lips, thick eyebrows and huge blue eyes can drive you crazy, you can look at her endlessly.

Models with an unusual appearance. Photo of a girl, men by nature, skin color

She is 16 years old, she was born in Iowa. Today she goes to school, knows 8 languages. Lola loves music, reads a lot, loves sandwiches.

A blue-eyed African-American chocolate star uploads photos on Instagram and ignores invitations from modeling agencies that dream of having a model with such an unusual, exotic appearance. Her silence only kindles interest in her. The young beauty is called black Lolita.

Nyakim Gatvech

The American model of South Sudanese origin, which is called the “Queen of the Night”, is incredibly popular on Instagram.

Models with an unusual appearance. Photo of a girl, men by nature, skin color

Luxurious chiseled figure, blue-black, charcoal skin color, “kissed by the sun”, do not leave anyone indifferent. Born Nyakim in Ethiopia, at age 14 with her parents moved to the United States. Her modeling career began with a fashion show at the University of Saint Cloud.

Unusual male models

Models with an unusual appearance among men are found as often as among women.

Male models with gender characteristics are extremely popular today, followed by a real hunt by famous designers, recruiters and photographers.

Sean Ross

Models with an unusual appearance. Photo of a girl, men by nature, skin color

American professional fashion model Sean Ross acts in films, dances beautifully. He is 27 years old, he was born in the Bronx, New York.

Sean works with such large agencies as the British GQ, Italian Voque, Gvenchy.

An African American albino has suffered many humiliations and bullying since childhood due to his particularity.

Ross is sick with albinism from birth . As a child, he was teased by Casper and Powder. In the American theater company, he was engaged in dancing for 5 years.

Then, at the age of 16, he signed a contract with the New York modeling agency Djamee.

From that moment began his stellar career in the modeling business. In 2009, at the Tyra show, Banks Sean was declared the first male professional albino model.

Andrey Pezhich

Andrei Pezhich, a world-famous transgender model of Serbian-Croatian origin, underwent a sex change operation at the age of 23. Today she is 27 years old and her name is Andrea Pezhich. Andrey grew up as a fragile boy with an angelic appearance and inner feeling of being a girl. In childhood, androgyny and internal dichotomy caused him incredible suffering.

He loved to dress up as a girl, tried on mother’s clothes, and could spin for hours in front of a mirror.

At the graduation party at school, classmates elected him “the queen of the ball.” The family was sympathetic to his desire to change sex, for which he is very grateful to his mother. Andrei was incredibly sought after by fashion houses when he was a young man.

Models with an unusual appearance. Photo of a girl, men by nature, skin color

He was the first man to promote push-up bras. Today Andrea is still popular. She considers it her duty to tell the world her story in order to help those boys and girls who, by mistake of nature, were born with the wrong gender.

Alex Minsky

The path of the former US Marine Corps corporal Alex Minsky, which led him to the podium, is unusual. The misfortune that happened with a 24-year-old guy unexpectedly opened for him the path to resounding success. In 2009, in Afghanistan, his army SUV was blown up by a mine.

Models with an unusual appearance. Photo of a girl, men by nature, skin color

Severe traumatic brain injury, amputation of the right leg, 17 months in a hospital bed, of which 47 days in a coma …

It’s a miracle that he survived at all. Then his brother’s death from an overdose of drugs forced him to seek solace in alcohol.

He drank heavily for two years. And then, as if a second wind had opened, he decided to go in for sports, began to build muscle.

During one of the usual workouts, a photographer approached him and offered a photo shoot. Thus began Alex’s career in the fashion world.

The first pictures of a half-naked muscular handsome man with an open prosthesis caused shock, they seemed scandalously provoc

But the guy was stubborn and success came. Today he advertises underwear.

He is excitedly invited by famous fashion houses and the best photographers.

Alex acts in films, dreams of becoming an actor. Real name Alexander Minsky, he was born in the Mission of Viejo, California. Alex’s height is 177. 3’5 inch, he weighs 165 pounds, waist 31’9 inch. Alex sees his life credo as an example to show people that you should never give up under the blows of fate, give up.

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Rick Jenest

Perhaps the most shocking fashion model is the Canadian model Rick Genest, who committed suicide in August 2021 at the age of 32. He was called the Zombie Boy for his body tattoos that made him look like a skeleton. Rick was twice noted in the Guinness Book of Records, as the owner of the largest number of tattoos on the body.

Models with an unusual appearance. Photo of a girl, men by nature, skin color

Images of skeleton bones (140) and various insects (about 176) covered him.

Genest said that he made the first tattoo at the age of 16, after undergoing surgery to remove a brain tumor. Rick Genest was born on August 7, 1985 in Quebec, Canada. His height is 5’7 foot.

After the publication of a series of photos of a tattooed guy on Instagram, the number of subscribers and followers immediately increased to 1.5 million.

The creative director of the singer Lady Gaga Formichetti contacted Rick and invited him to advertise men’s clothing from Mugler for the fall-winter 2011 season.

The death of Rick caused a storm of feedback on Instagram. A variety of versions of what happened were discussed, not everyone believed in his suicide.

Lady Gaga expressed confidence that the guy had serious psychological problems, and urged people to be more attentive to each other and to their health.

Models with extraordinary, unusual appearance break established stereotypes.

Their incredible popularity makes many people look for beauty in imperfect, sometimes ugly proportions.

The dissimilarity and memorability of the image is valued more than standard beauty. Many previously considered ugly boys and girls gain confidence, inner emancipation, faith in their own strength. They learn to feel full, successful, happy members of a social society.

Video about models with an unusual appearance

10 models with a very unusual appearance:

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