Tattooing lips. Photos before and after, consequences, reviews

Lip tattoo involves the introduction of a coloring pigment under the skin. The effect persists for a long time. The brightness and saturation of the lines do not change. The purpose of the procedure is to emphasize the natural features of the face.

As a result, the need for decorative cosmetics is reduced. The photo before and after the procedure reflects its effectiveness. There are several varieties of tattooing. Each of them meets the needs of patients.

Common types include:

  1. Contour tattoo. Lips are removed by pigment only in the office. The surface itself remains untouched. After the procedure, the appearance acquires expressiveness. The need for a pencil disappears. Apply lipstick is also necessary.
  2. Feathered outline. The application technique is similar to the first look. Its difference in the contour feathering, going to the surface of the lips. The result is natural. The need to use lipstick goes away.
  3. Filling. The pigment composition is injected under the skin of the lips, filling the entire surface. The effect simulates the applied lipstick. Tattooing can be done in any color: from pale pink to maroon. You need to choose a shade carefully. If light tones can be made saturated with cosmetics, then bright and deep can not be corrected with improvised means.
  4. Natural. The master selects the tone of the pigment as close to natural. Tattooing does not give the effect of painted lips. It only makes them more expressive.

Tattooing lips. Photos before and after, consequences, reviews

In cosmetology clinics and salons, the cost of the procedure starts from $ 34. Cheap permanent makeup can harm not only appearance but also health. Performance of work requires high-quality materials and tools, as well as highly skilled craftsmen.

Advantages and disadvantages

Cosmetology procedure has its advantages and disadvantages. Before performing permanent makeup, it is important to evaluate them. This will allow you to get the desired result to the maximum.

Lip tattoo, the photo before and after which emphasizes the natural result, has the following advantages:

  1. Saving. Reduces or completely eliminates the need for tinting. The feature allows you not to spend time on makeup and save money that was spent on buying lipsticks, gloss and pencils.
  2. Durability. Permanent makeup allows you to look spectacular at any time. Confidence in their grooming and beauty is always preserved.
  3. Rejuvenation. Properly performed tattooing can make a woman visually younger. Age-related changes are manifested not only by the appearance of wrinkles and facial wrinkles. The faded shade and aging skin of the lips betray age. Contour and tone correction obscure the onset of the aging process.
  4. Protection. Regular use of lipstick harms the epidermis. The introduction of a coloring pigment affects more gently, because the procedure is performed once.
  5. Contour correction. Without the use of plastic surgery, tattooing corrects the flaws of the lips. The procedure can make them thinner or fuller.

Despite the advantages of permanent makeup, the process has significant disadvantages. They make you think about the need for a session.

Tattooing lips. Photos before and after, consequences, reviews

Cons of the procedure:

  1. Discomfort. Tattooing cannot be performed without delivering discomfort to the patient. It is made using local anesthesia. Anesthesia cannot completely deprive a person of pain. After completion, the lips ache for a long time until they heal.
  2. Constant tone. Lip color persists for many months, and sometimes years. Bright makeup is not always appropriate. When choosing saturated shades, it will not be possible to lighten the skin.
  3. Bad work cannot be fixed. Choose a salon and craftsmen need to be carefully. It is recommended that you rely on reviews from real people. Poor tattooing is not subject to correction. The work of a specialist with low qualifications can spoil the appearance.
  4. Contraindications The procedure has a large amount of limitation. Because of them, many patients can not afford to perform permanent makeup.
  5. The need for updates. It is inconvenient for busy girls to regularly carry out the correction, which is required every 2-3 months. Moreover, the effect lasts much longer than when using cosmetics.


Lip tattoo is not only cosmetic in nature. Its use allows you to mask appearance defects that cannot be fixed by improvised means. The decision to use permanent makeup is made only by the patient. There are no strict guidelines when a procedure is needed.


The procedure for introducing a coloring pigment under the skin is not safe. Before carrying out it is recommended to consult with a specialist, because there are a number of restrictions.

Tattooing lips. Photos before and after, consequences, reviews

Lip tattooing is prohibited with:

  • deviations in the work of the cardiovascular system;
  • epilepsy;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • moles and injuries on the skin of the lips;
  • HIV infection
  • weak immune system;
  • clotting problems;
  • pregnancy
  • breastfeeding;
  • oncology.

If there is at least one contraindication from permanent makeup, you will have to refuse. For such patients, experts recommend the use of high-quality cosmetics without the presence of GMOs and parabens.

What examinations are needed

A healthy person may be limited to the initial appointment of a cosmetologist. In this case, no additional analyzes are prescribed. In chronic diseases, consultation of other specialists is often required. This reduces the likelihood of side effects.

In the event of any health problems, the attending physician prescribes a series of examinations that are selected individually for each patient. Based on their results, permission or a ban on tattooing is given.


Correct preliminary preparation of the skin for pigment helps to reduce the risk of side effects such as an allergic reaction and herpes. Performing special events helps the paint lie flat, take root immediately and stay for a long time.

Tattooing lips. Photos before and after, consequences, reviews

As a result, the treated surface acquires a uniform color, the contour is correct. Preparation and observance of the rules for the use of products before the session will contribute to a better distribution of paint in the skin, prevent its accelerated leaching.

Provides effective action of painkillers. Will reduce the likelihood of allergic reactions. Tattoo of the lips, the photo before and after which reflects the anti-aging effect, involves a consultation with a cosmetologist before the session.

It reveals:

  • contraindications
  • body features;
  • condition of the skin;
  • desired result.

The specialist prescribes a course of Acyclovir to prepare tissues for damage. Its duration is 7 days.

The drug is prescribed in a dosage of 200 mg according to the scheme:

Day Dose mg Frequency of admission per day
1-2 400 3
3-5 400 2
6-7 200 2

Use of the drug is mandatory for people who have a predisposition to herpes or have recently suffered it. It is prescribed for the prevention of repeated skin lesions. The final result depends on the course.

Improper preparation for lip tattooing leads to the appearance of herpes vesicles. During the session, injury to the skin occurs. For the body, this effect causes stress. The development of infection occurs as a response to irritation.

Herpes blisters interfere with natural healing after permanent makeup. Even after quick treatment, surface restoration will be incorrect. Light spots and bald spots may appear in the picture. As a result, additional correction will be required, after 3-4 weeks.

Tattooing lips. Photos before and after, consequences, reviews

In case of intolerance to the active components of Acyclovir, the cosmetologist selects another medicine with a similar effect. In special cases, along with an anti-inflammatory drug, antihistamines are prescribed. It is not recommended to choose the medicine yourself. The preparatory phase is carried out with a specialist.

Better to transfer the procedure will help the intake of vitamins and immunomodulators. They will strengthen the body’s immune system. The dosage and course of administration are prescribed by the cosmetologist. The use of sedatives before the procedure is also acceptable.

2-3 days before lip tattooing, you must stop taking blood thinners. Such a measure will prevent bleeding, which will distort the pattern and prevent pigment from assimilating. If you ignore this recommendation, the pain during the procedure will be stronger, and the wounds will heal and bleed for a long time. Also, the color and shape of the lips may not match as a result.

The use of antibiotics, vasodilators and hormones is discussed with the doctor individually. If it is impossible to suspend the course of treatment, it is recommended to discuss with the doctor options for replacing the drugs on time. The beautician must know what medications the patient is taking.

Based on this, the necessary pigment application technique will be selected or a special tool will be used. In extreme cases, the specialist may decide to reschedule the session. It is necessary to stop smoking and drinking alcohol. Caffeinated products can negatively affect the result. For example, Coca-Cola, energy drinks, coffee and strong tea.

Tattooing lips. Photos before and after, consequences, reviews
The photo shows photos of the lips before and after the tattoo.

You should border fatty and fried foods in the diet, as well as garlic, sweet soda, seafood. They increase pressure and promote vasodilation. It is important to determine in advance the time of permanent makeup. At the same time, it is worth paying attention to the physiological characteristics of the body and the time of year.

There are no strict prohibitions on this issue, but it is recommended to seek the advice of a cosmetologist.

In winter, permanent makeup will not be exposed to ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, the lips do not have to cover with sunscreen. At the same time, delicate skin must be protected from the negative effects of frost, snow and wind.

In the conditions of the heating season, it is important to monitor the humidity level in the room. Dry air can cause cracks in the healing crust. In the warm season, thirst and dry lips, frequent drinking and sweating on damaged skin can spoil the result.

Procedure step by step

Tattoo of the lips, photos before and after which show how the appearance of the girls improves, begins with clarifying the preferences of the patient. Beautician helps to choose the color, tone and shape. The shade of the coloring pigment depends on the individual characteristics of the skin and the color type of the person.

Tattooing lips. Photos before and after, consequences, reviews

Step-by-step permanent lip makeup:

  1. Cleansing. The area is treated with an antiseptic. It disinfects the skin and protects against infection under the skin.
  2. Drawing a marking. Beautician marks the contour with a special marker. The result is evaluated by the patient and compared with his expectations.
  3. The use of anesthesia. If the patient is satisfied with the applied markings, the doctor injects an anesthetic into the lips. Whatever anesthesia is used, the patient still feels pain.
  4. The introduction of pigment. The coloring composition is introduced into the upper layer of the epidermis in 2 ways: manual or hardware. The first technology involves the use of an applicator handle equipped with durable and thin blades. The equipment does not create vibrations. With it, you can draw each line smoothly and accurately. Hardware application is done thanks to small needles that begin to move under the power of an electric motor.

In the end, a disinfectant is applied to the lips and the skin is treated with a special composition that accelerates the recovery process.

Recovery after lip tattoo

Photos before and after lip tattooing show that the treated area may swell. Unpleasant symptoms occur as a result of the body’s response to trauma and dye management. After 2-3 days, the edema begins to gradually pass. The hue becomes brighter, a crust forms. At 4-5 days, it itches a little and begins to move away from the surface.

Tattooing lips. Photos before and after, consequences, reviews

It is strictly forbidden to open a dry crust. Otherwise, infection will penetrate into the layers of the epidermis. After 7 days, the protective formation completely disappears. The skin takes a natural shade. Within 3-4 weeks, the final result is formed.


After performing the tattoo, the cosmetologist gives recommendations and tips on skin care during the recovery period.

To quickly heal the surface, experts advise:

  1. Continue prophylactic use of drugs against herpes. Acyclovir or Gerpevir ointment is prescribed.
  2. The treated area after falling off the crust is lubricated with a thin layer of the drug, which helps to accelerate the regenerative process. For this, Bepanten ointment or Solcoseryl is suitable. Application within 1 month is suggested. with a frequency of 3-4 times a day.
  3. If itching occurs, it is recommended to use antiallergenic drugs.
  4. During the rehabilitation period it is forbidden to take hormonal and antibacterial agents.
  5. It is forbidden to use cosmetics.
  6. Instead of toothpaste, a mouthwash is used.
  7. It is worth refusing to visit the bathhouse, sauna, pool and solarium.
  8. Injury to thin skin reduces local immunity, therefore, before going outside in sunny weather, the lips are treated with a composition with a high SPF filter.
  9. Drinks are best drunk through a straw. Hot tea and coffee, as well as alcohol will have to be completely abandoned.

Tattooing lips. Photos before and after, consequences, reviews

After 30 days, a planned correction of the contour and shading is carried out. Performing this procedure is very important. It allows you to finally form the shape of the lips and correct the defects remaining after the first session.

How long will the result last

The speed of the regenerative processes of the skin and its individual characteristics determine the stability of the tattoo of the lips. Also affects the depth of introduction and volume of the pigment, the type of procedure and the qualification of a specialist. The dye completely leaves the body after 2-3 years. Cases of faster lightening of the lips or, conversely, a long preservation of the effect are recorded.

Possible complications

After a certain time after the end of the procedure, slight puffiness is formed. With proper care for damaged skin, an unpleasant symptom quickly disappears. At first, the shade is much paler than expected. Many factors can influence this. For example, prolonged exposure to sunlight or the influence of drugs in the healing process.

Lip tattoo, photos before and after which reflect the natural appearance of the feathery outline, has other negative manifestations:

  1. Temperature increase. Appears on the first day after conducting permanent makeup. So, the body reacts to a stressful situation. Normally, malaise can persist up to 12 hours.
  2. The formation of a crust and the appearance of severe itching. It is both a sign of the active healing process, and the development of infection. If a side effect is accompanied by a high fever, you must seek medical help to exclude the inflammatory process.
  3. Herpes. Subsequently, improper skin care after tattooing develops. The complication is associated not so much with the intervention as with insufficient hygiene and ignoring the use of antiviral drugs.

Tattooing lips. Photos before and after, consequences, reviews

In rare cases, after permanent makeup, skin tightness and peeling occurs. Discomfort in normal can be observed up to 14 days. As soon as the surface layer of the epidermis heals, the symptoms go away.

Tattooing is very popular among girls. It has a large number of advantages. Photos before and after show how much the appearance is transformed with permanent lip make-up. The procedure has a number of contraindications and requires serious preparation. Therefore, a preliminary consultation with a qualified specialist is necessary.

Author: Pronina Marina

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