Fitness versus Botox. Gymnastics Elena Karkukuli. Face Wrinkle Exercises

The body can be brought in excellent shape through training and exercise. Face too! Thanks to special gymnastics, without expensive preparations and operations, it is quite possible to tighten the oval of the face, reduce wrinkles, and tone the muscles.

The positive effect of gymnastics for the face

Age-related changes will affect everyone. And if some can afford to spend a lot of money on plastic surgeries, anti-aging procedures or creams, then most can not afford it.

Fitness versus Botox. Gymnastics Elena Karkukuli. Face Wrinkle Exercises
Elena Karkukuli and FaceDay magazine

But there is a great solution: face fitness versus Botox! Elena Karkukuli in her club of natural restoration of the face Faceday offers exercises, performing which you can achieve excellent results. A lot of desire and a little time – and really lose some years.

Without injections of beauty and miraculous hardware interventions, the impact of which on health has not yet been studied. Without any financial costs. In a time of crisis, this is very important.

But it is worth remembering that any training is effective only if you engage in it regularly . A few minutes a day will be enough to see the effect.

The result of all this will be a more fresh appearance, improved skin tone, a return to youth. There are 57 muscles on a person’s face! And they lend themselves to training no worse than the muscles of the body. It’s all about the system and systematic.

The facefitness versus Botox system, distributed by Elena Karkukli, has helped thousands of women regain their youth.

Features of the performance of Elena Karkukuli’s face fitness

Face Fitness vs. Botox! Facial gymnastics coach Elena Karkukuli is ready to confidently win this battle! After all, exercises are good because they can be performed at any age. For girls who have not yet felt the time on their beautiful faces, this technique will serve as an excellent prevention and increase the period of youth.

Fitness versus Botox. Gymnastics Elena Karkukuli. Face Wrinkle Exercises

Ladies at a more advanced age facefitness will help to cope with existing problems. That is, starting at 22-23 years old is quite normal: with regular training, age will not bother for longer. In addition, the principle of this technique is complete safety.

Do not be afraid that the skin on the face will stretch, not tighten. It’s all about the right exercises. Thanks to them, it is possible to really improve any area of the face. For example, only 2 minutes is needed for exercises that improve face contour and posture. A complex less than 5 will take a complex for lifting the eyelids, smoothing wrinkles on the forehead.

A few more minutes will require 2 exercises to help raise the cheekbones and strengthen the cheeks. You can perform these exercises separately or in a complex that can be completely completed in 10-15 minutes. If this time is not there, then the express complex will help. It takes only 7 minutes.

A logical question may arise: how many times a week to do To see the results – daily. If classes are held 2-3 times a week, then the effect will also be visible. But with everyday training, the desired results are achieved faster. Moreover, it does not take so much time.

Face contraindications

Despite almost complete universality, this technique has a number of contraindications:

Fitness versus Botox. Gymnastics Elena Karkukuli. Face Wrinkle Exercises
Hypertension – a contraindication
  • Skin diseases. This includes serious eczema, fungi, warts, and minor pustules. It is not known what these problems can lead to.
  • Inflammation of the facial nerves, ENT diseases, neuropathy. Facial gymnastics can aggravate the disease.
  • Lymphatic system problems. On it, the transfer of bacteria is possible. And this will very badly affect the whole body.
  • Circulatory disturbance of the brain.
  • Hypertension 3 stages. However, all hypertensive patients should use the face-against-botox Elena Karkukuli system with caution, since pressure is a serious thing.
  • General feeling unwell.
  • Any disease in active form or in the acute stage.

Face Fitness Complex by Elena Karkukuli

Face Fitness versus Botox Elena Karkukuli
– these are just 6 exercises that can make your face change, help women regain self-confidence, taking about 15 minutes, and returning – years!

Axial traction of the spine

A logical question arises: is the spine really connected with the facial muscles The spine is the framework with which all the muscles of the body are connected. It also regulates the position of the head. And training her right position will allow you to adjust the line of the chin, restore the oval of the face, make the neck more elegant and higher. It turns out that this connection is very important.

Performing the exercise is not difficult. It is enough to imagine on the top of the magnet, pulling the whole body to the ceiling. With this exercise, the back should be straightened, the shoulder blades are flattened, the shoulders are slightly lowered down.

The crown reaches as high as possible. In this case, the muscles should not be discomfort. Ideally, to be in this position always, since it helps to correct posture, which in turn leads to relaxation of the muscles of the cervical spine.

Movable scalp, or “tearing off hair”

This exercise is aimed at reducing facial swelling, giving the face a flowering appearance and pulling up its upper part.

Strange exercise at first glance. It is necessary to divide the hair into large locks. Grab a large lock of hair at the roots and gently pull first up and then to the sides. Repeat until strands run out. Pull carefully and carefully, without creating painful or unpleasant sensations.

Ladle Exercise

An excellent face-lifting exercise, which serves as an example against Botox in order to reduce the second chin, restore a clear line of the lower jaw, in order to completely relax the chin and neck.

Elena Karkukuli clarifies, no matter how to perform it: sitting or standing. The main thing is that the body is located exactly vertically, the back i
s straight. Stretch your neck as if you were doing the axial traction of the spine exercise.

Turn the head a little to the side, the chin is slightly raised and the lower jaw needs to be slightly extended. In this case, a pleasant sensation of stretching of the muscles of the chin and neck should arise. It is pleasant. Otherwise, the exercise is not performed correctly.

For about 20 seconds, pat on the chin with light movements. Then turn your head in the other direction and repeat the exercise. Do not forget to monitor the correct position of the head. Particular attention should be paid to the muscles of the chin: they should not strain.

This exercise is not recommended for problems with the jaw: dislocation, any jaw disease, and also if the jaw clicks.


A wonderful exercise, since it can increase the volume of the lips (and even relax them), eliminate the habit of pinching them, which helps to reduce the number of wrinkles around the lips that can show the real age of their owner.

You should put a small plastic stopper in your mouth (for example, from wine) or a cap. In this case, the lips should be relaxed and the teeth closed (but not clenched).

The cap should be located only between the lips. In this case, no wrinkles near the lips should occur. You need to hold the cap for about half a minute. If the exercise is performed correctly, then at its end, lightness should form in the lips.

Lifting the temples and corners of the eyes

Exercise aimed at raising the temples, the outer part of the upper eyelids and reducing the temporal cavities. Great “anti-aging” exercise. It is with such problems that they most often try to cope with the help of plastic surgery.

Fitness versus Botox. Gymnastics Elena Karkukuli. Face Wrinkle Exercises
“Fitness versus Botox” Elena Karkukuli shows the exercise “lifting of the temples”

The execution is not complicated. You need to put your palms to your temples, pull them up a few inch to the top of your head. Then, letting go of her hands, you need to slowly open it, and then close your mouth. Repeat at least 20-30 times. If you perform the exercise correctly, then under the palms you should feel the movement of the muscles.

Cheek Exercise Spoon

It is also a very important “age-related” exercise, as it helps to reduce nasolabial folds, enlarge lips, and also helps to make cheekbones higher. In a simple way – remove the “drunk.”

Equipment is needed here: a light teaspoon with a wide flat end. To correctly complete this exercise, try to tuck your lips so that they are behind your teeth. Then you need to insert a spoon into the lips. Next, holding a spoon, you must slowly smile broadly.

It is important to ensure that the corners of the lips with a smile move up, but not to the sides.

This exercise should be done at least 20 times, and then hold the lips in a smile for about half a minute.

After this, the lips should be relaxed without releasing the spoon from the mouth, while patting the cheeks with your fingers. Make 1-3 approaches. It is better to perform them in front of the mirror: make sure that wrinkles do not form. If they are found, gently hold the skin with your hands.

It is important to ensure that cervical muscle or chin tension does not occur. There should also be no movement of the lower jaw.

Fitness versus Botox. Gymnastics Elena Karkukuli. Face Wrinkle Exercises

These exercises are not difficult to perform. And the result is amazing! Face Fitness vs. Botox Elena Karkukuli offers a toned, fresh face, with no signs of fatigue. The secret of youth is no longer a secret. The main thing is regularity and consistency, and the result is minus several years on the face.

Face Fitness videos from Elena Karkuli

How Elena Karkuklina fights against botex with her face-to-face fitness technique:

Face Fitness by Elena Karkukli:

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