Exercise Birch. Benefits for women, how to do, for what, execution technique

Exercise “Birch” was borrowed from traditional yoga, where it is called “Sarvangasana.” This pose has a beneficial effect on the whole body, and is especially useful for women, because it improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs, increasing the efficiency of the reproductive system. But for the exercise to bring the maximum positive effect, it must be correctly performed.

The essence and basic principles

Exercise “Birch”, which in Europe is called the “Candle”, is an inverted stance with straight legs, the emphasis of which is on the shoulders, elbows and neck. In fact, this pose is an asana of an ancient doctrine – yoga, and in Tibet and India it is known as “Sarvangasana”, which means “the whole body” in Indian.

Exercise Birch. Benefits for women, how to do, for what, execution technique
Birch or Sarvangasana – one of the most useful yoga exercises for women

This pose has been practiced for centuries, and it is considered one of the most useful, because during the stance almost all muscle groups work, from the cervical-collar to the calf. Therefore, in yoga, she is often called the mother of all asanas.

“Birch” will bring maximum benefits, but only if it is done correctly.

Basic principles of exercise:

  1. Entrance and exit to the pose should be performed smoothly, without jerking and sudden movements. Otherwise, you can earn muscle strain and more serious injuries.
  2. During the lesson you need to breathe correctly. Then the tissues are evenly supplied with oxygen, the heart will work more evenly and the metabolism will accelerate.
  3. When performing the exercise, you need to relax the brain, and translate thoughts into a positive channel.

Observing these principles, you can achieve an excellent result, which will be noticeable in a short time.

Indications for use

Exercise “Birch”, the benefits for women of which has long been known, has a beneficial effect on the whole body. It promotes the rejuvenation of the body and skin, strengthens the muscles, ligaments and spine.

Thanks to its healing properties, it can be used to treat many problems and improve the functioning of organs:

Organ or system Act Indication
Brain Thanks to the exercise, blood flow to the head is enhanced. Accordingly, the brain receives more oxygen, which improves mental ability. Drowsiness and apathy, migraines, prolonged headaches.
Venous system During the lesson, the pressure on the walls of the blood vessels decreases, which reduces the risk of vein expansion. Varicose veins, and other problems with blood vessels, anemia.
Endocrine system While standing up to the pituitary gland, blood rushes, which leads to an increase in the production of hormones that affect almost all processes. Hormonal failure caused by malfunctioning of the pituitary gland, diabetes, hypothyroidism.
Lymphatic system Under the force of gravity caused by the stance, the lymph begins to flow faster. And this leads to an acceleration of the output of toxins and toxins. A sedentary lifestyle, stagnant processes, toxins, salt deposition.
Nervous system During the exercise, intracranial pressure rises, which leads to the launch of self-regulation, and the inclusion of the parasympathetic nervous system. Stress, anxiety and causeless anxiety, depression, nervous breakdown.
Respiratory system “Birch” improves lung function, and also enhances blood circulation in the neck, throat, face, which increases the resistance of the respiratory system. Frequent colds, SARS, breathing problems.
Reproductive and urinary systems During the exercise, pressure in the pelvic area decreases. Ligaments and blood vessels in this area rest. The omission of the perineum and pelvic organs, diseases of the genital organs, disorders of the urinary system.
Digestive system Asana regulates digestive processes, improving blood circulation in the abdominal organs. Constipation, intestinal ulcer, colitis, hemorrhoids.


Exercise “Birch”, the benefits for women of which is invaluable, can cause serious harm.

It is strictly forbidden to perform in the presence of the following pathologies:

  • increased intracranial and intraocular pressure;
  • retinal detachment, glaucoma and infectious eye diseases;
  • hernia;
  • protrusion in the cervical spine;
  • a stroke;
  • chronic sinusitis;
  • enlarged thyroid gland;
  • heart, spleen, and liver diseases;
  • traumatic brain injury.

Exercise Birch. Benefits for women, how to do, for what, execution techniqueIt is worth temporarily abandoning classes in case of severe headache, otitis media and sinusitis, upset stomach and physical fatigue. And also do not do “Birch” on a full stomach and during menstruation. With caution, you can perform a pose for pregnant women, but before that you should consult a specialist.

Useful recommendations for patients

Perform the exercise “Birch” is better in the morning and on an empty stomach. If this is not possible, then you should postpone the lesson in the evening, 2 hours before going to bed. But in this case, the last meal should pass 3 hours before the workout.

Do not immediately go to the “Birch” during the lesson. Women should perform the exercise at the very end, when the muscles are well warmed up. If the training consists of this one posture, then before it you must definitely do a warm-up. Otherwise, it will do more harm than good. All movements must be carri
ed out smoothly, without jerking and strong stress.

Exercise Birch. Benefits for women, how to do, for what, execution techniqueWhile standing, pay attention to your elbows. They should be as close to each other as possible. And the shoulders should be pulled farther from the ears. During the asana, you need to keep your feet together.

If there is discomfort in the head and neck, a cough is present, or pressure is felt in the throat, then the exercise is not performed correctly and the entire body weight is not transferred to the shoulders.

To avoid this situation, beginners are advised to use a blanket. It should be folded 4 times and then placed underneath so that during the posture the shoulder blades are located on the edge of the material, and the head rests on the floor. If one blanket is not enough, then you need to add one or two more.

The execution time of “Birch” depends on the physical form. But beginners are advised to stand in a pose first 30 seconds. And then you need to gradually increase the duration of the workout, for example, adding 2 seconds a day.

With the slightest pain in the lower back or neck, you need to immediately get out of the pose, but you need to do this smoothly.

How to do

Exercise “Birch”, the benefit for women of which is invaluable, is performed according to the following algorithm:

  1. You need to lie on your back, arms extended along the body. The palms should be pressed to the floor, and the neck and head should be in line with the spine.
  2. As you exhale, slowly raise your legs so that they make a right angle with your torso. Feet should touch each other. And it is also necessary to monitor breathing – it should be even and calm.
  3. You need to raise your hips, tearing your back off the floor and raising your legs even higher. At this point, support your lower back with your palms.
  4. The body should be extended so that the feet, buttocks and back make up one straight line perpendicular to the floor. In this position, you need to linger on the maximum amount of time. Ideally, in the pose “Birch” should be 8 minutes.
  5. As you exhale, you need to remove your hands from the lower back, and slowly lower your back to the floor, leaving your legs perpendicular to the surface of the earth. Then you need to slowly put them.

Performing this exercise without preparation is quite difficult. Therefore, it is better for beginners to choose a lightweight version of “Birch”.

Wall support

This exercise is carried out almost according to the same algorithm as the classic “Birch”. It just becomes a pose you need near the wall with a blanket under your shoulders.

Exercise Birch. Benefits for women, how to do, for what, execution technique And during the asana, you need to rest your feet on the wall, and it is advisable to move your back as close to its surface as possible.

Result fixing

Exercise “Birch”, the benefits of which is proven for women, exerts strong pressure on the cervical spine. And in order to relax him, after performing the asana, it is recommended to do the pose “Pisces” or “Matsiasan”.

This exercise is carried out according to the following algorithm:

  1. You should lie on your back, legs extended. Leaning on your elbows, you need to raise your shoulders and chest, arching your back. The crown should not come off the floor.
  2. It is necessary to stay in this position for a while. When performing the pose, the body weight must be held with the elbows, and there should be no tension in the neck.
  3. Leaving the pose should be done in stages. First you need to lower your back, straightening your neck. Then you should put your elbows on the back of your head and pull your chin to your chest.

Exercise Birch. Benefits for women, how to do, for what, execution techniqueThis exercise will be a good final step in your workout to help relax your back and neck muscles.

Opinions of doctors and patients

Patients and doctors respond unambiguously to the Birch exercise. Judging by the opinion of users, it enhances immunity, and helps get rid of many diseases. In addition, it can be performed anywhere. Doctors recommend using it to combat diseases of the spine, as well as in the presence of gynecological problems.

Good reviews of the posture are praised by women who monitor their weight. According to them, “Birch” accelerates metabolism, helping to lose weight. In addition, this exercise strengthens all muscles, especially the waist and abdomen.

Exercise Birch. Benefits for women, how to do, for what, execution techniqueThe only drawbacks are that it’s too difficult to get up “Birch” at first, and this pose cannot be held for long. But with constant practice, performing an asana becomes easier.

Small changes for the better will become noticeable after 1-2 weeks of regular exercise. But to see the full effect of “Birch”, you need to train for about a year.

And every day, this exercise is necessary for 8 minutes. Then classes will bring maximum benefit for women.

Video on the topic: the benefits of exercise birch

Birch for health and vitality:

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