Cardio training for burning fat. The program for the gym and home

The basis of weight loss is proper nutrition and regular exercise. The body says goodbye to its reserves faster, if you add cardio training to burn fat. You can practice both at home and in the gym.

What are the benefits of cardio training for the body

Training helps promote endorphin, the hormone of joy. Kilograms will melt, and the mood will grow. The benefits of training: Cardio training for burning fat. The program for the gym and home

  • The efficiency of the body and its tone increase;
  • Metabolism increases, the level of undesirable cholesterol in the blood decreases;
  • Strengthens the heart muscle and vascular system. Prevention of atherosclerosis;
  • Tissues of the lungs are filled with oxygen, improving ventilation;
  • Thanks to the organization of the interaction of organs and the brain, stress resistance and the proper functioning of the central nervous system increase;
  • Improves control of substances carried by blood and lymph, as well as nerve impulses;
  • Favorable effect on the structure of bone tissue;
  • There is a breakdown of body fat.

Cardio training are of great benefit for strengthening the body and gaining muscle mass.

The benefits of cardio training for burning fat

Cardio training for burning fat at home or in the gym has some advantages over weight training:

  • There is a process of burning refractory subcutaneous fat. Diets do not work well here;
  • You can do the training in a half-starved state;
  • The stamina of the body increases;
  • Immunity will be strengthened;
  • Stress resistance is manifested, psychological tension decreases and sleep improves;
  • The desire to eat sweet or fatty foods decreases at the level of the brain;
  • An extensive portion of vigor and energy is guaranteed.

Cardio training for burning fat. The program for the gym and homeCardio uses up energy derived from the oxidation of glucose particles by oxygen. Under a power load, energy is extracted without oxygen. The benefits of cardio classes are reflected not only in the figure, but also in the state of the cardiovascular system.


The disadvantage is the load on the heart and vascular system. Such exercises are based on the consumption of oxygen to reduce muscle fibers. With such exercises, endurance is required.

  • If problems with the respiratory system (asthma or shortness of breath), high blood pressure, it is better to do gymnastics;
  • After a heart attack or stroke, cardio is not recommended;
  • Painful joints, intervertebral hernia – these are not the best partners with intense exertion, it is not worth aggravating the situation. Nordic walking, water aerobics are suitable;
  • With varicose veins, sparing exercises are performed: instead of running, brisk walking, a regular exercise bike is replaced with a horizontal one. Swimming is suitable;
  • Obese sufferers should take this issue seriously. The degree of obesity can be different, which means exercise, intensity and duration will vary.

How to calculate your heart rate individually

The most common method is based on resting heart rate data. The physical fitness of the individual and age affect its value.

Using the example of a 36 year old man, the border of the target zone is calculated. Pulse at rest – 62 ab / min. Calculate how many strokes from the maximum frequency corresponds to a value of 50 and 80%.

  • First, the approximate amount of the highest heart rate is recognized. From 220 age is deducted.

220-36 = 184

  • The pulse should be taken away from the result at rest.

184-62 = 122

  • The initial result of 122 is multiplied by 50% and the pulse is added at rest.

122 * 50% = 61

61 + 62 = 123

The resulting number corresponds to the lower point of the target zone. If a person’s heart beats after less than 123 rpm / min, the load was insufficient.

  • Then the upper boundary of the target zone is determined. The value obtained in the second example is multiplied by 85%. A pulse at rest is added to the result.

122 * 85% = 103.7 almost 104

104 + 62 = 166

If heart beats after exercise exceed the rate of 166 reduction / min, then the load was high. This example calculates how to conduct classes without going beyond 60 – 80% of the personal limit.

How often should training be held

In order for cardiotraining for fat burning to be effective and to benefit, no matter where the person is engaged, at home or in the gym, it is important to follow the rules.

It all depends on what the expected results are:

  • For 7 days 1 – 2 lessons – this is to maintain in good condition the heart and body;
  • If 1 to 3 times a week, muscle mass builds up;
  • 5 or more workouts per week will help get rid of body fat.

Zealous in the first stage is not desirable. For beginners, it is better to do 2-3 lessons per week. Breaks between workouts no more than 2 days.

How long should the training last

Cardio training for burning fat lasts at least 30 minutes. At home or in the gym, the body gets used to the loads, then the time for training is increased.

During the training, the athlete absorbs a lot of oxygen. Due to this, fats are burned. A stock of glycogen from the liver and muscle mass is spent, a loss of unnecessary pounds occurs.

9 kcal of energy is 1 gram of fat, the body is reluctant to part with it. Half an hour after the start of classes, fatigue comes. This is not the result of the necessary load, but the consequences of the consumption of glycogen. At this stage, fatigue should be overcome and training should continue.

It is better to start classes in the evening from 17 to 19 hours. At this time, metabolism and fat-splitting activity increase. If the goal is not to lose weight, but to maintain the body and general condition in shape, then the load is given in the morning.

If you wish, you can devote an hour to classes and more, combining with everyday activities. For example, walk a couple of stops in the direction of the house, and then take a trolley bus. Do not cross a stone or puddle on the road, but jump over.

Rules for eating before and after classes

A balanced diet plays an important role. If you overeat, then the work will go down the drain. And if malnourished, then along with fat, muscle mass is also lost.

Eat 2 hours before your workout. The menu should contain more complex carbohydrates and a little less protein. This will provide the necessary energy and normal content of insulin in the blood.

Cardio training for burning fat. The program for the gym and homeAfter training, eating after 2 hours. Because the training is over, and the process of splitting fat deposits continues. If the classes are at 17 o’clock in the evening, then you need to eat at 15. If the training lasted an hour, then the next meal is not earlier than 20 hours.

Do not delay food after exercise, it threatens muscle catabolism.

Key tips:

  • You need to get up from the table with a slight feeling of hunger, after 15-20 minutes it will become clear that the body is full;
  • You can’t starve. The body is afraid that they will not feed more, and it will be even more meticulous to lay down fat. It is worth taking food, not rushing in small portions and regularly;
  • If you refuse breakfast, the extra pounds will be poorly spent and even increase;
  • Nuts, seeds, avocados and olive oil are rich in monounsaturated fats. Thanks to them, extra pounds are reduced without losing muscle mass;
  • Active workouts require that your muscles regularly eat protein. It is good to include low-fat meat, sour-milk products in your diet. 30% of proteins should be consumed per day;
  • Complex carbohydrates are the basis for intensive workouts. 40% of carbohydrates should be delivered per day. Whole grain cereals, bran bread, beans and vegetables;
  • Sweet tooth, it’s better to forget about cakes, pies and so on. It is allowed to eat some dark chocolate, without additives.

Drinking mode

Before training, if you are thirsty, you can take only a few sips. A lot of fluid in the abdomen will interfere with active loads. After completing classes, greed, destroying drinking stocks, is impossible. You need to drink calmly, in moderate sips.

During physical exertion, fluid is consumed, and along with it necessary for life: sodium, magnesium and calcium. A feeling of fatigue arises from their loss. It is better to quench your thirst not with plain water, but with special drinks containing electrolytes. They well establish water-salt balance. Sparkling water, juices, compotes, during training, you should not drink.

Do I need a workout

Warm-up is an obligatory introduction. Her goal is to warm up the muscles and position the body to further stress. So you can protect yourself from injuries and unwanted stretch marks.

Conducting training at home

There are some rules that are important to adhere to:

  • Provide yourself enough space so that you do not inadvertently hit a nearby vase or bring down a monitor;
  • Before starting classes and after, ventilate the room;
  • To exclude injuries, soft and comfortable shoes should be on the legs;
  • Use rubberized mats;
  • During the exercise, pay attention to work all the muscles of the body;
  • The pulse should keep from 60 to 80% of the largest indicator.
Cardio training for burning fat. The program for the gym and home
Cardio workout for burning fat at home

Homework Exercises

Cardio training for burning fat at home should be performed quickly and efficiently, as in the gym.

  1. Explosive push ups. The emphasis is lying. As with simple push-ups, the body drops down, then the hands push off with force from the floor, with this rise the body bounces up.
  2. Squat Jumping. Sit down with your arms behind your head, lower yourself as low as you can and take a high jump.
  3. Burpy. Squatting position is accepted. Put your hands on the floor with your palms. Having concentrated, a backward bounce is performed and the body assumes a horizontal position on the floor, as during push-ups. Once again, a sharp jump will return the body to its original position squatting.
  4. Strap. Lying on his stomach, his arms are bent at the elbows at an angle of 90 degrees. The elbows rest on the floor, their weight is transferred to the forearm. The body should be straight. Only elbows and toes touch the floor. In this state, stay a minute.
  5. Running at point blank range. Lean your hands on the support (chair, bed, etc.). Toes rest on the floor. Alternately, steps are taken with each foot in the direction of the support, the back is straight.

In addition to the above exercises, you can include in-place running, jumping rope, biking and much more.

Cardio training for burning fat. The program for the gym and home Cardio training for burning fat. The program for the gym and home Cardio training for burning fat. The program for the gym and home Cardio training for burning fat. The program for the gym and home Cardio training for burning fat. The program for the gym and home

Classes at Jillian Michaels for Fat Burning

Pretty famous and ruthless coach. After her studies, there are hardly any forces to crawl to the shower. But the result is worth it. Gillian Michaels has many programs that focus on different muscles and degrees of training.

Basically, programs are designed for a certain period of time. One of them is called “Slim figure in 30 days.” Dumbbells of 4 pounds should be required. This is an aid to perfecting beautiful body sculptures.

Classes are performed 4 – 5 times a week. The pace is intense. The whole body is involved, as the exercises are complex. For example, raising arms with dumbbells is done along with lunges. The starting position is the bar. You should lower one hand, bendin
g it, also the other, then rise. Change hands.

Such exercises provide cardio load and are useful for those who want to lose weight. All programs and exercises deserve special attention. It’s better to see and choose the program that you like once.

Classes by Tracy Anderson

This girl does not need advertising. Suffice it to say that she trained Madonna, Gwyneth Peltrow, Shakira and many others. If you believe Anderson, then thanks to this method, you can get rid of 44 pounds in 3 months.

Tracy’s exercises are aimed at the auxiliary muscles. With the right load, the figure will turn into a brittle and elastic, but not inflated with hard reliefs.

Cardio training for burning fat. The program for the gym and homeDancing classes are also popular. The basis is intense jumping. There are no difficulties in doing the exercises. Attention is paid to strength training; here, too, is not complete without dance elements. Classes are held with dumbbells weighing 3 pounds. Hands strain constantly, despite the simplicity of the task.

Tracy has developed classes for those who are short of time. In 30 minutes, the load on the press, buttocks and arms. Results will begin to delight in about 10 days.

Classes by Janet Jenkins

The famous Hollywood trainer. Exercises are not designed for those who like to feel sorry for themselves during classes. Training facilities are diverse. With their help, they lose weight and correct the figure. The emphasis is on the abs and legs, but this does not mean that the hands are ignored.

Homework is easy to do. Pumping the press makes all the abdominal muscles work. It will take space to perform the swings. This is necessary when working with the buttocks and hips. Pleased with the lack of jumping and noisy exercises.

Classes do not focus on burning excess fat, but on the construction of muscle mass. There is little aerobic exercise, so you should choose the right workout yourself.

Cardio training for burning fat. The program for the gym and homeTraining with Janet Jenkins surprises with a masterful transition from one exercise to another. This will help to carry out tasks and go towards your goal.

Cardio training in the gym

At the beginning of the training, you should get used to the loads and gradually increase the time of classes:

  • Exercise bike. The knee joints work and become mobile, including the biceps of the thigh, buttocks and calf muscles.
  • Ellipsoid. The muscles of the shoulder girdle, upper and lower extremities are interested here.
  • Stepper. The load on the muscles of the lower leg, calves, buttocks, hips;
  • Skiing. Back muscles, hamstrings, quadriceps femoris, biceps and triceps are strengthened.

Among the variety of simulators, you should not focus on the same ones, so the load will receive the largest number of muscles.

What is interval cardio and what are female exercises

This anaerobic load is unlike the standard load. Here alternate load or pace modes.


  • Metabolism is faster;
  • Fat is consumed, but muscle mass is maintained;
  • The action of enzymes is reduced;
  • Increases speed and endurance.

With interval cardio, there is no difference between female and male exercises.

After warming up, an alternation of running and walking occurs: a minute of running and a minute of walking. The training should begin with a warm-up up to 5 minutes, and end with a slow-down also up to 5 minutes. The duration of the training is 30 minutes. This type of exercise burns fat without loss for muscle mass and is popular among bodybuilders.

Alternating Cardio with Strength

Cardio workouts for burning fat at home can be combined with strength training. In the gym they are easier to do.

There are 4 ways to combine cardio and power load:

  1. The separate process of body fattening for burning fat will be appreciated by people who build muscle and drive fat away. At a separately allotted time, they pay attention to muscle strengthening. Dedicated to aerobic exercise from 30 minutes, but at another time;
  2. Mixing two types of load in one session. Cardio alternates for 10 minutes, and strength exercises for 10 minutes. Metabolism and the destruction of fat on top!
  3. Do strength exercises, and then cardio. In this case, muscle mass is spent with fat. After strength training, cycling lasts at least 30 minutes.
  4. Type of training first cardio, and then strength exercises will not bring results. Minimal fat burning and the same muscle growth. The remaining forces will not be enough for a quality load during strength training.

It is important to alternate exercises correctly.

Professional Tips

Training will benefit from the right way to practice. Therefore, it is important to consider some details:

  • Set clear goals and determine whether it is losing weight or training the cardiovascular system. The approach to classes will be different;
  • Better to run than to walk. Without running, losing weight will not work. At the initial stage, you can walk for 3 minutes, then run the same amount, alternating between running and walking, reducing walking time;
  • Regularly monitor the rhythm of the heart;
  • You can and should drink during training if you want;
  • Training in the afternoon is always more energetic than in the first half;
  • The load and variety of training should be increased gradually;
  • When tingling in the side, they reduce the intensity, but do not stop, maintaining breathing in a certain rhythm.

Cardio workouts have been invented a lot and they are suitable for burning fat. It does not matter where to exercise, at home or in the gym. If desired and zeal, visible results – reality.

Useful videos on how to do workouts

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