Emolium cream. Instructions for use for newborns, for the face. Composition, price, analogues

Human skin condition can say a lot. If dryness, peeling and dehydration is observed, then it needs recharge and hydration. A novelty in the field of cosmetology was Emolium cream. If you apply it according to the instructions, you can bring your skin in order in just a few days.

The composition of the cream Emolium

Emolium, according to the instructions, contains emollients (compounds of natural oils in water), due to which it provides a beneficial effect on integuments, moisturizing, restoring them.

Active substances in the composition:

  • barley pulp;
  • fatty acid;
  • phytosterols;
  • sodium salt;
  • triglycerides;
  • corn esters;
  • Vitamin E
  • sodium hyaluronate.

Additional ingredients:

  1. Macadamia fruits , rich in lecithin, phytosterol, able to nourish cells, normalize skin turgor, eliminate burning, itching, tightness. Emolium cream. Instructions for use for newborns, for the face. Composition, price, analogues
  2. Shea butter is one of the natural ingredients with a rich composition, reactive, softening properties. The component improves blood microcirculation, stimulates tissue renewal, relieves burning, itching, inflammatory processes, redness, restores the lipid barrier, creates reliable protection of the epidermis from external influences, accelerates regeneration, moisturizes the upper layers of the integument.
  3. Hyaluronic acid is a natural component contained in the epidermis, the lack of which leads to tightness, sagging, dryness. Emolium cream. Instructions for use for newborns, for the face. Composition, price, analogues
  4. Urea has a sponge effect, giving moisture, elasticity to the skin. Normalizes water balance, relieves inflammation (pustular lesions) due to antibacterial properties. Keratin cells begin to interact with moisture, thereby replenishing the lost fluid, creating reliable protection for the outer layer of the skin due to acid triglycerides.
  5. Liquid paraffin prevents dryness of the intercellular space, since it retains moisture by distributing unsaturated hydrocarbons on the integument.

Manufacturers offer a range of body care products with various forms of release. The product in the composition with active emollients is considered unique. It provides comprehensive care for damaged skin. Recommended for everyday use for children, women during pregnancy (lactation).

Thanks to sodium hyaluronate in the composition, cream:

  • quickly replenishes stocks of hyaluronic acid;
  • softens, nourishes cells;
  • saturates the upper layers of the epidermis with intercellular lipids;
  • eliminates unpleasant signs of atopic dermatitis (itching, burning, skin irritation).

Production form

Emolium cream, the instructions for use of which will be described below, are available in rulers (basic, special, reactive) in various forms:

  • liquid cream gel ( 0,68 fluid ounce); Emolium cream. Instructions for use for newborns, for the face. Composition, price, analogues
  • means for bathing ( 0,4 – 0,8 pint);
  • cream ( 2,54 fluid ounce);
  • shampoo ( 6,76 fluid ounce);
  • emulsion from dry scalp ( 3,38 fluid ounce).


All products are composed of emollients of natural origin, which together provide a moisturizing, regenerating, antioxidant effect on dry, damaged areas of the skin.

Thanks to the active components, regular treatment of the integument will allow:

  • make up for them with missing nutrients;
  • prevent chapping;
  • eliminate peeling, dryness;
  • prevent tightness of the skin, which is important in the offseason.

Each of the Emolium series is designed for everyday skin care and is used as intended, depending on which skin lesions need to be eliminated.

Basic series

It includes products in the form of:

  • cream;
  • gel;
  • emulsions.

The cream provides:

  • nutrition;
  • normalization of the lipid layer;
  • moisturizing the integument. Emolium cream. Instructions for use for newborns, for the face. Composition, price, analogues

The emulsion softens the hardness of the water, treats dryness, skin irritation when added to a bathtub.

The gel does not cause dryness, irritation, unlike baby soap. It has a gentle, soft effect and does not lead to acid imbalance, damage to the protective lipid layer. This is important for sensitive skin, prone to irritation, peeling, itching.

Special series

The line of tools is presented in different forms:

  • Emolium cream. Instructions for use for newborns, for the face. Composition, price, analoguesemulsion;
  • shampoo;
  • cream.

All of them contain emollients, which will become indispensable if you are concerned about dryness, irritation against the background of exacerbation of chronic diseases:

  • ichthyosis;
  • seborrhea;
  • psoriasis;
  • eczema.

Products soften, moisturize, enrich the skin with nutrients, quickly eliminate redness, itching, saturate the structure of tissues with intercellular lipids.

Shampoo with a special formula is suitable for washing irritated scalp.

Not able to provoke increased secretion of the sebaceous glands, upset the acid-base balance. It creates a complex effect, beneficially affecting the inflammation of the integuments, providing an antipruritic, softening effect.

Triactive Series

The cream was created to eliminate:

  • dryness
    Emolium cream. Instructions for use for newborns, for the face. Composition, price, analogues
    Emolium cream fights dry skin
  • damage;
  • atopy of the integument.

Emollients in the composition:

  • provide regulation of water-lipid tissue;
  • moisturize and nourish dry areas;
  • relieve inflammation and itching;
  • have an antibacterial effect.

When added to water, a triactive emulsion gently cleanses dry atopic areas and softens the water hardness.

All products of the Emolium series consist of natural components that provide a light moisturizing, anesthetic, regenerating, softening effect. It is recognized as one of the best among cosmetic preparations for the prevention of relapse of skin diseases (eczema, atopic dermatitis).

Products have passed dermatological testing. It is considered hypoallergenic, because it does not contain harmful fragrances and dyes.


Emolium is a universal remedy. The list of indications (due to its rich composition) is impressive.

The main purposes:

  • atopic, seborrheic dermatitis; Emolium cream. Instructions for use for newborns, for the face. Composition, price, analogues
  • diaper rash in infants;
  • dryness, skin irritation;
  • diseases: lichen planus, psoriasis, eczema, ichthyosis.


Emolium cream, the instruction for use of which does not describe specific contraindications for use, is not a medicine, but in some cases (pregnancy, individual intolerance) it is worth consulting with a specialist before using it. Using the drug in long courses to avoid side effects on the skin is not recommended.

Avoid contact with mucous membranes.

Instructions for newborns, schoolchildren

Emolium is safe, which is confirmed by reviews of experts and consumers. According to the instructions for use, the cream is approved for use by infants older than 1 month for daily care of delicate, swollen skin . The product does not contain harmful ingredients that cause allergies. Emolium cream. Instructions for use for newborns, for the face. Composition, price, analogues

Children are recommended to use:

  • emulsions for the body;
  • shampoos for bathing (adding to the bath with water).

Each of the forms should be applied as intended. If the disease is running, then it is better to use an ointment. If the skin is healthy, but needs support, then bathing emulsions are applicable.

It is necessary to use the product correctly as directed and recommended by the doctor, which determines the frequency, duration, method of application.

  1. Ointment. Apply a thin layer, dotted on problem areas, evenly distributing on the surface. The product is quickly absorbed, so it can be used under diapers. To achieve a therapeutic effect, it is better to leave the baby’s skin after applying the product open for 5-10 minutes. If severely inflamed irritated areas and diaper rash are observed, then it is worth carefully impregnating the affected areas without rubbing the composition into the skin integument.
  2. Cream, gel for washing. A small amount should be applied to the body and hands, rubbing with careful movements. Soak for 5-10 minutes, rinse with water, wipe the skin with a towel. Repeat 2 times a day. Emolium cream. Instructions for use for newborns, for the face. Composition, price, analogues
  3. Moisturizing Shampoo. It is necessary to moisten the hair, apply a little composition, evenly distributing at the roots of the hair with massage movements. Rinse, rinse hair with running water. Also, for these purposes, you can use the emulsion after bathing, rubbing with active movements. If the composition is used for treatment, then rinse it with water after application is not necessary.
  4. Bath emulsion designed for children to treat delicate skin. It replaces soap, designed to quickly regenerate wounds and cracks caused by a bacterial infection, the influence of ultraviolet rays. It prevents dehydration, fluid retention in the intercellular space and normalizes the condition of the skin. The emulsion is added to the bath: fill it with warm water, pour 0,51 fluid ounce of the composition. Spend swimming for 10-15 minutes. After carefully dry the areas of the body with a towel, without rubbing the skin, lubricate it with a softening composition.

For school children, the use of Emolium in the form of a cream is recommended. It is necessary to apply it twice a day, after cleaning the covers from dirt and dust. The tool is used pointwise on the affected areas.

For treatment, apply 1 time before bedtime. After processing cracks in the hands or heels, gloves (socks) are required to be worn, then the effect of the drug will be amplified by 2-3 times.

How to use for face

Emolium is suitable for face care, morning, evening hygiene for rash, irritation. It can also be applied during the day to moisturize the integument when it is dry. The composition is distributed on problem areas cleaned from dust, rubbed in with massaging movements twice a day. Emolium cream. Instructions for use for newborns, for the face. Composition, price, analogues

After carrying out such manipulations, it is undesirable to go outside, expose the skin of the face to wind, sunlight, ultraviolet radiation.

Features of using special and triactive cream

The triactive series is used to treat atopy.

The tool has the following actions:

  • regenerative;
  • antipruritic;
  • moisturizing;
  • emollient;
  • soothing;
  • bactericidal;
  • anti-inflammatory. Emolium cream. Instructions for use for newborns, for the face. Composition, price, analogues

The cream is shown for redness, burning, itching, inflammation, peeling. Children – with diathesis and dermatitis.

Before conducting therapy, it is worth consulting a pediatrician, since severe skin diseases require medical treatment.

Triactive cream has a double effect (moisturizing and softening) due to the combination of active substances in the composition. It makes up for the lack of lipids in the stratum corneum. Children need to apply it on cleaned integuments with a thin layer twice a day.

A special cream is allowed for use for babies older than a month, as it contains safe substances:

  • healing oils;
  • extract from the seeds of the borage;
  • urea;
  • hyaluronic acid.

It eliminates dryness, restores lipid metabolism, intensively nourishes the inner layers of the epidermis, saturates with useful components. It is also indicated for use in therapeutic, prophylactic purposes for dermatological diseases.

Before applying the cream, you must:

  • wash the covers, dry with a napkin;
  • apply pointwise with a thin layer to the affected areas;
  • evenly distribute the composition;
  • usd in with massaging movements;
  • use twice a day and regularly.

Side effects

Emolium cream tolerance is good. The composition is saturated, so before use it is advisable to conduct a skin sensitivity test. It is enough to apply a little composition (with a match head) on the inside of the wrist, wait 0.5 hours, watch for the reaction. If after 1 day unpleasant side effects (itching, hyperemia, rash, irritation) do not appear, then the cream is suitable for use. Emolium cream. Instructions for use for newborns, for the face. Composition, price, analogues

If adverse reactions are observed, th
en the treatment should be stopped, take an antihistamine (Suprastin, Loratadin),
drink a sorbent (activated charcoal, Sorbex, Enterosgel).


Emolium drug interaction data not provided.

Price in New York, Los Angeles,

The cost of different forms of Emolium in pharmacies in New York and Los Angeles is slightly different. Cheaper you can buy it on the Internet or make an order through catalogs.

Depending on the volume of prices in New York (usd):

  • Emolium – 640-780 ( 2,54 fluid ounce);
  • Triactive cream – 614 ( 1,69 fluid ounce);
  •  body cream – 663.

In Los Angeles, the cream on average costs $ 8,62. ( 2,54 fluid ounce), special ( 2,54 fluid ounce) – $ 10,2. Emolium cream. Instructions for use for newborns, for the face. Composition, price, analogues

In pharmacies in Los Angeles, the average cost (usd):

  • Emolium cream ( 2,54 fluid ounce) – 632;
  • special cream ( 2,54 fluid ounce) – 716;
  • emulsion for external use ( 6,76 fluid ounce) – 1305;
  • gel cream for bathing ( 6,76 fluid ounce) – 2914;
  • emulsion for baths ( 6,76 fluid ounce) – 1017;
  • shampoo ( 6,76 fluid ounce) – 952;
  • emulsion for processing the head ( 3,38 fluid ounce) – 745.

Terms of sale and storage

You can buy Emolium in stationary pharmacies, make an order via the Internet by going to the official website. The drug is dispensed without a prescription.

Store the product in a dark place, protected from sunlight. Shelf life in closed tubes is 2 years. After opening, it is permissible to keep the drug in the refrigerator for no more than 6 months.

Analogs: cheap and expensive

Emolium has no 100% analogues. Shampoo substitutes are also not available. Creams – different in composition and price, but with a similar principle of action are presented in the table. Emolium cream. Instructions for use for newborns, for the face. Composition, price, analogues

Analogs Active substance Price
Gistan mometasone furoate $ 1,63
Bepanten dexpanthenol $ 5,44
Oilatum emollient $ 2,72
Mustela sunflower and plantain oil, glycine $ 8,16
Topicrem pyroctone olamine, lactic acid $ 7,48

Reviews of doctors and customers about the effectiveness of the cream

Due to the high quality of the cream, customers respond positively about it. The product is tested by leading American institutes. Emolium is quickly absorbed, for a long time softens the affected areas of the skin, regulates the water-lipid layer, and prevents moisture loss.

The effect is noted in the treatment of atopic dermatitis. The composition of Emolium is completely hypoallergenic. There are no harmful additives in the formula. The product is recommended for use according to the instructions for adults and children for daily hygiene and for medicinal purposes.

Emolium Cream Video

Cream Emolium. Care for very dry skin:

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