Plastic surgery to remove ribs. Photos before and after, the consequences

The procedure for resection or removal of the ribs is rarely performed for medical reasons. In plastic surgery, the method is used to create a slim waist and graceful silhouette. The presented photos before and after the operation prove its effectiveness in the struggle for ideal forms. But before the operation, it is necessary to know the features of rehabilitation, to remember about possible complications.

Why do we need lower ribs

The human chest consists of 12 pairs of ribs, which form 3 groups. The first 7 make up the main bone framework, therefore they are distinguished by increased tissue density.

The lower 3 units of ribs are conditionally called “false”: they are connected to the vertebrae by thin cartilage, they are distinguished by a small thickness of the bone.

Plastic surgery to remove ribs. Photos before and after, the consequences

The main purpose of the ribs is to protect vital internal organs from injuries and external pressure. The skeletal frame reliably covers the heart and lungs, eliminating the accidental damage to large vessels. They participate in respiratory movements. The lower pairs prevent damage to the spleen, liver and pancreas.

Indications for the operation to remove the lower ribs

The removal of the ribs, the photos before and after which allow you to see firsthand the effect of the thin waist, was initially carried out only for medicinal purposes.

The main indications for resection for medical purposes:

  • elimination of severe scoliosis of 3-4 degrees to gain access to the spine;
  • chronic tuberculosis with suppuration of the bone;
  • purulent pleurisy;
  • congenital deformity of the chest;
  • pathological changes in bone tissue with osteoporosis, oncology.

In rare cases, doctors resort to a complex procedure when it is necessary to obtain high-quality material for bone marrow transplantation. But in 70% of cases, the removal of the lower ribs is carried out at the request of the patient for aesthetic purposes. Such an operation has long been included in the list of popular services of plastic surgeons.

Fashion for a dramatic change in figure was introduced by American movie stars who wanted to quickly and easily acquire a thin waist, emphasize lush hips. The resection of 1-2 pairs of lower ribs allows you to create beautiful outlines even for a figure of a rectangular type. At the same time, the protruding stomach disappears, therefore, representatives of the stronger sex also practice removal.


Removing the ribs is a complex surgical operation. Photos before and after the procedure show unique results, so thousands of clients turn to plastic surgery clinics every year.

Plastic surgery to remove ribs. Photos before and after, the consequences

There are a number of contraindications prohibiting resection:

  • enthusiasm for extreme sports (lower ribs protect against severe injuries when hitting or falling);
  • obesity of the patient;
  • psychological illness or depression.

Plastic surgery is not recommended for women who plan to conceive and bear a child.

In violation of the bone corset, there is a risk of displacement of internal organs in the last trimester: the growing uterus begins to put pressure on the stomach and liver, and provokes a violation of digestion and blood circulation.

Removing the ribs (photos before and after resection are confirmed by visible changes in the shape of the figure) – the operation is complex and dangerous. It requires the use of general anesthesia, therefore diseases of the cardiovascular system, respiratory organs, and diabetes mellitus become a cause for failure. It is not recommended for bone pathologies, hematopoiesis, hormonal imbalance.

Ways to remove ribs for a thin waist

There are two options for the operation. The doctor chooses the least traumatic for the patient, takes into account his weight, age and indications for surgical intervention.

  • Open or standard . It is recommended for further removal of internal organs, the installation of an artificial vertebra with scoliosis.
  • Closed or laparoscopic . Used in aesthetic surgery, characterized by the absence of scars and rapid recovery of the patient.

Plastic surgery to remove ribs. Photos before and after, the consequences

When open, the operation takes a long time, requires the use of complex anesthesia. Therefore, the risk of complications, pulmonary embolism increases, rehabilitation takes several weeks.

The endoscopic type of procedure has several advantages:

  • minimal risk of bleeding and complications;
  • reduction in the probability of infection with pathogenic microflora;
  • recovery period is reduced to 3-5 days;
  • the coagulant cauterizes the incisions, so there are no internal seams.

After excision of the lower ribs, the anterior abdominal wall contracts, therefore, the patient notices the desired results and thin waistline after 2–3 days.

Optimum age for surgery

Removing the edges in the photo before and after shows amazing results, therefore, attracts people of different ages. Doctors consider the optimal age for the operation – the period is 30–35 years, when the formation of the bone skeleton has ended, the hormonal background is stable without deviations and sudden jumps of the puberty period.

Middle-aged patients are distinguished by good health, do not have chronic diseases, hypertension or cardiac pathologies.

Patient preparation

In preparation for the removal of the ribs, the patient undergoes a thorough medical examination, receives the advice of a cardiologist, traumatologist and endocrinologist. In addition to standard blood tests, ultrasound of the heart and abdominal organs, ECG may be required.

Doctors recommend computed tomography with a contrast agent: this helps to eliminate hidden pathologies of bone tissue, shows vascular plexuses and large arteries. To exclude postoperative complications 1–2 weeks before the planned resection, the patient undergoes a laboratory examination for HIV and hepatitis.

It is necessary to exclude exacerbation of chronic diseases and latent bacterial infections that can provoke severe abscesses and inflammation of wounds.

Among the recommendations of doctors:

  • complete cessation of smoking and alcohol;
  • withdrawal of anticoagulants and hormonal drugs;
  • diet with a minimum amount of fatty and spicy foods.

With obesity of any degree, the risk of fat embolism is increased. A dangerous complication is fatal during surgery. With excess weight, healing slows down, and the effect is less noticeable. Therefore, liposuction or weight loss is preliminarily performed under the supervision of a nutritionist.

12 hours before surgery, a complete rejection of food is recommended, which reduces the side effect of anesthesia and speeds up recovery. The patient can drink clean water without gas or weak tea without sugar.

The proced
ure for the operation to remove ribs

With the open method, the patient is injected into a deep drug sleep. After dissection of the skin and muscle layer at level 8 of the rib from the back, the surgeon cuts the periosteum in several places. If signs of necrosis and suppuration are detected, a small fragment is removed, a drainage tube is installed to remove purulent exudate.

The laparoscopic method does not allow a full examination of the chest, therefore, is performed only in the absence of signs of inflammation.

The execution technique differs from the standard operation:

  • general anesthesia is performed;
  • the skin in the abdomen is disinfected with special antiseptics;
  • the surgeon makes 3-4 miniature incisions;
  • an endoscope, a special camera and surgical instruments are inserted under the muscle layer
  • gas is introduced into the cavity to create free space;
  • the bottom pair of ribs is carefully removed;
  • places of incisions and ligaments are cauterized by a coagulator.

Plastic surgery to remove ribs. Photos before and after, the consequences

After endoscopy of the operation, the patient regains consciousness faster, and eliminating anesthesia takes several hours. Almost invisible scars remain on the body, which after 2-3 months are completely tightened.

Rehabilitation after surgery

With standard open chest resection, the patient remains in the hospital for at least 10-14 days. With laparoscopy, recovery takes no more than 3-5 days.

To avoid complications, you must:

  • take antibiotics selected by doctors;
  • use antiseptic solutions for treating wounds;
  • follow a diet to normalize stool and eliminate constipation;
  • observe bed rest before healing the incisions.

After discharge from the clinic, the patient is recommended to wear special compression underwear. The corset supports the anterior abdominal wall, eliminates the prolapse of the internal organs. It must be used within 3-6 weeks to help the body adapt to new forms, strengthen muscles in the waist.

For 2-3 months, physical activity and sports, carrying heavy loads and bags are prohibited. You should abandon active and extreme recreation in favor of hiking. Visits to the solarium or sauna are temporarily excluded. Each month, it is necessary to visit a surgeon who, using ultrasound, monitors the condition and position of the spleen, pancreas and liver.

The result for the waist in men and women

After removing the ribs, external changes are noticeable the next day. The final results will fully manifest after 4-6 weeks: during this period, blood circulation is restored, the outflow of lymphatic fluid is normalized, and swelling disappears.

Plastic surgery to remove ribs. Photos before and after, the consequences

There is a contraction of the anterior abdominal wall, a thin waist appears in a woman, an even press is formed in men without exhausting physical exertion.

The consequences of plastic

Doctors warn that the removal of ribs can provoke complications, disrupt the stable operation of the whole organism. Resection is an irreversible procedure, therefore, many clinics before plastic surgery conduct psychological testing of patients.

Among the common problems that appear after the intervention are:

  • Phantom pains in the hypochondrium, which are not relieved by analgesics and non-steroidal drugs. Such patients require the help of a psychiatrist and special rehabilitation.
  • Significantly increases the risk of injury to the digestive system, spleen or liver. The patient needs to pay special attention to health, avoid active sports, choose light loads.
  • When 2-3 pairs of ribs are removed, respiratory function is impaired in some patients : the depth of inspiration decreases, which negatively affects the flow of oxygen into the blood, and cerebral circulation worsens. In rare cases, spinal deformity occurs due to improper redistribution of load, bronchial asthma or chronic bronchitis develops.
  • With extensive resection, the risk of internal bleeding after a light blow or pressure on the stomach increases by 30% .
  • With the displacement of organs , arrhythmia and other diseases of the cardiovascular system develop .
  • The risk of nephroptosis (prolapse of the kidney) is 5–6 times higher .

In patients with removed ribs, respiratory diseases associated with pathologies of the respiratory system are more likely to occur.

Operation cost

The cost of the rib removal service depends on the status of the clinic and the proposed diagnosis.

Description of procedure Average cost, usd.
Thoracotomy for osteomyelitis or bone pathologies. 13000–65000
Resection for bone marrow examination before transplantation. 13000–27600
Resection for tumors of the respiratory system. 42400
Plastic surgery to form the waist with the removal of 1-2 pairs of ribs. 90000-160000
Surgery at a foreign plastic surgery center (price includes accommodation and rehabilitation in a clinic in Israel or Germany). from 167000

Plastic surgery to remove ribs. Photos before and after, the consequences

Removing ribs is a complex procedure, photos before and after which promise attractive results. An operation capable of disrupting the functioning of the internal organs of a person. It often takes up to 6–8 months to fully recover; pain and shortness of breath remain.

Many doctors recommend abandoning the resection without urgent need, maintain harmony by traditional methods and proper nutrition.

Video on the doctor’s opinion on rib removal surgery

Why is a plastic surgeon versus surgery:

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