Makeup lessons for beginners. Instruction, walkthrough, video

Detailed makeup lessons are an aid to the selection and application of makeup products. For experienced professionals and novice craftsmen, visual aids and tips will help create an impeccable harmonious image, emphasize natural beauty, set accents, adjust the shape of individual parts of the face, visually hide minor flaws.

Rules and secrets of makeup for beginners

Makeup lessons for beginners are practical techniques, techniques, many secrets and tricks for choosing high-quality cosmetics, as well as tools for creating makeup. Before you begin practical training, it is important to know the theory of creating a professional image using cosmetics.

One of the basic rules of make-up – brushes, sponges and other tools are no less important than the skills of applying funds. Good quality brushes will only improve the technique, help to avoid the effect of the mask, poor shading and the appearance of unnatural spots on the skin.

The following basic set of brushes should be present in the makeup artist’s arsenal:

  • for drawing a primer, tonal bases (beveled or flat brush);
    Makeup lessons for beginners. Instruction, walkthrough, video
  • for applying proofreaders;
  • beauty blender;
  • fluffy soft for powder;
  • several brushes for applying shadows and pigments;
  • flat angular brush for fine lines, accents;
  • for applying lipstick, tint, gloss.

Brushes should be kept clean, treated with special tools. This will help to extend their service life, to avoid the appearance of microbes, bacteria. Professional makeup allows you to mask flaws, emphasize the main advantages of appearance.

The work is creative, but for the most aesthetic result it is important to know the secrets and tricks of its creation:

  • The choice of style . There are several varieties of makeup, the main styles include daytime, evening, avant-garde, romantic, classic. One of the modern directions for older women is the creation of lifting makeup. When choosing a style, it is important to be guided by the features of appearance, color type, age, as well as the situation for which the makeup is created.
  • Lighting. It is recommended to apply makeup in daylight, for some areas you can use a magnifying mirror with backlight. Professional make-up artists use a ring lamp to create the optimal color temperature for lighting. Excessively yellow or bluish artificial light can distort the color reproduction of decorative pigments, tonal means.
  • Preparation . In order to avoid irritation or an allergic reaction on the skin when in contact with decorative products, it must be carefully prepared. To do this, it must be cleaned with tonic, moisturized. After preparation, the foundation is applied under the makeup using a sponge or brushes. When applying, it is important to achieve uniformity, especially paying attention to the area near the ears and hair roots.
  • Using a primer . Beauty-tool will help to even out the relief, moisturize additionally, provide firmness, protect the epidermis from chemical components.
    Makeup lessons for beginners. Instruction, walkthrough, video
  • Disguise . The ability to mask flaws distinguishes a professional visage from an ordinary one. To hide the flaws, concealers of different colors should be present in the arsenal. Green is easy to hide redness, lavender will help with masking age spots, and orange – from dark circles. Beige corrector is recommended for masking scars.

The basic rule of beautiful professional makeup is the selection of quality products.

Savings when buying cosmetics should be reasonable, not at the expense of quality. Together with products from the flagships of the beauty industry in specialized stores you can buy more affordable, but high-quality eye shadow palettes, foundations and other makeup products.

Face contouring and toning

Toning and contouring – the basis of professional makeup. There are 3 types of tonal bases – powder, cream and liquid consistency. Layering all 3 types of products in one make-up is not necessary. To create a make-up, you should choose one optimal tool, it depends on the task facing the makeup artist.

For specific correction of flaws and redness, it is necessary to use a concealer of the corresponding shade. The tonal remedy is selected according to the shade and type of skin. The base is applied in minimal amounts, shading well, otherwise it will clog into the folds of the skin, violating the aesthetic effect.

For contouring, various shades are used – from the maximum light to dark. To brighten and darken, use a bronzer and highlighter. It is more convenient to buy a palette with tinting correctors in several shades. This technique allows you to visually change the natural shape of the parts of the face, to emphasize, modeling the oval.

To create a foundation contouring, you will need:

  • flat brush with a beveled edge;
  • sponge beauty-blender in the form of an egg with a pointed end;
    Makeup lessons for beginners. Instruction, walkthrough, video
  • kabuki – fluffy dense brush;
  • fan flat brush;
  • silicone sponge petal.

Contouring is performed according to the following algorithm:

  1. At the preparatory stage, the skin is cleaned, moisturized, a transparent base is applied – a primer that evens out the relief.
  2. The tone is leveled with tonal means of the corresponding shade.
  3. All areas that need to be visually reduced, modeled, are covered with a dark corrector. It is applied along the line of the cheekbones, on the wings of the nose, in the area near the temples.
  4. Highlighter glare is applied to areas that will “catch the light.” Highlight the central zone of the chin, along the midline of the nose, in the central frontal zone, under the eyes, on the prominent line of the cheekbones, the fossa above the upper lip.
  5. All individual lines are shaded to avoid unaesthetic spots, sharp color boundaries. Fix the make-up with friable mineral transparent powder.

Such a scheme for applying proofreaders with highlighting and darkening of individual zones is suitable for an oval type of face. You should know that the main aspect taken into account when contouring is the original form.

There are several guidelines for contouring:

  • For a round face, the area along the hairline is darkened, with two lines forming a triangle on the sides of the lower jaw, without affecting the temple area. The cheekbone zone stands out sharply to achieve sharpness. Highlighter or light concealer distinguish the chin, inner corners, the fossa above the upper lip, the central part of the frontal zone (inverted triangle), in the area of the buccal apples.
  • For a square face, it is important to smooth out all the angular contours, adding smoothness with the help of darkening and highlighting of problem parts. In the upper frontal part, thin dark stripes are drawn, then shaded. The zygomatic area is emphasized by a large triang
    le, highlighting with light highlights of the highlighter.
  • To correct the triangular type, a highlighter is applied along the edge of the jaw, the central part of the chin is darkened, carefully shaded. A broad dark line is drawn along the hairline to the temporal. Cheekbones, all protruding parts emit bright highlights.
    Makeup lessons for beginners. Instruction, walkthrough, video

Basic rules and secrets of tinting will allow you to create smooth contours, the optimal foundation before applying the rest of the decorative means.

Eyebrow shaping

Makeup lessons include several steps. For beginners and those who want to learn how to do beautiful makeup on their own, it is important to clearly observe the phased process. After the base is applied and contouring is completed, it is necessary to draw eyebrows.

Before proceeding to this stage of visage, it is important to choose the shape, bend and width of the line that is suitable for the type of face, and perform correction.

Instructions for the design consists of several steps:

  1. Use a special brush to comb the hairs in one direction, giving the eyebrows the desired shape.
  2. The area above the line and the area under the eyebrow should be highlighted with a highlighter or light concealer.
  3. With a pencil or a beveled flat brush, outline the upper and lower borders.
  4. With strokes, fill the area between the borders with color. The hue smoothly passes from the lighter at the wide base to the darkening of the line tail.
  5. Feather a pencil or eye shadow with a brush, fix the formed eyebrows with a special gel, applying it in zigzag movements to give volume to the hairs.
    Makeup lessons for beginners. Instruction, walkthrough, video

If the eyebrow makeup turned out to be too bright and does not harmonize with the image too much, you can muffle the contrast effect a little by walking along the eyebrows with a brush with concealer or highlighter.

Eye makeup

Before applying eyeshadow, a special base is applied on the eyelids, which prevents the pigment from shedding and rolling, giving the make-up brightness and durability. Shadows can have a matte or shimmer effect with sparkling microparticles. For daytime makeup, it is recommended to choose matte shades or shades with a slight glossy shine.

Tones with sparkling particles are more suitable for an evening make-up. Proper makeup is able to emphasize the natural beauty of the eyes, adjust their shape and visually hide flaws.

General recommendations:

  • Optimally selected tones are the main condition for creating a perfect make-up. Choosing a palette, one should be guided by criteria such as appearance, hair color, eyes, skin tone.
  • Shadows are applied to the eyelids, typing with a brush in a small amount, shaking a little, and then applying layer by layer. This will help achieve the desired shade of brightness. The direction of movement is from the inside of the corners to the temporal.
  • It is important to achieve a smooth transition between tones. Even when choosing contrasting colors, the transitions are carefully shaded.
  • To give the look openness, freshness, the lightest shades fill the area of the inner corner. A dark matte tone is applied from the outer corner, going slightly above the upper part of the eyelid and darkening the crease. Such a technique will add depth to the look.
    Makeup lessons for beginners. Instruction, walkthrough, video
    Makeup for beginners. Step by step explanation.

Shadows can be applied in a dry way – to create a daily make-up, or wet – for a brighter evening make-up.

Application Instructions:

  1. The lightest of the selected palette shades paint over the inner corner, as well as the area under the eyebrow.
  2. The average moving area of the eyelid is tinted in color.
  3. An accent dark tone is applied from the outside corner. With a brush, it is necessary to move smoothly from the middle of the eyelid, darkening the zone of the external angle as much as possible along the eyelash growth line.

Classic eye makeup includes 3 shades in one color palette. It is important to achieve a smooth transition effect, so all lines between shades are carefully shaded.

Applying blush

Makeup lessons for beginners learn to apply blush correctly. Incorrectly selected tone, texture or application technique not in accordance with the color type, face shape can highlight the flaws and create an unaesthetic blush, like a nesting doll.

Recommendations of professional makeup artists:

  • The hue should be in harmony with the color of the skin, creating a healthy glow.
  • The brown, orange, salmon palette is not used for daytime make-up, as they do not look like a natural blush.
  • The tool is applied with special brushes that allow you to evenly shade, create the necessary glare, emphasizing the line of the cheekbones.
  • For professional makeup use two shades of blush – dark and as close as possible to a natural tone.

Blush application algorithm:

  1. A dark shade with a tan effect is applied in the area of the cheekbone line, dropping 0’4 inch lower and in the diagonal direction from the ears to the nose.
    Makeup lessons for beginners. Instruction, walkthrough, video
  2. A natural shade of blush is applied parallel to a darker line, making a brush movement in the form of a comma.
  3. The borders between the blush are blurred in a circular motion with a clean brush.

For professional make-up, you can use the blush of dry, crumbly, creamy texture.

One of the most persistent and bright are considered blush tints. If cream blush is used, then they should be applied before the powder, as they are denser in texture.

Lip makeup

For beautiful lip make-up, you can follow simple recommendations:

  • use a pencil for correction, giving volume, and also so that the lipstick does not spread beyond the boundaries of the line;
  • the shade of the pencil should maximally repeat the tone of the lipstick, not standing out in contrast to its background;
    Makeup lessons for beginners. Instruction, walkthrough, video
  • the shade of the product should correspond to the color type of the appearance, the situation for which it is created, in harmony with the chosen style;
  • lipsticks of dark, bright tones can emphasize nasolabial
    folds, skin flaws, yellowish shade of teeth;
  • for a natural texture, a beautiful volume, the lipstick is applied with a brush, applying layer by layer, achieving a shade of the desired brightness.

Instructions for professional lip makeup:

  1. Before applying lipstick, moisturize your lips with a colorless balm, soaking off excess with a napkin.
  2. Treat the area around the lips with a light concealer to add bulk and adjust the contour.
  3. With a pencil, starting from the middle of the upper lip, indicate the contour, you can shade it a bit by stroking movements to the center of the lips.
  4. Outline the lower lip, starting from the middle and moving to the corners. To smooth the contour and paint over the corners, you need to smile.
  5. Brush the lipstick layer by layer. Excess can be removed by wetting the lips with a napkin.
    Makeup lessons for beginners. Instruction, walkthrough, video

To give a seductive swelling, to create a glossy effect and add volume to thin lips, you can apply a transparent gloss with a small shimmer on top of the lipstick in one layer.

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Means and methods of eyebrow shaping

Makeup lessons for beginners include not only the practical part, but also the basic theory. For the design of eyebrows, there are several types of products that are different in consistency, texture, application technique.

The main types of tools and design methods with their help are presented in the table:

Name of facility Popular brands Way of registration approximate cost
Pencil Maybelline, Make Up Studio, Loreal, LN Professional Draw the upper and lower border from the wide base, shade the entire area, highlighting the tail of the line, shade with a brush From $ 2,72.
Shadows (powder) Avon, Loreal, Maybelline, VOV Draw a few shadows on the brush, draw a contour with the beveled part, flat – fill the area inside the borders with color. To prevent shadows from crumbling, fix with a gel-fixer From $ 6,8.
Cream eyeliner gels Lancome, NYX, Cailyn, Chanel Water-resistant products are applied with an elastic beveled brush in stroking movements. Instantly require shading, as they quickly harden From $ 16.
Wax Milani, Lumene, NYX Available in the form of a pencil, can be transparent or pigmented. Applied with a flat dense brush or stroking with a pencil. Hair after combing up for a natural effect From $ 6,8.
Colored mascara L’Oreal, elf, Maybelline Used in conjunction with shadows or pencil. The hairs are dyed with a brush, giving shade and volume to the hairs, giving a neat appearance to the eyebrows and fixing the shape From $ 5,44.

To achieve a natural effect when applying eyebrows using any decorative means, make-up artists recommend using 2 shades. A line is painted with a lighter color at the wide base, and from the middle of the line, a darker color is drawn.

Makeup lessons for beginners. Instruction, walkthrough, video

After staining, always shade the shade with a brush, and to form a line and fill with color, use brushes with a natural dense pile.

Nose correction

Knowing the tricks of makeup and skillfully using decorative cosmetics, it is easy to correct the unsuccessful shape of the nose:

  • too wide wings can be reduced by darkening the area with a tonal tool 2 tones darker than the main one;
  • to correct a long nose, apply a dark shade of foundation or powder to its tip and wings, and a highlighter strip on the back;
  • to correct the “eagle” shape, the base of the nose in the interbrow zone can be highlighted in light color;
  • visually stretch the snub nose will help the light line with a highlighter in the middle with dimming of the wings and its convex part.

Day makeup for different eye shapes

The secret to a successful daily make-up is to choose the most natural calm shades.

To emphasize the advantages, adjusting the flaws, it is necessary to take into account the features of the original shape and arrangement of the eyes:

  • With impending centuries . Apply a gray-beige tint to the moving eyelid or any tone slightly darker than the natural color of the skin, darkening the overhanging area. Intense brown color emphasize the base of the ciliary line, tracing the color in the up direction. Shade the lines, apply mascara to the eyelashes.
    Makeup lessons for beginners. Instruction, walkthrough, video
  • For the Asian type. On the outer corners of the eyelid draw a tick “V”, shading the upper part along the fold, draw the lower eyelid. With light golden or beige color fill the movable eyelid, draw an arrow, blending the edge into the haze.
  • For round, bulging eyes. Apply matte shades of saturated brown on the eyelid, blend the borders, draw an arrow with a wide line.
  • With the corners down . Cover the upper eyelid with a mother-of-pearl light shade or highlighter, with brown shadows draw an arrow tending up to the temples, blend the borders. With an eyeliner, draw an arrow thickening towards the outer edge.

The listed makeup lessons with step-by-step instructions, tricks, and secrets of professionals for beginners will be the best tool in creating an impeccable make-up. The use of techniques using high-quality cosmetics, tools, brushes is the key to success in the art of make up.

Video tutorials makeup

Makeup for beginners:

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