Removal of age spots on the face with a laser, flash, liquid nitrogen, folk remedies

Removal of age spots on the body and on the face can be performed by a variety of methods. Before starting the fight against pigmentation, it is necessary to find out the cause of its appearance, starting from which a method of skin cleansing is selected.

Factors provoking the formation of age spots on the face

Due to external or internal negative effects, the skin on the face may become dry, oily, or may become stained. Depending on the cause that caused them, the spots can be of different shapes and colors.

Internal causes of the appearance of spots on the face:

  • avitaminosis. If there is a lack of vitamin B12 or A in the diet, then the skin will acquire a darker shade. The lack of vitamin E will not protect the skin from the sun;
  • impaired blood circulation;
  • malfunctioning of the liver;
  • disruption of the intestines can cause red spots on the face;
  • malfunctioning of the kidneys can provoke the appearance of spots of a tan color, most often localized on the cheeks;
  • diseases of the heart and blood vessels, as well as nervous disorders, stress;
  • age-related changes in skin color, often occurs after 40 years;
  • hormonal imbalance, malfunctioning of the thyroid gland (often found in pregnant women);
  • side effect of drug treatment;
  • hereditary predisposition.

If the provoking factor is internal malfunctions in the body, then to eliminate stains you need to get rid of the root cause. If this is an age-related change, then cosmetic procedures will help in the fight against spots.

Removal of age spots on the face with a laser, flash, liquid nitrogen, folk remedies

External factors provoking the appearance of spots:

  • an excess of ultraviolet rays. This is a visit to the solarium or a long stay in the bright sun. Especially bright spots are in spring;
  • skin rashes. They leave behind small scars and white spots;
  • allergic reaction. Cosmetics or food are often accompanied by a rash, after which traces may remain in the form of spots.

The appearance of spots due to external factors can be avoided if you properly care for the skin.

Depending on the cause of the appearance, the spots are divided by type:

  • The most common are freckles. This is how the skin reacts to exposure to sunlight. Most of them can be seen in the spring and at a young age. To combat, you can use a cream that protects against ultraviolet radiation.
  • During pregnancy or with hormonal imbalance (adolescence), spots called chloasma appear. This is where treatment is needed. Cosmetic procedures will give only a temporary result.
  • Birthmarks. This is a small benign formation on the skin (can be any shade). It can be removed with a laser or cryotherapy.
  • At the age (in young people or after 50 years), dark brown spots (occur due to exposure to ultraviolet rays) of lentigo are often found. You can get rid of them in a beauty salon, usually with peeling.
  • Due to a violation of the production of melanin on the face, there may be white spots, vitiligo, usually a genetic disease. To eliminate the defect, you can contact a beautician.

Old spots are removed much worse than recently appeared. Some types of spots are a benign tumor that can degenerate into a cancerous formation (after a month or tens of years).

Methods for removing age spots

Removing age spots on the face does not necessarily require cosmetic intervention. Sometimes this is a symptom of the disease, after its elimination the spots can disappear completely or become more pale.

Removal of age spots on the face with a laser, flash, liquid nitrogen, folk remedies

If such defects appear on the skin, it is recommended to go through several specialists:

  • therapist;
  • gastroenterologist;
  • endocrinologist;
  • gynecologist;
  • dermatologist.

If spots are not a symptom of a serious illness, then the following procedures may be recommended to combat them (after passing the necessary tests) :

  • Skin whitening.
  • The use of cosmetology devices.
  • Therapeutic brightening cosmetics.
  • Alternative methods of treatment.

Before the appointment of any of the procedures, a screening is carried out for contraindications.

Hardware cosmetology

This type of stain removal includes the use of special devices. Before the procedure, you need to visit a dermatologist and therapist to eliminate side effects. The hardware technique has contraindications. Depending on the depth of the spot, its age and the nature of the appearance, the most effective method will be selected.


Lightening spots is noticeable already from the first procedure. For several sessions, the stain can be completely clarified, sometimes one procedure is enough. After the session, new spots do not appear, the effect persists for a long time.

The main advantages of phototherapy:

  • Is safe. Since the tissue is not injured, it is impossible to get an infection from the outside. There are no scars or scars left. At the time of the procedure, a specialized gel is applied to the skin (reduces the likelihood of getting a skin injury), and glasses are put on the eyes.
  • It’s painless. During the procedure, a very slight burning sensation is felt, tingling is possible. Recovery proceeds without any signs.
  • Effective. Fights stains of any size, color and location. For this, light waves of different ranges are selected.
  • Quick recovery period: no more than 5 days. At this time, it is forbidden to use moisturizers and avoid being in the sun.

Removal of age spots on the face with a laser, flash, liquid nitrogen, folk remedies

All recommendations should be followed after phototherapy:

  • do not use makeup;
  • avoid ultraviolet radiation;
  • do not peel.

Stages of the procedure

External examination by a doctor:

  • spots are necessarily studied (in color, how deep the skin lesion);
  • examination of the skin for integrity;
  • the patient is checked for contraindications (herpes, high blood pressure, sensitivity to radiation).

After this, the number of procedures is assigned, and with which rays the spots will be processed:

  1. The face is cleaned of impurities, then a gel with anesthetic and cooling effect is applied to the areas. Be sure to use glasses.
  2. With the help of the apparatus, spots are exposed to light rays that destroy melanin to the desired depth. The procedure takes no more than 30 minutes. After it, the treated areas begin to peel off. New skin is getting lighter.
  3. In conclusion, a therapeutic composition is applied to the skin (depending on the depth of treatment and skin type). It relieves redness and moisturizes the skin.

Phototherapy should be carried out by a specialist, otherwise it can harm the skin, so that recovery will be impossible. If there are contraindications, then you can choose another method of getting rid of stains.

Laser removal of age spots

Laser removal of age spots on the face is used if the depth of the spots is large. The method is painful and long. The course of treatment can reach 6 months (8-10 procedures with a break of
3 weeks).

Laser stain removal is not recommended:

  • in the summer;
  • children under 18 years old;
  • with cancer;
  • skin diseases.

Removal of age spots on the face with a laser, flash, liquid nitrogen, folk remedies

After the procedures, lightening of skin areas, rejuvenation and increased elasticity of the skin are noted. Laser removal is carried out by a special device (there are several of them and each is selected according to the type of skin and the nature of the spot). After choosing the device, the course of treatment and the characteristic of the beam are selected.

During the procedure (duration no more than 30 minutes), a darkened area of the skin is removed. After the procedure, small scars may remain, temporary redness and swelling is noted. The treated area begins to peel off, exfoliate, and in place of the spot, lighter skin appears.

After the laser procedure is prohibited:

  • carry out additional peeling;
  • It is long under the sun;
  • visiting the baths, saunas is prohibited for up to 2 months.

The treated area is very itchy, it can not be touched. For the treatment period, the cosmetics are completely removed, only the one prescribed by the cosmetologist is used.

Dry skin cleaning

Dry cleaning helps to get rid of all kinds of stains by exposure to a chemical reagent. It removes acne, rejuvenates the skin and fights facial wrinkles. The effect is noted from the first procedures.

Depending on the type of stain, the cosmetologist can prescribe:

  • surface cleaning. It can be carried out both in the salon and at home. Mild reagents (lactic or malic acid) are used, which clean the surface of the skin from impurities and lighten shallow spots. By accelerating blood supply, blood circulation improves, this helps rejuvenate the skin. There are no side effects, there is no recovery process;
  • medium cleaning. Only a beautician can carry out. For the procedure, stronger reagents (trichloroacetic or salicylic acid) are used. They penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. Pigmentation spots lighten, blood supply improves, wrinkles decrease. There may be side effects;
  • deep cleaning. It is carried out only by professionals. To remove the stain, phenol is used, which penetrates deep under the skin. Stains are removed for 1 procedure. It is painful carried out under general anesthesia. The recovery course is long (up to 6 months).

The cosmetologist can offer dry cleaning from the age of 18. The danger of the procedure is the side effects (edema of the treated area, itching, dry skin) that are observed in 8 out of 10 patients. Preparation for dry cleaning is necessary, for this, a cream containing acids.

The next stage, the cleaning itself. The skin is cleaned and a mask with acid is applied, the exposure time varies from 3 to 20 minutes. At the end of the procedure, a cream is applied. After dry cleaning, it is forbidden: to be in the sun for a long time, go to saunas and remove peeling on the skin yourself (it must fall off by itself, otherwise scars will remain). Creams may be prescribed to accelerate skin regeneration.


Cryotherapy can be used to remove superficial age spots on the face. Liquid nitrogen is involved in the procedure, it freezes the problem area of the skin. A contraindication is the presence of an allergy to nitrogen. It is not recommended to carry it out in the summer.

Removal of age spots on the face with a laser, flash, liquid nitrogen, folk remedies

If the spot is small and shallow, then a light massage of the applicator is enough, at the end of which is cotton wool with liquid nitrogen. The duration of the procedure is up to 20 minutes. If it is necessary to remove the protruding mole, the applicator lingers on it with a little pressure.

During the procedure, there is a slight burning sensation (if it is unbearable, then the procedure is not suitable). During cryotherapy, the skin is frozen and vasoconstriction occurs. Then they expand, blood flow increases, which improves the condition of the skin.

After cryotherapy, slight redness and swelling are noted, this disappears in a day. It is recommended to use a cream (prescribed by a cosmetologist) to reduce peeling of the skin. The course of treatment is 45 days (once every 3 days). Their number depends on the type of spot.

Cryotherapy has contraindications:

  • cancerous diseases;
  • herpes disease;
  • problems with heart;
  • headaches;
  • damage to the skin;
  • colds;
  • allergic reaction to cold.

Cryotherapy is more suitable for removing freckles and lightening the skin, wrinkles. Although it can be a great addition to other procedures to enhance the effect.


It is administered by injection into the desired area of the skin. The composition of the drug depends on the purpose of mesotherapy (stain removal or improvement of skin condition). Once under the skin, the medicine discolors the spots. Elimination of the defect can be achieved after 4 procedures. To consolidate the result, a repeat is possible after 6 months.

Removal of age spots on the face with a laser, flash, liquid nitrogen, folk remedies

There is a large list of contraindications, including:

  • heart diseases;
  • laser peeling;
  • poor blood coagulation.

Therefore, the beautician must fully check whether this procedure is allowed. The danger and benefit of mesotherapy is that the medicine is injected under the skin to the focus of the problem. Bruises, redness of the skin may remain from the injections, infection from the outside is possible (which is why the procedure is dangerous).

After mesotherapy, you can not:

  • use decorative cosmetics;
  • attend saunas / baths;
  • Avoid exposure to the sun.

If side effects occur, immediately consult a specialist.

Cosmetic whitening products: names, instructions

Before choosing a cosmetic product, you need to decide which direction you need: protection from sunlight or a therapeutic whitening effect. Also get acquainted with the composition of the drug for the presence of intolerable components, and for what type of skin the cream is intended. Before use, be sure to clean the skin, check for an allergic reaction.

Removal of age spots on the face with a laser, flash, liquid nitrogen, folk remedies

Popular drugs:

Title Appointment How to use Price (in usd) Notes
Ointment Achromin Protects against ultraviolet radi
ation, fights age-related pigmentation
Suitable for any age, for daily use. Apply to clean skin. 150 No side effects, suitable for pregnant women
Neoton cream Protects from ultraviolet radiation, eliminates pigmentation Apply to clean, dry skin, wait until completely absorbed, no age restrictions 2000 Rejuvenates the skin
Bark against freckles and age spots, cream Removes stains and rejuvenates the skin No age limit, apply to clean skin in the evening 500 Quick effect
Clearwin Cream Eliminates pigmentation and prevents new spots from appearing, protects from UV rays, restores skin, fights bacteria Use daily on scrubbed skin, the effect is achieved after 2 months of use 100 Wide range of uses
Amanita cream Removes pigmentation and prevents the appearance of new Not suitable for summer, applied to clean skin, wait until completely absorbed 200 Suitable for all skin types
Clinics Whitening Serum Fights pigmentation, evens out skin tone Use on cleansed skin 2500 Helps Exfoliate Skin
Nivea whitening cream Protects from UV rays, whitens the skin, fights pigmentation Use before going out 1200 Effective remedy

Creams can be both whitening, and with protection from sunlight. It is recommended to buy in specialized stores or beauty salons.

How to whiten facial skin at home

Removal of age spots on the face can be done at home. The main thing is to choose the right brightener. It can be: medical creams and scrubs, as well as decoctions and homemade lotions. When choosing a product, you need to know the type of skin, its condition and evaluate (you can in the beauty salon or at the beautician) the depth of the spots.

All procedures are carried out in the evening. Since after using the product, exposure to sunlight is not desirable, and reddening of the treated area is also possible. Therefore, access to is not recommended. Cleanser is applied to clean, dry skin.

Removal of age spots on the face with a laser, flash, liquid nitrogen, folk remedies
The figure lists folk methods for removing age spots on the face.

Before using some drugs, deep scrubbing is performed.

Sometimes it is recommended to combine several products at once: lotion for cleansing, scrub, cream, all from one series, for the best result. Purifications are carried out in courses. Light whitening products (cucumber or honey masks) can be used daily. Lotions with stronger components (lemon juice, berries) are allowed to be used every other day or 2 times a week.

Whitening creams and scrubs no more than once every 10 days. After the procedures carried out at home, standard conditions are observed: refrain from sunlight or use sunscreen, you can wear a hat with wide brim. Refrain from visiting baths and saunas on the first day.


The procedure allows you to even out complexion. Under the influence of peeling, the destruction of old, dead cells occurs and the growth of new ones is activated. After the procedure, melanin, which is responsible for skin color and pigmentation, is distributed evenly over the surface of the skin. Peeling varies by type and depth of cleaning.

Types of peeling:

  • acid;
  • mechanical;
  • wave.

Three types of cleaning can be done in the treatment procedure (surface, medium or deep cleaning).

Removal of age spots on the face with a laser, flash, liquid nitrogen, folk remedies

  1. With acid peeling, the skin lightening procedure occurs through the use of acid (salicylic or glycolic). It removes not only pigmentation, but also heals the skin as a whole. It is recommended to spend in autumn.
  2. With mechanical peeling, bleaching of spots occurs due to the removal of the damaged layer of the skin by mechanical treatment (using scrubs, salt rubbing the skin, and so on). There are no side effects during the procedure. No hard recovery period is required.
  3. With wave peeling , waves are used to brighten spots. The procedures are painless and safe. With their help, you can even remove deep spots. During the recovery period, you must follow the instructions of the cosmetologist.

If cleaning will be done at home, it is not recommended to choose the method of removing stains on the face yourself. Be sure to visit a beautician or dermatologist. He will determine the depth of the spots, the integrity of the skin and select the right course and dosage of drugs.

At home, surface peeling is allowed, it will help even out skin color, and is safe. There were few side effects. Below will be considered peels at home gained popularity.

Lemon juice

You can lighten complex pigment spots with lemon juice. It interferes with the production of melanin due to ascorbic acid, which is part of the composition. Lemon also enriches the skin with useful substances, rejuvenates and evens out the relief. For the procedure, you can use just lemon juice, and in a complex form.

Recipes for using lemon to brighten spots:

  • Lemon without additional ingredients. Freshly squeezed lemon juice is used, which is applied to the skin with a swab. It can be used only for oily skin, as the lemon dries very much.
  • Lemon juice and honey in equal proportions. Suitable for all skin types. Not only spots are brightened, but also deep skin nourishment.
  • Lemon and berry juice (raspberries, strawberries, currants). The ingredients are mixed in equal proportions, the berries enhance the brightening effect of the lemon, further nourishing the skin. Suitable for normal to oily
  • Lemon juice and sugar. Mix lemon juice and sugar so that the sugar is saturated with the juice, but not dissolved. The prepared mixture should be used immediately as a scrub. Well relieves skin from spots and restores its tone. Use no more than 1 time per week.

Before using lemon juice, you need to check your skin for allergies. Be sure to ensure that there is no damage to the skin. It is recommended to use the juice in diluted form and just cooked. It cannot be used to eliminate pigmentation around the eyes.

Lemon juice (or mixtures with it) are applied to clean skin. Keep no more than 15 minutes. For washing, water with soda is used to remove residual acid from the skin. After procedures using lemon juice, it is recommended to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation and apply a greasy cream, as lemon dries the skin very much.

Parsley juice

Removing age spots on the face is possible with parsley. It relieves pigmentation, fights aging, relieves swelling. Parsley is absolutely harmless. Different methods of preparing plants have different properties.

Removal of age spots on the face with a laser, flash, liquid nitrogen, folk remedies

Recipes for the preparation of parsley:

  • Decoction. It will take 50 g chopped parsley (fresh or dried) and 0,1 gallon of water. If fresh parsley is taken, then it must be poured with cold water and cook no more than 5 minutes. Insist until the broth cools down and filter. Use to wipe face. If dry parsley is taken, then it must be poured with boiling water. Helps lighten pigmentation.
  • The broth described above can be frozen and a face wiped with it. It tones and brightens the skin. You can freeze not a decoction, but the juice of a plant. To do this, parsley needs to be crushed and squeezed juice.
  • Mask based on parsley. Raw yolk, 30 g chopped parsley and 0,68 fluid ounce of olive oil. Everything is thoroughly mixed. Hold the mask for up to 15 minutes.
  • A mask with parsley and sour cream will not only lighten the spots, but also moisturize the skin and remove peeling. For cooking, sour cream and chopped parsley leaves (in equal proportions) are taken. The ingredients are mixed, immediately applied to the face, stand for up to 15 minutes.
  • Parsley with honey can lighten even dark pigmentation spots. The result can be seen after 3 days. The course lasts up to 2 weeks. For cooking, you need to mix 30 g of honey and chopped parsley. Stand for up to 40 minutes.

Before use, a skin sensitivity test is mandatory. After using parsley, the mixture and mask should be washed off only with warm water. Protect your skin from the sun.

Other recipes for folk remedies

Folk recipes are considered safe. Before using them, you need to visit a dermatologist. He will select the appropriate composition, give general recommendations, evaluate the condition of the skin. Be sure to use cooked products regularly. After each procedure, use moisturizers.

Removal of age spots on the face with a laser, flash, liquid nitrogen, folk remedies

6 useful recipes:

  • Potato starch and lemon juice are taken in such proportions that, when mixed, a homogeneous creamy mass is obtained. Leave the mask on the face for 25 minutes and rinse with water. It helps to lighten pigmentation.
  • Beat egg white with 5 g of salt and add 10 g of white clay. Mix to a homogeneous consistency. The mask can be applied several times a day. You can keep the product on the skin for up to 15 minutes.
  • Mask of horseradish and lemon. May irritate the skin; do not hold it on the face for more than 10 minutes and apply to the skin near the eyes. Mix 1 horseradish root (grated) and juice from half a lemon.
  • A mask of cottage cheese (200 g), 0,34 fluid ounce of ammonia and 10 drops of hydrogen peroxide. Everything is mixed and applied to the stains for 10 minutes. Rinse off with water.
  • Fresh cucumber, chopped on a grater, is applied to the face, after 30 minutes it is removed with cotton wool. The procedure can be performed up to 3 times a week, duration up to 15 procedures. A break of at least a month. It brightens pigmentation and evens out skin color.
  • You can wash your face before bedtime not with water, but with a mixture of milk and vodka in the proportions 3: 1. It can be used for a long time.

The listed recipes help get rid of spots and pigmentation. If the skin is deeply damaged, then treatment in a beauty salon or dermatologist is necessary. Perhaps a combination of traditional medicine and therapeutic creams.

Prevention of skin hyperpigmentation

If the skin is prone to pigmentation, then it is necessary to find out the cause from a dermatologist. Then begin treatment in salons, using creams or folk methods. Do not forget to use products that protect against UV rays; in sunny weather in summer, wear hats with wide brim.

Removal of age spots on the face with a laser, flash, liquid nitrogen, folk remedies

Trying not to be in the sun at a time when it is active (from 12-15 hours). Do not use the services of a solarium. You may need to change your diet and drink vitamins that regulate metabolism. To reduce stains, it is recommended to wipe your face daily with frozen juice of parsley or cucumber.

To remove age spots, you can use the services of salons or lighten the skin at home. Be sure to check for contraindications and follow all instructions given after the procedure in the cabin. Prevention should be carried out, then spots on the face will no longer spoil the appearance.

Author: Kotlyachkova Svetlana

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