Eveline (Evelyn) 8 in 1 Healthy nails. Instructions for use of varnish, price, analogues, reviews

Healthy and neat nails are a sign of well-groomed person. Therefore, it is very important to have the right care products, which will not only aesthetically cover with pigment, but also strengthen the nail plates, helping to increase the length. Evelyn 8 in 1 Healthy nails are a common remedy for solving 8 problems at once. Judging by the reviews, it copes with the task.

Indications for use

Nail plates are constantly exposed to many negative influences. Whether it’s applying gel polish, building up, or even just washing dishes in hot water. All this leads to delamination, brittleness, vulnerability of nails. Because of this, many girls can’t grow the desired length, apply a designer manicure and even are shy of their hands.

For weak nails, careful, systematic care is needed. Especially after a decorative manicure, with the application of shellac, because in the process of preparing for painting, the upper layer of the nail is cut off.

In addition, nails can exfoliate with hormonal imbalances. Vertical grooves may appear on them, which indicates a water-salt imbalance. It is in such cases, Evelyn 8 in 1 comes to the rescue.

Eveline (Evelyn) 8 in 1 Healthy nails. Instructions for use of varnish, price, analogues, reviews

The tool promises to help those consumers whose nails are characterized as:

Symptoms Act
Weakened Strengthens
Dim Brings a brilliant shine
Thin Thickens
Fragile Moisturizes
Stratified Glues nail flakes
Soft Nourishes
Matte Whitens
Uneven Stimulates healthy nail growth

In addition to treatment, many girls use the drug to stimulate nail growth.


The Swiss formula, called “Strong nail”, helps restore water balance in the nail plates, starts the process of regeneration and growth of nails.

The coating reliably protects them from aggressive external factors, giving a natural, but at the same time well-groomed appearance:

  1. Butul acetate (butyl acetate) – it acts as a solvent.
  2. Ethyl acetate (ethyl acetate) – degreases the drug.
  3. Phthalic anhydride is a polymer, thanks to which the product dries instantly, leaving behind a glossy film.
  4. Glicols Copolimer prevents the components of the varnish from moving and seals moisture in the nails.
  5. Acetyl Tributyl Citrate is a nail strengthening substance.
  6. Fumaric Acid – a substance with an antibacterial effect.
  7. Diamond powder – reliably strengthens, gives a diamond shine, and also provides uniform coverage.
  8. Phthalic Acid – used as a preservative, and increases the shelf life. This is formaldehyde, which also has a strong, firming effect on the nails.
  9. Formaldehyde itself is a toxic substance that is listed as a carcinogen. In the means of Evelyn 8 in 1, its mass fraction exceeds the permissible 0.2%, therefore its safety is called into question.

Eveline (Evelyn) 8 in 1 Healthy nails. Instructions for use of varnish, price, analogues, reviews

Many are afraid to use this remedy, precisely because of this substance, which in fact is the only negative.

Evelyn 8 in 1 Healthy nails, reviews of which were divided into two fronts, no matter what, is at the peak of popularity among girls. Some recommend it to relatives as a proven tool for fast nail growth, while others warn against buying, citing harm from formaldehyde. In any case, it is possible to judge its effectiveness only after application.


The drug is packaged in a cardboard box, there is an insert with detailed information about the use and contraindications:

  1. Before using the insert, it is advisable to read it carefully.
  2. First of all, the varnish is designed to glue exfoliated nails. This is due to polymers filling the cracks on the surface of the nail plate.
  3. The nail itself is covered with a film that removes the yellowness, and whitens the overgrown edge of the nail. Even without decorative varnish, it looks like a “French manicure”.
    Eveline (Evelyn) 8 in 1 Healthy nails. Instructions for use of varnish, price, analogues, reviews
  4. In addition, in case of deformation of the nails, after rough processing or injury, the tool helps to align the plate and grow a healthy nail where necessary.
  5. Nail hardness is achieved through formaldehyde. Although the substance is not safe, but in such a small amount and according to the diagram indicated on the insert, it acts as the manufacturer promises. Nails become harder, do not break so easily, without harm to the body.
  6. The composition contains an antibacterial substance that helps to avoid infection of the nails during use.
  7. The healing varnish itself has a delicate, white, translucent shade. In two or more layers, it looks very beautiful and natural.
  8. It dries quickly. Especially the first layer. It is practically absorbed into the nail, strengthening it after the first application.
  9. Decorative varnish adheres very well to it. The manufacturer recommends and use it as a base for manicure, which many do very successfully.
  10. Holds on the nails for quite some time. Almost does not chip, it is gradually erased, and due to the natural shade it is very inconspicuous. For those who do not have time to carry out full-time care on time, this is a great alternative.
  11. The downside is the smell. He is harsh and unpleasant.
Eveline (Evelyn) 8 in1 Healthy nails. Instructions for use of varnish, price, analogues, reviews
Eveline (Evelyn) 8 in 1 Healthy nails have an unpleasant odor.

The product is highly flammable, therefore, it is undesirable to leave it near open sources of heat and in direct sunlight.


Evelyn 8 in 1 Healthy nails (reviews are encouraged to use according to an individual scheme, and not only recommended by the manufacturer) is often used in a more gentle way, once a week in two layers. The manufacturer admits that there may be side effects, so you need to adjust the application technique to your own body.

First of all, it is necessary to conduct a test for allergic reactions to the components. It is necessary to apply the product on the nails on one hand and monitor them for 2-3 days. In case of negative consequences, such as itching, a feeling of warmth in the nail bed, burning or pain under the nail, discoloration or the appearance of fluid, treatment should be discontinued and the product should be washed off immediately.

Eveline (Evelyn) 8 in 1 Healthy nails. Instructions for use of varnish, price, analogues, reviews

In most cases, the remedy does not cause any discomfort, and then a course of treatment can be carried out.

Application Scheme

On the first day of treatment, the varnish is applied in one coat. In the next 2 days, two more layers are layered, one per day. For 4 times, the drug is completely washed off with a nail polish remover, and the process starts anew.

The course of treatment is 12 days, that is, it is enough to conduct a 4-day cycle 3 times, and then the remedy can be used as a basis for strengthening and growth.

Evelyn 8 in 1 Healthy nails in the girl’s reviews, describing their experience with the application, are often applied in 2 layers, and this is enough for more than 10 days. In this way, they minimize risks while maximizing the benefits.

Side effects

Like most medicines, Evelyn 8 in 1 also has side effects:

  1. Pain under the nail plate – appears in case of deformed, as a result of injury or after removal of acrylic nails. In this case, you should avoid applying the drug to damaged nails for a couple of weeks. It is better to treat the nails with oils and baths, and after that, grow healthy nails with the help of Evelyn 8 in 1;
    Eveline (Evelyn) 8 in 1 Healthy nails. Instructions for use of varnish, price, analogues, reviews
  2. Burning and itching under the nail and around – the result of an allergy to the components of the drug. In this case, you should avoid applying the product to the skin and cuticle. To do this, it is advisable to grease them with a fat cream or oil;
  3. Yellowing and flaking of the nail plate are signs of rejection of the drug, in this case it is necessary to wash off the product, and stop treatment.

In most cases, as proved by dermatological tests, these unpleasant consequences do not occur, and the girls do not part with the product for several years.

Combination with other means

The tool can be used as a base for a regular, colored nail polish. Thus, the product lasts much longer. It must be applied once on clean nails, and when everything is dry, cover them with any color.

The varnish can be used as a “top”, because it leaves a glossy film, which, in addition to the aesthetic effect, also strengthens.

Do not use gel base instead of base. For this type of manicure, special gel bases should be used.

Terms and conditions of storage

The shelf life of the drug is 2 years from the date of production, and 12 months from the moment of opening. During this time, the product is guaranteed not to thicken or lose its properties.

Eveline (Evelyn) 8 in 1 Healthy nails. Instructions for use of varnish, price, analogues, reviews

It is necessary to store in a place inaccessible to children, avoiding direct sunlight and placing near open heat sources.


In case of an allergy to Evelyn 8 in 1 Healthy nails, reviews recommend replacing it with the following drugs:

  1. “Smart Enamel” – compared to Evelyn 8 in 1, it is slightly weaker and often causes unwanted yellowness.
  2. CND RescueRXx Keratin Nail Mask is a nourishing mask with jojoba oil and keratin, which is suitable for the most sensitive. With the systematic rubbing of the mask into the nail, it strengthens and nourishes it. The disadvantages of this drug can be called a high price and a long course of treatment, at least a month.
  3. Famous Names from IBX – a tool for quick regeneration of nails, helps get rid of brittleness and white spots. It also glues the flakes of the nail, saving from delamination. The disadvantages of wonderful varnish are the high price and limited sales area.
    Eveline (Evelyn) 8 in 1 Healthy nails. Instructions for use of varnish, price, analogues, reviews
  4. Horsepower “Mega Strengthener for Nails” – a drug saturated with vitamins A and B5, helps to nourish and repair damaged nails. The downside is the inaccessibility in free sale, so it is difficult to find the original tool.
  5. ORLY Calcium Shield Lacquer – a means of delivering calcium directly to the nail. The tool will help those who have brittle nails – this is the result of a lack of calcium in the body.
  6. Masura Nl Mineral Paste is a Japanese manicure preparation that can help glue the flakes of nails and give them shine.

There are really many analogs, since the demand is great, and manufacturers are trying all the time to improve their product, in order to attract customers and their positive feedback. So the Eveline brand itself has released several versions of this product: for sensitive nails, with gold and silver.

Despite this, Evelyn 8 in 1 Healthy Nails still leads the market, as it is characterized by an ideal price-quality ratio, as well as quick action in 8 directions.

Eveline 8 in 1 Product Video

Using Eveline 8 in 1 Healthy Nails Products:

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