Squats with a barbell on your shoulders. Technique, benefits, which muscles work

Squats for women with a barbell on their shoulders is one of the controversial exercises. Specialists can not come to the same opinion that they bring more to the female body – harm or benefit. It all depends on the execution technique, the number of repetitions. If you approach the preparation of training responsibly, given the individual characteristics of the girl, they will be effective.

What muscles are involved during squats with a barbell

You need to understand what muscle groups are involved during its execution. Thanks to this, a person will be able to pay attention to their work, which is important for the effectiveness of the training.

Body parts Muscle groups
Shoulders The shoulders are the support, so the muscle groups of the upper shoulder girdle do not pump.
Legs Quadriceps, thigh biceps, buttocks, adductor thigh muscles, soleus muscles. Muscle stabilizers work: calves, muscles of the abdominal cavity and lower back.

Squats with a barbell on your shoulders. Technique, benefits, which muscles work

Despite the fact that squats with weighting are aimed at working out the legs, tasks for strengthening the shoulders should be included in the complex of exercises. This will allow you to keep a lot of weight in training.

How useful is barbell squatting for girls

Most women worry that heavy squats will get their legs strong. The muscles will be embossed, which may not look aesthetically pleasing. But in the female body, the hormone estradiaol dominates. And for the active growth of muscle mass testosterone is responsible.

Therefore, squats with weighting for girls are more useful than harm, if you follow all the recommendations for their implementation:

  • during classes, the main emphasis is on the study of the legs and lower back. Muscle tone increases. In order for the load on the muscles to be distributed evenly, various types of squats with a barbell on the shoulders alternate;
  • a beneficial effect on posture: while performing exercises, the back is held in a straight position;
  • in addition to the main groups, stabilizer muscles are involved, performance indicators are improved during the execution of other exercises;
  • You can focus on burning excess calories or on strengthening muscles by choosing the right weight and number of repetitions.

During squats with a barbell on the shoulders a large amount of energy is spent, and if a girl follows a diet, this becomes an effective exercise that promotes weight loss.

Cons Exercise For Women

Squats with a barbell have disadvantages that need to be considered, especially for beginners:

  • with improper load distribution, an increase in quadriceps, and not buttocks. Therefore, you need to do deep squats with your legs wide apart. Performing the exercise, you need to focus on the work of the target muscle;
  • if there is excess body fat in the abdomen and waist, then the waist may increase in volume. This is due to the fact that the muscles of the abdominal cavity are involved and large weights are used.

Squats with a barbell on your shoulders. Technique, benefits, which muscles work

Squats with a barbell on the shoulders is an effective exercise, if the technique of their implementation is followed. An important point is the concentration on the involved muscles, allowing you to control their work.

Contraindications to squats with a barbell

This exercise has a number of contraindications, because of which it is better not to include it in the complex or approach it with caution.


  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • problems with the spine and joints;
  • injuries
  • carrying out abdominal operations;
  • acute diseases.

Before starting classes, it is better to seek the advice of a specialist who will give recommendations for training based on the characteristics of health.

Squat Technique

Beginners believe that this exercise is simple. But due to improper execution technique, squats are ineffective. Sometimes, due to the superficial approach to training, you can get injured. Begin to do a squat with muscle training.

  • Be sure to warm up – this will warm the muscles and joints, which will avoid injuries.

Squats with a barbell on your shoulders. Technique, benefits, which muscles work

  • The barbell bar can only be taken from the rack. Best of all, if it is at a height of 3’1 – 3’9 inch below the level of the shoulders, so that it is more convenient to do a squat under it and lift it.
  • You can take the bar with any grip.
  • The bar should be on the strained trapezius muscles, and not strain the neck and deltoid muscles.

In addition to taking the bar correctly, the body must be in the correct position so that the necessary muscle groups are worked out evenly and the risk of injury is eliminated.

For instance:

  1. IP – flat back, small deflection in the lower back. You can not lean forward – you can slightly bend the chest. The blades should be brought together – it will be more convenient to hold the bar.
  2. The load distribution depends on the setting of the legs. The narrower, the more quadriceps will be worked out, and more widely – gluteal muscles.
  3. Feet slightly turned outward so that the position is stable.
  4. Keep your head straight, your eyes fixed on the front.

After the correct position of the body is taken and the barbell is taken, they begin to perform the squat:

  1. At the same time, the knees are bent and the pelvis is brought back.
  2. Do a squat until a right angle is obtained between the calves and the thigh (the thigh is parallel to the floor). If the main goal is the maximum study of the buttocks, you need to squat as deep as possible.
  3. The movement is done on inhalation, and rise on exhalation. You need to straighten up quickly, without stopping at the bottom point. During the squat, all muscles should be tensed as much as possible, and the breath should be deep.
  4. Reliance falls on the heels. It is they who have the greatest load.

Squats with a barbell on your shoulders. Technique, benefits, which muscles work

It is important not only to squat correctly, but also to straighten up.

If you do it wrong, you can injure your legs or spine:

  1. You need to get up, pushing your feet off the floor.
  2. Take a step forward and put the bar on a rack.

Having mastered the basic technique for performing this exercise, you can try its various variations. But for those who are just starting training, it is bett
er to carry it out under the guidance of a trainer, so that he controls the technique, and the process of squats with weighting is safe. Begin to train with a small weight or an empty bar.

Unlike the male squat, the female has a greater focus on burning excess body fat.

But this exercise relates to power. Improper weighting is one of the common mistakes that affects the effectiveness of an exercise. You can do strength training on the legs once a week, because in girls they develop better than the torso.

But if muscle mass builds up too quickly, you need to increase the interval between workouts up to 1 time in 2 weeks. Then the figure will not be disproportionate, and the legs will become slimmer and taut.

Types of exercises and techniques for their implementation

Squats with a barbell on the shoulders have different variations. They differ in the width of the legs, the angle and depth of the squat, which allows you to have different effects on the muscles. You need to start training with the development of classical techniques, and then move on to other types of exercises.

Sumo Squats

They are aimed at pumping the inner thigh.

Squats with a barbell on your shoulders. Technique, benefits, which muscles work
Squats with a barbell on the shoulders enhances the good result of the figure.

Performing it, girls can tighten their buttocks, make their legs thinner:

  1. IP – the back is straight with a slight deflection in the lower back. The legs are set wide, the socks look to the sides. Vulture lies on the muscles of the back.
  2. On inhalation, you need to squat until the hips are parallel to the floor. The knees are not brought down and do not go beyond the socks. The pelvis is taken as far back as possible (as far as flexibility allows).
  3. On exhalation, they slowly straighten.

If you squat below a parallel line, your buttocks will be worked out more. But this is a big burden on the knees, so they do not advise doing this. Shins must be parallel to the feet, otherwise there is a risk of injury to the knees. Sumo squats are advised to start with less weight than the standard version or with an empty bar.

Front squats

This exercise is distinguished by the position of the neck:

  1. IP – a flat back with a deflection in the lumbar. The width of the legs depends on which groups the girl wants to work out more – quadriceps or buttocks.
  2. The barbell is placed on the chest, held with a hook-shaped grip – the forearms are parallel to each other, the barbell is on the shoulders. Or cross their arms.
  3. Squat is done while inhaling – while exhaling slowly, they straighten up.

As a result, quadriceps get a big load. In contrast, from standard squats with a barbell, the lumbar section is additionally worked out. The calf and gluteal muscles and stabilizers are involved. You need to start doing it with a small weight or an empty bar.

Narrow Squats

This exercise is rarely included in a set of training, although it works equally well with quadriceps.

Squats with a barbell on your shoulders. Technique, benefits, which muscles work

As a result, these muscles will increase in volume, and the legs will become slimmer:

  1. The vulture is taken with a wide grip, placed on the shoulder blades. Legs set a little narrower than shoulder width. The feet are slightly deployed to the sides. The abdominal muscles are strained, the back is straight.
  2. Taking a breath, you need to slowly squat, bending the knee joints, until there is no angle of 90 ° between the hips and calves.
  3. On the exhale, they straighten, transferring weight to the heels.

Squats with a barbell on the shoulders with a narrow setting of the legs are aimed at pumping the quadriceps, so during their implementation it is necessary to focus on the work of these particular muscles. Knees should not extend beyond the line of socks, otherwise it may cause injury.

Lunge Squats

They belong to an increased level of complexity, so you do not need to immediately add them to the complex. Most of the load comes from the quadriceps and buttocks. In addition, the leading-abducting muscles, the spine are involved. Lunge squats improve coordination.

It is also very effective for tightening all the muscles of the legs, as a result of which they become slimmer:

  1. The vulture is placed on the shoulders.
  2. Moving away from the racks, you need to step forward with your right foot. Flexion of the thigh muscles occurs.
  3. The body is held straight, begin to squat on inhalation. Squatting between the hip and knee should result in a right angle.
  4. On exhalation they return to I.p. Then they repeat the same thing with the other leg.

Squats with a barbell on the shoulders in the lunges additionally “unload” the spine – the main difference between this variety and the standard version. Do not step too wide or narrow.

Squats with a barbell on your shoulders. Technique, benefits, which muscles work

Its width varies depending on which muscle groups the work is directed to. The knee should not touch the floor and be sure to keep the back straight. Lunges not only effectively pump muscles, but also improve coordination.

Hackenschmidt Squats

Many believe that only men can do hack squats. But practice proves that girls can include them in their workouts.

In addition to pumping the muscles of the lower body, this exercise is recommended for people with problems of the musculoskeletal system:

  1. The legs are set wide. The feet are placed parallel to each other. If you need to carefully work out the inner surface of the thigh – socks are slightly deployed to the sides. And for working out the outside – heels are bred to the sides. The barbell is parallel to the back of the legs.
  2. Bending the knees slightly, the bar is taken with a direct grip.
  3. Without making sudden movements, they rise with a flat back, holding the barbell.
  4. During the squat, the hips should be parallel to the floor.
  5. Having transferred the weight to the heels, they rise in I.p.

Knees should not be beyond the line of socks – this will allow them not to get extra load. Mandatory weight transfer to the heels, otherwise you can injure the spine. Hack barbell squats are an effective exercise that burns excess body fat.

Common mistakes

Squats are not the most difficult exercise, but the barbell on the shoulders makes them more energy intensive and efficient. But if you do not observe all the subtleties of the technique of their implementation, they can be not only less effective, but even harmful. Wrong muscle groups will be involved, uncomfortable sensations and injuries may occur.

Incorrect range of motion

If the squat is not deep enough, there will be no res
ult. For the desired effect, it is necessary to lower until the hips are parallel to the floor. Not everyone succeeds in doing this immediately due to insufficient stretching. Therefore, it is necessary to stretch after classes, paying special attention to the quadriceps and adductors of the thigh.

Rounding the back while lifting

This is the most common mistake when working with large weights.

Squats with a barbell on your shoulders. Technique, benefits, which muscles work

If the back muscles are not strong enough to hold it straight, it is worth taking less weight, add exercises to train the extensors of the spine.

Lumbosacral movement

Some athletes, to facilitate lifting, “connect” the tailbone to work. But you can’t do this – it can lead to injury. Therefore, it is worth choosing the right weight and depth of the squat.

Knee movement

When doing squats, knees should not be in front of the feet. You can not tuck your knees inward, otherwise this movement can injure the meniscus.

Incorrect stop position

Depth of the squat depends on their position. To make it deep, they should be deployed a little and put a little wider than the shoulders. Thanks to this, the girl will be able to sink to the lowest possible point, without loading the knee joint.

Incorrect breathing technique

The main rule: you should always exhale on an effort. If you do not follow the breathing technique, the muscles will not receive enough oxygen, which can affect the overall well-being and quality of the session.

Alternative to squats with a barbell for a girl

If there are contraindications or the girl because of her beliefs does not want to include such squats in training, you can choose alternative exercises.

But in order to achieve a similar effect, you will have to include 2-3 tasks from the listed options in the complex:

  • deadlift with a weight on one leg;
  • belt weights;

Squats with a barbell on your shoulders. Technique, benefits, which muscles work

  • performing squats on one leg;
  • dumbbell squats
  • lunges with dumbbells;
  • lifting buttocks with a barbell.

All of the above exercises are strength, so their effectiveness also depends on the selected weight. Then it will turn out to work out the necessary muscle groups, without giving them too much load.

Each workout can be combined so that not only the legs, but also the lower back and spine are involved. Then the girl will be able to use more weight and increase the number of repetitions and approaches.

Squats are one of the basic exercises for training the legs and buttocks, and the barbell on the shoulders helps to work them out more efficiently.

It is best to start training under the guidance of a coach who will put the right technique, select the optimal weight, the number of sets and reps. Then the training will be effective, the figure will become toned and slimmer without excessive embossment, which is important for girls and women.

Barbell Squat Video

Basic barbell squatting techniques:

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