Training program with dumbbells for all muscle groups. Workout Plan for Girls

Girls who do not have time to visit the fitness rooms can work out with dumbbells at home. A well-chosen training program may not bring results, as in the gym, but it will help to pump up muscles, correct the figure, as well as improve and strengthen the body.

The benefits of dumbbell exercises

Home workouts with dumbbells bring such benefits:

  1. Exercising using heavy sports equipment helps to develop muscle mass and improve the overall well-being of the body.
  2. You can deal with this equipment at any convenient time in your home environment, without any special training.
  3. Weight exercises are quite simple and the level of load can be controlled independently.
  4. An acceptable cost will allow you to purchase equipment even for those who have financial difficulties.
  5. They take up little space, and during the trip you can take them with you so as not to stop training.
  6. Exercises with dumbbells will help to normalize muscle tone, get rid of excess calories, fat deposits and activate oxygen supply to the muscles of the hands. This improves the saturation of cells with nutrients, the skin acquires elasticity and firmness.
  7. Regular weight training will help get rid of laziness, improve self-discipline, and improve posture.
  8. Sports equipment of small size and their small weight can be useful to women of any age.

Dumbbell Weight Selection Rules

When choosing sports equipment for physical activities, you should focus on collapsible options that differ in their functionality.

Training program with dumbbells for all muscle groups. Workout Plan for Girls
For a training program with dumbbells at home, you need to choose the appropriate equipment.

It is better to start training with dumbbells of 4 -7 pounds, gradually increasing their weight to 22 pounds as the muscles adapt.

Experts recommend choosing an individual weight for different muscle groups:

  1. For weight loss, it is advisable to use weighting agents with a small weight, for example, 2 -4 pounds. With this equipment you need to conduct training 3 – 4 time. per week, better for rhythmic melodies, which will maintain the rhythm of classes. If there are no funds for the purchase of equipment, then replace 4 pounds of sports equipment can be filled with water bottles of the same displacement, and the step platform can be replaced with a low stable stool.
  2. To tighten and build muscle, you will need collapsible weights of 4 -26 pounds. Or a dumbbell kit consisting of 10 different items. Only for such a headset you will also need a stand, which takes up a lot of space in the room.
  3. For the development of shock equipment for girls, light dumbbells, from 1 -2 pounds, are suitable. If you have enough strength, then you can use a 4 pounds sports tool. The main requirement is that the weights have tight handles and hold well in hands.
  4. For aerobic training, you need to purchase lightweight collapsible or cast equipment, the weight of which is 1 -4 pounds.
  5. For squats and lunges, the working mass must be at least 15 pounds.
  6. Hand exercises are done with equipment weighing 3 -18 pounds. A low weight category is suitable for flies, and equipment with a greater severity is used for bending.

Arm and shoulder exercises

The training program with dumbbells at home includes exercises for the shoulder area and upper limbs.

For instance:

  1. Bending , working out the biceps. It is necessary to take a sitting or standing position, lower your arms with a burden down, turning your palms to the body. Then raise the right upper limb to the shoulder, turn the palm to its side. Then lower it and repeat the same steps on the other side of the case. Training program with dumbbells for all muscle groups. Workout Plan for Girls
  2. Leaning the elbows back develops triceps. You need to lean on the bench with your hand and knee, and place your back parallel to the bench. An unoccupied leg bend a little. Lean the weight of the brush against the body, point the palm down. Straighten the upper limb at the elbow, without tearing the shoulder joint from the body, then return to the PI.
  3. Machs for the development of deltoid muscles. Legs should be set shoulder width apart, hands with dumbbells down. Then you need to spread your arms to the sides, at the same time turn your wrists so that at the highest point of lifting the little fingers are pointing up. The final stage – the palms are located slightly above the shoulder area. Take the starting position. Training program with dumbbells for all muscle groups. Workout Plan for Girls
  4. Bench press in French. In the initial position, weights should be raised with weights, and the elbows should be pressed to the head in a state bent at a right angle. It turns out that the dumbbells are located behind the body. The back should be kept straight. While exhaling, it is necessary to unbend the upper limbs above the head, and on the exhale lower them to an angle of 900.

For breast

The following exercises will help correct the shape of the chest, give beauty and fit:

  1. Bench press. It is necessary to lie down on a bench, lower legs to rest on the floor, and the upper legs with weights to straighten and place over your head. Then you should lower your arms, bending the elbows directed to the side, shoulders are parallel to the ground. Squeeze up to IP. On exhalation do bench press, on inhalation – lower it. Training program with dumbbells for all muscle groups. Workout Plan for Girls
  2. Push-ups on an inclined bench work out the upper segment of the pectoral muscles. The execution methodology is similar to the above, only here the case should be located at an angle of 450 relative to the ground. A smaller angle helps to concentrate on the middle chest area, which is suitable for horizontal bench presses.
  3. Pullover. Helps strengthen and stretch the upper pectoral muscles. It uses a bench, fitball or ordinary chair. You need to take dumbbells with your hands and place your back on the chosen stand, at the same time the pelvis should hang in the air. Stretch your arms, then lower them down behind your head to the maximum distance. Take a full breath and retract the abdomen until the lower limbs lower, and during the exhale, take the PI. Make 4 sets of 10 – 12 time. Training program with dumbbells for all muscle groups. Workout Plan for Girls
  4. Dumbbell Bench Press. Take the weights and lie on the Swiss ball. The lower back and pelvic area must be kept parallel to the floor. Perform squeezing with weights, raising arms up, while straining the muscles of the chest. At th
    e peak apex, tighten the pectoral muscle mass even more and gradually lower the projectile into the PI.

For the press

The training program with dumbbells at home provides training for the press, which are represented by such varieties:

  1. Straight twists – work out the area of the upper press. It is necessary to take a supine position, bend your legs, put them on the ground or place them on a bench. Hands weighed down by sports equipment are in front of you. When applying muscle mass to the abdomen, pull the body as close to your legs as possible and stay at the finish point for 2 seconds. Without releasing tension in the muscles, take PI. Training program with dumbbells for all muscle groups. Workout Plan for Girls
  2. Slopes work out oblique muscles of the press. Legs should be spread shoulder-width apart, one arm with weight should be lowered, and the other pressed to the body. Tilt to the side without load and return to the starting position.
  3. To warm the transverse muscles, it is necessary to lie on your back, upper limbs with a burden to put behind the head. Then you should simultaneously raise your legs and body and slowly lower it to the ground. To obtain the expected effect, it is advisable to repeat at least $ 0,41.
  4. To work out the pyramidal muscles you need to lie on your back and put your hands behind your head. Clamp a weight of at least 2 pounds between the foot. Feet must be raised a few inch above the ground and fixed in this position for 2-3 seconds, and then gently lower down. Run 3 sets of 25 – 30 time.

For the back

Training options for improving posture, strengthening the back to increase physical endurance:

  1. Weighted draft slopes. You should sit down a little, take dumbbells in your hand, then lift them to the extreme height. Without changing the state of the squat, hold a short pause and lower it. When lifting the equipment up, you need to exhale, and when you return to the SP, take a breath. Training program with dumbbells for all muscle groups. Workout Plan for Girls
  2. Strong traction involves the muscles of the back, legs and buttocks. It is necessary to take weights in two hands, then bend the knees in order to lower the sports equipment down and after a short pause, you should rise. Squatting to take a breath, and when you return to the SP, exhale.
  3. Deadlift with one hand affects the broad muscles of the back and biceps. You need to take a dumbbell in one hand and stand in front of the bench. Raise the dumbbell as high as possible, and then lower it down. Keep the torso straight, only the upper limb moves. After completing the approach, repeat the same steps on the other side.
  4. Deadlift will help develop your back. To fulfill it, you should spread your legs a little narrower than your shoulders, the sports equipment is in lowered hands. The dorsal is flat, at the same time bend the knees and tilt forward at an angle of 45 0. You need to bend until the weights touch the floor.
  5. Diagonal slopes with weights. It is necessary to take a dumbbell in the left hand and bending down to get the opposite leg with it. The knee joints are slightly bent. Then raise the inventory up and after a short break, lower it again. Repeat the same steps in the other direction.

Gluteus and leg training

Variations of exercises for the gluteal and legs:

  1. Squats and bending sports equipment develops biceps. You need to put your legs slightly wider than your shoulders. With squats, the legs should be parallel to the ground. Turn socks by 45-600. Simultaneously with the flexion of the upper and lower extremities, one should lower down. Repeat 10 – 12 time. in 3 sets.
  2. Lunges and squeezing weights. Grab equipment with your hands and lunge back with your left foot. In the meantime, you need to bring the left knee up and forward, and also do the dumbbell bench press to the top. Return to IP. Repeat 10 – 12 time. and swap the other way.
  3. Skater lunges develop buttocks and tone muscle mass. You need to stand up straight, rest the bent upper limbs at the waist. To simultaneously exhale and lunges with the right lower limb back diagonally. On inspiration, put the extended right lower limb to the left. Lift by tension of the front leg. Repeat similar movements in the other direction. Training program with dumbbells for all muscle groups. Workout Plan for Girls
  4. Plie with weights. The lower limbs should be placed wide, toes turned outwards. Take a dumbbell with both hands below, then crouch to a level where the hips are parallel to the floor. Do not tilt the body forward, keep the pelvis in place. Having fallen, it is necessary to push off the ground with your heels and at the same time tighten your buttocks. Knees should not be pulled far forward; when lifting, leave them slightly bent. To rise, while not needing to tighten the weight with your hands, but only with a gluteal effort.
  5. Slopes with weighting. You should stand straight and legs apart a little wider than the shoulder width, socks are stretched. Take dumbbells in your hands and position them at your hips. The back is even, the knees are slightly bent. It is necessary to lean forward slightly, while lowering the lower segment of the kettlebell between the legs. Then return to the PI, tensing the muscle mass of the abdomen and buttocks. Repeat 12 – 15 time.

Lesson scheme

The training program with dumbbells at home involves alternating loads on different muscle groups. At the initial level, it is recommended to start with a burden of 11 -15 pounds. Training program with dumbbells for all muscle groups. Workout Plan for Girls

Preferably 3 time. a week every other day. Each exercise should be performed on 12 – 15 time. for 3 approaches.

Training 1 (works out the muscle mass of the abdomen, back and legs):

  1. Squats
  2. Weighted lunges.
  3. Deadlift on straightened legs.
  4. Slopes with lifting a dumbbell.
  5. Twisting the press zone.

Workout 2 (promotes the development of the press, brings the shoulder area, chest and arms into shape):

  1. Bench press.
  2. Mahi.
  3. Flexion of the upper limbs.
  4. Withdrawal of arms in the elbow joints.
  5. Slo

The number of repetitions and approaches is desirable to change, as well as the exercises themselves. Before starting classes, you should perform a warm-up, and after they finish, a hitch.

Training with dumbbells at home is an affordable and quite effective way of home training for girls. Regularly performing the selected fitness program, after a few weeks you can notice positive results – the body’s health will improve, muscle relief will appear and the figure will become slim.

 Video about a workout program with dumbbells at home

A set of exercises for girls at home:

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