How to pump up the hands of a girl at home and in the gym. Training program

To give a beautiful shape to their hands, girls need only a little work out the relief of the muscles of the shoulder and forearm. For this purpose it is possible to visit specialized halls.

But not everyone is accessible and convenient to visit, so you should know how to pump up a beautiful hand relief at home for a girl. It must be remembered that you should monitor the load. With a small load, there will be no visible result, and with excessive load, the hands will be pumped, like a boxer.

Hand exercises suitable for girls

A set of exercises:

  • Sit in Turkish, straighten your shoulders. Palms close with each other, direct the brushes up. Raise elbows to a horizontal position so that the angle between them and the body is straight. Then squeeze the palms with force, fixing them in this state for about 30 seconds. Perform 5-6 such approaches per day. The result will be noticeable after 2 weeks. It will also contribute to pumping the muscles of the chest.
  • Become straightened, keep your arms straight, then at the height of your shoulders part them in opposite directions. At the same time carry out the movement in a circle with both hands in opposite directions. Perform at least 1 minute. How to pump up the hands of a girl at home and in the gym. Training program
  • Face the wall. At one level with the chest, lean your hands on the wall and do 20 push-ups. Every day it is better to do 5-6 repetitions.

Hand pumping methods

There are several ways that reveal the secret of how to pump up a girl’s hands most effectively at home:

  • It is necessary to devote time 3-4 times a week to sports activities.
  • Bending movements develop the biceps of the shoulder.
  • To pump triceps extension exercises should be done.
  • Muscle fibers of the forearm area can be trained by working with weights, making holding and rotating with them.

Triceps exercises

The function of the triceps or triceps muscle of the shoulder is to extend the arm at the elbow. For this reason, extension exercises are used to work out the triceps.

    • With a dumbbell. Dumbbell weight for a beginner is 2 -7 pounds. Do the exercise while sitting or standing. Raise two hands with inventory up. Press your elbows firmly against your head and bend, lowering your hands behind your head. Repeat the climb. It is important to leave your arms slightly bent at the elbows. This will prevent injury to the elbow joint, and triceps will not relax. This task is performed with both hands at the same time. How to pump up the hands of a girl at home and in the gym. Training program
    • With a dumbbell . This exercise is performed with one hand. It is necessary to approach the support, it may be a chair. It is necessary to tilt the body and with one hand it is convenient to lean on the selected support, and the other – to press the elbow to the body and straighten it with a dumbbell, pulling back. Measure in this position for a second and assume the reverse state.
    • To work out triceps, basic exercises are also used. They also work on the triceps muscle of the shoulder on an equal basis with others.
    • Back push ups. Stand with your back to the bench, crouch and take an emphasis with your hands on it. Do not strain your legs. Move the entire weight of your body to your hands. Inhaling bend your arms and fall down, and on the exhale, raise the body up straightening the elbow joints. We must not forget that, being below, the shoulders should be parallel to the floor. One approach consists of 12-15 push ups. Then try to complicate the task, for this you need to put your feet on a comfortable elevation. Such an elevation may be a fitball. And repeat 1 more time. How to pump up the hands of a girl at home and in the gym. Training program
      How to pump up the hands of a girl at home and in the gym. Training program
  • Lie down: legs together, arms should be shoulder width apart or slightly closer to each other. To do push-ups, keeping your back straight, and lowering you need to take your elbows back. It is necessary to lower yourself low, but not touching the floor with your chest. How to pump up the hands of a girl at home and in the gym. Training program
  • Exercise with a barbell. Lying on a bench, take the barbell (the weight of the bar should be felt, but be strong). Make sure that the distance between the arms is slightly less than the width of the shoulders. The bar should be moved downward on inhalation, moving closer to the lower chest area, the elbows should be directed downward. Squeeze the bar up as you exhale. 10 repetitions are enough.

Biceps exercises

Biceps, or biceps, is the opposite of triceps. For effective study of this muscle, tasks for flexion of the upper limbs are required.

  • With a dumbbell. Stand straight and lean forward. Hands relax and lower down along the torso. Fix the elbow joints, pressing it to the body. Bend at the elbow, raising inventory to the torso. Perform jerkily and slowly lowering your hands. Experts recommend doing this exercise either with two hands at once, or first with one and then with the other. How to pump up the hands of a girl at home and in the gym. Training program
  • With a barbell. It is similar to the previous one, but the neck does not touch the hips and between them should be about 2 – 3’9 inch. This embodiment will increase the load on the biceps, keeping it in tension.

Build muscle at home without weighting

To give a beautiful relief appearance to muscles, you can use exercises without the use of weighting materials.

Reverse plank

It exerts stress on the triceps, shoulders and abdominal muscles. The result will be achieved only if performed correctly. How to pump up the hands of a girl at home and in the gym. Training program


  • Sit on a hard surface.
  • Put your palms on the floor and strain the press.
  • The pelvis should be lifted a couple of inch above the floor, the muscles of the press should always be kept in tension.
  • Lower the pelvis to the floor.

Shake hands at home with dumbbells or weight

It is impossible to find a faster result, as when conducting exercises using dumbbells or weights in order to pump up the girl’s
hands at home. Replacement dumbbells can be plastic bottles with liquid.

Dumbbell Extension

  • Sit on some solid elevation. With both hands, take a pancake dumbbell and hold it over your head.
  • Perform bending at the elbows, starting sports equipment behind the head and not involving the muscles of the forearm.
  • Give up. How to pump up the hands of a girl at home and in the gym. Training program

Works out biceps and triceps. In this case, it is convenient to replace the dumbbells with a barbell.

Extending your arm with a dumbbell from behind your head

  • Sit straight. The back should be straight and perpendicular to the floor.
  • The dumbbell is taken with one hand with a direct grip, then lifted up and put behind the head.
  • Lower the weighting agent.
  • And repeat the same movement with the second hand. How to pump up the hands of a girl at home and in the gym. Training program

This exercise is aimed at triceps and at creating a beautiful external muscle relief.

Tate Bench

  • Sit on a chair or bench. Take one dumbbell in both hands with a direct grip.
  • At the same time lift them up with dumbbells.
  • Also, at the same time, slowly lower them. To bend only in elbow joints, and to place weighting materials across a trunk. How to pump up the hands of a girl at home and in the gym. Training program

When performing the Theis bench press, weighting materials should not be allowed to touch each other.

Hand Beauty Assistant – Expander

To adjust the relief of the hands, it is enough to do without additional strengthening, the use of an expander will be acceptable. It will also prevent muscle pumping.
How to pump up the hands of a girl at home and in the gym. Training program

  • Sit on the floor, keep your back straight and straighten your shoulders.
  • Pick up the expander, clasping them with your fingers.
  • Pull the expander toward you and freeze for approximately 30 seconds.
  • Relax and take a starting position.

Hand push ups

No matter how much effort you make, you can’t pump up a girl’s hands at home without push-ups. They help pump muscles and build muscle mass.

Off the wall

Lean against the wall with your palms, placing them in front of the chest. Perform several push-ups (start from 10 repetitions), while it is necessary to approach and move away from the wall with the same interval.

Bench push ups

Push-ups from the bench are also referred to as reverse push-ups. How to pump up the hands of a girl at home and in the gym. Training program

It is not difficult to perform it:

  • You should lean on the bench so that the bench is behind.
  • Perform bending at the elbows, while the body falls down. It is necessary that the back does not touch the bench.
  • Straighten your arms and raise your body up.

Classic push ups

Order of execution:

  • Lie resting on the floor with your hands. Place palms at shoulder-width apart. How to pump up the hands of a girl at home and in the gym. Training program
  • Bending at the elbows, lower the body down. Keep your back straight.
  • Then stretch your arms, while raising yourself up.

Narrow grip push-ups

Spin tight grip allows you to effectively work on the triceps. How to pump up the hands of a girl at home and in the gym. Training program

  • Lie down, rest your hands on the floor so that they are next to each other.
  • Lower your body, bending your elbows.
  • And again take the primary position.

Also, this type of push-ups allows you to pump your back and press.

Pull-ups on the horizontal bar

Exercise on the bar.

Pullups help to pump several muscle groups. Performing pull-ups in various ways affects both the biceps and triceps.

1 way:

  • Reverse grip hold the crossbar. The palms should be at a shoulder-width distance.
    How to pump up the hands of a girl at home and in the gym. Training program
    To pump up the girl’s hands at home is possible with the help of pull-ups. These exercises pump biceps and triceps.
  • It is necessary to slowly pull up so that the chin is higher than the crossbar. Elbows should be pressed to the body.
  • Slow down at the same pace. The exercise is aimed at working out the biceps.

2 way:

  • Grasp the crossbar with a direct grip. Be sure to cross your legs.
  • At a slow pace, pull yourself up until the chin reaches a level above the bar.
  • Keeping pace, straighten your arms. How to pump up the hands of a girl at home and in the gym. Training program

To pump triceps, you only need to place one palm in front of the other and pull yourself in the usual pattern.

The study of the shoulder joint and ligaments

For everyday life, it is important that the shoulder joint and ligaments are strong, and even more necessary for those who o
ften play sports. To strengthen, you should choose exercises for the development of the deltoid and trapezius muscles of the shoulder. And in every lesson, be sure to try to include such a set of exercises, this will, in turn, avoid injuries.

Regular exercises weekly guarantee the strengthening of the shoulder joint:

  • The weight of the dumbbells should vary from 2 -11 pounds. Standing, legs spread shoulder-width apart, arms stretched straight at chest height. On inspiration, bend your elbows and move your arms to the sides. Exhale hands in front of the chest. Repeat 10-20 times.
  • Hands are straight over your head . As you exhale, lowering your hands down, hold them parallel to the floor. Then use your hands to perform springy movements up and down. Take a breath, and raise your hands. Repeat 6-8 times.
  • Lie face down . Focus on the toes and elbows on the floor. Inhale and raise the body above the floor, forming a bar. Hold it like that for 5-7 minutes. All support should be on the toes of the feet and forearm. Exhale and lie down on the floor again. Then raise the upper part of the body and cross your arms in the chest area so that the palms touch the shoulder blades. Lower the body in this position to the floor and lightly press on the hands. So the shoulder joints are given the opportunity to open. So lie down for about 1 minute. Again, when you inhale, lift up, free your hands, lower your torso to the floor and relax your muscles.
  • Sit on a hard surface, stretch your legs in front of you, and rest your palms on the floor near the hips. Inhaling, bend the legs in the knee joints and raise the hips up. Visually, your body repeats the shape of the table: the body together with the hips should form a parallel straight line to the floor, and the arms and legs should be at right angles to it. This movement helps to open the joint of the shoulder. Provided that this exercise is easy for you to perform, you should complicate the task: raise your hips even higher and move to your knees.

Beneficial effect on the shoulder joints and ligaments: swimming, performing handstand and on the head. “Hitch” will help prevent damage to the shoulder joint. To do this, lie face down on a hard surface, grasp the feet of your hands, and swing back and forth. Swing repeat 15-20 times.

How to train in the gym

Girls can pump up their hands not only at home, but also in the gym. The presence of a coach in the hall will affect the receipt of a positive effect. Here you can get expert advice and avoid possible errors. How to pump up the hands of a girl at home and in the gym. Training program

The gym has another plus – a variety of different simulators, sports equipment. There is a secret: the more often you change objects (simulators, equipment), the greater the load will be exerted on the muscles. Which in turn will allow you to most effectively work out the relief of the hands.

Also, the duty coach can consult on how to pump up the girl’s hands at home.

Monthly Hand Training Program

The training program for beginners and experienced is significantly different from each other. It is not necessary to take a separate training aimed only at pumping hands, it is recommended to use in combination with other exercises aimed at all the muscles of the body.

For beginners, it is better to opt for cyclic programs. Such a program includes repeating exercises in a circle. For experienced ones, it is recommended to conduct 3 workouts per week and increase the load on the muscles with the help of weighting compounds and increase the number of approaches.

For beginners

1 workout:

  • Lunges from a standing position.
  • Classic squats.
  • Rises on socks.
  • Straight twisting.
  • Push ups. How to pump up the hands of a girl at home and in the gym. Training program

2 training:

  • Direct lunges.
  • Back push ups.
  • Reverse twisting.
  • Squats

3 training:

  • Squats
  • Push ups from the chair.
  • Back lunges.
  • Complex twisting.
  • Rolling from socks to heels.

Complexes for basic classes

1 option:

  • Squats with dumbbells.
  • Bending the arms.
  • Back push ups.
  • Breeding hands.
  • Oblique twisting. How to pump up the hands of a girl at home and in the gym. Training program

Option 2:

  • Push ups.
  • Dumbbell abduction behind the back.
  • Lunges with dumbbells.
  • Bending the arm.

Secrets of a quick result in improving the tone and relief of the hands

  • Each lesson must begin with a warm-up. This will prevent injuries and warm up the muscles.
  • End the workout by stretching to those muscles of the body that were maximally involved during the workout.
  • Training should always be supplemented with cardio workouts. They can be alternated with the main activities.
  • It should be remembered that proper nutrition and drinking regimen are observed; do not allow dehydration of the body.
  • The most important condition is the regularity of classes.

When thinking about how to quickly pump up a girl’s hands at home, you should always remember that during training sessions the muscles get a huge load. A limb massage after exercise will help improve blood circulation and can have a relaxing effect on tired muscles.

If you have the patience and desire to perform the necessary exercises, it is quite possible to pump up a beautiful relief of the hand. You can achieve the first noticeable results in a month, if you regularly engage in training.

Video on how to pump up your hands at home

Shake hands at home alone girl:

Exercises for beautiful hands for women:

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