Vichy Dermablend Foundation. Instructions for use, price, analogues, reviews

Fits Vichy Dermablend to any skin type and is intended for daily use. Due to the dense consistency, without making the skin heavier, the foundation conceals well the imperfections of the skin. According to numerous reviews, it is resistant and does not roll.

With daily use, the skin acquires a healthy appearance, becomes soft and unwanted spots disappear over time. The product not only looks natural, but also protects the skin throughout the day.

Chemical composition

The tonal product is made by pharmacists of the highest category. In addition to matting, it also has healing properties that have a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin of the face as a whole.


  1. The thermal water that is part of Vichy Dermablend is rich in minerals. It is obtained from a source located in France. To prepare the cream, water is not subjected to heat treatment, it is used in pure form. Rich in 15 minerals, thermal water has a calming effect, relieves irritation and repairs damaged skin areas. In addition to water, the composition of the cream includes antioxidants, vitamins, oils and acids. Thermal water is of volcanic origin. In laboratory conditions, it will not be possible to recreate its composition.
  2. Cyclopentasiloxane is a completely inert component, does not penetrate the skin. The substance is often used in the manufacture of cosmetics. Thanks to him, the skin tone is leveled and the foundation acquires a delicate structure.
    Vichy Dermablend Foundation. Instructions for use, price, analogues, reviews
  3. Antioxidants (vitamins C and E) perform a protective function. Vitamin C promotes the formation of new collagen fibers. Vitamin E prevents pigmentation and promotes skin respiration.
  4. Hyaluronic acid provides the skin with moisture and keeps it inside. As part of the cream, it effectively fights wrinkles.
  5. Esperulin is an extract obtained from the bark of a tree that grows in Amazonia. Thanks to him, the skin tone increases. It has a calming effect and prevents the appearance of inflammation.
  6. Salicylic acid soothes sore skin and acts as an antiseptic. Dries well, prevents the appearance of acne and effectively cleanses pores.
  7. Silicon gives a matte effect and takes part in the formation of elastin and collagen.
  8. Carnauba wax is obtained from palm leaves. The substance fills wrinkles and does not make the skin heavier.

Coconut, jojoba and shea butter are added to the cream. Thanks to them and hyaluronic acid, the skin of the face looks even more velvet. The composition uses natural and safe components. In addition to the cosmetic effect, this cream also has a therapeutic effect.

Release Forms

The Dermablend product line consists of a correction fluid and foundation. Correcting tonal fluid cream is available in a 1,01 fluid ounce tube of soft plastic with a screw cap. Vichy Dermablend is packed in a dark box, inside of which is the product itself and detailed instructions.

The fluid is presented in 3 shades close to the natural skin tone:

  • for fair skin, “opal” color 15 is suitable;
  • for dark skin ideal shade of sand tone 35;
  • body shade 25, suitable for the skin, between very light and dark.
Vichy Dermablend Foundation. Instructions for use, price, analogues, reviews
Vichy Dermablend Foundation is available in 3 shades.

To check how the shade of the foundation on the skin will look, it is enough to apply a little Vichy Dermablend fluid on the palm of your hand and warm up with the massaging movements of the fingertips of the other hand. Some write in reviews about the yellowness of the shade, but it depends only on the type and shade of your skin.

The texture of the foundation is soft and plastic. It does not dry the skin of the face and does not create a mask effect. After applying the product, a greasy shine is absent and inflammation decreases.

It is recommended to purchase Vichy products on the official website of the company. Only here, when buying foundation, you can be sure of the quality and proper storage conditions. The cost of funds does not fall below $ 20. On the official website, the price of the product is $ 23.


Vichy Dermablend – foundation, reviews about which in 99% of cases are positive. Suitable for any type of skin, including sensitive. The fluid can easily cope with any imperfections in the skin and maintain the effect of a smooth, smooth surface without oily sheen for 16 hours, while it will look as natural on the face as possible.

The dense consistency does not interfere with the even distribution of the cream. The main advantage of the product is its ability to adapt to the tone of the skin. Using the Vichy Dermablend cosmetic products, the skin retains elasticity and a fresh look for a long time. Due to its light texture, the pores are not blocked, the skin breathes and the product is not felt on the face.

Vichy Dermablend Foundation. Instructions for use, price, analogues, reviews

The action of the cream is based on an increase in the concentration of masking pigments when applied.

Special pigments and plasticity means perfectly mask the inflammation, circles under the eyes, scars, freckles and even tattoos. You can use the product at any time of the year. The unique formula and sunscreen SPF-35 and SPF-25 protect the skin from sunlight and prevent the appearance of age spots, making skin tone even more perfect.

Key Features

Due to its composition, a cosmetic product is unique in itself and does not pose a risk to the skin:

  1. It has a rejuvenating effect, wrinkles are smoothed over time.
  2. Not allergenic and suitable for very sensitive skin.
  3. Not comedogenic, prevents comedones and clogging of pores.

It is possible to purchase a product only in a pharmacy. Vichy cosmetics effectively combats various rashes and evens out complexion. Before entering the network of pharmacies, dermatological control is carried out in compliance with the most stringent conditions.

The basis of the cream includes unique thermal water. There are no perfumes. After a short use, the skin becomes fresher and the tone is substantially leveled.

Instructions for use

The effect of the foundation is noticeable after the first application.

Used on skin that has these problems:

  • acne or acne;
    Vichy Dermablend Foundation. Instructions for use, price, analogues, reviews
  • dermatosis and rosacea;
  • irritation
  • rashes;
  • uneven surface of the skin.

It looks as natural on the face as possible, does not cause discomfort.

Step by step application:

  1. Cleanse your face with special products that do not contain alcohol. Otherwise, the expected effect will not work, the tonal product will roll off or cr
    umble rather quickly.
  2. Apply any skin care product.
  3. Squeeze a little funds on the hand.
  4. Apply fluid in small portions to skin.
  5. Blend with a sponge or fingertips in a circular motion, starting from the center to the edges of the face.

Using a sponge, you can achieve perfectly even coverage. The only drawback of applying in this way is the high consumption of the product. To hide minor imperfections, it is enough to apply the cream with a thin layer. In case of visible problems of the skin, it is necessary to apply the corrector pointwise using a cotton pad or a special sponge.

Vichy Dermablend Foundation. Instructions for use, price, analogues, reviews

Blend gently, without pressing or rubbing. To achieve maximum naturalness, a masking fluid is applied not only to the face, but also to the decollete and neck.


The cream is not allergenic and has medicinal properties, so there are practically no contraindications for use. The only one to whom cream-fluid is categorically contraindicated is women with individual intolerance to the individual components that make up the tonic.

You can use it at any age. But, nevertheless, it is not recommended to buy a product just like that. No wonder it is made for problem skin.

Side effects

After a 3 day test, when applying the product with a thin layer on very oily skin, you can highlight side effects.

They are:

  • it is possible to clog the product in large pores;
  • emphasizes the texture of the skin;
  • oxidation of the cream base in the problem T-zone. As a result of which, the funds roll into small circles;
  • emphasizes peeling if the skin is not clean enough.

To prevent such unpleasant moments, it is recommended to apply a silicone base to the foundation and shade the cream in several layers. Silicone is present in Vichy Dermablend, but if it is not enough, you can use an additional tool.

Vichy Dermablend Foundation. Instructions for use, price, analogues, reviews

Vichy Dermablend – foundation, reviews about the silicone included in its composition are quite contradictory. But, scientists have proved the inertness of this component in relation to the skin. It only forms a film on the surface without reacting with the epidermis. Inflammation occurs due to poor-quality cleansing of the skin.

Advantages and disadvantages

Characteristics such as light texture, uniform distribution of fluid on the skin, firmness and natural appearance are noted. As a basis, some girls use a moisturizer. Then remove the excess and then apply the tonal tool. Following this advice, given the peculiarities of the skin, even the greasy surface can remain dull for almost the entire day.

The most important criteria for choosing a foundation is a safe composition and a masking effect.

Experts advise applying the product exclusively to problem areas, so that the corrector is enough for a longer period. They note the preservation of the effect throughout the day, improving the appearance of the skin, its health and freshness. With daily use, inflammation disappears and wrinkles decrease over time.

Vichy Dermablend – foundation, reviews of women about the tool highlight the following advantages:

  • smooth skin with an even tone;
  • effectively masks skin surface defects;
  • product safety;
  • long lasting effect;
  • profitability.

Vichy Dermablend Foundation. Instructions for use, price, analogues, reviews

Among the shortcomings are noted overpriced and a small selection of shades.

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Due to the fact that the cosmetic foundation is not only effective, but also care, it has very few analogues. The composition of the components will be different, but the result of application is quite similar.

Title Description
Avon Cream Mousse “Perfect Shade” It is applied and shaded easily, the texture is soft. Smoothes and mattifies skin tone. Eliminates oily sheen. It will not hide obvious flaws of the skin and emphasize peeling. Affordable cost.
Maybelline Mousse “Matte Perfection” Very delicate and airy texture. The coating is quite dense. Perfectly mattifies, evens out tone and effectively corrects skin imperfections. Mousse has 6 shades. Acceptable price.
Maybelline Affinitone Foundation Light and fairly liquid texture, distributed evenly. Protects the skin from sunlight, moisturizes and does not tighten. It mattifies and evens out the tone well, effectively hides skin imperfections.

Vichy Dermablend Foundation. Instructions for use, price, analogues, reviews

Before applying any tonal product, you need to choose the right tone for the product, which will best suit the complexion.

Thanks to foundation creams, it is successfully possible to hide obvious skin flaws and visually correct the skin of the face. The line of Vichy Dermablend products not only disguises, but also has healing properties. Numerous positive reviews confirm this.

Vichy Dermablend Foundation Video

Vichy Dermablend Foundation Review:

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