Classic eyelash extensions. Instructions on how to do it yourself. Tutorials for beginners

Long, beautiful eyelashes look spectacular, attracting the attention of most people around. The classic building, mainly resorted to women who do not want to use mascara, but at the same time want to get a more expressive look.

What does eyelash extensions look like on classical technology

To increase the volume of natural eyelashes, artificial materials are used. So that the extension does not cause inconvenience, does not cause irritation, and the eyes do not itch, there are no signs of redness, irritation, cilia are made from synthetic hypoallergenic fibers.

The glue on which the hairs are attached also does not cause allergies, so even a woman with a predisposition to allergies can afford to build. Classic eyelash extensions. Instructions on how to do it yourself. Tutorials for beginners

The main task of the master is to select the appropriate cilia according to the type of face and glue the hairs on natural eyelashes with the choice of the desired length and bend.

One of the common building technology is the classic. It is suitable for women with thick enough eyelashes. The classic extension gives the hairs greater volume and length. Classic involves the use of the number of eyelashes that is already in front of the eyes. On top of each cilia, another desired length is glued.

Subject to technology, such eyelashes look natural and beautiful, creating the impression of the natural origin of eyelashes. A nice addition is the effect of splendor, rich black color and length.

Build options

Eyelash extension (classic, fox, puppet, squirrel, sparse, 2D, 3D and any other) initially implies the selection of those hairs that will look good on a particular face. Classic eyelash extensions. Instructions on how to do it yourself. Tutorials for beginners

  1. To create a fox effect, you need to use cilia of 3 or more different lengths. In the corners of the eyes, closer to the nose, shorter hairs are used. The closer the cilia are to the opposite edge, the longer they are. Thanks to this structure of building, the look becomes very expressive and intriguing, even a little tricky. The fox effect is suitable for women with eyes set close together. The extension will help to adjust the appearance of convex and round eyes, giving the face a harmonious look.
  2. The puppet effect is suitable for those girls whose eyes are not too round and not too small. Then the extended eyelashes will look acceptable, otherwise the effect will turn out to be unnatural and really puppet. A look will even look scared. The extension is carried out using eyelashes 15/32 inch long. It is not necessary to choose the size of eyelashes for each part of the eye, since the puppet effect implies the use of material of the same length. As a result of the extension, the eyes appear to be wide open. Classic eyelash extensions. Instructions on how to do it yourself. Tutorials for beginners
  3. The squirrel effect is formed from eyelashes of different lengths. Short hairs are used in the corners of the eye, gradually they extend to the middle of the eyelid. From the center, the cilia maximize in length, and closer to the edges they decrease again. The extension is most suitable for women with round and almond-shaped eyes, set close together. Thanks to the effect obtained, the look will seem more expressive.
  4. A sparse effect is achieved by performing an extension not by the ciliary, but with a certain interval. Due to this eyelash extension, they retain their natural volume, and the look becomes more expressive. The effect is suitable for women with thick eyelashes, which makes them even more attractive, long and bright.
  1. 2D and 3D effects are recommended for women with moderate eyelashes. Absolutely 2 to 3 hairs are glued to each of them, depending on the desired volume. For extension, very thin eyelashes are required so that they do not burden the eye and do not adversely affect natural hairs. It is not recommended to form a large volume for women with fragile eyelashes, as they may not withstand the load. Classic eyelash extensions. Instructions on how to do it yourself. Tutorials for beginners
  2. Millennium (multi-colored cilia) attract attention, make the image of a woman more vivid and catchy. It is supposed to build in several shades (from 2 pcs.). All eyelashes and only corners can be colored. This jewelry is suitable for women who like to stand out. Cilia will look advantageous at parties and holidays.

What tools and materials are needed

Eyelash extensions (classic or any other) requires the purchase of special materials and tools, regardless of the technology of execution.


  • tweezers;
  • silicone strips or patch;
  • dishes for glue;
  • Toothpicks
  • cotton buds;
  • surface for the distribution of eyelashes;
  • magnifying mirror;
  • ball sterilizer;
  • glue;
  • degreaser;
  • adhesive for glue;
  • cilia;
  • eyelash brush.
    Classic eyelash extensions. Instructions on how to do it yourself. Tutorials for beginners
    Classic eyelash extension tool kit

Strips are required to separate the upper and lower eyelashes. Toothpicks and sticks are needed in order to remove excess glue. The surface for the analysis of eyelashes need a clean and bright.

Tweezers – the most important and important tool for working with cilia. They take hairs, dipped in glue and transferred to the eyelids.

When choosing tweezers, you need to pay attention to how firmly he sits in his hand (does not slip), is springy and does not deform when working. To make it convenient to work, you should purchase 2 tweezers with bent and right angles.

A sterilizer is needed to control the cleanliness of instruments. Without their treatment, the infection can be transferred from one person to another.  The glue should be made of rubber resin. Its color can be either black or white.

Eyelash Features

The length of the cilia can be determined by the gap between the base and the tip. Sizes
can be from 5/32 – 25/32 inch. The best option is eyelashes with a length of not more than 15/32 inch. Classic eyelash extensions. Instructions on how to do it yourself. Tutorials for beginners

In order not to overdo it with the size, or, conversely, not to take too short hairs, it is recommended to measure your natural eyelashes and add 3/32 inch to their length.

The thickness of the eyelashes varies from 0/32 inch to 0/32 inch with a difference of 0/32 inch:

  1. The thinnest cilia are highly flexible and elastic. These hairs are ideal for women with rare natural eyelashes.
  2. A thickness of 0/32 inch gives the appearance of mascara tinted eyelashes.
  3. 0/32 inch emphasizes the beauty of the eyes due to stiffer hairs. This extension is suitable for women with natural long and thick eyelashes.
  4. 0/32 inch is suitable for women planning to attend an event, such as a party. The hairs themselves are stiff, causing discomfort by constantly bending and pricking.

Bends are indicated by special consonants. B is the smallest. Thanks to him, the section of the eyes seems wider. L is the most significant, great for attending a party.

There are also bends C, D, J and CC. Each of them is characterized by an increasingly strong bend.

What materials are used to make eyelashes

Eyelashes are made exclusively of artificial materials. When the hairs are called “mink”, “silk” or “sable” – this only means that each of them has different properties.

“Silk” eyelashes are the softest and lightest. “Mink” – hairs characterized by brilliance, density and color saturation. “Sable” is an average option, which is the most optimal for building. Classic eyelash extensions. Instructions on how to do it yourself. Tutorials for beginners

Those women who want to attract attention are recommended to use the “mink”, as it looks very bright and catchy.

“Sable” creates the effect of mascara tinted eyelashes. Their color is bright, saturated, and the hairs look expensive and beautiful. With proper building “sable” will look almost like natural cilia.

Materials of not every company are suitable for this or that woman.

The most popular are the following 7 brands:

  • “Barbara”;
  • Verona
  • “Perfect Silk Lashes”;
  • “MASY”;
  • MACY brand – “Vivienne”;
  • “Irisk Professional”;
  • “Dolce Vita.”

The eyelashes of the company “Barbara” must be purchased with glue, as materials from one manufacturer are best combined with each other. The hairs are convenient to use, as they are easily removed from the packaging. Verona looks very presentable, has a rich black shade and a silk-like base.

Perfect Silk Lashes are made in Korea. They completely imitate natural cilia, so their use gives only positive emotions. When using glue of the same brand, hairs can last from 2 to 3 months. At the base of the eyelashes are thickened, and at the tips – thin Classic eyelash extensions. Instructions on how to do it yourself. Tutorials for beginners

“MACY” is suitable for women prone to allergies. Use the materials of this company can both novice masters and experienced. The glue has the property of drying over different time intervals – from several seconds to a minute or more. Cilia are similar to “silk”, and “mink”, and “sable”. Their number is greater than many other brands.

“Vivienne” are made in different color shades, but at the same time they look very natural and natural. You can wear eyelashes of this brand for up to 5 weeks.

Irisk Professional products are presented in a rich assortment that includes hairs of various materials, thickness and length. There are eyelashes with dusting and rhinestones. The glue of this company can also be with different degrees of fixation. In addition to eyelashes intended for individual extensions, the brand makes eyelashes in bunches.

“Dolce Vita” are presented in different colors, lengths and bends. The eyelashes of this brand are made in South Korea.

Preparing for the build-up procedure

To build eyelashes, it is important to consider a couple of nuances in preparation:

  1. Do not dye eyelashes before the procedure, as the oils contained in the mascara, or in the makeup remover, can adversely affect the glued hairs – they will quickly disappear.
  2. Eyelash extensions are not recommended for eye diseases. It is best to recover first, and then go to the procedure.

Step-by-step instructions for building, duration of the procedure, preserving the effect


  1. First you need to prepare a clean, white, even surface.
  2. Then you should spread the eyelashes on the surface along the length.
  3. Then the master must prepare the glue by pouring it into pre-prepared dishes.
  4. Before the procedure, tweezers must be treated with a disinfectant.
  5. Then they wash their hands, wash off all the makeup from their faces. Classic eyelash extensions. Instructions on how to do it yourself. Tutorials for beginners
  6. Eyelids and natural cilia are treated with a degreaser immediately before gluing the eyelashes.
  7. The lower eyelashes must be fixed with special strips or plaster.
  8. Then the cilia are combed with a special brush.
  9. Having picked up the tweezers, they grab the eyelash with an instrument, dip its wide tip in glue and stick it on a natural eyelash as close to the eyelid as possible.
  10. With a cotton swab or a toothpick hold still not captured cilia.

Eyelash extensions need not from the inner edge of the eye, but from the outside. It is important to ensure that they lie in the same direction. To glue completely dried, you need to lie down a bit and wait.

The procedure takes from 2 to 3.5 hours, depending on the method of extension.

The effect of the buildup should last at least 2-2.5 weeks. To cilia last longer, you need to care for them.


The price of building starts from $ 14. The cost depends on the materials that are used during the procedure, the skills of the master and the city (region) where the procedure is done, since the pricing policy in each is different.


Correction of eyelashes is necessary in order to return them to their former shape, initial appearance. The recommended period for corrections is every 2 weeks. If the eyelashes hold tight and do not peel off, the period can be extended, but only the master can track this.

If more than 2 weeks have passed and many hairs were lost during socks, then it is necessary to overgrow them. Correction in this case is no longer suitable. Correction is a procedure when at least half of the eyelash extensions are left in front of your eyes. The correction procedure most often takes 1-1.5 hours.

Is it possible to grow eyelashes for myself

You can grow eyelashes by yourself, but for this you need special skills and tools. Skills are needed in order not to harm your natural cilia. Classic eyelash extensions. Instructions on how to do it yourself. Tutorials for beginners
Self-build will require a mirror and bright lighting.

Possible negative effects or infectious diseases after building up

Eyelash extensions (classic and any other) is safe in most cases, but there are some risks:

  1. With individual intolerance to the components of the adhesive composition and other materials, an allergic reaction may occur. In this case, remove the cilia as soon as possible.
  2. In the process of building glue can get into the eye, because of which there will be a strong burning sensation. In this situation, you need to rinse your eyes urgently until the glue is completely removed.
  3. After the procedure, there is a risk of contracting any infectious disease if the instruments are not processed after each use. To avoid this, tweezers must be sterilized.

Do your own eyelashes deteriorate

Eyelash extensions do not spoil the natural hairs, subject to all the classical rules.

If expired or substandard materials (for example, glue) were used, the cilia can begin to fall out, thin out and fade, so it is important to pay attention to what the procedure is done with.

Natural hairs can deteriorate if the artificial cilia are not sized (too thick and heavy). Before starting the procedure, you need to carefully select exactly those materials that will not have a detrimental effect on natural eyelashes.

So that the cilia do not fall out, they must be removed with a special tool. If you independently tear off artificial eyelashes or try to remove them with a liquid that is not intended for this, you can lose its natural density and volume.

Eyelash Care After Extensions

  1. Frequent combing of eyelashes, their rubbing by hands is not recommended.
  2. If the cilia are often touched, rubbed and combed, they will begin to fall out ahead of time.
  3. Ink painting is strictly forbidden, since after that they can stick together and no longer return to their former form. In addition, when removing mascara from eyelashes, a special tool is necessary, or frequent contact with water, which is why the hair extensions will begin to crumble. Classic eyelash extensions. Instructions on how to do it yourself. Tutorials for beginners
  4. It is forbidden to use creams in the eye area, since glue softens from fat and oil.

Eyelash extensions – an affordable way to become more well-groomed and beautiful, whether it be a classic method, foxes, squirrel, 2D or 3D effects. To choose a worthy master, you can familiarize yourself with his work on social networks, or contact him on the recommendations of friends. Self-build-up is also possible, but special skills are needed.

Video on the topic: Eyelash Extensions

2D eyelash extensions step by step:

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