Gel for eyebrows and eyelashes Vivienne Sabo Gel. Price, reviews

Quality eyebrow and eyelash gel can be affordable and affordable. This is how the remedy from the French manufacturer Vivienne Sabo turned out. With it, eyebrows and eyelashes look well-groomed, fit well and grow better. And using such a composition is easy and simple. It is practically not noticeable at the hairs, and, therefore, does not affect the naturalness of the image.

Gel purpose and price

Vivienne Sabo Gel is a universal cosmetic product. With it, you can stack both eyebrows and eyelashes. After all, often long hairs by the middle of the day begin to stick out untidily in different directions. They can ugly push or “fall off”. As a result, the face no longer looks perfect. To fix such unpleasant moments, just a special gel for eyebrows and eyelashes helps.

It is convenient to carry and use at any time. It is enough to have a mirror at hand. The tool reliably fixes the hairs in the right position. It is interesting that then they hold in this form all day until the moment when the girl rinses the cosmetic product with special milk or even plain water.

Gel for eyebrows and eyelashes Vivienne Sabo Gel. Price, reviews

It is very convenient that it is removed easily and quickly. It is enough to apply a cleansing milk to a cotton swab and spend a couple of times through the hairs with gel. Normal water will have to act more intensively. Since the product does not spread simply from liquid droplets, it is convenient to use it even in bad weather. Rain and snow won’t ruin your makeup with Vivienne Sabo.

On the contrary, eyebrows will look great even with strong winds and other uncomfortable weather conditions. Similar products are compared with popular hair fixers. They, like varnish, set the direction of eyelashes or eyebrows and “fix” them in this position for a long time.

It is especially important to use the discussed compositions for a festive evening make-up, when for several hours in different temperature conditions you need to look perfect. Vivienne Sabo (eyebrow and eyelash gel – an important component of perfect makeup) is sold in a convenient tube with a brush. Inside contains a gel-like substance with a dense texture.

It is applied to the hairs according to the principle of mascara – from the base to the ends. 1-2 movements are enough. The base of the tank is transparent, so you can easily track the expense of the product and update it on time. But the gel also has one more task – its application becomes the final stage of eye and eyebrow makeup. The product is sold in 2 types: transparent and tinted.

Gel for eyebrows and eyelashes Vivienne Sabo Gel. Price, reviews

The last option has a natural brown tint. It is universal and fits most of the fair sex. As a result, it’s difficult to understand from the outside that the eyebrows or eyelashes are tinted, but at the same time they become brighter and more noticeable on the face.

If the girl is already dark-haired, she can use the transparent version, which perfectly performs all other tasks, but does not dye the hairs. The gel can be used to create a variety of interesting images. For example, to make eyebrows perfect without a single knocking hair and become a fatal beauty with a bright attractive look.

Or slightly fluff them to get a casual, provocative look. The main thing is to try to choose the right makeup for him as a whole, as well as his hair and clothes. It is desirable that the mood as a whole coincides with the selected image. Then the fair sex will look perfect. The gel is suitable for home use.

But often Vivienne Sabo and professional makeup artists use in their work. For example, to fix makeup for several hours for long-term photography. In this case, the product is applied to the eyebrows and eyelashes under the main cosmetics.

Gel for eyebrows and eyelashes Vivienne Sabo Gel. Price, reviews
Vivienne Sabo Gel is a quality and inexpensive eyebrow gel.

One of the main advantages of this gel for eyebrows and eyelashes is its low cost with high quality and sufficient volume.

The price of the product may vary in different stores and even cities. On average, it is $ 2 – $ 2. for 1 tube of gel. In addition, various discounts of retail chains and regular customer cards will help to save. But even without them, the cost of the tool is very affordable.

Benefits & Features

Today on sale you can find many different gels for eyebrows and eyelashes. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. One of the best combinations of price and quality is with the composition from Vivienne Sabo. He has many advantages that will distinguish the remedy from other similar ones.

Carefully study their list will be useful to each customer:

  • the gel-like form of the product is very convenient for application: the gel does not spread and does not roll in lumps, it is evenly distributed first along the brush and then along the hairs;
  • the product can be used around the clock: during the day – as a make-up, and at night – as a caring and firming composition that does not harm the eyes;
  • the gel is very economical to use: the minimum portion is enough at a time, so a standard tube is usually enough for 2.5-3 months;
  • the product is stored in open form for a long time: after the first printing, you can use it for another 6 months;
  • it is allowed to keep the gel in a regular cosmetic bag; it does not require special conditions such as a refrigerator or a warm, ventilated place;
  • you can use the composition as a base for mascara, then makeup will create the effect of “wet eyelashes”;
  • the product has no smell and only in extremely rare cases can it cause allergic reactions;
  • packaging design is not annoying with vivid drawings or catchy inscriptions – it is modest and concise (nothing more);
  • oils and vitamins from the gel also beneficially affect the hairs – improve their condition, strengthen, accelerate growth;

Gel for eyebrows and eyelashes Vivienne Sabo Gel. Price, reviews

  • if you choose a transparent version of the composition, it can easily be combined with eye shadows or eyeliners of any shades;
  • there is no need to wash the brush or to care for it in any other way, it perfectly retains its shape for a long time even with daily use.

Vivienne Sabo (eyebrow and eyelash gel perfectly emphasizes natural beauty) has the main advantage – it is a reliable fixation of hairs. They keep a given shape for several hours, which greatly facilitates the life of every girl. She does not need to constantly look in the mirror and adjust makeup.

A convenient, slightly rounded brush allows you to evenly distribute the product through the hairs and easily remove its excess.

The composition does not dry out immediately, so there is time to immediately correct the result. The
gel makes the hairs thicker, so after it the mascara and other dyed products lay down in a more uniform, neat layer. They do not crumble and hold well throughout the day.

Varieties of remedies

Vivienne Sabo (gel for eyebrows and eyelashes significantly improves the overall appearance of hairs, gives them strength and shine), as noted above, is sold in 2 types.

Type of gel Features
Tinting The tool is brown in color, slightly staining eyelashes and eyebrows. Changes the shade of hairs only slightly
Transparent A colorless remedy that fixes hairs, and also has a beneficial effect on their health and accelerates growth. It can be applied at night as a therapeutic composition, for example, after frequent eyelash extensions

Gel for eyebrows and eyelashes Vivienne Sabo Gel. Price, reviews

The tinting gel incorporates coloring brown pigments. They are selected in such a way that the product is suitable for almost every woman. The color looks natural and does not stand out even on the face of blondes. It is not suitable only for bright brunettes, on whose eyebrows and eyelashes it will be simply invisible.

In this case, it is better to opt for a transparent gel. If the shade of the composition was not bright enough, it can be safely combined with a pencil, ink, and other means. They will interact well with each other. The transparent gel also contains panthenol in sufficient quantities . This means that the product perfectly moisturizes the hairs.

It can be used even at night to improve the condition of your eyebrows and / or eyelashes instead of various medicinal oils that spread very much and often get into your eyes. Transparent gel does not stain hairs, but fixes them no less carefully in a given position. In two variants of the composition, the PVP component is present. It is he who is one of the main fixators.

The packages of the transparent and tinting gel are the same and are equipped with identical brushes. They differ only in color. These are miniature containers that are very convenient to carry. They fit easily in the pocket of a bag or clothing.

Gel for eyebrows and eyelashes Vivienne Sabo Gel. Price, reviews

At first glance, the brush may seem too large for such a tube, but at the same time it is very convenient for applying the gel to eyebrows of different sizes, densities and shapes. The volume of 2 types of gel is also the same – 14 g.

At first glance, it may seem insufficient for daily use of the product, but the economical consumption of the composition corrects the situation. The main thing is not to put too much gel on the brush.

How to use

How the gel is used depends on the purpose for which it is applied. If for makeup, then first you need to prepare your face with basic tools and only at the last stage use the composition for eyebrows and eyelashes. It will be the finishing touch.

If you use foundation and powder after the fixing gel, then particles of cosmetic products can remain on a transparent or tinting basis and spoil all makeup. As a result, it will have to be washed off and applied again. If the gel is used for care, then the face previously, on the contrary, needs to be cleaned. With eyelashes and eyebrows – remove makeup.

In this case, you can apply the product not only in the daytime, but also at night. After drying, the composition does not spread, so you can not be afraid that it will get into your eyes. For care, it is worth using a transparent version of the gel without coloring pigments. For medicinal purposes, do not apply the product in a thicker layer. All the same 1-2 brush strokes are enough.

Gel for eyebrows and eyelashes Vivienne Sabo Gel. Price, reviews

Since the gel in question is not hypoallergenic, it is important to check the skin reaction to it before use. To apply a small amount of the agent is first not on the eye area, but, for example, on the bend of the elbow. If after 40-50 minutes. no reaction will appear (rash, spots, itching), you can use the composition for its intended purpose.

For eyebrows

Making eyebrows with gel, in the first place, you should take care of their shape – remove all unnecessary hairs, the presence of which in an unnecessary place will only emphasize. You can use a special stencil for this. It is even better to start by seeking the help of a specialist who will select the perfect eyebrow shape for each girl.

Next you need:

  1. Comb the eyebrows with a miniature brush.
  2. Dip the brush in the gel, remove the excess.
  3. Conduct formulations by eyebrow hairs on hair growth, starting from the nose bridge.
  4. Repeat the procedure, beautifully styling an eyebrow and removing excess funds.
  5. Allow the composition to dry completely.
  6. Repeat combing eyebrows.

You can carefully adjust the result with a cotton swab. If the gel is colorless, it is best to pre-paint the eyebrows with a pencil and only after that, lay the hairs using a composition from Vivienne Sabo. But you can use a coloring agent even after the procedure.

For eyelashes

The gel will definitely not replace mascara. Therefore, it is better to combine it immediately with the latter.

Gel for eyebrows and eyelashes Vivienne Sabo Gel. Price, reviews

Applying makeup, you need:

  1. Comb the eyelashes with a clean brush.
  2. Cover them with 1-2 layers of gel, conducting from the base to the end and removing excess funds in the process.
  3. Allow the product to dry completely.
  4. Apply selected mascara on top.

At the last stage, it is necessary to comb the eyelashes once more in order to remove the lumps of cosmetics and to prevent the hairs from sticking together.

Without high-quality gel for eyebrows and eyelashes, it is impossible to imagine the perfect make-up. Vivienne Sabo meets all the requirements of modern women – reliably fixes hairs, does not spread on the skin, does not cause irritation. And, in addition, it also has a favorable cost.

Video about Vivienne Sabo cosmetics

The legendary Vivienne Sabo Cabaret carcasses and more:

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