Aerobics for weight loss. Features, types, set of exercises at home. Video for beginners

It is no secret that in order to achieve and maintain the effect of losing weight, it is necessary to combine proper nutrition and physical activity. But not all women can afford to go to the gym. In this case, aerobics, which can be practiced at home, can be a great option.

What is aerobics and how it promotes weight loss

Aerobics is a type of physical activity that is performed to rhythmic music. During such a training, the body loses a lot of energy. In addition, a person begins to actively breathe and enrich the body with a large amount of oxygen. It is this element that breaks down adipose tissue, which gives the body additional energy that will be consumed during the exercise. Aerobics for weight loss. Features, types, set of exercises at home. Video for beginners

It should be noted that this type of physical activity does not spend a huge amount of human resources. Therefore, the body will not seek to replenish the spent substances.

Accordingly, the risk of restoring fat stores is reduced to 0. However, it must be understood that fuller people get tired much faster. Therefore, for the above rule to work for them, the trainer must take into account the individual abilities of each.

Advantages and disadvantages of aerobics

Like any kind of physical activity, aerobics has its pros and cons.

Among the advantages include:

  • the ability to achieve a slim figure;
  • training all muscle groups;
  • maintaining healthy vessels and heart;
  • many areas are suitable for pregnant women.

The disadvantages are:

  • the risk of restoring body fat reserves at the wrong pace of training;
  • the presence of contraindications for classes.

How to determine the optimal load

To start fat burning processes in the body, you should engage in at least half an hour. In this case, the speed of the exercise should be determined by a specialist.

At home, if there is a great desire to lose weight, but there is no way to visit the gym and use the services of a professional trainer, you must independently determine the pace of aerobics. Only in this way can a good result be achieved. Aerobics for weight loss. Features, types, set of exercises at home. Video for beginners

To calculate the optimal speed using a pulse. This indicator during an active workout should not exceed 70% of the maximum threshold for normal heart rate, which can be calculated as follows:

  • 220 – the age of the man;
  • 226 is the age of the woman.

Subtract 30% from the result. The resulting number is the maximum pulse, until which you should continue to actively carry out exercises. If you ignore this indicator during training, the body will work to the limit of its forces. This behavior can lead to health problems and rapid weight gain after class.

What clothes is better to wear

When choosing a form for training, special attention should be paid to shoes. After all, aerobics involves active movements of the lower extremities, which means that the load on the joints and spine increases. To reduce it, as well as to exclude injury, you need to choose the right sneakers.

Shoes should have the following characteristics:

  • good fixation of the foot;
  • a combination of natural and a small amount of synthetic fabrics;
  • a light weight.
    Aerobics for weight loss. Features, types, set of exercises at home. Video for beginners
    Wear a sock when doing aerobics for weight loss at home

It is important to note that shoe sneakers on bare feet are prohibited. Otherwise, you may be injured. Therefore, before classes, you must always wear socks. In this case, preference should be given to models of cotton fabric.

Clothing for aerobics should not have a baggy look. This mistake is usually made by overweight women who do not want to emphasize their forms and prefer long fleaish t-shirts. A tight-fitting shape that does not constrain movement is a great option.

This rule applies not only to the top of clothing, but also to the bottom, including pants. They should fit your leg, otherwise you may be injured by stepping on or touching the leg.

Particular attention when choosing a suitable outfit must be given to a bra. He should not pinch anything, but at the same time it is good to fix the chest. For obese women, this problem is especially relevant. It is better to give preference to special sports models. It is important to pay attention to the condition and quality of the joints, which should not be rubbed when moving.

In addition to all the above, the fabric of suitable clothing meets the following requirements:

  • easily absorbs sweat;
  • passes air;
  • is durable.

It should be noted that many manufacturers of sportswear offer models with a sauna effect. It is important to understand that they contribute to excessive loss of moisture, not fat. It is worth avoiding such clothes, because with its help you can get dehydrated and exacerbate health problems.

How to do aerobics at home

Aerobics for weight loss at home has several advantages:

  • saving time and money;
  • independent selection of suitable music;
  • there is no feeling of discomfort from those around you. Aerobics for weight loss. Features, types, set of exercises at home. Video for beginners

There are certain recommendations for doing home aerobics without a coach. Firstly, you need to find free space at home, the width and length of which will be at least 4’9 foot. In addition, you should choose a suitable video clip with a professional trainer.

Further, it will be possible to continue on your own, but for this you need to understand how to correctly perform all the exercises. You should purchase the necessary equipment in advance, the set of which will depend on the type of aerobics. You must understand that the best time for training is the first half of the day.

An approximate set of exercises without sports equipment

Aerobics for weight loss at home includes 3 components – warm-up, main and final parts. Any exercises of each of the stages assume the same initial position – stand on legs slightly bent at the knees.

The warm-up part of the training is the following actions:

  1. Take 10 energetic steps in place. In this case, the hands must be bent at the elbows and work with them at the same pace. Aerobics for weight loss. Features, types, set of exercises at home. Video for beginners
  2. Take the right leg to the side during the step, then press it back to the other leg. Now repeat with your left foot. While moving, arms should be stretched out in front of you, and then returned back.
  3. Transfer body wei
    ght from one leg to another, while stretching the sock.
  4. Complicate the previous exercise by crouching a bit.
  5. Continue making the same movements, pulling the free leg to the buttocks.

The main stage of aerobics includes the most complex and intense exercises that continue to warm up:

  1. In the same rhythmic step, raise the knee to the elbow of the opposite arm. It is important to keep your posture and not to forget to change sides.
  2. Take two added steps to the right, then also go back. We must not forget that the steps should be as wide as possible. It should step on the whole foot.
  3. Continue to perform the previous exercise, pulling the free leg to the buttocks, turning the body and stretching the arm forward. The opposite hand should be bent at the elbow, and palm rest on its side. Then you should diversify the movement, changing the position of the working arm up and down.
  4. Perform rolls by moving the weight of the body to the right or to the left. Keep hands in front of you during exercise. Aerobics for weight loss. Features, types, set of exercises at home. Video for beginners
  5. Put your legs at maximum distance, rest your hands on the floor. It is necessary to bend and unbend the knees.

The last 10 minutes of training are aimed at stretching muscle tissue. If the program provides strength exercises with dumbbells, then they are also performed at this time.

The final stage of aerobics is the following algorithm of actions:

  1. Take a step forward and jump to the right. In this case, the hands should perform circular movements. Repeat the same in the opposite direction. After doing a step forward, raising arms up, turn 360 degrees and repeat the exercise again.
  2. Make low jumps, then spreading your legs to the sides, then clutching your feet to each other. Aerobics for weight loss. Features, types, set of exercises at home. Video for beginners
  3. Again, jump, stretching the body diagonally as follows – stretch the arm up and to the side, and the opposite leg down.
  4. Simulate running in place, raising legs to the chest in turn. It is important to stretch as much as possible and carefully monitor your posture.
  5. Gradually go one step, helping to restore calm breathing with your hands.

Dance aerobics

This whole area of aerobics, which includes many types, namely:

  • Bellidans borrowed most of the movements from the belly dance. Great for very overweight women. Using this direction, you can both comprehensively adjust the shape of the body, and locally.
  • Rock and roll is the fastest paced aerobics. During training, special attention is paid to jumps, turns and various movements in space. Suitable for pair exercises.
  • Strip dance is the sexiest and most feminine type of aerobics. During classes, emphasis is placed on soft rhythmic movements. Such exercises have a beneficial effect on the figure of the girl. Regular exercises contribute to a good tone and stretch of muscle tissue, as well as increase a woman’s self-esteem.
  • Latina also rarely has jumping in her program. Here, all attention is focused on the hips and posture.
  • Funk is not suitable for untrained people. All exercises are performed in a continuous and fast rhythm.
  • Jazz often requires special props. Unlike the previous type of aerobics, jazz does not imply an accelerated pace. Great for music lovers. Aerobics for weight loss. Features, types, set of exercises at home. Video for beginners
  • Hip-hop aerobics is a set of fast and varied movements. During training, the whole body works and a person can spend a large amount of energy.

This direction has a number of advantages, among which it is important to note:

  • plastic development;
  • strengthening posture;
  • psychotherapeutic effect.
  • development of a sense of rhythm.

The disadvantage of this aerobics is that some of its types suggest an accelerated pace. It is dangerous to perform such exercises without a trainer, you may get injured.

Step aerobics

Aerobics for weight loss at home is possible if it is performed using a step platform that does not harm the joints. This training locally affects the shape of the buttocks, abdomen and legs.

Like the previous direction, step aerobics has the following varieties:

  • Basic – a classic version, suitable for those who are just starting to work with the help of a special platform;
  • Power includes power load;
  • Interval – classes take place both in an accelerated and in a calm rhythm, especially effective for getting rid of excess weight;
  • Advanced is a complex combination of jumps and steps;
  • Double involves the use of two platforms;
  • Dance – training with a focus on choreography;
  • Combo is the most difficult of all the above types of this aerobics, it has many difficult ligaments to repeat. Aerobics for weight loss. Features, types, set of exercises at home. Video for beginners

Among the disadvantages of step aerobics can be identified:

  • the presence of complex combinations and movements that are difficult to learn;
  • almost everything above the waist is not involved during training;
  • contraindicated for pregnant women;
  • Achilles tendon has a lot of stress, which can lead to injury.

Main advantages:

  • helps to strengthen bone tissue;
  • has a minimal load on the joints;
  • helps to correct the body and lose weight;
  • trains the vestibular apparatus.

Water aerobics

It involves training in the pool, it is possible to use additional shells. Therefore, water aerobics is not suitable for classes at home. During training, water is an additional resistance force, so a lot of energy is spent during the exercise.

There are two areas of water aerobics – ordinary water aerobics and for pregnant women. In the latter case, special attention is paid not only to the figure, but also to the preparation of the body for childbirth and the quick recovery after them. An additional bonus in this group is the communication of future mothers among themselves. Aerobics for weight loss. Features, types, set of exercises at home. Video for beginners

Water aerobics has many advantages, including:

  • lack of discomfort during classes, because the body is hidden under water;
  • prevents the appearance of edema and varicose veins;
  • additional costs of energy aimed at warming the body;
  • improves skin elasticity;
  • helps to cope with cellulite;
  • minimizing the risk of injury.

The disadvantages include:

  • lack of opportunity to study at home;
  • you can not deal with damage to the skin;
  • adverse effects of chlorine on the skin and hair.


This area of aerobics is the use of weights during classes. Such training not only contributes to weight loss due to fat loss, but also muscle building. This type of physical activity involves a high risk of injury, so you should not do without a coach. In addition, this approach is unlikely to be economical.

During the exercises you will need a large number of additional tools, weights and a dumbbell. You can spend more money on their purchase than buying a gym membership. Aerobics for weight loss. Features, types, set of exercises at home. Video for beginners

Power aerobics includes many areas, the most popular of which are:

  • Power Ball involves classes with a special ball;
  • Power Deck – intensive training using the platform;
  • ABT helps correct the lower body, including the abdomen.

Main advantages:

  • rapid loss of adipose tissue;
  • the ability to increase muscle mass;
  • correction of local areas of the body, for example, buttocks.

Among the minuses are:

  • it’s dangerous to practice without a coach;
  • not suitable for beginners.


This type of aerobics is the most popular. Most athletes are professionally engaged in such training since childhood and perform at various competitions. However, many come to gymnastics as adults to adjust their body. Exercises include a variety of steps, jumps and movement with equipment.

The advantages of this area include:

  • perfecting the whole body in a complex;
  • general healing of the body;
  • development of endurance and flexibility.

The main disadvantages:

  • high risk of injury;
  • not suitable for beginners.

Fitball aerobics

This direction of the sport involves practicing large rubber balls at an accelerated pace. During training, many exercises are used – jumping, steps, lifting the ball and swinging limbs. A beginner can easily cope with such loads. Fitball aerobics is a fairly new trend. Aerobics for weight loss. Features, types, set of exercises at home. Video for beginners

Among the advantages it should be noted:

  • rapid loss of adipose tissue;
  • does not exert additional load on the joints;
  • helps to speed up metabolism;
  • the opportunity to deal with pregnant women;
  • improves bowel function.

The disadvantages of fitball aerobics include:

  • the presence of contraindications;
  • the unpopularity of this type of aerobics leads to the fact that it is difficult to find a fitness club where you can do it.

Aerobics slide

In order to do slide aerobics, you need to purchase a special track and shoes that will be easy to slide on it . Special sneakers can be replaced with covers. This set is easy to find in any sports store. During the exercise, sliding movements are performed on the slide. Aerobics for weight loss. Features, types, set of exercises at home. Video for beginners

The main advantages:

  • the ability to work out both the outer and inner thighs;
  • does not bear additional load for joints;
  • develops the vestibular apparatus;
  • corrects all body shapes;
  • Suitable for people who are just starting to play sports.

The disadvantages of slide aerobics are:

  • not suitable for studying at home;
  • high risk of injury;
  • An investment is required to purchase specialized equipment.


Aerobics for weight loss at home, like any other type of physical activity, also has a list of contraindications, it includes:

  • any ailments associated with the musculoskeletal system;
  • high degree of obesity;
  • heart and vascular diseases;
  • high blood pressure; Aerobics for weight loss. Features, types, set of exercises at home. Video for beginners
  • asthma;
  • chronic diseases.

In addition, people who have suffered a head injury are not allowed to do aerobics for 3 years.

Reviews of losing weight

Women who decide to get rid of extra pounds with aerobics leave a lot of positive reviews. Many were able to not only get rid of adipose tissue, but also build muscle, giving their bodies beautiful shapes.

Among the people involved in this sport, there are both very young girls and elderly women. It is important to note that before you begin classes, you need to study the list of contraindications. After all, some of the bad reviews were written by those who did not take these circumstances into account.

A special category of women who write positive comments are pregnant. Indeed, among them there are many girls who, before the advent of a new status, were actively involved in sports. In addition, future mothers in the classroom get to know each other and continue to be friends after the end of the training course.

It should be noted that on the Internet you can find negative reviews. But for justice, it’s important to understand that most of the women who wrote them admit that they abandoned training early.

There are reviews in which it is described that the woman really lost extra pounds, and then again gained weight after she stopped doing aerobics. It must be remembered that in this case, training was most likely excessive, or the diet was disturbed.

Aerobics is a great way to lose weight. In this case, it is not necessary to spend money on the purchase of special equipment or a subscription to the gym. After all, you can do it at home and choose the direction that does not involve the use of additional tools.

Video aerobics for weight loss

How to lose weight with aerobics:

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