Cavitation – what is it, how is fat removed. Before and after photos

An innovative procedure for eliminating body fat – cavitation, quickly became popular in many aesthetic cosmetology clinics. What it is, how the procedure is going on, what effect it has on the human body, its effectiveness and how safe it is will be discussed below.

Ultrasonic (ultrasound) vacuum cavitation in cosmetology

Cavitation is a modern cosmetology procedure, as a result of which, with the help of a special apparatus, they effect the fatty tissues of the human body with low-frequency ultrasound, which leads to the destruction of fat cells. Cavitation - what is it, how is fat removed. Before and after photos

After the procedure, the natural removal of excess fat from the body occurs. It is important that the procedure has a significant effect on cellulite.

Types of cavitation

There are 2 types of cavitation:

  • Hydrodynamic – a method in which there is a decrease in pressure in the liquid. As a rule, such an effect is achieved not as a result of changing the device, but as a result of a change in its operation, an increase in speed. Due to this, the effect of the procedure increases.
  • Acoustic – in this procedure, an acoustic wave is triggered, which is quite intense. It goes into the liquid, passes through it. This procedure is used exclusively in cosmetology.

People who have never encountered this procedure have difficulty understanding how cavitation works, what it is, and even more difficult to understand the differences between the two types of procedures.

Exposure zones

Cavitation - what is it, how is fat removed. Before and after photos

Cavitation - what is it, how is fat removed. Before and after photos

What results can be expected

If we consider the procedure from the side of positive or negative impact, then from cavitation the body receives more positive effect than negative. To date, the procedure is in great demand.

Cavitation - what is it, how is fat removed. Before and after photos

At its core, this is liposuction, but the patient does not receive a dose of anesthesia, he does not need to be under the supervision of a doctor after the procedure.

Cavitation - what is it, how is fat removed. Before and after photos

Cavitation is perfect for anyone who wants to quickly and efficiently lose weight. The effect of the procedure is noticeable immediately.

If the patient used the services of a surgeon, and a poor-quality liposuction procedure was performed, then in this case cavitation will help to fix everything.

  • After cavitation, the fat disappears for a long time. All areas that were problematic before the procedure become beautiful.
  • Full disposal of cellulite occurs after 3-4 procedures.
  • The procedure lasts a minimum amount of time, but at the same time, you can lose 1’6 inch at the waist in one session.
  • After the procedure, patients note an improvement in skin condition. She becomes more elastic and young.

After the procedure, a rehabilitation period is not required, there are no bruises and bruises.

Cavitation - what is it, how is fat removed. Before and after photosFat deposits, cellulite – are direct indications for the procedure. But, like with any other medical procedure, there are contraindications.


Contraindications include:

  • Any gestational age.
  • Osteoporosis.
  • Blood diseases, in particular diabetes mellitus, poor coagulability.
  • Infectious diseases, especially if they are chronic.
  • Breastfeeding.
  • Weakened immunity and autoimmune diseases.
  • Uterine fibroids.
  • Skin wounds.
  • Kidney disease.
  • Hepatitis.

There are other contraindications that should not be neglected: tattoos, scars, the presence of implants. If the patient is taking non-steroid drugs, the procedure can only be done 10 days after taking the last pill.

Side effects

Despite the fact that cavitation does not involve surgical intervention in the body, it can cause side effects.

Among these side effects are the following:

  • An increase in body temperature in the area that was exposed to the device.
  • The appearance of a vascular network and hematomas, if the skin is thin.
  • Painful sensations in the area of the apparatus.
  • Discoloration of the skin.
  • Tissue dehydration.
  • Inflammation of the internal organs that are closest to the area affected by the device.

Among the listed side effects, the most dangerous is the latter. Inflammation of the internal organs causes an exacerbation of chronic diseases. Therefore, the cavitation procedure should be carried out only in a reliable clinic and by a professional doctor.

How often can i do

Each organism is individual and the necessary number of procedures is determined by the doctor who will conduct the cavitation. On average, they carry out 3-8 procedures to achieve maximum effect. There is only one rule for all patients: the interval between the previous and subsequent procedures should be at least 10 days.

Preparation for the procedure

Before the procedure, it is necessary to pay great attention to the preparation. The body must prepare for the release of triglycerides.

The following recommendations should be used:

  • At least 3 days before the procedure, it is necessary to exclude the use of any alcoholic beverages. You can not even drink drinks with a minimum alcohol content.
  • During the day you can not eat food that contains a large amount of fat.
  • For 3 days before the procedure, you need to drink at least two gallon of water per day. This is very important, since the procedure itself leads to dehydration.

If you follow these recommendations, the cavitation process will take place without complications for the body.

Ultrasonic liposuction (cavitation): technology

The day of the procedure also begins with the preparation of the body for it. 2-3 hours before cavitation, the patient is given to drink a little more than one gallon of pure still water.

The procedure includes the following activities:

  • The doctor examines the patient and identifies problem areas that must be exposed to the cavitation apparatus. After which the skin is processed. Processing is carried out by special means – gel, glycerin. Castor or eucalypt
    us oil may be used. Skin treatment is required. It is necessary that the ultrasound device is in close contact with the skin.
  • Work begins with the appliance. The rollers should rotate smoothly, the impact occurs on a surface of 25 by 9’8 inch. The minimum exposure time of the device is 30 minutes, the maximum is one hour. Thus, the doctor in one session can process two problem areas.
  • The last stage is massage. Thanks to massage, fat is eliminated from the body naturally.

Body cavitation

Cavitation for the body involves getting rid of excess fat, which begins to hang in problem areas. The procedure is carried out as described above.

The minimum amount of fat loss in the waist is 1’2 – 1’6 inch, and the effect of this procedure will last up to 2 years.

Thanks to the cavitation of the body, they achieve a reduction in volume, which cannot be achieved even with the strictest diet.

Interesting fact! The procedure of cavitation of the body is used not only to lose weight. It is widely used to remove kidney stones and tartar.

Patients who have undergone cavitation confirm that thanks to the procedure, you can significantly lose weight and easily get rid of cellulite.

Belly cavitation

The female body is distinguished by the fact that it is quite difficult to cope with weight loss in the abdomen. Even if you constantly download the press, diet, it is impossible to achieve such an effect as the apparatus will bring.

Cavitation - what is it, how is fat removed. Before and after photos

To get rid of the abdomen, 5-8 sessions are necessary, after which changes are immediately noticeable not only in volume, the skin itself will become more beautiful. Thanks to the procedure they get rid of excess fat in the waist, sides and navel. The skin becomes more toned, its tone increases. Reviews about the procedure are extremely positive.

Face cavitation

If the procedure is performed on the face, then the bags under the eyes disappear, the eyelids are tightened. When the procedure is performed in the chin area, it becomes fit and beautiful. Anesthesia is not used, the procedure is completely painless. There are no scars on the skin of the face. The patient should not be in the hospital, the rehabilitation period is completely absent.

Cavitation - what is it, how is fat removed. Before and after photos

After the required number of procedures, patients look much younger.

Cavitation cost

The only drawback that many patients note is the high cost of the procedure. However, it all depends on the area of exposure to ultrasound. You can compare the cost of the service according to the table.

Areas where the procedure is performed Cost in usd
Hand treatment 4500
Abdomen 5220
Simultaneous treatment of the waist, back and abdomen 7700
Ultrasound on the buttocks 12250
Hip 12250

The cost is approximate, and it can vary both up and down, depending on the location of the clinic and its status.

What is cavitation combined with to enhance the effect

The procedure itself involves the effects of ultrasound on fat. After the procedure is completed, all the fat that has been split is excreted from the body using the lymphatic system and blood.

That is why, in order to achieve a good effect, patients are recommended to combine cavitation with lymphatic drainage massage. The ratio of procedures should be 1: 3, that is, 1 cavitation for 3 massages.

Cavitation and vacuum massage (pressotherapy) at the same time

Pressotherapy can be used separately from other procedures, but for more effective weight loss it is used in conjunction with cavitation. Thanks to the simultaneous use of procedures, lymph begins to circulate better, and the water balance in the body is restored.

Cavitation - what is it, how is fat removed. Before and after photos

Pressotherapy is especially good for people who are diagnosed with varicose veins. Pressotherapy is an additional lift drainage massage, which is necessary to remove fat from the body.

Laser lipolysis and cavitation

Laser lipolysis is also called Hollywood liposuction. It implies laser exposure. Lipolysis is used as an additional effect. There are no contraindications for joint use with cavitation.

Lpg massage and cavitation

LPG is the abbreviation for the first letters of the name of its creator. LPG and cavitation can be combined if it is necessary to get rid of scars that remain on the body, for example, from liposuction.

Rf lifting and cavitation

Rf lifting is an effect on the skin using electromagnetic pulses. It is carried out when there are problems on the face. At the same time, the methods do not need to be applied. Cavitation - what is it, how is fat removed. Before and after photos

The technique is cheaper in cost, but the effect of it is less noticeable.

Miostimulation and cavitation

If we compare myostimulation and cavitation, then one cannot exist without the other. Thanks to myostimulation, the achieved effect is fixed after cavitation. Miostimulation helps the muscles to become more pumped, and the figure of the patient – more athletic and toned.

Cryolipolysis and cavitation

The combination of such procedures is extremely rare.

Cavitation - what is it, how is fat removed. Before and after photos

Moreover, if the procedures are prescribed, then everything should happen under the supervision of specialists. Only 3 sessions of cryoliposuction will remove extra pounds and sagging skin on the body.

Cavitation at home. How to do

Independent use of cavitation at home is not recommended. It cannot be carried out without a special device. However, with a great desire, the device for home use can be purchased.

Cavitation - what is it, how is fat removed. Before and after photos

Home device for RF lifting and ultrasonic cavitation

Cavitation -what is it, how is fat removed. Before and after photos

If you decide to buy a device for home processing, you need to be prepared for the fact that you have to pay a rather large amount. The minimum cost of the device is $ 870, and the maximum depends on the functions that are combined in it.

The device RF3.0 – in its set there are special nozzles for both the body and the face. Weight – 11 pounds. Such a device does not take up much space; you can install it in a cabinet at home. Thanks to its use, skin rejuvenation and tightening are achieved.

The MBT-laser device made in China. This device can be used at home, but it is better if it works under the watchful eye of a professional specialist. Its cost is an average of $ 1632.

Cavitation Gel

Good, according to reviews, the gel was developed by Geltek-Medica. Its cost is $ 10,2. It is part of a series that includes anti-cellulite products, means for physiotherapy, a gel for ultrasound therapy.

Cavitation - what is it, how is fat removed. Before and after photos

The gel contains an extract of Aloe Vera, which soothes inflammation. The skin becomes calmer and moisturized. The cost is $ 3,4.

Cavitation - what is it, how is fat removed. Before and after photosReviews of doctors about the procedure

The reviews left by the doctors suggest that the effect that is achieved through the procedure is positive. Recommended procedure for anyone who wants to get rid of problems associated with excess fat.

Results – before and after photos

What is cavitation considered. But whether to make a choice in her favor or not, it is up to the client, taking into account the indications and contraindications to the procedure, as well as personal preferences.

Cavitation - what is it, how is fat removed. Before and after photos

Procedure videos

Cavitation – what it is and how it acts in the video:

How does ultrasonic cavitation work:

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