Vitamins for facial skin from acne, wrinkles, with acne, dryness and peeling, problem skin, in tablets, ampoules. Names of drugs, prices

Lack of vitamins in the body can be a serious threat to the skin of the face. Acne, acne, acne – all this causes discomfort and worsens the quality of life, especially for women. Healthy nutrition in combination with acne vitamins will return the skin a radiant, healthy appearance.

Why acne and blackheads appear

The appearance of rashes is often associated with problems of internal organs, or with a lack of trace elements in the body. Violation or rearrangement of the hormonal background is also a provoking factor. Teenagers and women are most affected by hormonal surges.

Therefore, their skin is most often at risk. Exposure to external factors can also trigger acne and acne.

Vitamins for face skin from acne, acne, it is recommended to take, if the reason is in shortage of a substance.

Causes of acne:

  • change, hormonal imbalance;
  • unbalanced, malnutrition;
  • stress;
  • alcohol, smoking;
  • humid, hot climate;
  • improper skin care;
  • poor-quality cosmetics;
  • weak immunity;
  • hypervitaminosis;
  • avitaminosis.

Acne is an inflammation of the sebaceous gland due to the difficult entry of sebum when interacting with skin bacteria.

Symptoms of hypervitaminosis and vitamin deficiency

An excess of vitamins in the body has a name – hypervitaminosis. There are two types:

  1. Acute – an overdose of vitamins, similar to poisoning.
  2. Chronic – develops with prolonged use of vitamins in large quantities than the body should.

Rashes on the skin in the form of acne is one of the symptoms of hypervitaminosis.

Further, the symptomatology depends on the type of vitamin, which is in excess:

  1. A – increased intracranial pressure, rhinitis, headache, fever, drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, peeling of the skin, skin rashes, itching, joint pain, anorexia (in children).
  2. B (B6, B5, B9, B12) – headaches, insomnia, irritability, arrhythmia, nausea, dehydration.
  3. C – impaired vision, anxiety, impaired functioning of the pancreas and kidneys, insomnia, dizziness, itching, delayed menstruation, the development of pathologies during pregnancy and even miscarriage.
  4. D – increased fatigue, headaches, disorders of the digestive tract, sharp weight loss, pain in muscles and joints, tremor of hands and numbness, impaired renal function, hematomas, dehydration.
  5. E – increased fatigue, headache, diplopia, diarrhea.
  6. K (K3) – anemia, hyperbilirubinemia (in newborns).
  7. Folates (folic acid) – impaired renal function. Vitamins for facial skin from acne, wrinkles, with acne, dryness and peeling, problem skin, in tablets, ampoules. Names of drugs, prices

Vitamin deficiency is an acute shortage of vitamins over time.


  • dermatitis;
  • psoriasis;
  • eczema;
  • ichthyosis;
  • digestive tract problems (loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, rapid weight loss);
  • accelerated hair loss, alopecia;
  • violation in the growth and development of the child, muscle dystrophy;
  • accelerated tooth loss;
  • decreased immunity;
  • impaired mental performance;
  • high bleeding syndrome;
  • pain in the limbs.

A competent approach to treatment and a balanced amount of vitamins will relieve acne and acne. Improve the quality of life.

What vitamins help improve facial skin

In the fight against acne, it is better to use complex therapy. And this means that you need the right care, both external and internal. Use minimal amounts of makeup. It often leads to clogging of the pores, which prevents treatment.

Vitamins for facial skin from acne, wrinkles, with acne, dryness and peeling, problem skin, in tablets, ampoules. Names of drugs, prices
E ,, C and A – vitamins for facial skin from acne.

Identify (by examination) the cause of acne, start appropriate therapy. Maintain a balanced diet. If it turns out that frequent rashes, acne, acne, blackheads are a deficiency of one or another vitamin, then you should immediately replenish the elements that are missing in the body.

Vitamins for facial skin from acne (acne) that will help to acquire a healthy and fresh look:

  • A (retinol);
  • B (B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, B12);
  • C (ascorbic acid);
  • D;
  • E (tocopherol);
  • PP (nicotinic acid);
  • P (rutin);
  • H (biotin).

The above list contribute to the improvement and improvement of the skin.

Indications and contraindications for taking vitamins

To get the maximum benefit from taking vitamin preparations, you should adhere to simple, but very important rules:

  1. Determine the purpose of taking the drugs. For prevention, it is better to choose a vitamin complex. To eliminate problems such as acne or acne, take a course of specifically taken vitamins.
  2. Combining a vitamin complex or individual vitamins taken is not recommended.
  3. Take a break between receptions every 2 to 3 months.
  4. Proper nutrition.
  5. Face masks with a vitamin content (once a week) will help in the fight against problem skin.

Vitamins for facial skin from acne and acne should be taken following clear instructions and adhering to the above rules. An excess of one or another substance can lead to adverse consequences.

Ascorbic acid (C): properties and effects on the skin

Ascorbic acid is a powerful antioxidant responsible for the functioning of the immune system. Vitamin C is an indispensable tool in the fight against acne and other skin inflammations. Vitamins for facial skin from acne, wrinkles, with acne, dryness and peeling, problem skin, in tablets, ampoules. Names of drugs, prices

It affects the skin like this:

  1. Reduces redness or inflammation of acne.
  2. Heals, preventing the formation of scars.
  3. It fights pigmentation on the skin.
  4. Provides immunity against toxins and infections.
  5. Promotes deep cleansing of pores.
  6. Acts as a peeling, reduces peeling of the skin.
  7. It has a moisturizing effect for dry skin.
  8. Evens skin color.

Vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen, which prevents the appearance of wrinkles and helps to prolong youth.

Niacin (B3)

Niacin normalizes metabolic processes in the body, fights bacteria. B3 (second name – PP) is added to the manufacture of gels, creams to combat acne and acne.

Its properties:

  1. Improves blood circulation. Due to this, more nutrients enter the skin.
  2. Eliminat
    es inflammatory processes.
  3. Removes pigmentation on the skin, evens out color.
  4. Removes toxins and toxins.
  5. Reduces sebum production.
  6. Relieves swelling of the face.
  7. Participates in redox reactions.
  8. Eliminates acne, normalizing the work of the sebaceous glands.
  9. Tightens the skin, removes facial wrinkles.

Lack of vitamin PP is accompanied by itching, a decrease in the protective properties of the skin.

Pantothenic Acid (B5)

B5 (pantothenic acid) has a drying effect, which contributes to the rapid healing. It smoothes wrinkles, gives the skin elasticity and firmness.

Pyridoxine (B6)

Pyridoxine – eliminates the imbalance of hormones that provokes the appearance of acne. It has a quick healing effect.

Folic Acid (B9)

Regenerates healthy skin cells. Vitamins for facial skin from acne, wrinkles, with acne, dryness and peeling, problem skin, in tablets, ampoules. Names of drugs, prices

Folic Acid Properties:

  1. Quickly removes toxins that provoke inflammation and the appearance of acne.
  2. Activates blood circulation.
  3. Maintains water balance of the skin.
  4. Slows down the aging process.
  5. Gives the skin a healthy, radiant look.

A lack of folic acid leads to acne.

Cyanocobalamin (B12)

Vitamins for facial skin from acne and acne of group B, especially B12, have a rejuvenating effect. Cyanocobalamin renews the cellular composition of the skin by triggering regeneration processes within the cells.

Retinol (A)

Retinol is an antiseptic that fights inflammation on the face. It normalizes the work of sebaceous glands. Stimulates collagen production, thereby rejuvenating the skin. Eliminates pigmentation.

Tocopherol (E)

Smoothes the skin, makes it soft. Keeps youth. Does not pass viruses and infections into the body. Protects against toxins. Heals wounds and scars after acne.

Acne vitamins: list, instructions for use

Impaired sebaceous glands are the main cause of acne. As in the treatment of acne, vitamins should be taken precisely knowing that acne appeared due to lack of vitamin, and not because of problems of internal organs.

List of vitamins:

  1. A – drowns out the release of excessive fat. Heals scars. Eliminates acne and black spots. It can be taken in the form of capsules orally, externally in the form of cream, masks, gels. Contained in carrots, digested in combination with fats. Vitamins for facial skin from acne, wrinkles, with acne, dryness and peeling, problem skin, in tablets, ampoules. Names of drugs, prices
  2. C – relieves irritation, eliminates toxins. Evens skin tone after acne. This vitamin is found in many foods, such as citrus. Effective without heat treatment. There are in the form of tablets, tablets. It is recommended to add to face masks, creams.
  3. B – cleanses bacteria, improves blood circulation. Acne heals without leaving scars. It is found in many products (legumes, liver, mushrooms) in the form of tablets, in acne creams and gels.
  4. E – smoothes the skin, preserves its youth. Accepted externally in the form of masks, creams, gels. Oral Capsules with Vitamin E.

Vitamins for Acne

Acne treatment is similar to acne treatment. Vitamins and their use are identical. Taking in combination or individually taken vitamin, you can solve the problem of rashes on the skin for a long time, and maybe forever. The duration of acne treatment depends on the degree of complication of this problem.

Vitamins from dry and peeling skin on the face

Dry, flaky skin is as unpleasant as acne. It can be both a constant and a seasonal phenomenon. The causes of peeling are many. One of them is a deficiency of vitamins in the body.

Vitamins A, B-groups, C, E and K contribute to the solution of dry skin.


  • from roughness – B3 (nicotinic acid);
  • dryness eliminates A, B, C, E;
  • cracks in the skin A, E;
  • withering A, C, B6, E, B2.

Take orally and externally.

Vitamins for problem skin

Skin problems are not only acne, acne. Also it is: dry, oily, withered skin, diseases on it, pigmentation, stretch marks, etc.

Before choosing a vitamin or a complex of drugs, it is necessary to find out the reason why the condition of the skin of the face worsened:

  1. With the appearance of acne, acne: A, E, C, B.
  2. Dry skin: A, C.
  3. Hyperpigmentation: antioxidants.
  4. Oily skin: B3
  5. Stretch marks: E, B6, zinc.

After diagnosing the cause, you should choose the appropriate method to resolve the problem.

Effective vitamin pills, prices

The range of vitamin complexes is quite large.

Here is a list of the most effective drugs to combat problem skin:

Vitamins for facial skin from acne, wrinkles, with acne, dryness and peeling, problem skin, in tablets, ampoules. Names of drugs, prices

  1. “Aevit” – contains vitamins A, E. Promotes rapid healing of wounds, saturates the skin with macroelements and microelements. $ 0,54., 20 capsules.
  2. “Vitrum Vitamin E” – Vitamin E, useful for skin elasticity, balancing hormonal levels. $ 8,57., 60 capsules.
  3. “Vitamin E Zentiva” – reduces capillary fragility and permeability, inhibits the aging process.289. $ 0,54., 30 capsules.
  4. “Tsinsil T” – if skin problems arose from a lack of zinc. $ 5,85., 20 capsules.
  5. “Ascovite” – replenishes vitamin C, improves immunity. 10 pieces are dispensed in the form of effervescent tablets. 158 time In the form of a powder of 1000 mg (10 pcs.) $ 2,88.
  6. “Aerovit” – there is vitamin B, heals wounds, eliminates dry skin. 30 tablets $ 1,74
  7. “Alvitil” – have a positive effect on the skin with acne and acne (B-group). $ 2,45., 50 tablets.
  8. Complivit is a vitamin complex + minerals. Helps to get rid of acne, evens out skin color and structure $ 2,34., Tablets 60 pcs.
  9. “Supradin” – as part of this drug, zinc helps in the fight against acne. $ 9,3 – 20 pcs.
  10. “Elevit” – contains vitamins (A, B, C, E), minerals (zinc, magnesium, iron, manganese, calcium). Zinc prevents the appearance of acne and helps to eliminate them. $ 9,18 – 30 tablets.

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The best vitamins in ampoules and their cost

For external use, vitamins in ampoules are very convenient. They can be added to masks, creams, gels or applied in pure form to the skin.

The best vitamins:

  1. A (retinol) – prevents dermatological diseases. Additive to cosmetics. $ 7,34 – 10 ampoules.
  2. B6 (pyridoxine) – called “skin vitamin”, treats acne, acne, acne. Normalizes hormonal levels. 10 ampoules of 1 mg – $ 0,35. Vitamins for facial skin from acne, wrinkles, with acne, dryness and peeling, problem skin, in tablets, ampoules. Names of drugs, prices
  3. B3 (PP) – nicotinic acid relieves inflammation, prevents the new appearance of acne, acne, acne, fights against pathogenic bacteria. $ 1,9. – 10 ampoules 1% for 1 mg.
  4. C (ascorbic acid) – relieves irritation, improves skin structure. Ampules 2 mg 10% – $ 0,61. 10 pieces.
  5. E – recommended in combination with vitamin A. Price for 1 ampoule $ 0,95 – $ 1,09.

Vitamins for the skin of the face and in general for the body can both help and harm. Improperly selected drugs can provoke even more rashes and inflammations. It is important to coordinate the dose of vitamin with a daily diet.

So the effect of the treatment will be more complete and favorable. A little patience and the right approach to the problem will relieve unpleasant and annoying acne.

Aevit complex

“Aevit” is a multivitamin complex, contains two types of vitamin A and E. The release form is capsules. Designed for people who are deficient in vitamins A, E. Suitable for internal and external use. Helps to get rid of acne, has a rejuvenating effect, eliminates facial wrinkles, is useful for nails and hair.


The main component of this drug is zinc. A powerful acne remedy. Increases resistance to infections. Healing effect. If used improperly, the condition of the skin and the general condition of the body may worsen. Available in tablet form. Take orally.


It contains vitamins of group B. It promotes skin regeneration, helps with acne, acne, acne, quickly heals and restores the skin, strengthens nails and stimulates hair growth. It is released in the form of tablets, for internal use.

Magne B6

Magnesium is a mineral that is absorbed in combination with vitamin B6. Take to people with magnesium deficiency in the body. Helps to improve the general condition, favorably affects the skin. For internal use, it is dispensed in the form of tablets and in the form of drinking ampoules with vanilla flavor.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is taken for:

  • strengthening the immune system;
  • prevention of hypovitaminosis, vitamin deficiency;
  • with colds;
  • to improve the condition of the skin of the face;
  • from acne and acne, as it has a healing effect.

Vitamin is suitable for both internal and external use. They release it in the form of dragees, tablets, powder, in liquid form.

Doctors’ advice: what foods to eat to avoid vitamin deficiency

The cause of many diseases can be a lack of vitamins in the body. Doctors say that vitamin deficiency worsens with the advent of spring. People with chronic diseases, children, elderly people suffer most from this problem.

Irritability, pallor, fatigue, insomnia are one of the many symptoms of vitamin deficiency . In addition to multivitamin preparations, it is necessary to review your diet. With food, a certain amount of minerals and vitamins enter the body. By balancing them, you can forget about this disease.

Depending on what kind of vitamin is lacking in the body, doctors recommend the consumption of the following products:

  1. A – carrots, beets, pumpkin, nettle, red bell pepper, apricot, corn. It is better to eat fresh.
  2. B-group – rice, oatmeal, buckwheat, flour products from premium wheat flour, legumes, cereals, yeast, pork, beef, fish, dairy products, nuts, fresh vegetables, eggs, asparagus, sea buckthorn.
  3. C – citruses, apples, cabbage, wild rose, sorrel, potatoes, blackcurrant, legumes, sweet peppers, dill, parsley.
  4. D – red fish, caviar, fish oil, liver, butter, sour cream, milk. Vitamins for facial skin from acne, wrinkles, with acne, dryness and peeling, problem skin, in tablets, ampoules. Names of drugs, prices
  5. E – spinach, egg yolk, vegetable oil, sorrel, parsley, dill, wild rose.

To all of the above, you can add linseed oil, pumpkin oil, milk thistle.

What is not recommended to eat during vitamin deficiency:

  • coffee (not more than a cup per day, natural, with milk);
  • alcohol;
  • snacks: crackers, peanuts with spices, chips;
  • sausage, bacon, sausages, balyk and any meat products from the store;
  • fast food;
  • mayonnaise, mayonnaise sauces, ketchup (everything that contains preservatives);
  • products containing “E”;
  • any trans fats: spread, margarine, etc.

It is advisable to exclude:

  • flour;
  • sweet;
  • fried;
  • salty.

To prevent vitamin deficiency, doctors recommend eating at least 1 pounds per day of vegetables, fruits and berries.

A variety in the selection of the above products is welcomed and even desirable. Ideally, if the consumption of vegetables will be raw, but heat treatment is acceptable.

In winter, you can use frozen:

  • berries; Vitamins for facial skin from acne, wrinkles, with acne, dryness and peeling, problem skin, in tablets, ampoules. Names of drugs, prices
  • citruses;
  • dried fruits;
  • persimmon;
  • pears
  • bananas
  • grapes.

In summer, it is preferable to lean on salads, fresh berries, watermelons, melons, herbs, cabbage, corn. Do not forget about poultry, eggs, fish, nuts, dairy products, and vegetable oil. You should abandon bad habits, spend more time in the fresh air, take sun baths, play sports.

Vitamins for the skin of the face and in general for the whole body are an integral part of the treatment for acne and acne. To achieve a positive result, it is necessary to act in a comprehensive manner: proper nutrition, sports, vitamins. Personal care is the key to health.

Acne Vitamin Video

The best vitamins and supplements for acne treatment:

Masks with Vitamin E for getting rid of acne:

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