Complex coloring on dark hair of medium length, short, long. Photo, technicians

Complex staining is one of the most popular procedures in beauty salons. There is a wide variety of techniques that will look good on light and dark hair.

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Complex staining will help to change your image using different techniques and a suitable combination of shades. This procedure is carried out using 2 methods: transverse or vertical (a smooth transition of shades, stretching of the color occurs) and longitudinal or horizontal (a whole strand is painted).

When performing fashionable dyeing on dark curls, the strands must first be lightened, so that the paint falls better and achieve the desired shade and color transition. Different techniques use 2 or more tones.

Complex coloring on dark hair of medium length, short, long. Photo, technicians

In complex staining, there are also moments when it is worthwhile to wait a bit with the change of image:

  • If the hair has recently been dyed with henna, then during complex dyeing, a completely different shade can turn out. The same goes for perms.
  • With damaged or weakened hair, you must first put them in order, and then change the image.
  • During pregnancy or while breastfeeding. During this period, the woman’s hormonal state changes, the hair may not dye or get an unusual shade. Some types of paint are able to penetrate through the breath and skin to the baby.

Advantages and disadvantages

Complex dyeing on dark hair has both its advantages and disadvantages:

pros Minuses
Complex staining can be used at any age. The cost of the service is many times more than with ordinary staining.
Looks great on any hair length. The time spent in the cabin is much longer.
Curls are less affected than with normal color. Such staining is difficult to do at home, you must contact the master.
Complex staining can update the image. With improperly selected shades, the hair appears dull and unkempt.
When performing such staining, the number of trips to salons is reduced. As with any color, curls are negatively affected, so then you need to take more care of them.
Complex dyeing allows you to experiment with hair, dye different areas.
The use of several shades adds hairstyle volume.

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How to choose

When choosing shades, you need to take into account the natural color of the hair, eyes and individual features of the face.

Representatives with dark hair should focus on such colors:

  • To preserve naturalness, preference should be given to chocolate and coffee shades.

Complex coloring on dark hair of medium length, short, long. Photo, technicians

  • Brunettes can choose any variation of the fiery color (from red to red).
  • Ash colors are suitable for dark-haired girls up to 30 years old.
  • You can use bronze and cold blond.
  • For lovers of stand out, colored paints (purple, burgundy and others) are suitable.
  • The caramel and honey palette will look natural on dark hair.
  • Women with pale skin can choose silver tones of blond.
  • If the girl has dark eyes, it is worth turning your eyes to coffee and warm shades.
  • When creating a bright image using color coloring it is better to choose pink, blue, raspberry.

Complex dyeing on dark hair is a different technique that differs by color zones, methods of applying paint by the number of shades and colors of the palette.

Customers in the salons can choose their favorite option from the many available:

  1. Balayazh.  Using the balayazh technique, the master paints only the tips or less than half the volume of the hair. As a result, curls are less affected. When using the balayazh technique, the hair does not look dyed. There is an effect, as if the tips just burned out a bit in the sun. One of the features of a balayazha is that the master uses no more than 3 shades. They should be close in palette so that the color changes smoothly and the hairstyle looks more natural. When performing balayazha on dark hair, it is necessary to lighten that part of the curls that will be dyed. Another feature of this technique is that not all tips can be painted, but only individual strands throughout the volume.
    Complex coloring on dark hair of medium length, short, long. Photo, technicians
  2. Shatush.  Shatush in some variations is a bit like normal highlighting. Lightening hair does not start from the very roots, but a little lower and the paint is applied to the strands to the end of the length. As a result, the tips should become brighter. For shatusha used from 2 to 5 colors. The fewer shades, the more natural the hairstyle looks. The strands are colored randomly. Shatush more suitable for dark-haired girls. On light curls, he does not look so bright.
  3. Degrade.  Degrade is a painting of strands in 2 colors. It is somewhat reminiscent of an ombre, but in this variant of staining a clear border is visible. Usually the strands are divided in half. The lower ones are painted in a light tone, and the upper strands remain dark. The advantage of this option was that it can be done independently. But it is worth considering that the degradation on short hair will not look. This technique is designed for medium and long curls.
  4. AirTouch.  A fairly new method of staining, which is carried out using a hairdryer. With the help of air, all small hairs are removed. The remaining curls are stained. Going down to the ends, the hair will be lighter and richer.
    Complex coloring on dark hair of medium length, short, long. Photo, technicians
  5. Ombre.  Ombre is another form of complex staining. 2 colors are used here. The roots are dark and the tips are light. Ombre has several options: Classic ombre differs in that the roots are
    painted in dark color, and the tips in light. With such staining, you do not need to visit the salon often. When such a hairstyle gets bored, the girl can cut off the colored tips. “Overgrown roots.” Color change occurs just below the temporal. Shades should differ by several tones from the main color of the hair, so as not to get too sharp a transition. Ombre is the opposite. With this option, the roots are painted in bright colors, and dark paint is applied to the ends. Tail coloring or pony tail. The paint is applied in such a way that if you braid a high tail, it will be lighter. And the rest of the curls will remain dark.If a girl has a bang, then she is usually also painted. Sometimes individual strands are chosen, and sometimes completely.
  6. Bronding.  Bronding combines highlighting and tinting of hair. With this technique, several shades of similar color are used. As a result, the hair shimmers, smoothly moving from one tone to another. The strands are colored randomly. It is important to combine colors correctly. Due to the change in shades, the curls look more voluminous.
  7. California colorizing.  California colorization or California highlighting refreshes the image. It has less effect on the hair than with conventional highlighting. When performing this technique, the stylist takes several close tones and alternates strands. Staining occurs with a brush, foil is not taken. With California highlighting, you can make a smooth transition, and leave the tips a little lighter. Changing shades allows you to achieve a natural look. Such staining is best done by specialists.
    Complex coloring on dark hair of medium length, short, long. Photo, technicians
  8. Marble staining.  For marble staining, only 1 shade is used. Some strands can be lightened first, and then tinted. Due to the fact that one part of the strands will be clarified, and the other will remain with a natural color, tinting will create a smooth transition. The most effective marble dyeing will look on long hair. In this case, a small amount of hair is colored, which spoils the curls less.
  9. Option “salt and pepper.”  When using the color “salt and pepper”, the hair is colored in graphite color. First, the master discolors them. After that, the curls are tinted. The roots usually remain natural. The salt and pepper option is suitable for any age. She will help older women to hide gray hairs. Young and young girls with this will differ from the others. Such dyeing should be done on dark hair in order to achieve a unique graphite shade.
  10. Neon staining.  Neon staining helps stand out from the crowd. People with such a hairstyle will always catch their eyes. Multi-colored curls that shimmer in the light look very impressive and extravagant. The highlight of this technique is that the paint contains substances that begin to glow under ultraviolet light. If a girl chooses such a technique, the main thing is not to use too many colors. The basis is usually taken ombre, highlighting or bronzing. But the coloring is colored.
    Complex coloring on dark hair of medium length, short, long. Photo, technicians
  11. Asymmetric coloring.  Asymmetric coloring is best for the same haircut. This staining takes place using a horizontal or vertical method. The master selects a specific area on the head and colors it. In most cases, paint is applied to the bangs or temporal. This type of coloring should be preferred to girls with short haircuts. It looks much more spectacular precisely on this length of hair.
  12. Strobe.  Another interesting staining option is strobing. Using this technique, you can fix some of the imperfections on the face. When strobing, the stylist brightens some strands, and makes others darker. As a result, transitions turn into attention. Depending on the face, eyes and other individual characteristics, the paint can be applied both to individual strands and areas, and along the entire length. Usually 2 colors are used for painting: light and dark.
  13. Color coloring.  Color staining is performed using 1 or more shades. The appearance is brighter and richer when the colors change. With this technique, you can dye both individual strands and the ends of the hair.
  14. Pearlescent staining.  With this method of hair dyeing, a special dye is used. In the light, they shimmer in different colors (lilac, pink, green, blue). The master uses one tone, sometimes 2. Due to which, the hair acquires a beautiful pearl-pearl color. To achieve the desired effect with this method, it is necessary to straighten the hair. Then the paint will lie correctly on the desired area.
    Complex coloring on dark hair of medium length, short, long. Photo, technicians
  15. Stencil staining.  Screen staining is chosen by bright personalities who are not afraid of experiments with the appearance. The master uses a specific stencil on which monophonic or color paint is applied. The drawing can be located in any area. There is the possibility of making this method of staining with quickly washed-out paints. With this option, the client can change the drawings.

For the image to be clearly visible, the hair should be straight.

It is also necessary to do the styling.

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Complex dyeing for short hair

Complex dyeing on dark hair can be performed at any length of curls. Those who have short hair often faced the problem of choosing a hairstyle. Sometimes you can’t braid braids or curl your hair, but you want to somehow change the image.

Complex staining can help. It is able to add volume to the hairstyle and make the hair brighter. But it is worth considering that not all technicians are suitable for owners of short haircuts.

Such girls should pay attention to such options for complex staining:

  • hut;
  • asymmetric staining;

Complex coloring on dark hair of medium length, short, long. Photo, technicians

  • highlighting;
  • California Coloring
  • bronding;
  • screen staining with sufficient hair length;
  • Ombre
  • shatush;
  • mother-of-pearl or neon staining.

The haircut also matters. If the length allows a little, then you can experiment.

On medium hair

The average length of hair gives more opportunities for experimentation. Almost all variants of fashionable coloring are suitable for straight curls. Many girls wear bangs. In many variants of staining, it remains natural. Other techniques suggest painting it. This may be the coloring of the ends of the bangs or its individual strands.

On lo
ng hair

Complex coloring on dark hair looks great on long curls. The only drawback of this length is a larger amount of the necessary material and, accordingly, a high price.

Girls with long hair can safely choose any fashionable coloring method:

  • curls with colored tips;

Complex coloring on dark hair of medium length, short, long. Photo, technicians

  • any kind of highlighting or coloring;
  • Ombre
  • hut;
  • use of special paints and stencils.

When choosing the type of fashionable dyeing, it is necessary to take into account the structure of the hair. What is suitable for straight curls on curly hair will look ridiculous.

When working with long hair, the master can use a large number of shades.

The main thing is that they are correctly combined with each other and suitable for a particular client.

Hair care

Complex staining, like any other type of coloring on dark hair, affects the structure and appearance of curls. Although it is believed that more complex agents are used during complex staining.

Therefore, after carrying out such a procedure, it is necessary to take more care of the hair:

  • The stores sell a large number of nutrients, shampoos and balms that are designed specifically for colored hair. They help restore the structure and maintain color for a longer time.
  • To prevent the ends from splitting, it is necessary to trim them periodically and use special anti-section tools.

Complex coloring on dark hair of medium length, short, long. Photo, technicians

  • Completely discard or use to a minimum curling, hair dryer and ironing. And if necessary, then buy sprays for thermal protection of hair.
  • The use of varnishes and mousses should be reduced.

A lot of tools can be prepared independently:

  • Hair should be rinsed with herbs. Best suited for this: nettle, mint, burdock root, coltsfoot, rosemary and basil.
  • In the store you can buy essential oils that are applied before washing your hair (jojoba oil, burdock, coconut and flax seeds).
  • Masks made from eggs, honey, onion gruel, and yeast work well on hair.

Sophisticated coloring helps to create a vivid image and make fresh notes in appearance. Properly selected shades and the option of painting can dilute everyday color. This method of dyeing is often applied to dark hair.

Dark Hair Coloring Technique Video

Sombre – coloring with the effect of naturally burnt hair:

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